How to Choose $5 Gift Ideas for Coworkers

In a world of $5 lattes, $5 movie tickets, and $5 apps on your phone, it’s hard to find things that are actually $5.

But you don’t have to worry about that! In this blog post I’m going to show you the best $5 gifts for coworkers that will make their day even better.

Things to consider when picking up $5 gift ideas for coworkers

1. Buy a greeting card and write something nice inside.

It’s nice to express your feelings in words, for example , “I’m so grateful for you.” Inside the greeting cards, it’s easy to write a generic message like that or just sign your name.

Include inside jokes from work or talk about how much they mean in your life!

Plus you might be able to find $0.99 cards at places like Target or Wal-mart!

$5 gift ideas for coworkers 3

2. Get them something helpful for work

  • You can choose some desk gifts $0.99 at WALMART, like a mug for their morning coffee or fresh flowers to brighten up the office!
  • Think about pen and notebooks – no officer can ssay NO to these
  • Get them a pack of their favorite gum or candy
  • Other options are small things from $BATH&LOTIONS (like hand lotion) to give something fun outside of work hours too!

Plus they’ll love these items because it’s not just about what makes them happy but also how it improves their life by giving back time for themselves throughout the week.

$5 gift ideas for coworkers 2

3. Pick up some flowers from the grocery store on your way to work

A bouquet of $0.99 will be a lovely addition to their desk or office, and they’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness of your gesture!

Plus, $0.99 flowers are great for coworkers who might not be too close or don’t know each other all that well

4. Find out what they’re into

  • If they love sports, buy them protein bar, chocolates or drinks to re-energize after practicing.
  • If they like to read, book of a genre that is up-their-alley means you won’t have to spend hours trying to find the right one
  • You can ask around at work about what books your coworkers are reading or even look on Amazon Prime so you know exactly what’s in stock before picking these gifts out
  • – especially when it comes to bestsellers because publishers often discount these titles after major holidays like Christmas !
  • If they are music lover, Give them an iTunes gift card for music, movies, apps, etc 
$5 gift ideas for coworkers 1

5. Think of DIY gifts you can make

  • $0.99 bouquet of flowers you just picked up from your grocery store on the way to work (this would be a cute thing for coworkers)
  • Draw a picture with crayons and give it to them as a present
  • Home-made cookies with $0.99 ingredients
  • A personalized photo frame with their favorite pictures – this is really thoughtful and will make them smile every time they look at it!

Some final words

Choosing a gift that is thoughtful and personal, yet not too costly can be tough. We hope this list of ideas has helped you find the perfect thing for your coworker who deserves to feel special on their day off!

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