50 Housewarming Gifts You Can Give to Anyone

Do you know someone who is moving or just moved? If your answer is yes, then you might be looking for a housewarming gift to give to that person. These gifts do not have to be extravagant or expensive, but they can be cute and funny! If you are close with the person you want to present a gift to, then consider this article to be of use to you.

You do not always have to break your pockets to find a gift for someone. Sometimes it is the thought that counts and what you have in mind. If you know you’re intentions are pure, then you do not have anything to worry about.

Let’s help you keep your stress levels low when you’re trying to find the best housewarming gift you can give to your loved ones.

50 Housewarming Gifts

1. Homesick Candles

Homesick Candles

Do you know someone that’s moving to a different state? You can gift them with a homesick candle that gives off the scent of their home state! This way, their new home can smell like home and remind them of where they came from. This is the perfect housewarming gift you can give to your loved ones, so they can feel right at home!

2. Mason Jar Indoor Herb Garden

Mason Jar Indoor Herb Garden

I don’t know about you, but these are lovely! Mason jars are in style and everyone is using them to compliment their home or create gifts with. This mason jar indoor herb garden is great for the friend that loves mason jars; the plants are a bonus! You can gift them with some plants to decorate their new home and it will be an easy process! This is a great housewarming gift for plant lovers!

3. Compact Swivel Cheese & Tapas Board

Compact Swivel Cheese & Tapas Board

Since your loved one is moving to a new home, what better gift to give them than this comapt swivel cheese and tapas board! When they want to invite people over once they are settled in, they have utensils to serve their guests with! This board is versatile and they don’t even have to use it only for cheese and crackers! Gift someone this as a housewarming gift!

4. Mandala Wind Spinner

Mandala Wind Spinner

You can gift your loved one with something they can look at every time they leave their new home and think of you. This mandala wind spinner is not too extravagant of a gift, but it is something that will put a smile on your loved one’s face! This gift will create a peaceful atmosphere and it is easy on the eyes with warm tones. This is a great housewarming gift for your zen friends!

5. Bedside Smartphone Vase

Bedside Smartphone Vase

Help your loved one decorate their new room in their new home with this bedside smartphone vase. Not only will they be able to mount their  phone on this cute bloom box, but they have flowers that decorate their bedside table and their room! They can even charge their phone on the bottom of the bloom box without taking away from the aesthetic of the flowers. This will brighten up their room and give it a new feeling.

6. Ode to Home State Dish Towel

Ode to Home State Dish Towel

You can never go wrong with giving your loved one a piece of their hometown if they are moving to a different state or country. You can get them this ode to home state dish towel they can use for their dishes. They will always be able to see it and it will be a part of their daily life. You have the option of choosing between the 50 states!

7. Sea Stone Splash Sponge Holder

Sea Stone Splash Sponge Holder

Gifting your loved ones with items for their kitchen isn’t such a bad idea. There are always things that people need for their kitchen to spice it up and make it look nice. You can gift your loved one with this sea stone splash sponge holder, so they do not have to place their sponge at the edge of sink all the time. The granite made with this holder will give their sink space a wonderful look and keep their kitchen clean without having to keep their sponge on the sink leaving it wet.

8. Personalized Wine Serving Tray

Personalized Wine Serving Tray

If you loved one likes wine, you can gift them with this personalized wine serving tray. They will be able to serve their guest a glass of wine and sit down to have one themselves on days where they want to treat themselves. You can personalize the wooden tray that is decorated with your loved one’s name or a date that is very personal to them! This is a great housewarming gift idea you can get for your loved one.

9. Coaster for Drinks Absorbent with Holder

[su_image_and_price imagetitle=”Coaster for Drinks Absorbent with Holder” imageid=”71JPrTLoMNL” productid=”B07HXZ6PT3″]

Here is a funny gift that you can get for your loved one for the new table that they buy and don’t want to mess up. You can get this coaster for drinks absorbent that comes with a holder. This is a great housewarming gift idea if your loved one is very particular about the way their furniture is kept.

10. Feng Shui Chi Energy Chimes

Feng Shui Chi Energy Chimes

You can gift your loved one with this feng shui chi energy chime that will bring a calm and peaceful atmosphere to their home. This item is handmade from ash wood and various stones that compliments the look of the chimes. You can gift this to a loved one that likes peace and wants to create a calming atmosphere every time they step foot into their home.

11. New Home Ceramic Coffee Mug

[su_image_and_price imagetitle=”New Home Ceramic Coffee Mug” imageid=”410T3tvUoWL” productid=”B07NRSHXQT”]

If your loved one loves coffee, then you should have no problem giving them this ceramic mug! They can fill this mug with their favorite hot beverage and they can drink it in their new home. This is a great housewarming gift for someone that loves coffee and mugs!

12. Cactus Tealight Candles

[su_image_and_price imagetitle=”Cactus Tealight Candles” imageid=”71oieTvwGlL” productid=”B07FCLM19R”]

These smokeless cactus candles are very cute and they can be put in any part of your loved ones new home! There are 12 candles that come in this back, with four different pairs of cactus plants. This is a great housewarming gift you can give to someone so they can give parts of their home a nice aroma!

13. Ceramic Wall Plaques

[su_image_and_price imagetitle=”Ceramic Wall Plaques” imageid=”71MXYa0rnkL” productid=”B000GAVBDY”]

Giving a little reminder to your loved one is never a bad idea, especially when they can use a little bit of cheering up every now and then. Sometimes you won’t be there to make things better, so you can get this ceramic wall plaque. It is a cute item your loved one can hang on their wall and look at it whenever they had a bad day.

14. Funny Kitchen Towels

Funny Kitchen Towels

You can always settle to get a laugh out of your loved one with a funny gift. Why not something like these funny kitchen towels? They are very absorbent and it can be used them many times! You can be the one to make your loved one laugh and have a nice gift for their kitchen. This is a great funny housewarming gift!

15. Personalized Family Name Embroidery

Personalized Family Name Embroidery

If your loved one is taking their whole family and moving to a different home, you can gift the whole family with this personalized family name embroidery! This beautiful piece is carefully stitched by hand with pretty floral designs. Your loved one can place this in their living room or anywhere in their new home as they see fit. This is a great housewarming gift with embroidery designs.

16. Congrats on Your New Home Candle

Congrats on Your New Home Candle

Moving is a big step and sometimes it is overwhelming with all the things that needs to get done before your moving day. A nice little gift that you can get for your loved ones as they move into their new home is this candle! This can be a great way to congratulate them for finding the home they want to settle in for the years to come!

17. Personalized Family Mugs

Personalized Family Mugs

You don’t only have to get your loved one or the person that you know a gift, but you can also get their whole family a gift with these cute personalized family mugs! They could use it on Christmas where everyone gets together, but the great thing about these mugs is that everyone would be included!

18. Last Name Sign

Last Name Sign

If your loved one has a family of their own or they are married, then you can consider getting them this last name sign they can hang u wherever they like in their new home. This is a great housewarming gift for couples because it can give them a nice warm feeling every time they step into their new home! Also who can say no to the modern and chic style this sign has!

19. New Home Wine Labels

New Home Wine Labels

Here’s another wine gift you can give to your loved ones. However, this one are wine labels they can put on their wine bottles for special events! You can get them their favorite bottle of wine and place these labels on the bottle, so whenever they have a get together at their home or there is an exciting time in their lives, they know which wine bottle to open!

20. Reclaimed Wood Cityscape

Reclaimed Wood Cityscape

There is always going to be a piece of your heart that will always be with the place you grew up in or the place you lived in for so many years. If your friend is the city type of person and lived in the city, then you can get them this reclaimed wood cityscape they can place on the wall in their home! They will be reminded of the place they love so much and always have it with them.

21. House Number Plaque

House Number Plaque

A house will always be a place you can live in, but what makes it a home is the things that you put inside that makes it uniquely your home. You can help your loved one create a home that they love by giving them a house number plaque they can put in front of their home so everyone can see! This is a great housewarming gift for those that loves to design their own home.

22. Thirty-Nine Piece General Repair Hand Tool Set

[su_image_and_price imagetitle=”Thirty-Nine Piece General Repair Hand Tool Set” imageid=”915sUFHpBtL” productid=”B001GXPZEQ”]

Who said that men are the only ones who can fix things! You can get your girlfriend this hand tool set as a housewarming gift, so if they want to fix or build something they think can be a great addition to their new home, then this will come in handy!

23. Zen Breeze Essential Oil Diffuser

[su_image_and_price imagetitle=”Zen Breeze Essential Oil Diffuser” imageid=”81bBlTN%2BCuL” productid=”B0183K2AG0″]

Sometimes it can be hard to sleep in a new home and you have to get used to the new feeling of your home, so you can gift your loved one with this essential oil diffuser they can place anywhere in their home! There are 14 color sets to this item and it creates a nice aroma with this aromatherapy diffuser and a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

24. Intention Candles

Intention Candles

Sometimes we all need a little lifting up every now and then and meditation can help get in the right headspace. You can provide your loved one with these intention candles that have little inspirational paragraphs to give them affirmations when they need to calm down and create a peaceful place. This is a great housewarming gift for people that love to meditate.

25. Personalized Amp Doormat

Personalized Amp Doormat

If your loved one is a music junkie, then you can get them this personalized amp doormat they can put outside in front of their door. This will be the mat they see every day when they leave and come back home. You can put their last name on the mat so that if they ever have guests over they know they are at the right house!

26. Positive Wall Plaque

[su_image_and_price imagetitle=”Positive Wall Plaque” imageid=”61qBYzu11ZL” productid=”B07KFDJNQX”]

Here’s another positive wall plaque you can give to your loved one. It is always great to have positivity in your home because having a positive mindset and atmosphere to walk into can keep you calm and relaxed. Your loved one can be reminded that they are strong no matter what life throws at them with this plaque.

27. Homeowner Candle

Homeowner Candle

Owning your own home is a great feeling because it is a life changing event that is happening in your life. If your loved one is not sensitive to cursing, then I don’t see why they wouldn’t love this homeowner candle! Your loved one can say they are a homeowner loud and proud and have this candle to show their happiness and excitement. This is a great housewarming gift for someone that is a homeowner.

28. Throw Pillow Cover Case

[su_image_and_price imagetitle=”Throw Pillow Cover Case” imageid=”61b9UYyOkgL” productid=”B06XX34LKH”]

Pillows are great decorations, so why not get this pillow cover case for your loved one as a gift? It would find a wonderful place on their couch in their new home! Because of it’s cream color it can be a great accent color for whatever color their couch is. Your loved one can have a great living room setup with a nice touch!

29. Funny Wooden Wall Sign

Funny Wooden Wall Sign

No one wants their home to be mistreated by people that come into their home and they don’t want to be mistreated either, especially in their own home. You can give your loved one this wooden wall sign so people they invite into their home can be reminded of being kind!

30. Four Marble Coasters

For the couple that you love so much, you can gift them with this four pack marble coasters that reminds everyone that comes into their home that their house is filled with love. These cute coasters pack is a great housewarming gift for couples that moved into their new home!

31. Address Stamp

Address Stamp

Give your loved one the opportunity to never have to write out their address on their own whenever they need to send something out! You can get them this address stamp that is customized in beautiful calligraphy with their own address! This is a great housewarming gift for couples.

32. Skeleton Key Ornament

Skeleton Key Ornament

The name is not what you think it is. This is a key ornament that you can also get for the couple you know and love. The key is adorned with the address of their new home and they can  hang it anywhere. This is a cute little decoration that will give their home a homey feeling.

33. Vegetarian and Vegan Cookbook

Cooking can be a daunting activity to do everyday and it can be hard if you don’t have a clue of what to cook. If your loved one is a practicing vegetarian or vegan, you can get them this cookbook with delicious recipes they can try and plan out their meals each week. This will help them to not waste time in their day trying to figure out what they want to eat.

34. Wooden States of America Magnetic Key Holder

Wooden States of America Magnetic Key Holder

This is similar to the states dish towel, but this time it is a key holder that you can gift to your loved one so they can hang up their keys every time they enter into their new home. The key holder id magnetic, so there isn’t any hooks needed for the keys. You can gift your loved one with this magnetic key holder with the state they loved the most or the one they call home!

35. First Aid Kit

[su_image_and_price imagetitle=”First Aid Kit” imageid=”81f56zzTiOL” productid=”B01E7KBHSM”]

It is always good to be prepared for the unexpected and you can get your loved one a first aid kit so they can be ready for when they have to clean a simple or bad cut or if it’s an emergency and they can’t wait. Everyone needs a first aid kit and you can be the one to give it to your loved one.

36. Collapsible Storage Bowls

[su_image_and_price imagetitle=”Collapsible Storage Bowls” imageid=”61851uR9q6L” productid=”B0185F07DG”]

Storage is one of the most important things you can do to organize your home, especially your kitchen. Most people’s favorite place in their home is their kitchen! You can gift your loved one with this collapsible storage bowls that collapses and will give them more space in their refrigerator.  This is great for when you cook multiple dishes for the week and need to store them accordingly!

37. Echo Dot

[su_image_and_price imagetitle=”Echo Dot” imageid=”61lYMRN%2BCPL” productid=”B07PDHSLM6″]

Gift your loved one with this Amazon echo dot they can have in their home and don’t have to get up to play music or call someone. They can just wake up Alexa and she’ll do all the work. They can even use Alexa to turn on the lights. There are a lot of things that you can do with the echo dot and your loved one will thank you for it!

38. Lowes Gift Card

[su_image_and_price imagetitle=”Lowes Gift Card” imageid=”41LK6kHn4zL” productid=”B0078EPRVS”]

If you don’t have any idea of a housewarming gift for your loved one, then you can get them a home improvement gift card they can use to get whatever fits their style. You can gift them with this Lowe’s gift card up to $200 dollars!

39. Leather Wrist Key Strap

Leather Wrist Key Strap

Now that your loved one has moved into their new home, they have officially been given the right to keys that have their name on it! You can help them spice up their own set of keys with this cute leather wrist key strap. They can even use it if they want to put it on a small pouch they own.

40. French Press Coffee and Tea Maker

[su_image_and_price imagetitle=”French Press Coffee and Tea Maker” imageid=”61qQ01UiYNL” productid=”B00005LM0R”]

For the friend that loves coffee and tea, you can gift your loved one with this french press coffee and tea maker! They can wake up in the morning and make their tea or coffee before they go to work and not have to stop at their local coffee shop of Starbucks! They can make their beverage just the way they like it. This is a great housewarming gift for coffee and tea makers.

41. Amazon Smart Plug

[su_image_and_price imagetitle=”Amazon Smart Plug” imageid=”51qiNODWNGL” productid=”B01MZEEFNX”]

Sometimes we forget to unplug things when we are rushing to get out of the house. With this smart plug, your loved one wouldn’t have to worry about the things they leave plugged in. This smart plug is used with Alexa that adds voice control to any outlet. With the sound of their voice, Alexa can turn on or off any device that have a mechanical off and on switch.

42. Salt Lamp

[su_image_and_price imagetitle=”Salt Lamp” imageid=”71ce-e%2BrspL” productid=”B01N094AEC”]

Let your loved one create a different atmosphere to their new home every once in a while with this salt lamp that was hand carved from natural Himalayan salt. Instead of having their lights on all the time, they can dim the lights and put this salt lamp on and create a wonderful and calming ambiance.

43. Happy Place Pillow

Happy Place Pillow

Here’s another pillow gift you can give to your loved one they can use as an accent for their couch. This happy place pillow is a great option because you either can buy the case by itself or get it together with the pillow. Your loved one can fill their home with happiness.

44. Bath and Body Set

[su_image_and_price imagetitle=”Bath and Body Set” imageid=”71BcJKnsBBL” productid=”B01CYPG43U”]

You can always think of getting nice scented bath and body set for the couple that is moving into their new home. It will be a nice addition to their bathroom! This coconut bath and body gift will keep their skin feeling refreshed and soft with the shea butter and vitamin E oil that’s in it.

45. Non-slip Coir Doormat

[su_image_and_price imagetitle=”Non-slip Coir Doormat” imageid=”A1INpSy0CSL” productid=”B00BXNIYRO”]

This is a little funny gift that will lighten the mood to your loved one’s new home. This doormat says “nice underwear,” so every time a guest comes enters they will look down at it and it would be as if they were looking at their underwear!

46. Whiskey Chilling Stones

[su_image_and_price imagetitle=”Whiskey Chilling Stones” imageid=”71N3nvhg5lL” productid=”B01LJQ37FS”]

If you know that your loved one loves to drink whiskey and they love their drink cold, then you can get them these whiskey chilling stones that would do the trick without watering down their drink. The stones won’t scratch their glasses! This is a great housewarming gift for men that loves their whiskey.

47. Twelve Piece Silver Cookware Set

[su_image_and_price imagetitle=”Twelve Piece Silver Cookware Set” imageid=”81Zt0hnK6VL” productid=”B011IY4A0C”]

Sometimes the kitchen is the first thing you want to take on in your new home because that’s where all the cooking will take place! You can get your loved one this silver cookware set and take this off their list if they are looking for new kitchenware to find a place in their home.

48. Electric Kettle

[su_image_and_price imagetitle=”Electric Kettle” imageid=”71vG54laNQL” productid=”B012WF88QS”]

Here is another housewarming gift for your friend that loves tea. You can gift them with this electric kettle they don’t have to plug into an outlet and use. Without this having any wires, it will look seamless in their kitchen and give more space to anything else they want to put on their counter.

49. Kitchen Dish Towels

[su_image_and_price imagetitle=”Kitchen Dish Towels” imageid=”81LlEHD1bKL” productid=”B013YVHOJG”]

With all the kitchen gifts that were already mentioned why not consider more housewarming gifts that pertains to the kitchen? You can gift your loved one with this kitchen dish towel set they can use and have multiple purposes for them. They can use them for drying dishes, putting food on it, wiping up wet spots or anything else they can think of.

50. Ceramic Japanese Style Succulent Pot Set

[su_image_and_price imagetitle=”Ceramic Japanese Style Succulent Pot Set” imageid=”71nK5Qp-B4L” productid=”B07KQZ96QB”]

Get your loved one something that will bring character to their new home with these ceramic Japanese style succulent pot set they can put all over their home! If they love plants and want to grow some of their own, they can do so and use these pots to put them in. They can grow miniature succulents, cactus, and herb if they so choose! This is a great housewarming gift for people that love to plant.

Hopefully by reading this article you were able to find something that caught your eye and helped you figure out the best housewarming gift you can give to your friends and loved ones!

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