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Long distance relationships are not easy, but they can be made a little bit easier with the right long distance relationship gifts. While there is no “perfect” gift for every long distance relationship, there are things that you should consider when it comes to picking out your long-distance partner’s present this year. I’m going to give you some tips and advice on what types of gifts may work best for different situations and personalities in order to help you make an informed decision before purchasing anything online or running around town shopping like crazy!

Things to mind when picking Long Distance Relationship Gifts

1. Consider the distance between you and your partner

The distance between you and your long-distance partner is the most important thing to consider when picking out a gift.

For example, if they live in another country or on the other side of the world it might be hard for them to receive packages from you. Try getting something that can last like:

  • Tickets to an event or concert
  • local souvenirs from your hometown, and a letter or postcard

To purchase online something from shops near your partner is an excellent idea if you dont want to keep him/her waiting too long. At this case, think about something localized to your partner’s place:

  • Clothing such as sweaters and jackets. (remember that with this type of gift they might not know their size)
  • Snow globes (these can last indefinitely for the recipient)
  • Gift cards for restaurants or clothes stores (you can get these online too

In case your partner lives nearby, think about something that will have a long-lasting effect on them and their relationship with you – such as:

  • A gift certificate for events or entertainment
  • Or an experience like a cooking class together
  • Or just come over and spend time with him/her!
  • Or further thought: A weekend getaway trip where all expenses are paid by one person. This is not only fun but also gives both of you plenty of time to spend together without interruption from work or other obligations.
"It's time to celebrate your long distance relationship! Here are some of the best gifts for couples who live apart. Whether you're celebrating a one year anniversary or five, these gift ideas will help make those miles feel like nothing.
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2. Make sure to take into account any customs or traditions that may be specific to the person’s culture

This is crucial if you and your partner are different in language and culture. There may be different customs for a person of one country to give gifts, compared with another.

  • For instance, toys are not popular with adults in Brazil
  • Oranges and chocolates are traditional on New Year’s Day for Vietnamese people.

The best way to know what’s appropriate and avoid offending your partner is by asking them about themselves!

3. Pick a gift that is meaningful and sentimental

You want your partner to know how much you care about them. It’s not just about the gift, but how long it took for you to find a perfect one that will be meaningful to your partner.

Think about something customized just for the two of you.

  • A necklace with your initials on it
  • A couple mugs
  • Origami shapes that represent something significant between each other

And how deeply touched they’ll be if they receive your gift of love!

  • A video of your memories, or of your days without him/her
  • A scrapbook with their favorite memories and photos
  • A journal writting about your day to day life
  • A collection of their favorite books, movies or music
  • An album filled with pictures and memories from the past year together.

It’s about finding those little things they love, so it’ll feel like you’re right there by them.

It can be difficult to find the perfect gift for your long distance partner. Here are some ideas that will help you make it a little easier!
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4. Make sure it’s not too expensive, or they will feel guilty about spending money on you

Last thing your partner want is to have you go bankrupt buying gifts for them, right?

Everybody has a budget, so it’s important to take that into consideration.

Don’t be afraid of giving your partner an “affordable” gift – the sentiment is what counts!

A long distance relationship can be difficult enough without adding worry and guilt over money spent on gifts for loved ones. It may even cause more arguments than goodwill! Avoid this by planning ahead, not going overboard with price tags, or taking turns (sharing) buying each other gifts every year.

5. Remember to keep in touch with them as much as possible via phone calls, texts, Skype sessions, etc. 

A caring and thoughtful long-distance partner will always make time to call, text, Skype chat or email their significant other on a regular basis. Though it may be difficult at times to stay connected due to the challenges of living in different cities/states/countries over great distances, don’t let that stop you!  There are many ways your partner might be able use technology as means of staying close with you – such as through Facebook, Instagram, texting (even if just simple hello’s!), via calls over phone lines (or even video chats) and more!

  • Share with them your daily talks , outings, and other details of your life.
  • Send them photos of your daily moments, interesting places you have been to, the names that you are impressed at…
  • Send them pictures on Instagram or Facebook to show off the fun you’re having in person without them being there
  • Ask about their day when they text – even if it’s just hello! Or try an alternate conversation starter like “What are you doing right now?” or “Where do you want to go next weekend?”

Even though you live far apart, keep your partner close and keep your relationship alive.

A long distance relationship is a challenge. It's hard to know what kind of gifts to give that person who you love dearly but can't see as often as you would like. Couple bracelets will help to remind your lover of you all the times
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6. Don’t forget about birthdays and anniversaries, even if they’re not on the same date as in your country

Don’t forget to send cards and gifts for their birthday and other holidays like Christmas!

Don’t forget to include any special occasions or holidays which may be coming up, as well! These would make a great long-distance gift if you’re stuck without ideas. A holiday that is only celebrated in one country could also work well, such as Christmas – it doesn’t have to be the same day everywhere else just because of long distance. And don’t worry about getting them something too generic; they will appreciate anything from you more than nothing at all!

Some last words 

To conclude, long distance relationships are not easy but they can be made much less difficult with a few thoughtful gifts. As you’ll see from the list of ideas, there’s no shortage of ways to make your partner feel loved and appreciated! The best thing is that it doesn’t take much effort on your part to get these things done – many times, all you need is a quick visit to an online store or navigating around town for something in a store near them. It may seem like too little at first glance but when we’re talking about someone who lives so far away this really does mean the world!

If you have any thoughts on how to make long-distance relationships work better leave us comments below!

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