Choosing the Perfect Bird Gifts

If you are looking for bird gifts, it can be hard to know where to start. There are bird feeders, birdhouses, birdbaths and a wide variety of other products that people often associate with birds. However, the most important thing is choosing bird gifts that your loved one will love. That means finding out what they want and need from their bird gift!

Things to consider when picking up Bird Gifts

1. Consider the person’s personality and interests

Bird gifts come in many shapes and sizes, deciding on a bird gift for someone can be difficult. The first thing to do is consider who you are buying it for.

  • Are they eager about having a pet bird? If so, you may consider buying them one. But make sure to know what type of bird first: do they prefer cardinals, blue jays, crows and hawks?
  • Do they already have the bird pet? If so, bird feeders, birdhouses, bird baths or food may seem more practical.
  • Are they a collector of sorts? Then maybe bird figurines would please them!
  • One thing that might help narrow down your decision on what type of bird gift to buy someone is if you know which birds they like most – just in case all else fails! For example: do not give someone with an affinity for cardinals cups filled with hummingbird nectar as a present unless you want some really angry words spewed back at you!

The personality and interests of your loved one will often determine what kind of bird gifts would be best. Do not force someone into something too heavy if they fly lighter! Consider who you’re buying it for first before anything else.

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2. If you want to go with bird pet, what type of bird would best suit your friend or family member?

There are many different types of birds – some popular choices include owls, cardinals, and bluebirds

  • Owls are known for their wisdom and intelligence; they also have excellent night vision 
  • Cardinals have a bright red color that can symbolize happiness or love 
  • Bluebirds represent peace because they spend most of the day singing in trees without ever fighting with other birds about territory or food sources
  • Remember to make sure your choice is legal – in some countries it’s illegal to own hawks because they are considered wild animals.

3. What is for people that love birds but dont want to own one?

A bird enthusiast may not want to own a bird for many reasons. They might live in an apartment or simply do not have the time to care for one, but they still crave that sense of companionship and love. This is why so many people choose bird themed gifts instead – it’s like having a pet without any responsibility!

Gifts for someone who likes to watch birds from afar – binoculars, an aviary, or a subscription to National Geographic magazine

Gifts for someone who likes to get up close and personal with birds- binoculars, bird feeders, or a subscription to Audubon magazine 

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Some other generic but useful suggestions for you (choose what suits their interest):

  • Jewelry in bird theme, such as bird earrings or bird cufflinks
  • A bird themed book (Birds of North America is a good idea)
  • Bird sculptures, paintings, drawings on the wall in their home. This could be a framed bird print, wood carving with bird motifs etc.
  • Gifts for someone who’s very forgetful- an engraved necklace or keyring that has “keep calm and feed the birds” as its message  or even one where you can add your own custom text
  • A gift certificate to purchase bird food at any local pet store – this way they will always have fresh food for their feathered friends!

4. Get creative with personalized and customized gifts!

If you are close enough to your recipient, let’s think of something personalized and customized – your giftee will appreciate it for sure. For example:

  • Bird seed cake: a yummy chocolate or vanilla layered confection with birdseed inside
  • Birdhouse made of recycled materials which will be a great addition to their yard and garden; you can paint it any color they want!  
  • A bird feeder out of an old metal coffee pot, tomato cage etc. They are lots of ideas floating around the internet for homemade bird feeders as well that could make cute bird gifts.

Another idea is making personalized bird art from stencils on canvas – this is perfect if your recipient loves birds but doesn’t have time to sketch them all by hand like I do 🙂

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5. Consider how much you want to spend on the gift

If you’re low on cash and struggling financially, here are some inexpensive ideas: 

  • Bird feeders out of old metal coffee pots, tomato cages etc.
  • Personalized bird art from stencils on canvas
  • Bird houses made with reclaimed wood and a bird house kit

If you’ve got the funds to spend more:  

  • Bird feeder stand (most people have an unused picnic table sitting around)
  • Birdhouses that are not just functional but also decorative or “funky,” oriole boxes, hummingbird feeding stations for folks who live in warmer climates like Florida where they grow oranges 🙂

The budget is all up to you. There’s no reason to break your bank with gifts, right?

A few last words

There are so many options out there with birds as their main theme. The important thing is finding an item that will make them happy! We hope these ideas were helpful in getting started thinking about what might be just right for your best friend who loves birds (or maybe even yourself). Happy shopping 🙂

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