Baseball Team Gifts: A Handy Guide

If you have baseball teammates, a great way to show your appreciation for all of their support on and off the field is by buying them Baseball Team Gifts. Whether they’re an original baseball player or a benchwarmer, there are plenty of baseball team gifts out there! In this blog post I’ll cover some ideas for different types of baseball players with varying budgets so you can be sure to find something that suits everyone on your team!

Considerations when choosing baseball team gifts 

1. Think about what they enjoy

For baseball players and fans, there’s no better gift than a baseball themed accessory.

  • You can’t go wrong with giving them the new baseball hat of their favorite team! Baseball caps come in all different shapes and sizes so there’s bound to be one that fits your teammate’s personality perfectly!
  • Another great option is a baseball bat bottle opener – for when those hot dogs start catching up to them at the concession stand.
  • You could even buy baseball gloves if they play catcher on the team because it’ll give them something extra special to work towards during practice sessions.
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Another thinking way: What does your baseball teammate enjoy outside of baseball?

  • If you know they love to fish, then a fishing rod might be the perfect gift.
  • If they enjoy camping or hiking, then a baseball themed backpack would be a perfect gift.
  • The best part is that you can always get them a baseball-themed item to go with whatever their favorite activity happens to be!

You can never go wrong with giving them an opportunity to spend more time doing whatever it is they enjoy!

2. Consider their personality and interests 

There are baseball players who just want to be left alone on the field and others who like to joke around a lot.

  • For those that enjoy hanging out with their teammates, you could buy them baseball themed nail polish so they can show off their team spirit when they’re at home painting their nails.
  • If your teammate likes standup comedy or making people laugh in general, then there are plenty of options for funny gifts including t-shirts and mugs with baseball-themed jokes.
  • Another baseball themed gag gift would be a baseball hat that has the words “whip” written across it and makes an annoying sound when they wear it! So every time your teammate goes up to bat, their opponent will have something new to laugh about before striking them out on three pitches! (Refer back to #s in this blog post for more ideas!)
  • For more introverted teammates, baseball themed slippers might be a much better idea.
  • For baseball players who are in the middle, baseball themed socks or non-sport specific cologne would both make great gifts!

3. Look for gifts that are meaningful to them, not just you

  • For baseball players who are just starting out, you might want to buy them a baseball themed hat because it’s one of the most expensive baseball team gifts.
  • But for those baseball teammates that have been playing for awhile and already have all the gear they need, a gift card from their favorite restaurant or coffee shop would be much more appreciated!
  • Also keep in mind that your teammate may prefer something other than a physical item, so consider creative gifts for baseball players. If this is true then consider buying them some tickets to an upcoming baseball game so they can go cheer on their favorites while supporting our national pastime!
  • There are also some great gifts for the baseball player on your team who needs encouragement and an extra push – especially if it’s for someone like me who throws off of one arm.
  • A baseball themed motivational poster could do wonders in helping keep spirits high during practice sessions when everything seems so difficult. It’ll make practicing seem more fun and less daunting without even having to say anything at all!
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4. Find a gift card if you can’t find anything else 

Gift cards are perfect baseball gifts because they’ll never go wrong and it gives the baseball player on your team a chance to find something else that’s meaningful or interesting.

For those of you who want to give an experience, give them access to games with special meaning like Opening Day or Memorial Day weekend where we honor all the men and women in service by wearing red, white, and blue. This would be especially nice if their family lives far away and they don’t get see as many games as they’d like.

A great baseball themed gift card is one for Apple Music and Spotify Premium – which will allow players to listen without ads during practices sessions.

5. Don’t buy something too expensive or extravagant – it’s the thought that counts!

Buying baseball team gifts can be challenging and the last thing you want to do is buy something that’s overpriced or something they’ll never use.

If you are low on cash, here are some suggestions:

  • Baseball themed baseball cards with photos of the players on their favorite teams are a great idea because they can be traded or given as gifts to friends.
  • Another affordable baseball team gift is buying them some baseball gloves so they have something for when it’s time to start practicing again!
  • If you want to make your gift more impressive, let’s go with personalized gifts for baseball players, like printing their names on the gifts you give them.

If you have more to spend, baseball themed baseballs might be a better idea. You may also try buying them tickets for their favorite baseball team so they can watch from home!

"Hey baseball team! Here are ridiculous gifts to get your teammates. Trust me, these will make them laugh and they'll love you forever. You can also find more gift ideas at the bottom of this pin ;)
1) A ""Sports Illustrated"" Magazine that's all about their favorite player or team 
2) An ice cold beer on a hot day 
3) Tickets to an upcoming game 
4) A personalized hat with their name on it 
5) A mini-golf set (because everyone likes golf!) 
6) Personalized playing cards with pictures of each teammate/player in the deck below his face #personalized gifts for baseball players"

If you’re still not sure, ask your teammate about what kind of things they like and then buy that for him/her instead. 

6. Make sure your gift is appropriate for the occasion

Don’t buy baseball team gifts for the wrong occasion!

  • For example, don’t give a baseball player on your team baseball themed slippers if it’s summer time.
  • Don’t give a birthday present to someone who doesn’t celebrate birthdays

The best idea is to ask them what their favorite holiday or event is so you can get something that matches with the season and importance of the day. This way they’ll have more use out of it in general as well!

A few last words

I hope this blog post was helpful in giving you some ideas when trying to figure out what presents might be good choices for your baseball teammates. I also hope these suggestions were more than just enough so you don’t have any trouble figuring out how best to fit in with different personalities on your own baseball team. You’re all awesome and deserve plenty of love!

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