How to Choose Gifts for 7 Year Old Boys: What you should know

Gift-giving can be tough. It’s even tougher when you’re buying gifts for someone of a certain age and gender that you don’t know very well.

7-year-old boys are one of those challenging gifts to buy, but it doesn’t have to be so difficult!

Let me share some thoughts on how to choose gifts for 7-year-olds, based on my experience as a mother and teacher.

Considerations before choosing gifts for 7 Year Old Boys

1. Look for something educational or interactive, like a puzzle or game

Pick out an age-appropriate toy that will help them with developmental skills.

There is a wide variety of toys available that will appeal to different interests. So taking the time to find one your little boy enjoys can be fun for both of you!

  • Puzzles are also a good choice because they have so many different levels, and can be enjoyed by children of all ages.
  • Legos have been a popular toy for many generations now. There are Legos that appeal to both boys and girls, as well as all ages of children from toddlers to teens.
  • The fun is endless with the possibilities it offers in terms of creativity, problem-solving skills, social interaction.
  • A membership at a children’s museum is another excellent gift idea because children get so much out of being able to learn through play.
  • These museums give educational programs where they discuss topics related to science, art, culture and history; offer interactive activities such as storytelling sessions or craft time.
Gifts for 7 Year Old Boys

2. Consider their favorite TV show and choose some merchandise from it

A child is going through a lot of changes during this time which requires some extra care from parents, teachers, and relatives. That’s why gifts should be fun but also thoughtfully considered. Finding out their favorite TV show can help you to know characters or heroes they love.

You can find gifts with their favorite characters on them like shirts, toys, or even underwear. You could also buy them a poster of the hero from their show to hang in his bedroom–they’re always happy!

Consider giving your child an experience as a gift rather than just something they’ll play with and forget about.

A few examples are tickets to their favorite show at the theater to see their favorite characters or trips to see animals from around the world in real life.

3. Consider his interests and hobbies

You want to make gifts for your child as special and thoughtful as possible.

Keep in mind that gifts should be tailored to their interests, but also age-appropriate.

  • If the boy is into cars, then a toy car set is the best gift. You should find out his favorite colors and what kind of car he likes.
  • If he likes Lego, then you can buy him some new pieces to add to his collection like LEGO City Airport Passenger Terminal or the LEGO Friends Stephanie’s Creative Workshop
  • If the boy is into video games, consider giving him some gifts from his favorite game such as stickers for his schoolbag or similar items related to what they’re usually doing.
  • If the boy is into animals, then you should to choose gifts with his favorite animal or ones that have an animal on it.

4. Find out what type of sports he likes

Find out what type of sports he likes and then buy him something related to it like a basketball hoop or baseball bat.

You could also get your child tickets for a sporting event where he has a favorite team playing; which are very popular gifts among boys.

This will show him that you care about what matters most to him and make his day!

5. Try giving them clothes!

They’ll be always excited to wear something new! Children grow up very quickly so it is recommended to buy clothes that are the right size or a little larger.

If you know what size he is, you could buy gifts that are in the correct size.

But if not then just choose clothes they’ll be able to grow into without worrying about them becoming too small before their birthday.

You can also choose clothes based on his interest, such as:

  • If the boy is a sports fanatic, you should get him a team shirt with their favorite team’s logo or his idol’s name on it.
  • If he loves animals, then gifts like pajamas with a bear on them or even clothes that are striped.
  • You should also consider his favorite colors and style of clothing.
  • Or if you know his favorite characters or movies, you could also buy clothing with these prints such as Spiderman or Superman outfits.

Another idea is to buy gifts that are related to the time of year such as winter clothes for cold days, summer items for warmer weather, and fall gifts if they’re about to begin school again.


You’ve finally made it to the end of this list. Thank you for your time and patience in reading these gift ideas. If you found something that could work well for a seven-year-old boy, we hope that helped!

This is our final suggestion but if none of these caught your eye, don’t worry – there are plenty more kid’s gifts out there waiting to be discovered.

Happy shopping!


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