Christmas Gift For Coworkers Under $20

Christmas is right around the corner and you are probably looking for christmas gift ideas for coworkers. Lucky for you, we have some great christmas present ideas that will fit any budget!

This blog post talks about christmas presents for coworkers under $20.

Things to consider when picking up christmas gift for coworkers under $20

1. Consider the occasion- are they celebrating a birthday, or is it just a “thank you” gift for working hard all year long?

While christmas is a time to celebrate, it can also be the perfect opportunity for giving a coworker “thank you” gifts.

  • Consider picking up something small and inexpensive with your own money (like coffee) or doing one of their tasks/chores around the office as an extra thank you.

If they are celebrating a birthday:

  • Pick up something small. (examples include, flowers, coffee, or even candy)

If they are celebrating christmas:

  • Consider giving them their christmas present early! You can also buy gifts cards for things the coworker might enjoy like movies and restaurants. There’s no need to spend more than you want in order to show appreciation.
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2. Think about their hobbies and interests- do they like to read, cook, go on adventures, or enjoy gardening?

There are christmas gifts for coworkers under $20 that will fit a variety of interests and hobbies!

  • If they like to read, consider picking up one of their favorite books.
  • For those who enjoy cooking or baking, some christmas presents for coworkers under $20 might be kitchen items such as measuring spoons or a cookbook
  • For someone who loves travelling, christmas presents for coworkers under $20 might be a gift card to their favorite airline.
  • For someone who enjoys gardening, christmas present ideas may include items like seeds or flowers.
  • If they enjoy going on adventures, christmas gifts for coworkers might include tickets to the zoo or an annual pass at your local attraction.
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3. Consider what size of present will be appropriate for them 

4. If this person has no idea what they would like in terms of gifts then try asking other coworkers what they think would be good ideas.

If you are struggling to find out their interests, don’t hesitate to ask their friends or family for advice on what gifts they like and dislike. 

  • The christmas presents for coworkers under $20 that might be best suited to this idea are gifts cards and christmas sweaters.
  • Gifts cards could be a good option because it gives them the chance to pick something they really want without having to spend any money up front, or you can buy some small christmas items like

5. Don’t forget about price!

  • You may not have much money but there are some great deals out there – look at places like amazon and ebay for sales items under $20.
  • If you’re on a tighter budget then christmas sweaters can be an affordable option if they like wearing them, or alternatively christmas gift ideas for coworkers could include giving them money in the form of christmas checks.
  • A christmas check is just like a christmas card – but it’s in the form of a christmas check! It can be given anonymously or to someone who you know well and trust.
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6. Finally, don’t forget to wrap your gift!

This makes people feel special when opening it up on Christmas morning 🙂

You can make the gift more special by choosing wrapping paper in your giftee’s favourite color!

Some final words

This article has given some great ideas for gifts that are under $20 and would make any coworker happy.

If it is still unclear what to buy, try asking them first! It may be as easy as remembering their birthday or anniversary if they have been with your company awhile.

In addition, consider going in on an inexpensive gift together with other coworkers so everyone can participate without having to spend too much money themselves.

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