Big Sister Little Brother Gifts: Helpful Tips

When it comes to shopping for big sister little brother gifts, it can be a little tricky. It’s important to take the time and think about what your big sister would like and what her little brother would enjoy. There are many different types of gifts to choose from, so don’t worry if you’re feeling overwhelmed! This blog post will guide you through some helpful tips and ideas that will make shopping easy and help both siblings find something they’ll love!

Things to keep in mind before buying Big Sister Little Brother Gifts

1. Consider the age of the little brother or sister

The age of the little brother or sister will help you determine what type of gift to buy.

  • If your big sister is very young, she may enjoy something like a favorite stuffed animal that she and her little brother could snuggle with at night. Maybe they would both love some new books, like fairy tales or funny science, which they can enjoy together before bed time!
  • If your big sister is older, she might prefer gifts such as jewelry and other fashion accessories for herself while still wanting to get something fun for her younger sibling too. At that case, sibling necklaces, or sibling key chains would be nice!
  • Dont forget to consider the age gap between two siblings. If they are only a year or two apart, there may be few differences between what big and little brother likes. If the age difference is five years or more, you might want to consider other ideas for gifts that both children will enjoy such as video games, toys with lots of parts like puzzles and building blocks, or even tickets to an event!
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2. Check out what your big sister likes to do, and choose a gift that reflects her interests

A big sister might have different interests than her little brother.

  • For example, if she is a sports fan and likes to watch or play football, then two tickets for a game could be the perfect gift!
  • If your big sister loves fashion and you want to get something that reflects her personality AND related to her beloved little brother, consider a subscription to Vogue or Glamour magazine. This will help her stay up-to-date with what’s happening in the world of fashion, and it will also keep her informed on all the fashions for little brothers!
  • A big sister will also want to feel like the best big sister ever when it comes time for holiday shopping; make sure to include plenty of stocking stuffers such as small toys and candies. If not, a shopping voucher will secure her to buy things for her beloved little brother.
  • An important thing to keep in mind when choosing an age appropriate gift for both kids is cost-quality ratio. You dont need expensive items–just ones they’ll enjoy playing with together. Theres no point in spending too much on one toy thats just going end up forgotten under their bed after it breaks from too much use.

3. Ask for help from other family members

If you are struggling to find out what Big Sister Little Brother love or need, ask for family members’ advices. Mothers seem to always have good observation on what her kids subtly need.

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4. Look for gifts that can be used in multiple ways

You dont want your gift to be used just once in a lifetime, so consider things that can be used multiple times on multiple occasions.

  • I suggest sibling clothes with lots of pockets, which are convenient and adorable when both kids go out. Remember about their sizes if you choose this gift type – kids grow up faster than you imagine so better get some things bigger than their current size.
  • As well as books about sibling relationships or shared hobbies, monthly subscription to online games/clubs where they will have access together;
  • Coloring books are perfect for siblings at young age. A great thing about giving a coloring book is that there are often pages of comic drawings which attract both boys and girls; if you have no idea what kind of toy your child likes, this might be helpful!
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5. Consider what you would want as a little brother or sister

This is often more fun than just buying something off the shelf!

6. Make sure you wrap all presents nicely

Let’s choose some wrapping design that neutral and make both boys and girls attracted. You can think about packing the gift with box in box to make the unfolding time much more exciting!


I hope these ideas were helpful! It’s always nice if your gift can bring the two siblings closer and enjoy together. Please share your thoughts and questions in the comments below, we love to hear from our readers!

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