50+ Creative DIY Halloween Decorations To Scare The Whole Neighborhood!

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As the scariest season of the year approaches, it’s also time to start decorating your house. Of course, you don’t want neighbors or passers-by thinking that your house looks boring or normal, do you? Definitely not. This list compiles 65 amazing, surprising, and most of all, scary ways to decorate your home, DIY style!

50 Creative DIY Halloween decorations

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Why decorate?

Well, first of all, because decorating is fun. And no, we don’t mean it’s just fun for kids, or to do with kids, but also on your own, with a partner, or even with your parents. Just turn up some funky -or creepy- music, and get started! But it’s not just fun. It’s a way to make your house look more, well, like your house. Decorating in a style that is typically yours, or that resembles things you like, will definitely make your neighbors, visitors, passers-by or trick-or-treaters feel jealous!

Why DIY?

“But,” you could ask, “why would I ever want to make my own decorations? Isn’t it fine if I just buy them ready-made from the store and put them up like that?” Well, of course that’s fine, and we’re not judging people who do just that. Maybe you don’t have time to make your own decorations, or you’re not into arts and crafts, but of course there are pros to making the decorations yourself. It’s more personal, a great activity to keep yourself and others busy and get in the spooky mood, as well as shows just how creative you are! Of course, this list will help you look even more creative!

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1. The Poisoned Apple (Cocktail)

The Poisoned Apple Cocktail

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This cocktail is a great way to start off your party, and get your visitors into both the partying and the scary mood at the same time! It looks both tasty and disgusting at the same time, and will fit into any setting or theme your party might have!

2. Drilled Pumpkins

Drilled Pumpkins

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Yes, we know, people like using pumpkins to decorate their home for Halloween, so why should you, right? Well, because these aren’t your normal run-off-the-mill pumpkins. They don’t have faces carved in them, but instead look cute with little hole-patterns in them! They’re rather cute, and will work perfectly in any interior!

3. Floating Witch Hat Lights

Floating Witch Hat Lights

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These floating witch hats, which -did you see the pun there?- also function to creepily light up your party are a creative addition to any dimly-lit room, even more so if it’s witch-themed!

4. Head in a Jar

Head in a Jar

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This simple yet gruesomely-looking head in a jar is perfect both as a decoration, as well as a prank. It will fit into any witch-or zombie-themed setting, or would be an excellent way to prank your friends!

5. Witches Legs underneath Welcome Doormat

Witches Legs underneath Welcome Doormat

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A funny yet spooky way to spice up your doormat, is by putting a witch underneath it! Of course, not an actual witch, but it’s amazing how much can be done with just some stockings and a pair of shoes.

6. “Welcome” Wall Decor

Welcome Wall Decor

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This fancy-looking wall sign is a fun way to welcome trick-or-treaters to your house filled with candy, or visitors to your Halloween party. Either way, it fits into any décor!

7. Balloon Faces

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These balloons with funny faces on them might be more humorous than funny, yet they would not look bad at any Halloween party or Halloween-themed house! They’re easy and cheap to make, so don’t worry about making dozens of them either!

8. Hanging Cage

Hanging Cage

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This cage, made of two laundry baskets, can easily be made and filled with any creepy thing you want, whether it’s a big spider, a skeleton, or a witches cat. This makes it one of the most versatile decorations on this list!

9. Happy Harvest Wood Block

Happy Harvest Wood Block

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This orange-painted wooden block saying “Happy Harvest” in creepy black writing is a perfect alternative to the usual welcome signs. It’s in-theme, looks nice, and suits almost every front porch or door!

10. Burlap Sack Pillow Cover

Amazing Burlap Sack Pillow Cover

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This 18” pillow cover, with the writing “Come All Hallows night, we’ll frighten everyone in sight”, is a great way to creepen up the mood a bit in your otherwise -probably- cozy and safe living room!

11. Glass Coffin Display Case

Glass Coffin Display Case

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This glass coffin is the perfect display case for anyone who’s into creepy things! Got a taxidermized spider, a little skeleton, or any other creepy item you might want to put on display during the scariest season of them all? This case in the shape of a coffin will do the job!

12. Plastic Bag Ghosts

Plastic Bag Ghosts

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These ghosts made from plastic trash bags are a fun way to decorate your house! Okay, they might not be the scariest decorations on this list, but they definitely are cute!

13. Trash Bag Spider

Trash Bag Spider

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This spider is perfect for every party, front yard, or garden! It’s big and flashy, and most of all, scary. Not necessarily because it looks so realistic, but simply because -let’s admit it- everyone’s scared of spiders.

14. Ghost Candles

Ghost Candles

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These candles turned into ghosts in glass bottles are a simple yet funny and cute way to decorate even the most basic items in your home during the spooky season. They fit into any home, wherever you would usually put candles!

15. Mummy Hand

Mummy Hand

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This mummy hand is one of the most realistic decorations you can definitely make at home! We don’t know whether to say it looks amazing or disturbing, but what we do know, is that it would definitely turn any normal-looking party into a creepy festival of death!

16. Posh Pumpkins

Posh Pumpkins

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These cute and posh-looking pumpkins are a way to decorate your home for the season, without making it look too Halloween-ish. These will fit in almost any interior as well!

17. Skeleton Vase

Skeleton Vase

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If you love having flowers in your house, or just have a vase standing around for whatever purpose, why not decorate it? Hanging skeletons on it and painting it black won’t just make it spooky, but also a completely new item!

18. Eyes in the Bushes

Eyes in the Bushes

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Want to really scare those trick-or-treaters showing up to your door all night? Why not put these two giant DIY eyeballs in the bushes, or anywhere else, in your front yard? They’re bound to make some people think twice about disturbing whoever lives in that house!

19. Eyeball Flowers

Eyeball Flowers

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These flowers are the best possible thing to combine with your new spooky skeleton vase! Of course, they look like flowers, but upon closer inspection, the eyeballs inside them will definitely make people scream!

20. Crystal Ball Candlesticks

Crystal Ball Candlesticks

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These candlesticks are a great way to spice up your dinner table, windowsill, or any other usually empty place in your home. They’re creepy, completely in-season, and look amazing!

21. Floating Candles

Floating Candles

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These candles are a great alternative to the Witch Hat Lights we mentioned earlier. These, however, would look even better in the home of any Harry Potter fan!

22. DIY Tombstones

DIY Tombstones

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These tombstones are not just a nice addition to any graveyard-themed decorations you might already be using to turn your front yard into a real cemetery, but also a great way to use items you’d normally throw in the trash -saving you trash cans, which you can then use for some other decorations on this list!-.

23. Orange Pumpkin-lights

Orange Pumpkin-lights

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Pumpkins are just sooooo overrated, don’t you think? We think so too. That’s why these oranges, made to look like pumpkins, are a completely different and new way to decorate your house. They’re fancy, smell nice, and are another fun way to light up the darkness!

24. Monsters in Soap

Monsters in Soap

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Want to make sure there’s absolutely no place inside your home where your visitors feel safe during this time of the year? Put some creepy critters in the soap in your bathroom and scare the living poop out of them, pun intended.

25. Hanging Spider Eggs

Hanging Spider Eggs

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These spider eggs dripping from the ceiling are great, and even more so when used in combination with other spidery decorations. They’re sure to make any arachnophobe run right out your house!

26. Dementor

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SD1GVW_dRXE]

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When used together with the floating candle lights from number 21, this dementor, or these, if you want to make more, won’t just turn your living room into Hogwarts, but into the scariest version of it ever!

27. Yarn Pumpkins

Yarn Pumpkins

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As we said earlier, pumpkins are really overused. But how about making your own pumpkins, with yarn, for example? This creative and cute way to replace actual vegetables will be a hit with anyone, especially children!

28. Creepy Vine Arch

Creepy Vine Arch

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This arch, surprisingly made with pool noodles, -of all things!- is the most amazing entrance to your haunted Halloween garden party! It might be a lot of work to make, but let’s be honest, this is one of the most amazing things on this list!

29. Milk Jug Lights

Milk Jug Lights

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While we know there’s a lot of lights on this list, it’s important to keep the dark far away, even during this time of the year. And what better way to do that than by using something you see every day, such as milk jugs, and turning them into something creepy? They can be turned into ghosts, zombie faces, cat faces, or anything you can think of, making them extremely versatile and making them fit into any interior!

30. Pineapple Jack O’Lantern

Pineapple Jack O’Lantern

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Jack O’Lanterns are some of the most overused and overrated Halloween decorations, as we mentioned earlier in this article. But like we also mentioned earlier, they can actually be quite cool if you switch it up a bit. Instead of an orange, why not use a Pineapple? It won’t only do its job, like every other Jack O’Lantern, but will also get you some awed looks!

31. Campfire Skulls

Campfire Skulls

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Campfires are already some of the most epic things to have at any kind of party, including Halloween parties -although, be safe around fire!- but adding skulls to the flames would make it even more exciting. Pile them up high, as if you’re making a bonfire with the skulls of your enemies inside it, and light those flames!

32. Halloween Skull Entrance

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-21TeTiWY_A]

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What better way to welcome people into your home under this creepy skull entrance this Halloween season? With the perfect combination of colour and arrangement, this decoration will definitely turn a few heads.

33. Halloween Shoppe Sign

Halloween Shoppe Sign

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Turning your window, or front porch, into a witches shoppe is a great way to make sure that everybody entering your home knows the witchiness of your home right away! With cauldrons, broomsticks, and pumpkins, as well as a little introduction to the shop on a window or wall, this will definitely get you some laughs!

34. Window Vinyl Scenes

Window Vinyl Scenes

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Of course, the night is the most important part of Halloween, so you should definitely have some decorations to scare nocturnal passers-by! Simply turn on a light inside a room, and put some scary scenery on the window!

35. Spooky Ghost

Spooky Ghost

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This cute but scary ghosty is a great way to add some “normal” and “standardly” ghosts to your house. This doesn’t mean, however, that it’s basic, or boring. It’s cute, in-season, and fits everywhere!

36. Broom Parking

Broom Parking

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Another creative and funny way to introduce people to your witch-themed house, is by hanging a parking lot for brooms near your front door or garage!

37. Hanging Ghost Halloween Decoration

Hanging Ghost Halloween Decoration

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If you are looking for ways to save your money, while exhibiting the best Halloween decorations in the neighbourhood, then look no further! This outdoor Halloween decor isn’t pricey or complicated and can even be used in the spooky seasons to come.

38. Halloween Book Covers

Halloween Book Covers

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Do you love books? How about Halloween? Yes to both questions? Well, why not combine both of them into decoration for your house? Simply make some of these cool and creepy covers for your books, and put them on display!

39. Witch Broom Straws

Witch Broom Straws

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These straws look both funNY and funKY, and are a nice way to spice up your cocktail evening on Halloween! Perfectly combined with the Smoking Apple cocktail from nr. 1!

40. Happy Halloween Sticker

Happy Halloween Sticker

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This sticker, which fits on every wall and in every style of interior, is a great and easy way to wish all your visitors a Happy Halloween!

41. Halloween Pumpkin Scarecrow

Halloween Pumpkin Scarecrow

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This giant scarecrow is a quick and easy craft project that delivers maximum fright! Of course, since it’s a scarecrow, it’ll scare the crows away -and other flying pests, of course- but because of the way it looks, it would also be effective against trick-or-treaters or unwanted visitors!

42. Hula Hoop Spider Web

Hula Hoop Spider Web

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Who ever thought hula hoops could be turned in Halloween decorations? Well, turns it they’re a great way to make big spiderwebs! Perfect when combined with spiders!

43. Reaper On A Swing

Reaper On A Swing

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This swinging Grim Reaper is a great way to turn your backyard into something absolutely terrifying. Want to scare kids away from your lawn? This prop will do that just fine!

44. Giant Sacrificial Skeleton

Giant Sacrificial Skeleton

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Have a giant tree in your yard and no idea what to do with it? Well, put some twigs on it, add a skeleton, and turn it into a recently sacrificed human being! This will definitely get you some weird looks from the neighbours, but isn’t that just exactly what Halloween is all about?

45. Frankenstein Porch Decoration

Frankenstein Porch Decoration

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This is one of our favourite decorations because not only is the method safe and cost-effective, it is one that can be done by children with little to no parental guidance. No unique materials are required, just some paint, markers and a wild imagination – or of course, the internet.

46. Skeletal Wreath

Skeletal Wreath

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Wreaths are something we haven’t really talked about much in this article, so here’s one! Made up of bones, this wreath is not only fancy-looking and completely in-season, but it’s the perfect welcoming sight to visitors or trick-or-treaters!

47. Glowing Jack-O-Lantern Totem Pole

Glowing Jack-O-Lantern Totem Pole

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Make your decorations stand out by replacing the conventional carved pumpkins on your porch with glowing plastic Jack-O-Lantern’s stacked on top of one another to resemble a totem pole. This craft is easy to make, and will save you hours of carving and cutting pumpkins, only to repeat the same method every year.

48. Snake Wreath

Snake Wreath

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The second wreath on this list is also made up of spooky creatures, albeit some people might not find these creepy. Snakes do, however, scare most of the population, so we think it’s a great idea to put this silvery slithery snake-wreath on this list!

49. Eyeball Wreaths

Eyeball Wreaths

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The last wreath here is a bit of a double one. It’s made up of a simple christmas wreath, but made spooky by adding a giant eyeball in the middle. It looks creepy, and slightly disturbing, as the red of the christmas wreath looks like blood coming out of the recently dissected eye!

50. Ghosts in a Jar

Ghosts in a Jar

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These cute ghosts locked up in a jar are another fun way to add ghosts to your decorations. They look nice, not too scary, and are easy to make! A simple addition to your creepy home.

51. Halloween Magnetic Spiders

Halloween Magnetic Spiders

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Spiders crawling all over your door? It does not get spookier! What better way to get into the Halloween spirit and scare your arachnophobic friend than to have a cluster of spiders appear to be creeping nearer to them?

52. Pumpkin full of Candy Door Hanger

Pumpkin full of Candy Door Hanger

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This pumpkin-shaped door hanger is perfect for both people who like greeting visitors in a nice and fun way, as well as people who hate trick-or-treaters interrupting their night. You can fill it up with candy, hang it at your door, and let your guests treat themselves to some nice sweets!


After listing this many different ways to decorate your home, and an endless supply of specific decorations in each category, all we can really say is this: Any kind of decoration can really be used in any home, as long as you keep it around one or two themes. Happy Haunting, and enjoy your Halloween!

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