6 Tips For Choosing The Best Housewarming Gifts

What makes a fun housewarming gift? It has to be funny enough to make the recipient smile, but not so funny that it’s embarrassing. You want them to remember your present for years to come, and you also don’t want them laughing in your face. So we’ve compiled this list of funny gifts for the friend who just moved into their first home with some helpful tips on what would be appropriate. In this article, we are going to show you how to choose the best housewarming Gifts

Things to consider when picking up funny housewarming gifts

1. Know your recipient’s sense of humor

It’s said that funny things are often welcomed, but what kind of fun? Does the person enjoy funny movies, funny TV shows, or maybe they’re more of a sarcastic sort? Figuring out what your giftee likes will help you get them something that fits with their personality.

  • If my friend loves funny TV Shows like Seinfeld and Friends then I might give them an iced coffee mug to remind him of some his favorite characters.
  • If someone is into funny horror movies that make fun of themselves (like Scream) then this Punny Ghost Costume should be perfect for them!
  • Another good pick would be these funny housewarming cards if it’s not too risque for the environment…or a new home owner.

It doesn’t matter how old they are – anyone can get boosted up by things that are funny in appropriate way.

best housewarming gifts for couples

2. Consider the occasion

Is there a theme for the housewarming party? If so you need to find an item that is both funny and themed suitable.

  • For example, the party theme is a Scary Movie Party, but the person is not into funny horror movies. So you can get them this funny Scream movie t-shirt instead!
  • If the theme is beach house party, why not consider fake mustache glasses? Another good present is funny party games. What are some funny drinking games? There’s always funny Cards Against Humanity or Apples to Apples (an adult version).

3. Choose something they’ll use and enjoy for years to come

When someone moves into their first apartment, you want to give them something they’ll use and enjoy for years to come.

A house is a home when it has laughter in the air. These funny gifts will make sure your new place is always filled with joy and smiles! #funny housewarming gifts amazon
  • For example, buy them new funny blanket/sheets with words (e.g., “I’m just here to sleep”)
  • You can think of impressive home decorations like funny portraits or funny mirrors
  • For the person who needs a practical gift that will last: – portable chargers are really great gifts if your recipient’s phone always seems about to die on them; it’s also nice because people can charge their phones in different rooms of the house at night without waking anyone else up – these devices usually come with an assortment of plugs
  • You can do something as simple as buy drinks and snacks to set up in their new living room! A good idea is to have cans of soda like Coke Zero with a lime wedge stuck on top. Or maybe some chips and salsa, even if they’re not Mexican food lovers. If you want to get really creative, make your own taco dip with ground beef cooked ahead of time…

You’ll be glad when they thank you for it later down the line!

4. Give them a practical joke as well as something thoughtful and meaningful 

Don’t forget to make your present both hilarious and useful! It will be much more appreciated that way.

One way to get the idea is to check new house essentials – buy them what they need but haven’t had yet, and then get it in bizzare designs:

  • Funny signs to put on the door like “This way please!” “Welcome home”
  • Funny Kitchen Towels with sayings
  • Funny Ceramic Drink Coasters with Cork Bottom, Coffee Table Decor
  • Funny, tongue-in-cheek t shirt.
  • A funny mug with sarcastic phrases on it – this is something he can use everyday in his office coffee break hours:) You dont need to worry about size (it doesnt matter if its small or big), as long as its funny and lighthearted, then it does work here 🙂

Finally, don’t forget to give them something that will make their days like funny greeting cards or even some flowers!

5. Be creative!

Sometimes it pays off to go outside the box!

You can consider the below checklist:

  • Drinks and snacks for the new home
  • Practical Joke (such as toilet paper in an area where they’ll never find it)
  • Thoughtful Items such as thoughtful books about decorating or entertaining at home
  • Greeting card with funny contents inside of it (“Congrats on your new pad!”)
  • Flowers from their favorite store or florist 
A house warming gift is a great way to show your appreciation and welcome them into their new place. This list will help you find the perfect present for any guy, whether they're single or married. Hint hint - this could be you soon! Who doesn't need some extra space? #funny housewarming gifts for guys

6. Wrap it with care

This is one of those times when you want to put some extra thought into what you’re giving someone so they know how much you care about them, not just what’s inside the package itself.

If possible, put your humor into the packing as well.

  • If you want to go with funny as your theme, then try some funny packing tape.
  • Or choose a funny card for the package, like The Onion’s “The Joke of the Day” or something from one of those greeting cards that make people laugh when they open it.

Whatever you do, don’t forget these three things: Include your personal note! Write their name on the outside of the box in marker (or better yet use glitter!) and seal everything uptight! Send them off into homeownership with a smile! 

Conclusion on best housewarming Gifts Guide

Conclusion paragraph: If you’re looking for interesting and original housewarming gifts, we hope our list has been helpful. The last thing a new homeowner need is another set of dishes or towels. They should be focusing on unpacking boxes and getting their lives back in order after the move! So, if they have any friends who are struggling to find an idea that’s not just more stuff- give them this article as a gift so they can get some ideas for funny but practical presents too.

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