Inspiring Guide to 21st Birthday Gift Ideas

The 21st Birthday Gift Ideas mark a milestone that many people look forward to. 21-year-olds are considered adults and can do what they want without parental supervision–or at least for the most part! This is a great time to give your 21 year old friend or family member an amazing gift, but it can be difficult if you don’t know where to start. In this blog post, we will list some of our favorite 21st birthday gift ideas so that you’ll have plenty of options when shopping for your special someone!

Things to consider when making 21st birthday gift ideas

1. Consider the person’s interests and hobbies 

You can never go wrong with a gift supporting your recipient’s interest. Whether it’s a 21st birthday gift for someone who loves sports, or if they’re an aspiring photographer–you’ll know the perfect present to give them.

  • If the birthday person is into sports, then you could get them 21st birthday gifts like a basketball or football.
  • If they’re into photography, then you may want to purchase gifts such as their favorite camera filter or an on-the go photo editing app for mobile devices.
  • If the person is into music and plays guitar, then you can go with Gifts that are related to instruments–such as strings, drumsticks, or sheet music.  

Remember: it’s not about finding something perfect–it’s about giving your recipient something they enjoy no matter

If you are unsure of what their interests and hobbies may be, ask!

21st Birthday Gift Ideas

2. Think about what they already have but could use more of 

Lots of 21-year olds have a lot of stuff so it’s always nice to get them something they don’t already own. However, if you know that the recipient has been wanting an item and may not be able to afford it–you could go with this option as well!

  • For example, many 21 year old people are beginning their college careers or entering the working world for the first time–which means they might still need school supplies like pens, highlighters and notebooks. A gift card would work wonders here because your friend could use those items every day at school or in their new job!
  • If you want to get them a physical present but are unsure what 21-year olds would like–you may want to go with clothing or accessories because many 21 year olds still dress in style!
  • Items like hats and jewelry appeal to all types of people–which means these could be great options if you’re not sure where else to start.  

You know that it’s about giving your recipient something they love no matter what age they happen to be on their special day!

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3. Do your research to find out what is popular among their peers

21 year olds are a very special age, full of excitement and fun. At 21, you are likely to care a lot about your self value among your peers. Therefore, giving them something trendy and popular may be appreciated, such as:

  • A trendy hoodie
  • Special branded sneakers
  • Athletic gear
  • Clothing/accessories    (hats, jewelry)    
  • Filters for cameras (phone and DSLR)   
  • Music equipment (strings, drumsticks, sheet music)         

4. Don’t give them something that will be seen as a gag gift or insult

This one’s kind of a given, but 21-year olds are typically adults and don’t appreciate being the butt of jokes.

It could be seen as an insult or something that is embarrassing to them in front of their peers; so it would not make for a good 21st birthday gift idea!

Gag gifts will be left on the shelf too because 21 year olds usually know how to have fun without you interfering–they’re almost at legal drinking age after all!

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5. Consider how much money you can afford to spend on this present, along with other gifts for the recipient 

When deciding on 21st birthday gift ideas, it’s important to consider how much money you can afford and what other gifts they may receive.

  • For example, if the 21-year old in question seems like a young professional who just started their first job–you might want to give them something that will help with all of those new responsibilities (i.e. maybe some practical items or even matching socks).
  • If this 21 year old is going off to college for the very first time but doesn’t need any school supplies–maybe buying an Amazon Gift Card would be better since they could buy themselves whatever else they needed!

A great 21st birthday present idea for someone entering the working world is giving them practical items that will make life easier.

6. Make sure it isn’t too personal

Think back to when you were 21 and if anything would have been embarrassing then (and now).

A 21st birthday present should be personal, but it shouldn’t be too personal. This is a time to celebrate and have fun–not give them something that would embarrass either of you now!

  • For example, 21-year olds usually know how to drink without someone giving them alcohol so don’t try and sneak in some liquor or wine with your 21st birthday gift idea because they’ll see right through it (and probably resent the person who gave it).
  • If this 21 year old lives near their parents though, you may want to get them whatever they wanted for Christmas last year since 21 year olds are also at an age where receiving handpicked gifts from people close to the recipient can feel like love.

A few last words

Thank you for reading our blog post on how to shop for the perfect 21st birthday gift. It was a pleasure sharing with you all of our best tips and tricks, which we hope will help make your shopping experience as easy and fun as possible. We’ve covered everything from what kind of gifts are appropriate at this age, to where you can get them (both online or in-store), so be sure to bookmark this page if you still need more information down the line. Happy shopping!

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