50+ Best Christmas Gift for Grandma | Amazing Christmas Ideas For Grandma

Grandmas hold a special place in all of our hearts. Her loving hand is always there to offer support whenever any member of the family needs it most. Be it in the form of freshly-baked cookies, personalized knitted blankets, or presents that are exactly what we want for birthdays, grandma always knows what we need.

This Christmas, do not give yourself a hard time and get grandma everything that she needs and wants from this list of 50 Christmas Gifts for Grandma.

50 Christmas Gift for Grandma

1. Sentimental Gift Ideas

Sentimental Gift Ideas

Grandma loves nothing more than gifts that show her how much love there is in the family she built. Give your gifts a personal flare with a notebook that features the artwork of the kids or a picture that tells the story of the family through a family tree. Get other great gift ideas from Paige.

Source: Paige’s Party Ideas

2. Worlds Best Grandma Tumbler

Grandma’s cup will always be full when she uses this World’s Best Grandma Tumbler. Made from food-grade stainless steel, this tumbler is double-walled and vacuum insulated. It holds 12 oz of any drink of any kind, without alcohol or otherwise, and it comes in a blush gold color with a white print in front.

3. Wine Bottle Gift Tag

Wine Bottle Gift Tag

Add a little fun to a classic bottle of wine with this Holiday Christmas Tag! Grab grandma’s favorite bottle of red or white wine for Christmas dinner and add this tag to add a personal touch. Print out this free Christmas Tag on cardstock paper, cut it out, and tie it up with some cute twine to give grandma a cute gift!

Source: Oh My! Creative

 4. Dollar Tree Christmas Gift for Grandma

Dollar Tree Christmas Gift for Grandma

We all love grandmas specialty dishes and homemade recipes. This Christmas, give grandma a confidence boost and show her how much you love her cooking with this Dollar Tree gift idea! Simply purchase all the indicated materials and assemble the gift following the instructions. Voila! You now have the perfect gift for your grandma’s inner chef.

Source: Hip2Save

 5. Generations Necklace

Gift grandma a symbolic gift showing a love that spans generations with this beautiful necklace. The three delicate silver circles that are intertwined stands for the grandmother, the mother, and the granddaughter who share an infinite bond. Made from high quality, sterling silver, the chain of this necklace is hypoallergenic.

 6. DIY Santa Treat Holders

DIY Santa Treat Holders

Who would have thought tiny pots could get even cuter? This do-it-yourself Santa treat holder that can be made with children is an adorable Christmas gift to grandma from the family baby! The materials you need can easily be bought from the craft store. After making the holder, place grandmas favorite Christmas treat or plant inside.

Source: Crafts Unleashed

 7. Christmas Gift Ideas That You Can DIY

Christmas Gift Ideas That You Can DIY

Every grandma is unique and one of a kind. Find the perfect gift for your grandma this Christmas from this collection of do-it-yourself Christmas gifts for grandma! Learn how to make a personalized gift for the grandma who likes breakfast in bed with lego, or for the grandma who just loves having chocolate when you read through these ideas.

Source: Frugal Coupon Living

 8. Wooden Jewelry Box

Give grandma a special place to keep all of her keepsakes this Christmas with this teal, wooden jewelry box. It doubles as a music box with a wind-up mechanism. OT is secured with a vintage turn-key lock. It comes with a functional metal locket and a glass lid to display precious family pictures.

 9. Christmas Bundle Ideas

Christmas Bundle Ideas

Discover a unique gift bundle idea for grandma! Put together a collection of her favorite candy bars in a plastic box she can reuse or place a pack of kisses in a glass mason jar. You can also grab a bottle of grandmas favorite wine and wrap it up with her favorite chocolate pieces. The inspirations you can get here are endless!

Source: DIY Meg

 10. Get Fab with Plaid

Get Fab with Plaid

Do not know what to give your grandma who loves plaid? Worry no more! Discover unique ways how to add a touch of plaid in your gift for grandma in these ideas. There are many ways to add plaid in grandmas life other than that classic button-down shirt. Think plaid blankets, plaid Christmas stockings, even plaid Christmas ornaments!

Source: College Cab

 11. Christmas Gift Bundle for Grandma

Christmas Gift Bundle for Grandma

Why give grandma just one gift when you can give her a bundle? Be inspired by these bundle gift ideas. You can curate a bundle that encourages grandma to start a new hobby or continue one that she previously had. You can also make a self-care starter bundle for the grandma who loves to go to the spa. The possibilities are endless!

Source: Landeelu

12. Christmas Sweaters

Warm-up grandmas holidays with these cute Christmas sweaters. These sweaters are made from quality materials. Made from a combination of cotton and polyester, it is sure to be cozy and non-itchy. These sweaters come from a variety of colors – red, green, and black. Get grandpa a sweater, too, so that he can match up with grandma!

 13. DIY Sunshine Box

DIY Sunshine Box

Deliver sunshine in a box to your grandma with this delightful Christmas gift idea! Take a box big enough to hold the items you want to include in the gift. The Sunshine Box can be themed after grandma’s favorite activity, her favorite color, or anything that your grandma likes the best. It can also be a collection of different things like grandma’s favorite chocolate along with a pack of juicy fruit.

Source: Snowman Crafts

14. Easy Gifts for Grandma from the Toddlers

Easy Gifts for Grandma from the Toddlers

Make the holiday season special for both grandma and the kids with these easy gift ideas. Let the kids choose from the different kinds of gifts they can make from grandma and make it a fun activity on a snowy afternoon. These Christmas gifts for grandma from the toddlers will surely have a special place in grandma’s heart.

Source: Twins Dish

 15. Appreciation Potholders

Appreciation Potholders

Potholders keep grandma’s hands safe and protected whenever she cooks and bakes for the family. Show grandma just how thankful you are that you have her, and how delicious her cooking is, with these appreciation potholders. It comes in a variety of colors you can choose from, each printed with a loving message in front. Toss in a recipe and a special to make it extra special.

Source: Etsy

 16. And I Will Always Love You Tumbler

This tumbler is perfect for the grandma who loves all things Whitney Houston. This insulated, stainless steel tumbler is teardrop-shaped so it fits in grandmas hand perfectly. It holds 12 ounces of grandmas hot or cold drink of choice. It also comes with a clear, press-on lid with a small opening that allows grandma to enjoy her drink on the go.

17. Minimalist Christmas Cards

Minimalist Christmas Cards

Everybody uses electronic messaging nowadays that we forget how special written messages are. Bring your grandma back to the good old days with these classic Christmas cards with a modern touch of minimalism. These Christmas cards come with an envelope of your choice. The envelope can be brown, red, or gold. But no matter how cute, the best thing about this card will be the message you write inside.

Source: Etsy

 18. Willow Tree Grandmother

Willow trees are symbols of the strength and stability of a woman. Grandmothers are exactly these things because they keep the family together. That is why this Willow tree keepsake box quintessential Christmas gift to the one who keeps us strong. Handcrafted by artist Susan Lordi, this keepsake box even comes with a sentimental message inside.

 19. Noel Personalized Wooden Sign

Noel Personalized Wooden Sign

Get the holiday season going at grandmas house with this nostalgic wooden sign. Hang this over the threshold or over the windows on grandmas’ porch. This sign is made with quality wood and it comes with a print that features Santa and his reindeers. It comes in three different colors; red, white, and gray.

Source: Personalization Mall

 20. TGIF Dish Towels

Grandmas are naturally fabulous people. Remind grandma just how fabulous she is with this cute, sassy dish towel. Made from 100% high-quality cotton, this 28 square inch is soft and durable. This dish towel also comes in different colors with different printed designs in front that will show grandma how much you value her.

 21. Gifts for Grandma the Kids Can Make

Gifts for Grandma the Kids Can Make

Grandma loves nothing more than receiving handmade gifts from her kids, let alone her grandchildren. Make gift-making a tradition in the household with these fun gift ideas. Let the toddlers’ creativity lose by giving them the freedom to go crazy decorating a teapot for grandma or magnets for her fridge.

Source: Non-toy Gifts

 22. Surprise Christmas Ornament for Grandma

Surprise Christmas Ornament for Grandma

What better surprise is there than letting a mother know that she is now officially a grandma! Give her something she can remember this special moment with this personalized Christmas ornament. Made from shatter-proof plastic, this ornament looks like glass without the hazard. It comes in four amazing colors; gold, silver, red, and frosted snow, and the print can be whatever you request it to be.

Source: Etsy

 23. Grandma Shark Mug

Both grandma and the youngest member of the family will surely enjoy this Christmas gift to grandma from Baby! Made from the highest grade of ceramic, this mug is printed and shipped from the US. It is microwavable and dishwasher safe which means the print is designed not to fade.

24. Chewy Christmas with Grandma

Chewy Christmas with Grandma

Get gingerbread decorating with grandma this holiday when you give her this box for Christmas. This great gift idea will be completed by using these printable labels for the box and for each of the cookies and the icing. Buy your favorite can of frosting and place some in piping bags. Toss in a pack of grandmas’ favorite cookies and some sprinkles.

Source: Etsy

25. Handprint Keepsake Ornament

Handprint Keepsake Ornament

Create a Christmas gift to grandma from the toddlers with this inspiration! This handprint ornament will make grandma feel the warmth of holding their grandchildren’s little hand even if they are miles away. Use a plastic ornament that will withstand being dropped by the kids or a fancy glass ornament that is as classic as grandma.

Source: A Little Pinch of Perfect

 26. Christmas Gift Basket

Christmas Gift Basket

Assemble a Christmas gift basket for grandma just like this one as a family. You can make it a family event by going together to the store where everyone can set out to find a contribution to the box that reminds them of grandma the most. Add cohesion to the gift by setting a fixed color theme.

Source: Snowman Crafts

 27. 12 Days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas

Get grandma even more excited for Christmas days before Christmas Eve with this unique idea. Gather 12 different gifts that grandma loves and give one gift every day starting on the 13th of December. The last gift you give her will be on the 25th of December. Use these printable gift tags and use the printable gift cards as guides when shopping.

Source: Jamie Cooks It Up!

 28. Life Story Frame

A picture is worth a thousand words but with this Christmas gift for grandma, you can give her three! This wall or table picture frame is made from wood and it is painted black. It has a mat with three openings of different sizes where photos of your choice can be featured. It also comes with engravable plaques that can add a personal touch.

 29. Redneck Bubble Bath

Redneck Bubble Bath

Give grandma and the family a good laugh with this unique gift idea. The bottle actually contains beans that need to be cooked and prepared as you usually would. It comes with a bottle of Tabasco sauce to flavor up the dish. Enjoy this delicacy with the family and watch the bubbles come when grandma soaks in her bathtub.

Source: Alabama Goods

 30. Handwritten Jewelry

Handwritten Jewelry

A classy grandma deserves to receive something that is timeless and personalized when you give her this gift for Christmas from her grandchildren. Let the kids write her a short, heartfelt message and choose from a wide range of accessories to print the message on. The jewelry can be made from sterling silver with 18k gold plate options.

Source: Centime

 31. Faux Fur Shoes

Keep grandmas feet warm and toasty with these Faux Fur Shoes. It features a sheepskin inner lining that is soft, cushioned and is guaranteed to offer the best comfort. The outside is made from leather and crafted to have a mocassin toe. The shoe is stitch detailed and has a rubber sole with a tread design.

 32. Personalized Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandma

Personalized Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandma

We all have a special bond with grandma that cannot be replaced. Show grandma that you always think about her with these personalized gift ideas for grandma! There are even some gifts you can do yourself. Read through these inspirations and find one that resonates with you and your grandma.

Source: Birthday Lydia

 33. Pregnancy Announcement

Pregnancy Announcement

Give grandma one of the best Christmas gifts she can ever receive with this Christmas surprise. Made with shatterproof plastic, extra fine glitter, and permanent adhesive vinyl, this disc ornament will be the most special thing she will hang on her tree for the coming yeas. The print is also customizable to add a more personalized touch.

Source: Etsy

 34. Grandma’s Book of Crosswords

Give grandma a fun activity to do during her leisure time with this book of crosswords. This book has 100 different crosswords with a wide variety of topics that will keep grandmas mind active and engaged. The full instructions to the puzzles can be found at the beginning of the book and the complete solutions are all featured at the back.

35. Dachshund Snoozies

Is your grandma a Dachshund lover? If she is, she will surely love this gift! These pairable house slippers feature a cute Dachshund design. The exterior is made from colorful brushed fleece while the insides are lined with soft, Sherpa fleece. It has a non-skid sole that can grip wooden or tile floors and each pair is machine washable.

 36. First Christmas as Grandma

First Christmas as Grandma

Commemorate grandmas’ first Christmas together with her first grandchild through this special gift. Made from white ceramic porcelain, this ornament will brighten up that Christmas tree. It comes with a ribbon that can be used to hang it on the tree. The message printed on the front can also be customized.

Source: Etsy

37. Ceramic Teapot for One

Encourage a healthy tea-drinking habit with this Ceramic teapot for one. This stackable teapot and teacup set includes a colorful 15-ounce teapot and a patterned 8-ounce cup. The teapot and teacup are microwave safe. It is recommended that these be hand washed. This set also comes with a message on a tag for grandma.

 38. Personalized Photo Ornament

Personalized Photo Ornament

Give grandma a nostalgic glimpse every time she looks at the Christmas tree with this photo ornament. Each square ornament comes with a 2 square-inch opening in the center to display grandmas favorite picture. Choose grandmas preferred color from 25 available options.

Source: Etsy

39. Precious Moments Figurine

Add another adorable figurine to grandmas collection with this Precious Moments Figurine. Grandma will surely remember her thoughtful little granddaughter when she looks at this little girl holding up a sign that reads “You’re the Greatest Grandma.” Sculpted from bisque porcelain and meticulously hand-painted, this little gift will surely be held precious.

 40. Grandma, Tell Me Your Memories

This activity book for grandma is not only a gift for her but a treat for the whole family. Each book contains daily questions that prompt grandma to recall her best memories. The questions all have individual spaces for her to write her answers on. Another way to make this gift special is for all of grandmas children and grandchildren to answer the questions to give grandma something to reminisce with.

 41. Personalized Prints

Personalized Prints

Give grandma the chance to show her grandchildren off to the world with this Christmas gift! Printed on an 8.5 X 11piece of high-quality, glossy photo paper using premium inks, this includes the names of grandma, grandpa, and all of their grandchildren. The design of the print is unique to the family!

Source: Jack and Jilly Designs

42. Grandma Magic Spoon

Make grandma smile every time she bakes your favorite cookies or cake with this wooden spoon. The bowl of the spoon is printed with the words “Grandma’s Magic Baking Spoon” to inspire her while cooking. The handle of the spoon is also printed but with the words “I love you Grandma” to remind her how much you appreciate her. The words are laser engraved to ensure the highest quality.

 43. Glamma

Show grandma how everyone still thinks she’s the most fabulous one in the room with this fun plaque. Made from quality materials, this wooden plaque displays the very definition of who grandma is in your life. Painted white with pink and black print, it comes with hardware that enables it to stand on its own on a table or hung on a wall.

 44. Best Nana Pillowcase

Let everyone who visits grandmas’ house know she is the best nana ever with this pillowcase. It is made from a cotton blend fabric with a bottom invisible zipper. It highlights an embroidered design in the front that reads “Best Nana Ever.” This pillowcase is machine-washable and can fit a 30 cm by 50 cm pillow.

 45. Scripture Clues Christmas Package

Scripture Clues Christmas Package

Grandma is sure to appreciate that you have been reading your bible throughout the year with this Christmas Package idea! Use her favorite scriptures and work around those when shopping for gifts. Wrap them all nicely in gift wrappers of your choice and attach the scripture clue to the corresponding gift.

Source: The Idea Room

 46. Grandma of Dragons

Is your grandma a fan of the Game of Thrones? Let her know that Daenerys Targaryan has nothing to your grandma with this Game of Thrones-inspired wine glass. This stemless wine glass holds 15 ounces of grandmas favorite drink and nestles comfortably in the hand. The Mother of Dragons print in the front is guaranteed to never fade or tear away because it is sand-blasted.

 47. Nana’s Little Snowflake

Nana’s Little Snowflake

This Christmas gift from the grandchildren will give grandma the whitest, jolliest Christmas she has ever had. This glass ornament is decorated using permanent vinyl and glitter. The words printed in the front can be customized to what your family calls your grandma. You can choose a different color scheme for the design.

Source: Etsy

 48. Fuzzy Socks

Keep grandma’s toes protected from the cold with these fuzzy slipper socks. These socks are made from 95% polyester and 5% spandex. The insides are lined with thick fleece and the bottoms are non-skid to prevent slipping and sliding. The Christmas designed socks come in 12 different colors for you to choose from.

 49. Christmas Adventure Box

Christmas Adventure Box

Let grandma feel the Christmas spirit all throughout the year with this Christmas Adventure Box. Be inspired by this family’s idea but do it the other way around, instead of grandma preparing adventures for the kids, it is the kids who will be making up creative ways to get grandma excited for Christmas.

Source: Mum Central

Grandma makes it a point to create a happy and memorable Christmas for the whole family. Be inspired by these ideas to give grandma the special Christmas she deserves.


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