30 Creative Valentine Box Ideas to Try This Year 2019

It’s that time of the year where kids receive gifts from their colleagues in school. To keep these gifts organized, one needs to have a specific place where they can be kept for later review. Valentine boxes are the best place to keep these gifts organized neatly. But this does not mean that the boxes have to be boring, here are some easy-to-make, creative valentine boxes for school.

Before we learn about these amazing valentine gift boxes, we should first learn on their importance as well as why involve the kids in their creation.

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Why Engage Your Kid In Creating Valentine Boxes?

Valentine boxes are getting more and more beautiful and unique each and every year. Today people are making more elaborate valentine boxes thanks to their creativity. Valentine, birthdays and special occasions like birthdays are the funniest time to craft with kids and make homemade cards and presents. As such, most parents just don’t know how to add more fun to their kid’s fun day. Well, worry no more, here you will learn more on how to create fun, unique gift boxes that suites the fun of school children. Also, you will get to learn about the best boxes that suit your child’s special occasion.

Pros of Having a Box Cards for Your Kid

Besides getting your kids together for some creative, fun and craft projects by making homemade valentine boxes, gift boxes help the kids to organize their gifts and avoid misplacing the gifts. Valentine boxes are handy places where kids’ put valentine’s greeting cards and treats neatly. Also, the valentine card boxes project helps the kids to be more creative and have fun creating what they feel goes with their passion.

What is the best valentine box for your kid?

Valentine box choices depend on the available materials for the box creation activity and the passion of the kid. You can rely on Pinterest for the best valentine gift boxes ideas to create the best gift boxes this year. If the kid is a star war enthusiast, R2D2 valentine box or Rocket Valentine Box is the best choice to treat your kid with. Helping your kid choose the best valentine box for your kid it’s a good idea. All you need is to sit with him/her and go through the many options available and choose the one that makes the kid happy.

School valentine box ideas to try this year

Cereal Box Chair Backer Valentine Gifts Box

That boring cereal box can be made into an attractive valentine gifts box. It’s simple to make one, you only need to hold the lid of the box, have the box covered with a colored paper, and then decorate the front with markers, stickers, pom-poms or anything that makes it beautiful. If you want to hang the box, poke two holes in the back and secure ribbon by tying knots inside. And your gift box is ready to receive gifts. To learn how to create on a visit (Here).

Traditional Mailbox valentine gifts box

Did you know that you can turn a shoebox into a mailbox in just a few, simple steps? With a few supplies, you can make a realistic looking post box that all school boys and girls will love.  To start with, you only need to cover the top and bottom of the box with colored paper and easily create the mail chute. After doing so, have the box decorated with ribbons, stickers or pom-poms, and there you have it Thespruce.

Monster Valentine box

For some young kids, valentine day is the most amazing day, and they need to have a smile on their face. Make them smile with a monster face gift box made from a shoe box. To do so, decorate the shoebox with a big toothy smile, big Google eyes, and a sharp teeth cardstock. Learn how to create the hungry monster ready to eat all Valentine gifts from Thespruce

Emoji Valentine Box

Emoji is common but having a unique Emoji is the perfect way to go this valentine. You can make your own creation of Emoji with just a square tissue box and red, black and yellow paper. Most people love the “love Emojis” but you can create a unique Emoji by decorating the sides of the box with stickers or other attractive materials. Learn how to do it by visiting thespruce.com

Love Boat valentine card box

It makes the fun even sweeter with these unique easy to make love boat valentine card box. All you need to build one are empty tissue box, paint, straw, stickers, glitter, and colored paper. Coat the box with paint, cut a triangle out for the sail and have it decollated with stickers. You can add glitter to the box, decollate it with paint or leave it plain. Finally, tape the sail to a straw and stick it through a hole in the top of the box. For the step-to-step procedure on how to create this gift box, visit coffeecupsandcrayons

Cupcake Valentine box

Get a hat box – Styrofoam half sphere or grab a plant pot from Amazon for the cupcake base and wrap it up and inside with a colorful wrapper. For the top, grab a paper bowl, wrap it with the same wrapper as the pot or use a different color. Cut a slit in the top for Valentine gifts to go through. To create this Valentine gifts box is easy as it sounds and kids love it. Visit Pinterest to learn more about how to create a Cupcake valentine box.

R2D2 valentine box

When it comes to boys, Valentine boxes are not just for holding gifts but show their passion too. The R2D2 valentine box is probably the boys’ choice because it’s star wars-inspired. To create this box, get a white swing-top garbage can and decollate its sides with a colorful wrap. Glue the wrap to the can and add more decollations with stickers, and there you have it Thejoysofboys

Butterfly Valentine box

Make something new this year. Create a precious butterfly container from an oatmeal canister and complete your creation by adding lacy wings and antennas. All you need to make a perfect butterfly valentine box are colored papers, Google eyes, pipe cleaners, and doilies. You can exercise your create and make it as detailed as possible or keep it simple Visit Thespruce and learn how to create this gift box.

Rocket Valentine Box

Make this one time occasion fun for your kid this year with a wonderful Valentine box that your boy will embrace. Rocket Valentine Box is the perfect option for your boy’s valentine gifts collection at school.  It’s super easy to make this gift box as you only need an oatmeal container, slice an opening for the Valentine cards and wrap the container with color paper and decollate it with stickers. Add the cone on top of the container for the box to assume the shape of a rocket. Cone can be created using a piece of paper, fold the ends of the “Pac man” and place it on top of the container to assume the shape of a rocket. Make sure the cone is decollated too to make the box more appealing. Visit thejoysofboys to learn more about creating a rocket Valentine Box.

Minion Valentine box

It’s amazing how children grow and how they appreciate some of the things they craft. Most children love minion because of the funny cartoon. It’s easy to make this box as you only need simple and waste materials such as large plastic container and decorators. The only thing that will give you a hustle to get is the purple Easter grass and aluminum foil, but you can purchase them from your local store. To make one, please visit thejoysofboys and learn how to do it.

Alligator Affirmation Box

It’s time to express your love to your kids this Valentine with creative alligator affirmation box from Crayon Box Chronicles. Here you’ll find some amazing ideas of showing love in a really creative way. Alligator box is created from waste material such as tissue box and egg cartons. However, you need to add value to the box by sticking stickers and positive words that build confidence and self-esteem.

Shaggy dog valentine box

Are you wondering how to appreciate your kid this valentine? Well worry no more, Shaggy dog valentine box is the way to go.  Although it’s time-consuming to make one, it’s the most creative idea among other valentine box selections. You can get a full tutorial on how to create one amazing valentine box to collect all your kid’s gifts from pinktoesandpowertools A well decorated shaggy dog not only makes the kid feel loved and happy, but it will also be the hit of the entire valentine’s classroom party.

Pink Ruffle Cake Valentine Box

This makes the perfect place to keep your kid’s precious valentine gifts and greetings. What makes this box idea to most parents is that it’s easy to make in the company of the kids and it takes less time to make. Also, you only need cheap materials to make one. However, you will need around ca raft box from a local store to make the box.  The rest of the materials can be crepe papers, regular white papers, glue and decorates. To make one visit http://craftthatparty.blogspot.com and learn about making an amazing valentine gifts box for your kid.

Unicorn Valentine Box

Make this Valentine count with Unicorn Valentine Box. It’s all you need to treat your little girl this festive eve. It’s a neat, colorful and just perfects to show off at school or at Valentine’s Day party. It’s made from cheap materials including a cardboard box, tissue paper, ribbons, paint, cardstock paper, and tape and glitter paper. Get ready to make this beautiful piece by visiting artsyfartsymama and learn on how to make a customized Unicorn Valentine Box for your kid.

Happy Camper Valentine Box

If you are the kind that looks for uniqueness, this is the best choice for you this Valentine. Happy Camper Valentine Box is very creative and brings out your unique creativity in a perfect way. Although it’s more of experienced crafters, you can make it at home with your kids. It’s cheap to make as it needs simple recycled materials, scraps, flowers, ribbons, and a cardboard box. To learn how to create one with your kid this Valentine season visit suzyssitcom.com

Owl face valentine’s box

Surprise your loved ones with an owl face valentine box this year. It’s easy to make and use easy to find materials. Besides making one for your girl/boy this Valentine season, think about the fun of creating one together at home. For boys’, you can decollate the owl with blue and green details while for girls you can use pink or purple decorates.  To learn more about how to create one at home, visit simpleasthatblog.com

Robot Valentine Box

Is your kid a robots fan? If yes, it’s time to make that passion manifest this valentine with Robot Valentine Box. You only need a tissue box and other supplies to create an amazing Robot Valentine Box at home. One thing about this gift box is that kids have so much fun creating this unique gift box and enjoy every bit of its creation. Make your box fancy by adding two large Google eyes, paint, and paper hearts and after completion, you’ll have an eye-catching, adorable card box for school gifts. Learn how to make one from b-inspiredmamax

Are you looking for a super-easy to create valentine gifts box to keep all your kid’s gift on Valentine eve? Here is an easy way to build a gift box that will store both huge and small gifts in a superb way. DIY Cardboard Mailbox is the perfect solution for all your kid’s valentine cards and gifts. This box creation does not require parent’s help, however; you can assist your child to create it and add more fun in the activity. It requires minimal materials and less decoration.  Learn how to create one this valentine by visiting littleredwindow

Hot Air balloon valentine’s gifts box

This is another fun creative box to create at home in the company of your kids. To create a Hot Air balloon valentine box, you only need a basket, paper straws, doilies, a balloon, and a washi tape. If you need more room for the candy and gifts, grab a large basket. Everyone loves this basket due to its uniqueness and easy-building feature. Learn how to create this box before the valentine eve by visiting horsleyhome.blogspot.com

Puppy dog valentine gifts box

It’s time to treat your best pet by having its face drawn on your gift box this valentine day. Valentine is the time to share the love and most probably the day to appreciate your loved pets.  It’s easy to create one at home as you only need a box, scissors, colors, and glue. With the help of the parent, a child can make a puppy dog or kitten for a beautiful card box every kid will love at school. To learn how to build one, visit susanscrapspot.blogspot.com

Froggy Valentine Box

Kids love a variety of animals and if your kid loves flogs then, this foggy valentine box will give her/him Goosebumps. The froggy valentine box is an exceptional box with unique features. To make one is very easy as you only need a Huggies wipes container and follow the steps of creating a unique gift box here atozandj.blogspot.com. Lastly, this box only needs few supplies to make this easy to create, adorable gift box.

Bubble Bee Valentine Box

It’s time to turn that waste pretzel tub into a fun a bumble bee valentine cards box. From pretzel tub, you can make a bee, ladybug, bird or butterfly type of a cards box. To enhance the box beauty, add some paper, stickers and some paper plates. This box creation requires the presence of the parent or another elder person to assist the kid to create a pretty awesome craft to show off to his/her friends in school.  Learn how to create a pretty Bumble Bee Valentine gifts box from lifewithfingerprints

Princess Castle valentine cards box

Princess Castle valentine cards box is the perfect idea for all things princess kids. Make this adorable castle with some glitter, conversation hearts, cereal box, ribbon, foam paper, and glue. What makes it more appealing to most kids is that it’s easy to decollate and kids enjoy every bit of making the castle. To learn more about how to build one at home, please have a look at this site www.mommylessons101.com

Love express valentine train box

Every young boy out there loves toys and everything assuming Moto vehicles. As such, most will love the train toy even more. Love express valentine box is a cute and creative valentine cards box made from a few craft supplies such as papers, glue, hearts and scrapbook paper. Help your kid create a love express valentine train box this valentine eve in a few steps. Visit this site disneyfamilyblog.blogspot.com and learn how to create this unique valentine gift box.

Kitty face valentine gifts box

Hello, Kitty Valentine greetings box is super easy to make. With just a simple cereals carton, scissors, decorators and glue, you can make a beautiful, eye-catching Valentine gifts box that will stand out among others in the class. Make it look unique by adding a cute red bow and black, green or yellow whisks. To learn more on how to make this unique valentine gifts box have a look at this site happeningsoftheharperhousehold

Frozen Olaf valentine gifts box

If you are a fan of the frozen movie or your kid loves this movie, it’s time to give him/her a treat this Valentine. Frozen Olaf Valentine gift box is all your kid needs, it easy to create and needs few materials to create. Help your kid create a beautiful, Disney-inspired creation this valentine.   Visit www.laughingandlosingit and learn more on how to create this unique valentine gifts box for your kid prior to the valentine day.

Heart eyes Emoji Valentine gifts box

Are you looking for a gift box that matches the valentine mood? Well, here is the best box for your kid. It has enough space to collect your son’s/daughter’s gift cards from school. The heart eyes Emoji valentine gifts box is perfect for gifts collection because the heart eyes look perfect for Valentine’s Day. You can make a variety of Hear eyes Emoji Valentine gifts box at home with cheap materials and waste boxes.  Choose your preferred gift box to create this Valentine here Pinterest

Duct tape valentine gifts box

Besides the fun in creating Duct tape valentine gifts box, it’s made from materials we often through away. With wastes such as worn-out wallets, belts, armbands, and a cardboard box, you can create this adorable gift to treat your kid this valentine. In case you are wondering how to do it at home, please visit Frugalfun4boys and learn how to treat your kid with this unique gifts box this valentine.

Crocodile valentine gifts box

With just days to go, it’s time to start looking for Valentine gifts box ideas to create one for your kid this year. It’s easy to create and requires material that you call waste at home. All that you need to create this gift box is an empty dishwasher container, green paint and eggs carton for the eyes, you can create this amazing gift box for your kid. If you are wondering how to create one, visit  Thejoysofboys and learn how it’s done.

Superman valentine gifts box

Many kids are Superman fans and anything that assumes superman’s features will greatly add up the Valentine fun. What makes this box exciting for the kids to create is the love they have for Superman. Don’t spoil this one time moment for your kids by not giving them the superman touch. Learn how to create this gift box from Frogsandsnailsandpuppydogtail blog and get inspired to turn an ordinary box into an idea that will spice up valentine’s mood.

 Bottom Line

Conclusively, as valentine nears, kiddos need a cute, unique and big enough container to collect all that love from their colleagues at home and school. Don’t spoil the moment by creating a shoddy basket for the kids to collect valentine gifts in instead give them a treat by taking time to choose among the best 30 valentine gifts box ideas and having the box created at home and in their company.

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