Cutest Gifts for Little Sister that She Would Die For

I’m sure that if you’re reading this post, you have a little sister. What is the best part about being an older sibling? The answer is simple: spoiling them! Giving gifts to your younger siblings can be a lot of fun and choosing just one gift out of the many options can seem overwhelming. That’s why I put together this list of ideas for cute gifts for little sisters who are impossible not to spoil!

Things to consider when picking gifts for little sisters:

1. Think about what she likes

  • Some of us can have very defined hobbies. If your sister loves baking, maybe she would love a new set of bakeware. If she has an obsession with horses and ponies then perhaps you could get her some books about them or tickets to the races.
  • If you’re not sure where to start, ask someone who knows what they are into! Chances are if you take the time to find out their interests, it will be much easier for you when picking out gifts for them in the future as well.

2. Consider her age and personality

  • If your sister is very outgoing, a thoughtful gift like jewelry or clothes might be best.
  • For more introverted sisters, an experience would make the perfect gift! Tickets to see her favorite band in concert, tickets for laser tag with friends, movie theater passes- there are so many awesome and memorable experiences that could become priceless gifts.
  • Different personalities enjoy different things too – if you have one who likes to read all day long then maybe their dream present would be something as simple as books of their desired genre or new reading glasses (if they’re old enough).
  • It’s important to consider what she enjoys doing before getting them anything because chances are it will end up sitting on a shelf unused if not given well thought out consideration beforehand
Gifts for Little Sister

3. Find out which holidays are coming up soon

  • There are some things meant for holidays. For instance, presents for Christmas could be a new pair of pajamas, DVDs of her favorite TV show, or a dainty little necklace.
  • One way to find out what holidays are coming up soon is by checking on the calendar that’s built into your phone – and if it doesn’t have something like “Easter” as an option then you’ll need to go online instead.
  • Either search for events in your area (you can do this through Google) or consult one of those calendars containing all upcoming dates from around the world (like Calendar).
  • The time-frame will vary depending on which holiday you’re looking for but they should all display at least two months ahead so enough lead time before purchasing any gifts! **Numbers

4. Shop for the best deals on price, quality, and delivery time

Once you decide what to buy for your little sisters, it’s time to go shopping – and not just on one site but many!

You’ll want to check out different retailers for the best deals, then compare prices based on quality.

See what sites offer free shipping or expedited delivery so you can get your purchase in time for any holiday that is coming up soon (purchases made within two days of a major event will be delivered close enough to make it in time).

5. Check to see if they have any coupons or discounts available 

Most of shopping apps provide abundant savings for every event, and you’ll want to ensure that your purchase qualifies.

Checking the site’s social accounts or website may provide a coupon code which gives you even better savings on what you are spending.

Some sites offer special discounts and deals for first-time customers as well!

You can also use these coupons or bonuses towards free shipping offers so they will cover costs of delivery charges when it is time to order!

6. Make sure you order in advance so you can get it delivered right when it’s needed (exact date)

You would not want the birthday gift to be late, so in order to make sure you don’t forget, set the reminder on your phone or calendar a few weeks beforehand.

This will let you know when it is time to place the final order with plenty of time for any changes that may need to made before shipping day!

If you are buying something from online retailers like Amazon Prime and Home Depot’s website,  you can always get free same-day delivery if ordered by noon EST (that means an hour earlier than 12pm).

Another perk: some sites offer special discounts and deals for first-time customers as well! You can also use these coupons or bonuses towards free shipping offers so they will cover costs of delivery charges when it is time to order.

Some gifts your little sisters would die for:

1. Customize a phone case with her favorite photo or a drawing:

One idea would be either customizing a phone case with the recipient’s favorite photo or creating an illustration specifically tailored towards them.

A phone case can be so much more than just protecting your precious smartphone. It can be a symbol of who you are as an individual, and what’s more personal than your own likeness?

2. A set of cute pajamas she can wear to bed

  • Whether she’s a princess, ballerina or astronaut – it doesn’t matter what her favorite story is because the right pajamas will make all of them feel like they’ve got their very own happily ever after. Moreover, sleeping with favourite pajamas ives them the feeling of being protected and loved.
  • Matching pajamas are also a great idea if you know her favourite colors or want to give something that will make her feel extra special!

3. Get her a subscription to Netflix or Hulu Plus so she can watch all the TV shows she wants

TV shows create memories that last. I know they’re expensive, but subscription services are really worth it in this case because you give them unlimited access to TV shows – not just one or two at time. If she loves Game of Thrones, then get her HBO Now so she can watch all six seasons without waiting for each new season to come out on DVD.

4. Design and make your own DIY bracelet for her using beads, charms, and string

DIY is always unique and your sister will love that you made it specially for her.

  • Get a bracelet base from your local craft store in the jewelry section and then buy small beads or charms to add on, depending on the colors she likes best. Any type of string should work as long as it’s strong enough to hold up all the accessories – I recommend using fishing wire because they’re thin but really tough.
  • Pick out some cool designs like an infinity sign, rose petals, or stars if you want something more unique than just one big charm hanging off of her wrist (or ask someone else who knows what kind of design would look good). You can also paint different patterns onto the beads with gold nail polish before adding them to make everything match.

5. Make an old-fashioned scrapbook of memories from this year together

As time passes by, most of us will forget about the little things that made our childhood so memorable. That’s why I always try to make time to do special activities with my little sister, like scrapbooking together. Just in case she forgets some of them when she gets older and needs a reminder!

6. Get her a new pair of headphones for listening to music on the go 

Music opens up creativity, and it’s one of the best ways to find peace in a chaotic world. Your little sister will love this special gift because she can safely enjoy her favorite tunes while on-the-go.

7. Give her a personalized journal where she can write down thoughts and feelings

Girls, especially towards their older age, often want to express themselves creatively and feel as though they have a voice that’s heard. Giving her this gift will give her an outlet for self-expression while also helping to organize thoughts in one place

8. A new book that she’s been wanting to read

I bet that your little sister has a stack of books waiting to be read. After all, she’s probably been feeling left out when you and her friends have talked about the books from school or just ones they enjoy reading in their free time. Provide this opportunity for her by gifting one of these great options!

To make it extra special, write a sweet note inside explaining why you picked them

9. Makeup that matches her skin tone and style of clothing 

If your sister is a teen, then she might care about the way that she looks. One of the best ways to help her out is by giving makeup as a gift. It’s important to find something that matches both her skin tone and her style preferences!

10. Tickets to a concert or sporting event that’s coming up  in your area, like Taylor Swift or the Super Bowl!

I know it might be expensive, but these tickets will be a gift that they’ll remember forever!

11. Have a family portrait session done and give her the pictures as gifts

The best present you can give your sister is the gift of memories. And what better way to do that than by having a family portrait session done and giving her pictures as gifts? I know some people might think this sounds cheesy, but it’s not! It’ll be totally worth it because she will have something tangible for all those times you guys went through life together. Plus, with one photo shoot, you’re able to take so many different photos in order to find the perfect ones which means more opportunities for gifting. Don’t forget about framing them or adding them into an art collage too! That would make such a great long-lasting souvenir from your time spent together growing up


These are just a few of the ideas we’ve come up with in order to find some cute gifts for your little sister. We hope you enjoy this list, and let us know if there is anything else that might be perfect! Remember-the best gifts don’t have to cost money. There’s always something special about getting someone an experience or giving them the chance to do what they love most without having to spend any extra cash.

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