Weird Japanese Gifts: Recommendations

The Japanese culture is unique and different from the Western world. It’s a place of tradition, honor, and respect. However, it’s also a place where you can find some really weird things that are hard to find elsewhere! If you’re looking for something more unusual than traditional Western gifts then this blog post is for you. Here are some recommendations for choosing weird japanese gift ideas that will surely make your friends go “WTF!?” (literally) when they open them up!

Things to keep in mind when choosing weird Japanese gifts:

1. Consider the recipient’s interests

A lot of weird Japanese gifts are really specific to certain types of people.

  • For example, if you know your friend is into manga comics then he might love a bizarre stationary set from Japan!
  • If they’re a fashionista then you could get them some funky nail polish or an adorable makeup kit with unusual colors and animal patterns on the packaging.
  • Maybe they like reading as well? Novelty books about popular anime series can be pretty entertaining for those who enjoy that type of thing too!
There are some really weird gifts on this site. If you're looking to buy something unusual, then these Japanese gift ideas will be perfect. We hope that we have given you enough inspiration to get started in finding a unique present! So go forth with our guide and browse through what is available! #unusual japanese gifts uk

2. If you’re shopping for a friend or family member who lives in Japan, find out if they have any favorite stores or brands that are only available there 

This helps your recipients feel like they’re getting a gift that’s special to them and not just any ordinary thing you picked up at the store. It’s also a safer choice if your recipients are more of old-fashioned traditional type that tends to use what are familiar to them.

Some local Japanese brands that are available in other countries include:

  • Hakuhodo, a well-known makeup brand from Kansai (around Osaka)
  • Muji, which started as an efficient household goods store with minimalistic design and now also has clothing lines. The company was founded by Ryuzaburo Okusaka in 1980 
  • A lot of these items can be ordered online through Rakuten Global Market–it’s the biggest ecommerce site in Japan and they ship internationally too!

3. Is it a gift for someone with an unusual taste in entertainment and culture?

  • Does your recipient like satirical comedy? If so, you might want to give them a copy of Pee-wee’s Playhouse. They’ll love it!
  • Does your recipient like weird Japanese games or those that are really challenging and bizarre? Go with the 20th century version of The Game of Life–it has weird controls but is still an interesting game for gamers who enjoy this type.
  • Does this person enjoy Japanese food and cooking shows on TV but doesn’t know how to make anything at home yet. Yummy-kyu is a really cool cookbook that has recipes for those who want to learn how to make delicious Japanese food at home.
  • Japanese sweets are also popular and you can find them in most convenience stores around Japan, but if your recipient loves trying bizarre Japanese food, it’s a good idea to treat them a meal at bizarre Japanese restaurant – so that they can experience both the taste and the atmosphere of Japanese culture.

So you get the idea…there are all sorts of things out there in Japan just waiting to be sent overseas as gifts!

If you're looking to get a Japanese gift for someone who is obsessed with weird food, then these crazy japanese desserts are perfect. There's everything from fried chicken ice cream and ramen noodles cake to squid ink chocolates. If they love bizarre flavors that will make their taste buds scream, this list should be your go-to resource! #crazy japanese desserts

4. Find out what is popular in Japan right now so you can get something trendy and new

It can never go wrong to present something trendy, especially when your recipient is at young age.

  • The most popular stuff right now in Japan are the new Nintendo Switch games, and there is a ton of merchandise about them, such as Nintendo Switch t-shirts, Nintendo Switch posters and so on.
  • Other trendy and weird things that are popular in Japan right now include the new Charmander, Eevee and Pikachu Pokémon trading card game from Nintendo, or an adorable Pikachu USB stick charger because what says “I love you” better than a cute Pokemon?

5. Consider whether you want them to be able to use their present immediately or save it until some later date

Here are some of our favorite Japanese gifts. We’ve got a little something for everyone from quirky kitchen gadgets to anime collectables and even cute kawaii stationery sets! You can find them all here, or check out our store page with more goodies. So if you’re looking for an awesome gift idea that isn't just another boring present this year, we've got what you're looking for! #crazy japanese arcade game
  • If it’s for present use, crazy flavors of Japanese snacks and drinks such as candy squid, wasp crackers, placenta jelly, octopus icecream,… will leave deep impression on them, and maybe bring good laugh to you also. Never forget to check expire date of the food though!
  • If it’s for future use, T-shirts with witty Japanese phrases such as “I’m a weirdo, deal with it”, Japan-themed stickers and posters. Besides, Japan is famous for their “tools” which are useful in many cases and also last long, so you can keep Towels, Tote Bags and Stamps in your gift list, but remember to pick up the most unique pattern/design if possible.

6. Think about your budget!

  • Think about your budget! You can consider cost-effective choices such as chopsticks, puzzle games, pencils, or even plushie (for kids). Keep in mind that prices for these items are generally lower than other gifts.
  • If you’re looking to spend a little more and make the present stand out, why not try a Japanese tea set, an anime DVD or traditional clothes?


In summary, Japan is a very famous country with its own unique culture. It’s considered to be the home of many weird yet wonderful gifts that you may never see anywhere else in the world! If your loved one has an interest in Japanese items or pastimes such as anime and manga, then why not go down this route for their next gift? You could also try something more personal like traditional clothes or some sweets (just make sure they’re from a Western-friendly store!).

But if all else fails we can’t forget about good old fashioned chocolate – it usually goes down well no matter where someone lives!

The most important thing is that it’s something they’ll actually want! Good luck on your Japanese shopping spree! Don’t forget to comment below with any questions or suggestions 🙂

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