55 Ghoulish Gifts for Halloween


As the spooky season nears, the time to stock up on some creepy gifts. These are our top picks for the best Halloween gifts to get, or make, for anyone who enjoys the scariest holiday of the year!

55 Gifts for Halloween

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Why you should get Halloween gifts

Everybody gets presents for their birthday, and Christmas, some people even get gifts for New Year’s! But if you really want to surprise your friends, or your family, or maybe just the trick or treaters showing up at your door on All Hallows Eve, the gifts on this list might be just for you!

What Halloween Gifts to get for Who

Of course, not everyone likes to get the same kinds of gifts. Men, for example, might be more happy with something special, cool, really creepy, and epic, while little boys would probably prefer something cute, like a T-shirt or a ghost-plushie. This article will tell you exactly what gifts are good ideas to give!

The Gifts

1. Personalized Trick-Or-Treat Bag

Personalized Trick-Or-Treat Bag

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These bags, which you can personalize with the name of whoever you’re gifting it to, are both cute as well as useful for trick-or-treating. This makes it the perfect gift for kids, since it’s mostly them that goes trick or treating. There are multiple designs available, not to forget the personalization with the name, so no two bags will ever be the same!

2. Celestial Necklace Gold Crescent Moon

Celestial Necklace Gold Crescent Moon

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This cute yet Halloween-y necklace is a sure-fire way to make whoever you’re giving it to swoon. It’s made of gold and laid-in with onyx, and looks absolutely magical! It’s the perfect gift for the woman you love, or your mom, or anyone who would like this necklace.

3. Halloween Shirts for Him or Her

Halloween Shirts for Him or Her

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These shirts with spooky lines on them, as well as spooky drawings, come in multiple colors and with multiple prints, as well as for all sizes and genders. These are a simple yet great gift to make someone smile!

4. Halloween LED Trick-Or-Treat Bag

Halloween LED Trick-Or-Treat Bag

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These bags are not only perfectly suited for Trick-Or-Treating, but will also make you the person in your group that everyone looks at. They’re not just big enough to carry home loads of candy, but also light up in green! They come with different designs, and are another great gifts for children who are going trick or treating.

5. Friends Horror Movie Character Shirt DESIGN

Friends Horror Movie Character Shirt DESIGN

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This design, that you will have to put and print on a shirt yourself, is one of the most creative designs for shirts we’ve ever seen. With the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. logo as well as multiple horror movie character silhouettes in it, whoever got this on their shirt will definitely get looks and compliments!

6. Skull Halloween Soap

Skull Halloween Soap

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These cute and colorful soaps, shaped like skulls, are sure to make someone happy! They come in different colors and a plethora of scents, as well as the option to have them lightly or heavily scented, or packed in a bag or without a bag!

7. Halloween Shirt Horror Characters

Halloween Shirt Horror Characters

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This shirt, with the silhouettes of multiple horror movie characters printed on it, is one of the best possible gifts for any (horror) movie lover. It comes in every color you could think of, as well as any sizes!

8. Funny “Trumpkin” Halloween Shirt

Funny Trumpkin Halloween Shirt

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Yes, we know there’s quite a few shirts on this list, but aren’t shirts the best gifts ever? This one depicts a pumpkinized Donald Trump and says “Make Halloween Great Again”, making fun of Trump’s favorite quote during the elections! Any dark color is available, as well as any unisex size!

9. Human Teeth Jewelry Rings

Human Teeth Jewelry Rings

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However disgusting one might find these rings, they also make for one of the most disturbingly Halloween-ish gifts! Anyone who likes jewelry, or Halloween, or both, should be gifted these rings! And don’t worry, they’re not real teeth!

10. “Spooky” Wood Sign

Spooky Wood Sign

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This wooden sign is the perfect gift for anyone whose “Welcome” sign you’re tired of seeing every time you enter their home. It’s spooky, stylish, cute, and goes perfectly into any interior!

11. MY OLI Halloween Ghost Stuffed Toys

The MY OLI halloween stuffed ghosts are a great gift for whoever you love in your life. With writings on them such as “You’re my boo” or “I love BOO more than candy”, they’re sure to make your loved one know just how much you (s)care about them, as well as stay in-season and give them something cute!

12. Halloween Pumpkin Poop Emoji

This product will definitely be a (s)hit among the children, as a seasonal squeeze toy with lights and several farting sounds that will surely lighten up the mood!

13. Spooky DNA Stress Balls

Tired of all the stressful Halloween party planning? Or the constant worry of your child’s safety on Halloween night? Then these stress balls are a perfect way to relieve your tension! Made from premium material and packaged in a deluxe gift box so you don’t even have to wrap it!

14. Halloween Themed Charm Bracelet

This elastic charm bracelet features 8 dainty Halloween-themed dangle charms such as the Pumpkin, disc BOO, white ghost, a black cat, black switch, and orange crystal beads. This would be the perfect accessory to complete any Halloween outfit!

15. Glow in the dark fuzzy halloween blanket

Not only is this blanket thick enough to keep you warm on a chilly October night, it emits a glowing light in the dark that will undoubtedly leave the children feeling safe from all the creatures lurking outside their windows. Most importantly, it is made from 100% microfiber polyester fabric which is both washable by hand and machine!

16. Halloween Glasses

This set of 6 Halloween-themed glasses are a great gift to give to friends and family, and will surely complement any halloween outfit! The Halloween glasses frames included are crab, bat, spider web, pumpkin, skull & butterfly designs.

17. Bone-shaped Ballpoint Pens

This 5-piece set of spooky bone-shaped pens are not only the perfect way to incorporate the Halloween season into one’s daily life, but will remain a fitting gift for your friends and family who work as healthcare professionals too!

18. Large Halloween Tote Bag

This tote bag would be a great gift not only because of its seasonal relevance, but because of its versatility too! This bag could be used to Trick-Or-Treat, hold books, and can even be used as a grocery shopping bag.

19. Glow in the Dark Halloween Toys

This 9-piece glow in the dark toy set includes 3 flashing LED spinner wands, 6 flashing glow rings with Halloween elements and 2 flashing pumpkin finger rings – all of which come with batteries already installed in them.

20. DIY Lantern Craft Project For Kids

This lantern craft kit comes with everything needed to make one Halloween lantern; 1 glass jar, 1 luminous liquid,1 lid and all other crafting supplies necessary to complete it. This project follows a simple method, and thus guarantees parents a hassle-free activity time!

21. Funny Halloween Card for Him

Funny Halloween Card for Him

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This funny and naughty card is the perfect gift for your boyfriend during the scary season! With a print saying “I want to ride your broomstick” and free personalized messages inside, as well as being shipped in multiple colors, these will definitely make your boo (great pun, right?) smile.

22. Moonstone Earrings

Moonstone Earrings

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These earrings would go perfectly with the Celestial Necklace from number 2 on this list! They look nice, could go with any clothes, even fancy dresses, and will definitely make people jealous! Giving these to your girlfriend would definitely result in giving her a good Halloween-smile!

23. Halloween Bats Earrings

Halloween Bats Earrings

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Yes, earrings again, but these are a perfect alternative for the ones in number 22. These would not go with any type of clothing, but for the spooky season, these are perfect! They’re cute, have nice colors, and most of all, are spooky! Your girlfriend or wife, or your mother, will love them!

24. Personalized Bat Keychain

Personalized Bat Keychain

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This spooky bat keychain is already a nice gift on its own, but it’s mainly its high customizability that makes it one of the best gifts on this list! You can choose the birthstone of the gift’s receiver, as well as the initial of their name!

25. Crochet Spider PATTERN

Crochet Spider PATTERN

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First of all, this is a pattern you’re buying, not a finished product. This does make it an amazingly thoughtful gift for someone who likes crocheting! The finished product will look both cute and scary, so it’s perfect!

26. Halloween Water Bottle for Kids

Halloween Water Bottle for Kids

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These water bottles comes with multiple prints as well as personalized names for the person the gift is for. They are a great gift for kids to use during sports, school, or car rides!

27. This is Boo Sheet Shirt

This is Boo Sheet Shirt

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This shirt has one of the funniest prints on this list, which makes it great for people who both like humor as well as funny shirts! It comes in Black, Navy, and Orange, and in any possible size!

28. Ghost Soap

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These cute little soap bars, which ship in packages of 10, look like your traditional ghosts and come in three scents, Caramel Apple Crunch, Monkey Farts, and Pumpkin Pie! I have yet to meet someone who would not be happy after getting these!

29. Drink Up Witches Wine Glass

Drink Up Witches Wine Glass

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This wine glass, which can of course also be used for other drinks, is a perfect gift for someone who, for example, just moved into a new house, or someone who loves wine, or really, just anyone! The writing on it is funny, and it’s big enough, holding 21oz!

30. Eyeball Cat Toy

Eyeball Cat Toy

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These eyeballs, made from wool and felt, are disgusting and disturbing as well as cute. Now, not on their own, of course, but when being played with by the cutest person in the household, these eyes will turn into cute little toys! A perfect gift for either your own cat, or someone you know who has a cat!

31. Two-Sided Pillow Case

Two-Sided Pillow Case

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This pillow cover has two sides of which the theme is cats. One side shows two big cat eyes, the other shows 8 cat face silhouettes. The perfect gift for people who love Halloween, cats, or both!

32. Leather Horror Movie Character Wallet

Leather Horror Movie Character Wallet

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Horror movie characters are really trending these days, and so they’re being put onto all possible things, including this stylish wallet! It has multiple horror characters printed on it, and ships in multiple styles as well as colors. Perfect for someone who’s looking for a new wallet!

33. Spider Pin Brooch

Spider Pin Brooch

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This fancy and beautiful, yet also creepy brooch can be gifted to anyone who likes pins or brooches. It comes in silver with a blue gemstone in it, and the bag in which it comes can be chosen in multiple colors!

34. Bloody Red Skull Paperweight

Bloody Red Skull Paperweight

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This skull inside a red, bloody patch of resin is the perfect paperweight for anyone who could use one of them! It’s cool, good-looking, scary, cool, and did we mention it’s cool yet? This paperweight will make everyone in the office jealous of whoever gets this!

35. Halloween Coasters

Halloween Coasters

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These stylish wooden coasters would definitely look good on any table and in any home, and I don’t know anyone who would not be happy when getting these! They ship in packs of 6, 8, 10 or 12, come in 3 colors, and can be personalized with names or things like that!

36. Halloween Nursery Ghost Gift

Halloween Nursery Ghost Gift

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This fleecy filled ghost plushie is the best halloween gift anyone could ever give to a young child, or parents who are expecting a child. It’s made of soft material, cuddle-able, and most of all, it’s the cutest thing ever!

37. Vampire Hunter Mug

Vampire Hunter Mug

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This mug is made for people who love horror movies, halloween, or anything along those lines! It’s simple, useful, and looks amazing just because of how simple it really is.

38. RUOAR Pack of Halloween Pillow Covers

Anyone who likes vintage items, halloween, or has just moved into a new home and is looking for new accessoires will absolutely love these pillow covers. They ship in a pack of 4, and look gorgeous!

39. Coffin Candle

Coffin Candle

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This candle in the shape of a coffin is already a great idea as a gift, simply because of the way it looks, but there’s more to it than (initially) meets the eye. As it burns down, it reveals a spooky scary skeleton inside! Not just a gift, but also a suprise!

40. Mini Driftwood Ghosts Set of Three

Mini Driftwood Ghosts Set of Three

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These ghosties made of actual driftwood are a cute gift you can give to really anyone at all. They’re small, so can easily be put into any interior, and since they’re really painted driftwood, no two ghosts will ever be the same, even if you order 10 sets!

41. Toscano Howl of the Werewolf Statue

This statue of a werewolf in the middle of a howl looks both terrifying and awesome. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who likes creepy creatures, and would fit into any home or office!

42. Remote Control Spider Toy

This remote controlled spider, which looks both eerie and funny at the same time, is the perfect gift for children. Not only is it perfectly themed for Halloween, but it’s also a great toy that they can use to play with (or terrorize people with) for hours and hours!

43. Laila and Lainey Spider Toilet Paper Prank

If you know anyone who’s absolutely terrified of spiders, this is not something you should get for them. Or is it? Toilet paper with the imprint of a spider on every piece is both a cruel and funny way to prank your friends, family, or significant other!

44. Ty Beanie Boos Mist the Ghost

Another ghost plushie on this list, the Ty Beanie Boos Mist the Ghost is one of the cutest gifts for children on this list. It’s really soft and a nice cuddly toy! Any kid would love to play with this!

45. You’re My Boo Cosmetic Bag

This cosmetics bag, which can of course be used to store many things that are not cosmetics, is the perfect gift for your boy- or girlfriend. It has a cute print saying “You’re my boo” and shows two happy ghosties, just like you and your boo after you give them this bag!

46. Betsey Johnson Pink and Gold Leather Bracelet

This stylish and creepy leather bracelet, laid-in with fancy skulls made of gemstones, will look great with any creepy or dark look. Giving this to your wife or girlfriend is a great way to make sure she’s smiling all through the scariest day of the year!

47. Roald Dahl’s book of Ghost Stories

Of course, not all gifts have to be decorations or accessoires. Books are, even in this 21st century filled with electronics, still a great gift to give! This book, filled with Roald Dahl’s best Ghost Stories, is a thoughtful gift that any book-lover can enjoy for hours!

48. Syringe Pens

A good alternative to the Bone Pens we wrote about earlier, these syringe pens are a great way to make writing (even more) fun. They not only look weird (which is absolutely perfect for a Halloween gift) and creepy, but also really nice. They come in 4 colors, however all pens write in black ink.

49. Handcrafted Solid Wood Magic Wand

Any Harry Potter fan, aspiring witch or wizard, or just general fantasy fan would enjoy getting this gift. It’s a perfect relic to put on your desk in your office or a table in your living room. Or maybe someone you know could still use a wand to finish up their witch or wizard costume? Perfect!

50. Real Ghost Stories: Haunting Encounters Told By Real People

This book filled with real-life ghost encounters, told by the people who experienced them just the way they experienced them, are a great gift for anyone interested in the real life aspect of ghosts, aside from the Halloween aspect of them.

51. Zeckos Antique Bronze Gargoyle Wall Mirror

This mirror is the best gift you could give a person interested in creepy artifacts or gothic items, or someone who’s just looking for a mirror after just moving into a new place. It looks creepy and weirdly eerie, but would go well in (almost) any interior!

52. Halloween Coffee Mug

Halloween Coffee Mug

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This simple but Halloween-themed coffee mug would be a great gift to cosy up to the fire with. These mugs are generally easy to clean and microwave and dishwasher safe (all except the campfire mug). With a choice between 3 different handle colours and 2 material types, there is a Halloween coffee mug for everyone!

53. Funny Alien Slogan T-Shirt

Funny Alien Slogan T-Shirt

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This amusing unisex t-shirt “This is My Human Costume I’m Really an Alien” is available in a range of colours and sizesm which range from youth to adult models, and is not season-specific

54. Gothic Wooden Notebook Cover

Gothic Wooden Notebook Cover

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Made out of sturdy wood and painted beautifully to make it look like an authentic creepy witches diary, this cover will make any notebook look creepy, as well as fantastical. Perfect for people who write lots, and even more perfect for people who write fantasy or horror!

55. Dracula 1931 Horror Pendant

Dracula 1931 Horror Pendant

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This pendant, made out of sterling silver, is the perfect gift for anyone who likes horror classics as well as trendy jewelry. It would complete any outfit, while also showing the interests of whoever is wearing it!


However extensive this list might be, we still are having a hard time deciding which gifts are the best. All in all, we could say that each gift, in its own rights, is the best, depending on who you’re giving it to. As long as the gift is thoughtful and creative, whoever you give it to will definitely be happy, and you will bring a smile on their face!

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