The Guide to Your Teacher Leaving Gift

A teacher is an important part of your life. They help you grow and develop into the person that you are today. Whether it was a teacher in elementary school or college, they have helped shape your life for the better! There are many things to consider when choosing a gift for your teacher. It can be overwhelming trying to find the perfect present, but I’m here to make it easier! Here is my guide on how to choose the best gift for your teacher who is leaving.

Things to consider for teacher leaving gift

1. What is your teacher interested in?

This is always a good place to start. Teachers are usually passionate about something, so you can find the perfect gift by researching what they enjoy!

Sometimes people can be really obvious about their liking, which may show when he or she posts about delicious cooking on social media, or talk passionately about last night football match.

  • One thing that teachers love is traveling. You may want to buy a gift card or something related to the airline company so they are able to travel when they please!
  • If your teacher enjoys sports such as football or baseball, maybe get tickets to an upcoming game that would interest him/her? Consider getting someone a plastic fielder’s glove if he likes playing catch in his spare time because it might make their day better! If your teacher loves reading books, consider buying him/she signed copies of some of his favorite authors’ latest books.

If you are struggling, then try looking at what the teacher’s desk has around it. Is there an art print on their wall? Does he love coffee and leave his mug out all day long? Maybe she always eats lunch while reading her book! The point is that teachers can be pretty easy to read when you know them enough.

teacher leaving gift

You could also think about the things your teacher put in his/her wishlist from previous years as well as find gifts that would really help with their new job outside of teaching like any supplies for hobbies or photography equipment.

You can also ask your teacher what they do for fun, and how you could help them. They will be more than happy to tell you their interests!

2. Look for a gift that is personalized and thoughtful 

Something personalized is bound to be more meaningful than just a generic gift. Is there anything specific they always talk about? Maybe you overheard them talking about their favorite show, or you know that your teacher loves knitting! That’s an easy way to find what kind of gifts are perfect for him/her and will make the present seem even more thoughtful.

The key thing here is that it has to feel personal-like you put some thought into choosing this particular item as opposed to something off the shelf at Target or Walmart. Whether it’s homemade cookies from his favorite bakery or tickets to her favorite concert, if it feels like YOU made an effort in figuring out what would suit your teacher best then he’ll probably love it too!

3. Find something they can enjoy outside of school 

Besides being a teacher, he or she for sure has hobbies or interests to mingle with outside world. We know what it’s like, we’re all adults and some of us have jobs outside the school system too! As long as you can find something they’ll enjoy doing outside of work hours then this is a great idea for teacher gifts.

  • The key thing here is going back to your old lessons with your favorite teacher-was he an avid cyclist? Spend time searching through local bike shops until one jumps out at you.
  • Did she love heading outdoors on nice days? Maybe buy her tickets to hike up Mt Washington in New Hampshire (or whatever park/mountain near where she lives).
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4. Consider their financial situation or allergies 

  • If your teacher is just getting by , it’s likely they can’t afford to buy all the things you might want them to have. We know how much we love getting a new pair of shoes, but if your teacher is buying groceries for their family this month and gas for their car, that won’t be such an exciting gift idea! At that case, presenting them with a voucher or their favorite coffee shop could be the perfect present. On the flipside, if your teacher is financially well off it might not mean they want more stuff; think of what you’ve seen them wear to school each day and find something similar that would match one of their outfits perfectly!
  • If your teacher has allergies , we suggest doing some research – do they have any particular food allergy? Most grocery stores these days offer online shopping so you can order in advance without ever running into anyone who will know about their situation. If this sounds like too much work, try giving them a nice candle as an alternative-they’ll appreciate how thoughtful you are while enjoying all those lovely scents that never bother them!
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5. Think about what type of person they are – introverted, extroverted, etc

Doing research on your teacher before buying their present can make it easier for you when shopping because you’ll know what type of personality they have which will guide your choices better!

  • What kind of person are they? Introverted or extroverted? All teachers aren’t outspoken so if Bobby knew his teacher was more of outgoing type, he might give her some earrings with bright colors-something flashy that matches the clothes she wears every day.
  • But if your teacher is more of an introvert or keeps their personal life private, you might have to do some digging. Start by asking them about their hobbies and interests outside work. See what they respond a lot! If nothing comes up, see where the majority of their time goes- whether it be into books, social media, cooking at home or volunteering in schools as often that may give clues on who they are underneath all those layers. In this case, make sure to find out which organizations he or she has been involved with over the years so you can gift something related to his/her passion for teaching children to read and helping others in need such as homemade soup mixes from favorite recipes passed down through generations.

6. Don’t forget to make a card!

The teacher will love the thoughtfulness of you and your classmates, so don’t forget to make a card! A card with sincere thoughts will be treasured for a long time to come. But there are other smaller ways that teachers can remember their students even after they’re gone- like by sending thank you notes or leaving little messages in each classroom before they leave!

Besides, you may add your contact information in the card to maintain close relationship with your beloved teacher in the future.


We hope that this blog post has helped you find the perfect gift for your teacher who is leaving. You can also leave little messages in each classroom or give the teacher one last hug before they leave. Remember that it might be hard, but bear with your tears! They need to know how much of an impact they made on you while teaching at school- even if it was just for one year!

If there’s anything else we can do to help, please let us know! Thank you so much for reading and have a wonderful day.

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