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With gift giving season quickly approaching, it can be hard to know what gift ideas are good for a triathlete. Triathlon athletes have a unique set of needs that most people don’t take into consideration when they’re trying to find them the perfect gift. For this reason, we’ve compiled gift ideas for those who are looking for something different!

Things to mind about gift ideas for triathletes

1. How is the triathlete’s personality?

This is an important thing to consider. From the gift ideas below, you can see that there are many different personalities in triathlon athletes so it’s best not to assume a gift idea would be suitable for all of them!

  • If they are outdoorsy, you can buy them a gift that is geared towards the outdoors, like a gift card to their favorite outdoors store, or sunscreen and sunglasses
  • If they are a more introverted, you can buy them some items that the triathlete will enjoy in order to have alone time- like an outdoor hammock or gift certificate for coffee and pie from their favorite bakery. It’s important not to assume!
  • If they are fun and outgoing, you can gift them something lighthearted with some humor thrown in, like water bottle with funny quotes

If you’re unsure about what gift would be good for someone’s personality, ask! It will save time and effort in the end if it turns out your gift idea wasn’t suitable at all.

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2. What are some of their hobbies outside of running, biking, and swimming?

This is another thing to think about that can help gift ideas be more relevant for the triathlete.

  • For example, if they enjoy running and gardening then a gift idea like a hydroponic herb garden or some new gear from their favorite brand would work well;
  • Someone who enjoys playing video games outside of training sessions might appreciate accessories like gaming mousepads or headsets.

You can also buy them something to help their triathlon session like gadgets for triathletes, such as fitness trackers, apparel brands…

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3. What are their favorite foods or drinks?

With triathletes, this is especially important because they will need a lot of food and fluids during a race or training session so these items make some great gift choices!

  • You can prepare a gift basket of their favourite food and drinks , or gift card to a favorite restaurant, as well as some bonus items like race fuel bars and energy gels.

There are so many different gift ideas that you can give someone who trains for triathlons! With the right gift idea, they will be sure to love it.

4. How about any allergies or dietary restrictions they have?

Some gift ideas are great for people while others will be terrible. Some triathletes can’t eat certain things or have allergies.

If you are in doubt, the best way is to ask your giftee if they have any allergy or food restriction.

5. How much would you spend on the gift?

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To gift ideas for triathletes, the budget will vary. You can gift these items at any price point, and as long as you choose a gift idea that they would enjoy it’s ok to give something more expensive than usual or less if your budget is tight!

If you’re low on cash and struggling financially, here are some inexpensive ideas: 

Or would you want to spend more? Best gifts for triathletes 2021 can be sports products (such as power meters), or gadgets and gear.


In the end, it’s all about making your loved ones feel like they are appreciated and valued. The best gift is showing them that you care enough to find out what their desires are in order to help make their dreams come true. Find a way to show people how much you love them by giving a thoughtful present; one that will be remembered for years!

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