Awesome Tips to Choose Big Sister Gifts

There is no way to sugarcoat it: big sister gifts are tough, no matter if it’s a congratulation gift for a new big sister or it’s a gift for your own big sister. For new big sisters, they are supposed to be happy and excited about their new little sibling, but feel a little bit sad or jealous too. How do you make sure that your congratulation gift reflects her feelings? And for your own big sister, how to choose an impressive gift that make she know you love her? In this blog post, we will give you some awesome tips for choosing a big sister gift!

Things to consider abour Big Sister Gifts:

1. Does the new Big Sister have any hobbies or interests that you know about?

A hobby or interest is a great way to get them something they would like. You can find things that are related to their hobbies and interests AND can be enjoyed together with her new sibling.

  • If she loves reading book, you can get her a new book or bookmark.
  • If she loves art, you can get her an arts and crafts kit. Coloring books will be a perfect choice too.
  • You could also think about getting them something they’ll be able to enjoy in the future with their sibling- for example a cozy blanket or teddy bear that will both of them cherish after becoming older siblings themselves!
  • Does your big sister have any pets? You could buy her some pet supplies like new food bowls, toys, or treats for their dog’s birthday present instead of buying another toy just because it has the word “big” attached to it.
Being a big sister is hard work. These gifts will make being the new addition to your family easier for you and also help her adjust faster. From personalized items like clothing with their name on it, to cute reminders of what she's getting into!
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2. Consider her age

  • New big sisters are likely to be very young when welcoming their new sibling. For this reason, it’s important to consider what your sister may be interested in at her current age and make a selection that suits them best.
  • Kids around the ages of three or four will enjoy books with pictures, coloring pages and other activities they can do on their own. Kids between five and six years old are likely more sophisticated than those who are younger so you could get something like art supplies for her if she enjoys drawing–or even try some new games instead! If she’s older, maybe an experience gift such as buying tickets for a concert together will suit her better.

3. Is there anything in particular that the Big Sister would like to do with his/her new sibling?

In the talks with new Big Sister, has she ever told you what she would like to do with her new sibling?

  • For example, she plans to often take her new sibling out for a walk. If so, it is super adorable to give her sibling clothes with lots of pockets and dynamic colors.
  • Or if big sister loves playing outside but doesn’t have enough outdoor toys for them both and wants more, then go ahead and buy some! An inflatable pool, a kite to fly is perfect for summer, while outdoor games supplies such as a new bike, card games, puzzle could serve well in any occasion.
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4. The gift doesn’t need to be expensive

As long as the gift can congratulate on the new sibling and big sister, and to bing the two siblings together, dont feel pressured that it has to be expensive.

  • The best way is to buy some clothes for her and new sibling–a dress or a shirt with both of their names on it as well as your name too! For example, if you are going to wear a navy blue t-shirt in summer, then make it into two t-shirts by cutting one up at the back so that they can share it.
  • Or give them something special like a matching set of personalized bracelets which will last forever.
  • You could also design an album filled with pictures from when she was young all the way through now – but put only photos of her family along with herself (this would really be such a great project).

Things to go through when choosing gift for your Big Sister

1. Ask what she wants for a gift

As you two are already close, there’s no hesitation in asking her directly what she loves right now. Show her your little Pinterest board with all the things she would love to have.

If she cant decide on what she needs currently, here are some suggestions that girls generally love:

  • A Subscription to the newest makeup line she’s watching on YouTube
  • Anything from her favorite store: Sephora, Nordstroms, etc.
  • Tickets for a concert that has been talked about in the music scene lately (Halsey is always a good choice)
  • Accessories – belts, boots, jewelry.
  • Cute clothes and accessories or anything else she might need now like new sheets or towels!
  • The big sister has been watching from afar, so make sure you don’t forget their favorite store when shopping around!

2. Find out if there are any stores with sales going on before you make your purchase 

Sale-off is everywhere on online shopping webs – Amazon, Etsy,…you name it! So once you decide which gift to buy, do a quick research and compare the price in sereval store and choose the most appropriate price!

If you are buying from an online retailer, carefully go over reviews–especially ones by people who posted when things went wrong. It can help determine what types of products would work best or not at all.

"Do you have a new baby and are now looking for big sister announcement gifts? We've got some great ideas that will make the transition easier. Check out this list of thoughtful present ideas perfect for your soon to be big sister! Whether she's turning 1, 3 or 8 these fun gift ideas are sure to put her on cloud nine. And if you're still struggling with what to get there's also an awesome gallery where we show various items 
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3. Get something personal or sentimental – it’s all about the thought!

Something personalized will surely make your big sister one of a kind.

  • Customized jewelry with their name on it, such as a necklace or bracelet.
  • A custom t shirt of her favorite band/TV show (or something she’s into) and write in marker: “#bigsis” for all those photos you’ll be taking together!  (This is also a good idea if they’re more than one!)
  • Sibling mugs!  (I love my big sister mug)
  • A big sister gift certificate for a deep tissue massage, manicure and pedicure at the salon.  She’s going to be handing out so many hugs all day long! Let her indulge in some pampering too 🙂

Or if you want to go for something sentimental, a family photo album or album of her growing up will surely touch her heart .

A few final words

I hope this blog post is a quick guide about how to choose a big sister gift that will make your favorite person feel special. Whether you’re buying something on sale or looking around for what she might like, there are tons of ways to spoil your big sis. And remember – it doesn’t have to break the bank! No matter what you decide on as a present this year, let them know just how much they mean to you and give them one heck of a hug from their little sibling. I bet you have other interesting suggestion in mind, so feel free to let me know on the comment section!

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