Tips to Help You Choose Gifts for Farmer Dad

Farmers are some of the most hardworking people in the world. They work constantly to provide gifts for their families and friends. As a result, they deserve gifts that will last forever! This blog post discusses gifts for farmer dads that can be cherished for years to come.

Things to mind about Gifts for Farmer Dad

1. What is your dad’s favorite hobby or pastime?

Farmers and fathers love gifts that they can enjoy with their family and friends. Choose a gift that fits in with what he enjoys doing for fun!

  • If your father likes reading, then consider buying him an autobiography of George Washington Carver who was himself both a scientist and a skilled agriculturalist from Missouri.
  • If he is more into TV shows than books, choose DVDs like “Green Acres” which aired from 1965-1971
  • If your dad loves cooking, consider getting him some locally sourced ingredients from his favorite restaurant or grocery store. You could also get him something like an ice cream maker or BBQ grill if he likes to cook outside in the summertime
  • For fathers who love sports, there are plenty of gifts that will put a smile on their face.

As you can see, the tips that help you choose gifts for farmer dad are varied and there is something to please any type of dad. Your next step should be deciding on a budget – what he would like versus what your financial situation will allow.

Farmers are so cool. They grow our food, they keep us safe from the creatures that live in and around their farms, they provide jobs to people who work on or with the farm itself! If you're looking for a gift idea for your farmer dad this Father's Day then check out these gifts below.  #gifts for dad

2. Choose something to match his personality 

  • Is your farmer dad more of a homebody who loves to stay in his man cave all day? Even if he doesn’t like gifts, maybe getting him some new sports memorabilia or tickets to the game would be perfect for this type of personality. It’s time to think about how adventurous each person is before deciding on a holiday present!
  • Is your farmer dad a thrill seeker? Then you might consider an adventure-seeking gift that will get him outside and exploring.
  • If your dad often talks about his latest road trip, try a GPS or buy him some gifts from the state he has visited.

Choose something to match personality types so they stay happy all year long. Don’t forget gifts can also include items for their hobbies as well!

3. Consider things to make his life easier 

If your dad has expressed that he doesn’t have time to do things around the house, then you might consider gifts that will make his life easier.

Is your dad a farmer? If so you'll find these gifts perfect for him.  These are all techy gadgets that will keep his farming life on track and make it easier to manage the farm. You can't go wrong with any of these gift ideas! Plus they're fun, funny and affordable too! Click here now to see them all. #gadget gifts for farmers
  • For farming, his most time-consuming job, You can think of gadget gifts for farmers, such as a tractor, chainsaw or plow and gifts that will make his day funnier, like a bluetooth speaker so he can listen to music while working outside
  • Also, farming means working outside in the sun a lot. Give gifts that will help him stay cool and comfortable, like a portable fan or sunhat. Consider gifts that will make his life easier by giving him more energy such as protein snacks or sports drinks so he can keep going without feeling tired
  • If your dad often spends time cooking or baking, gifts like a slow cooker and mixers would be perfect! You could also get him some of those products for when they’re on the go such as coffee cups with their favorite logo on them
  • He’ll also enjoy practical gifts like mugs, plates, and wine glasses since they’re things he uses every day at home too!

4. How old is he now?

Age is an important factor in deciding the most suitable gift.

  • If your farmer dad is still at his young age, gifts like a bottle of wine, gifts cards to his favorite store or restaurant and something for the house such as cleaning products are all good choices
  • Especially if he is quite young and plans to modernize his farming model, you can think of tech gifts for farmers. For example, gifts like a drone with HD camera for taking aerial photos or videos of the farm or gifts that help him monitor and track their crops are great ideas.
  • If your dad is getting older, gifts that will help him save money on energy bills would be perfect! Or someone might want to get him an appliance with more features if they’re in need of one. For instance, he could use a mixer instead of just using a whisk which can take longer

Gifts that have meaning are always better than gifts you don’t know about them well enough yet. And gifts should depend on what age group the farmer falls under.

5. How much money will you spend on this gift?

Do you think gifts for farmer dad would cost more or less than the average gift?

If you’re low on cash and struggling financially, here are some inexpensive ideas: 

  • Gifts for oil and calico paper
  • Gifts from things you have around the house, like a new coat of paint on his favorite chair or old family photos.
  • A gift card to Home Depot or Lowes can be used for tools and supplies
  • Gift cards to restaurants in town so he has more than just fast food options when eating out 
He's the guy that always has his phone out and on all day long. Whether he's checking up on his crops or trying to find a new cow, it never seems like he can put down that device. Get him something tech-related for Father's Day this year! #tech gifts for farmers

If your budget is higher than usual (most farmers are usually lower middle class), here are some ideas:

  • Gifts that can help him save money such as something to use with energy bills or an appliance with more features if they’re in need of one
  • If the person has enough storage space, you could get them an appliance (mixer) which would save time in the kitchen while cooking meals.

6. Give him something thoughtful and sentimental

If you’re buying gifts for your farmer dad’s birthday, then give gifts with sentimental value to show how much it means to you when they share their stories about growing up on the farm. 

  • You could get them an old family photo album from one of those old camera stores where people would develop film in store. It might feel strange nowadays but back then this was popular because no one had cameras and taking pictures wasn’t easy yet
  • If your dad is getting older now and does not have much time left in his profession, you might want to go with personalized items like a mug with his name on it or keepsakes from family members who remember him.
  • You could also gift something he will cherish every day by giving him one-of-a-kind pieces of art work for his home room. For instance, engraved glasses frames would make an excellent gift because they’re always visible at home when he’s cooking dinner.


As you can see, there are many gifts that would make excellent presents for your farmer dad. Whether it’s a gift card to his favorite restaurant or something more personal like fresh produce from the farm stand, these suggestions will help you find the perfect present. We hope this list has been helpful!  

If you have any other ideas, please share them with me and we can include it on our blog next time. Thank you so much for reading my article today!

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