How to Choose Bar Gifts: Complete Guide

There are so many bar gifts to choose from, and it can be difficult to find the perfect one. That’s why we’ve created this bar gift guide for you! We’ll give you all of the information that you need in order to make a decision about what bar gifts would work best for your needs. For example, do you want something funny or more sentimental? This article will answer all of your questions before you even have them!

Things to mind about Bar Gifts

1. Choose a bar gift based on the recipient’s interests

There are bar gifts for every type of person, and you can choose the perfect one by figuring out what they like.

  • For example, if someone likes to cook then a bar gift that is all about cooking could be awesome!
  • If the recipient loves wine glasses or bar tools then you should get them something related
  • If they love making mixed drinks at home then maybe they would love a bar set with tons of different bottles of liquors! You’ll always find great bar gifts in this category too because there’s so much diversity when it comes to liquor brands
  • Is there any hobby or interest that your friend has? Think through their interests before choosing anything just make sure that it will resonate with them !!!
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2. Include a personalized note with your gift to show you care

It is better to include a note that says “thanks for being my friend” than just giving them the bar gift.

Gifts are more special when there is a personal touch so if you can fit it in, try to write something like this! It makes your bar friends feel loved and appreciated.

3. Consider giving an alcohol related item, such as wine or beer glasses

To some people, bars are all about drinks and music! So it’s useful to give them alcohol related items.

  • For example, wine or beer glasses. Make it impressive by having funny quotes on them, and bar owner friend’s logo printed in the bottom.
  • Shot of whiskey/tequila/whatever liquor is important to your bar friend. With a personalized coaster for their drinks! Themed gifts like an ice mold shaped as a cocktail glass or coasters from old vinyl records that they can display around their bar!
  • A bottle opener keychain so they’ll never have another drink this hard again (lol)
  • An ashtray – because let’s face it, you need one when smoking at work now too 😉 There are also many other creative bar gadgets out there such as wine racks and beer bong tools which could be perfect depending what type of bar person they are.
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4. If you’re not sure what type of drink someone prefers, try getting them something they can use for any type of drink 

Your bar friends into your home which is where you have the bar. Give them something that makes their experience more personal and memorable! It’s a small gesture but it will mean so much to them, especially if they don’t really drink alcohol because wine glasses are usually reserved for fancy occasions in most households

5. Consider the occasion

  • If you’re buying bar gifts for someone that’s hosting a party at their home, it might be wise to include snacks and mixers in your basket. It may even be something they forget!
  • If you’re looking for bar gifts to celebrate a wedding, consider something sentimental like champagne flutes or martini glasses!
  • If the gift is to celebrate a bar opening ceremony or housewarming bar gifts, consider bar tools like a cocktail shaker or bar cart. Also, liquor bottle labels (they make these now)r and printable tags that say “to serve cold,” “drink responsibly” or whatever else might be appropriate based on the type of drink you are giving someone as a gift
  • Or simply stick with one drink that’s popular among your friend group so everyone will know what it is when they open the present! I usually get my friends canned craft beers because craft beer isn’t always easy to find in stores but there are plenty of other
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6. Add some decorations to jazz up the space that will be displaying your present

  • For a bar, decorations could include bar signs, ornaments with bar-themed sayings, bar glasses and more!
  • For a wine lover, ribbon vines are perfect. You can also hang up little etchings that make it seem like you’re in Victorian England enjoying some fine vino.
  • For the home bar owner who is looking for something to jazz up their space (and add tons of great decor!), we recommend a beer tap handle display rack. Hang these on your wall and they’ll really give off an upscale vibe without any effort
  • Finally, if you know your gift recipient frequents Pinterest boards or blogs about what bars they visit when out on the town then print out one of those photos as a decoration. They will love this kind of personalized bar gifts.

A few last words

I hope this guide has been helpful to you in choosing bar gifts for your friends! If you have any questions, feel free to comment down below with regards to anything bar related. I would also love if you could share my article on social media of give it a thumbs up and like the post below so that more people can see it too!

Thanks everyone 🙂

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