Top Picks for Collegiate Gift Ideas

Do you find yourself on the hunt for Collegiate Gift Ideas? Collegiate Gifts can be difficult to choose, but this blog post will give some of my top picks!

Collegiate Gifts are great because they allow your grad to feel like a member of their new school. They also show that you spent time and thought into finding something unique for them.

This section is full of Collegiates gift ideas that I hope will help you in your search for the perfect one!

Considerations when choosing Collegiate Gift Ideas

1. What is your budget for the gift?

Collegiate Gifts can range widely in price. Some Collegiates Gift Ideas are more affordable while others may be more luxurious.

If you’re low on cash and struggling financially, here are some inexpensive ideas: 

  • Collegiate Tote Bag: Collegiate tote bags are a great gift for any grad. They can be used as backpacks, grocery shopping totes, or even just casual handbags.
  • Collegiate Socks: This is the perfect inexpensive Graduation Gift with Collegiates on them! College socks make an easy stocking stuffer too. Pair it with some other small gifts and you’re set!

As your budget increases so does the price of Collegiate Gifts Ideas. I also recommend looking into more expensive gifts if you know they will really appreciate it such as jewelry or luggage because these types of items show that you care about their future success and want to support them in every way possible!

Collegiate Gift Ideas 1

2. Who are you buying the gift for ?

Are you buying Collegiate Gifts for a current student? If so, consider:

  • A subscription service such as Amazon Prime Student so your grad always has access to all things college!
  • Collegiate style furniture pieces like ottomans or sectionals so your grad can feel at home on campus!

Or is it someone who is graduating in the next few years and looking to move out of state? Collegiates moving away from home will need Collegiate Gifts specifically tailored towards making them feel like part of their new community.

  • Local goods (like shirts) made by students on campus
  • Sports tickets or memberships for their new school to show them that they’re a part of the community

Consider how far the graduate lives from campus, time zone differences and whether or not it’s an online school when choosing unique college gifts!

Collegiate Gift Ideas 2

3. When will this person be going to college ?

If you’re buying Collegiate Gifts for someone who is currently in high school, it may be a good idea to get them something they can look forward to and use when they go off to college.

Some Collegiates Gift Ideas that are perfect for graduating seniors:

  • Collegiatte style phone cases or laptop skins so your grad’s new tech will reflect their personality!
  • Collegiate clothing like shirts/hoodies with the schools logo on it (and maybe some of their favorite things too!)  This allows them to have one last hurrah before heading out into the world (without spending all their money first). 🙂 It also gives them a bit of excitement about what’s coming up next.
Collegiate Gift Ideas 3

4. Does this person have any hobbies or interests that they would like to pursue in college (e.g., sports, music, art, etc.) ?

Collegiate Gifts are all about reflecting your giftee’s interests and showcasing that you know them well. If they’re particularly passionate about a topic or hobby, it may be worth getting Collegiate Gift ideas related to their favorite things!

  • Collegiate style tshirts so the graduate can wear something they like every day of college  (and feel free to add in some other Collegiate clothes too!)
  • If your college student has always been passionate about dancing, register them into a dance class
  • If they’re really into sports, you could look into Collegiate-style gym equipment or Collegiatte clothing like tshirts and sweatshirts from their school’s team.
  • Are your grads passionate about music? You can’t go wrong with Collegiate headphones (or earbuds!) that are perfect for listening to all the latest tunes while studying in college!

5. What type of student is this person – a party animal or more studious and reserved?

  • If Collegiates Gifts are for an outgoing, adventurous type of person, consider ideas that will make them feel welcome in their new community. Collegiate clothing will show them they’re already part of the club!
  • If it is for someone who’s more reserved, consider furniture items like ottomans or sectionals. These have been found in research to help with homesickness and make students feel at home on campus.

Either way, Collegiates Gifts should be something you know your graduate wants/likes so it has an impact on their life when they go off to college!

6. Do you know what school they plan on attending and what their major is?

For future purpose, maybe you should get something tailored to your giftee’s major. Collegiates Gifts can be tailored to their specific interests and major.

  • If he/she is going to be an orthopedic surgeon, you may consider pens and notebooks, even a mug with inspiring quote to keep the mood up all day.
  • If they’re going to be a nurse, Collegiate gifts with Collegiate clothing and Collegiatte style phone cases might be the way to go!

Give them something that’s related to what they’ll want for college so you can feel confident in your gift giving decision (or at least match their interests!


We hope these tips have helped you find the perfect gift for your alma mater.

Whether it’s a t-shirt, hoodie or sweatshirt from their team, we’re confident that they’ll be thrilled to receive any of our Collegiate Gift Ideas!

If you have any other ideas, please share them with me and we can include it on our blog next time. Thank you so much for reading my article today!

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