50 Valentine Day Coloring Pages For Kids | Free Coloring Pages 2021

Valentine is just around the corner. What gift are you planning to give to your loved ones? Most of us tend to forget our kids when it comes to Valentine and we probably buy them chocolate or ice cream and that’s it! Our kids also need to be shown love and through the valentine day coloring pages for kids, you will be able to express your love.

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Making the Choice

But how do you choose the best valentines day coloring pages? There are various printable valentine’s day coloring pages for kids and this can be a little bit difficult when it comes to making a choice. When choosing the are factors that you need to consider and this include:

  • What does your kid love? Every kid is different and unique in their own way hence they love different thing. Some kid would be happy if you gifted them with a valentines day coloring pages printable that has a car while another would be excited to see a valentines day coloring page that has a dog.
  • Its recommended that you choose a coloring page that is creative.  Coloring should not only be fun but it should also be creative in a way that it will help them to work on their motors and coordination.


These valentine day coloring pages are not fun for your kids but can also be used as a gift after coloring. In addition to these, these coloring pages are cheap. You will be expressing your love to your kids while still saving money. Other advantages include:

  • They stimulate creativity.
  • Improves their hand to eye coordination and their focus.
  • Helps in improving your kid’s handwriting.
  • It creates color awareness, discernment, and recognition.

Things to look for in printable valentines day coloring page

There is a variety of reason why coloring pages are produced. This could be for business or individual purposes.  In order to bring your coloring page to life, printing is the last step. The following are the things you need to look out for.

  • The dimension: Although you can print your valentines coloring page in any size, there is a limitation to which the printers offer in terms of dimension.
  • Ink color used:  Coloring pages should be printed with full-color cover to bring out the value and a great visual impact.
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1. Valentine Coloring page for kids from

Image credits oodles of doodles

Is your kid having difficulties with hand and eye coordination? Do not worry with this lovely heart drawing let your kid have fun while coloring as their hand and eye coordination is being improved at the same time.

2. Valentine Coloring page of a bat from education

Image credits pagestocoloring and Pinterest

One of the things that excite girls is flowers. The moment you kid will see this they are going to jump on you with excitement. This coloring page has been designed in a way that the bat looks so cute with the flowers around it . in addition to this, it has a love heart at the center and big lovely eye.

3. A teddy bear valentine coloring page

Image credits squishy cute designs

This teddy bear holding a I love you note will do wonders in the bond that you have with your kids. From the time a kid is born they have always had some likings towards teddybear.

4. Winnie the Pooh valentine coloring page

Image credits Winniethepoohpicture

Wow! You can imagine how happy you kid will be after coloring this picture: more than Winnie the Pooh holding tightly onto the love heart! Do not let your kid be left out, grab them this vValentinecoloring pages and let them color and you can even hang the page after it has been colored in their wall.

5. A Robert valentine coloring page for your kid

Image credits kids activity

Kids have always loved as they associate them with a real human being.  Drawing robots for kids is very difficult and even an adult can get some challenges when it comes to drawing a robot. Surprise your kid this valentine with this printable valentine coloring page from.

6. Hugs and kisses valentine coloring page for your kids

Image credits kddoodle

This hugs and kisses colorIng page will help your kid to work within the borders.  This will also help them stimulate their creativity.

7. Dinasour valentine coloring page for kids.

image credits: minnesofamiranda

Dinosaurs have always given the kid the power to be experts of mystery. Kids can tell you nearly all the names of dinosaurs and the theories behind things.  Give your kid the chance to enjoy the things they do and coloring this dinosaur holding a heart is one of them.

8. Printable valentine coloring page

Image credits: sassy coloring

Your kids are going to have fun coloring this valentine page and it will help them in color recognition and discernment. This print has more than 20 love hearts both big and small and others are within the big hearts.

9. Printable coloring page for kids.

Image credits: cool to be kids

This simple valentine coloring page with a snoopy holding onto a heart is recommended for small kids. Guide Your kid by directing them on which colors to use and where to color.

10. A happy frog valentine coloring page for kids.

Image credits mom junction

With eyes showing love and a smile, your kid is going to have fun coloring it. The coloring page will stimulate creativity.

11. Mickey and Mouse valentine coloring page for kids.

Image credits: book info coloring

Mickey and mouse are very famous among the kids. Let your kids color this and share the love. Let the kid use a variety of bright colours and see how creative kids can get.

12. A sincere love heart valentine colouring page for kids.

Image credits coloring bliss

How sincere can love to me?  let your kids experience how sincere you feel about them by getting this Valentine coloring page for them. You will be amazed at how grateful they will be.

13. Cheerful dog valentine coloring page.

Image credits  pbskid

Do all kids love dogs or is this only in our family? This little puppy is holding a love heart that is tied to the bone which it holding in its mouth.  Get this coloring print and stimulate the creativity of your kid.

14. A valentine couple dance coloring page

Image credits: kidsfun

How beautiful can this prince and the princess look as they enjoy dancing. Children have a great imagination and by letting them have their way in coloring you are making them more than happy. This Valentine coloring page will also help you to know their favourite color.

15. Mushroom valentine coloring page

Image credit:  coloringbliss

It is not only about the coloring. Some coloured written words have a greater impact than you can imagine. Let your kid know that there is nobody who is going to love them as you do and this will forever be engraved in their heart.  With this mushy that is holding a heart in its hands will do the job for you.

16. Baby Angel valentine coloring page

Image credits coloring

If there are people who love angels, its kids. We have always taught our kid the good work the angels are doing. This includes helping those in need and protecting us from evil things and people. Print this coloring page and let your kid paint and hang it in his or her room and they will always feel the presence of the angel in their room.

17. Winnie the Pooh valentine coloring page.

Image credits Pinterest and google

love can only be felt by sharing. Having a friend who you can always rely on as a kid will help you not to feel alone. Show your kid that happiness can only be brought by having friends who will make you smile like the way Winnie the Pooh.

18. Pretty girl valentine coloring page.

Image credit  thespruce

Do you have a pretty girl or your son has great affection for her little cute sister? Why not tell your girl to color this little princess holding a love heart in her hand? This will be a great chance for you to surprise her with the same color of dress as the one she has colored in this valentine coloring page.

19. A Valentine fish coloring page.

Image credits  coloring page

Have you ever noticed how children stare at fish in the water trough? They always want to hold the fish in their hand and just play with it. This free printable valentine coloring page will enable you to fulfill the

desires of your kids in a way that shows that you love them since you can notice what they want.

20. A squirrel valentine coloring page.

Image credits and supercoloring

Who said squirrel cannot be colored? Have you ever seen how cute the squirrel can be when in action? When kids go outside and encounter animals like squirrel, it’s like they have been called to a special world and they will feel very lucky. Why not let your kid feel the beauty of nature by printing this valentine coloring page for them?

21. Tiger and friend are valentine coloring page.

Image credits coloringworld

Friends will forever be a reason to smile and be happy even though things may be rough on the way. Encourage your kids to share the love they have with other kids around them the way the tiger is sharing his love with his friends. You can even suggest to your kid to give this coloring page to their friends as a gift after they have finished coloring.

22. Pretty girl with wings valentine coloring page

Image credits coloringareas

Kids have always imagined themselves with wings to fly. With this little prince who has wings and with the lovely flowers around her, how better can the imagination of the kids be? Put a smile on your kids face this valentine by getting them this amazing coloring page.

23. A horse valentine coloring page.

Image credits colorings

if possible most of the kids if not all would love to have a horse as a pet. You have probably seen the spark in the eyes of your kids when they are playing with their peta s. For most of the parents getting a horse for their kids can an added expense but you can at least try and print this valentine coloring page and you will see how your kid’s eyes will spark with love.

24. An elephant valentine coloring page.

Image credit thespruce

Elephants are wonderful creatures.elephants have always fascinated not only the adults but kids are also fascinated by them. Ever imagined pink or green elephants? This may not happen in real love but you will be surprised by the different elephants of different colors your kids can create.

25. A caterpillar and butterfly valentine colouring page

Image credits dikulya

Is there a better way to teach your children to be optimistic than this. Its funny how caterpillars transform and become butterflies.  Drawing have a better way of passing information than any other mean. Get your kid this valentine coloring page and teach your kids that at some point in life all will be fine.

26. A flower valentine coloring page

image credits Pinterest and facebook

Flowers add beauty to our lives. Our kids are also like flowers. Print out this coloring page for them. You can even print several copies so they can have several flowers with different colors .

27. A friend’s valentine coloring page.

image credits calender

your kid should have as the closest friend before they get any other friend from other friends. There is nothing more important in life than having your parents as your closest friends. By getting this Valentine coloring page you are showing your kids that you want to be closer than before.

28. A princess valentine coloring page.

it is the dream of every girl to be a princess at least once in their lifetime. With this big love heart behind the princess and coloring her would make your child feel as if she is the one. Why not help the dreams of your kids come true even if it is just a fantasy. Image credits Pinterest and mumjunction

29. A happy valentine coloring page.

image credits coloringpages

can valentine get any better than this? The feeling that one has when your mother or father or even brother is helping you dress is unexplainable. After that, you always feel that there is no mistake that anyone else can find and you feel everything is perfect. Make your kid feel perfect by printing this page for them.

30. A dog valentine coloring page.

Image credits  raisingourkids

children love dogs because of how helpful and obedient they can be. Dogs are also good companion as they love playing as much as the kids do. This Valentine coloring page has greatly depicted how loyal the dogs can be. This is a great coloring gift if your kid loves dogs.

31. A valentine coloring page of dogs.

Image credits colorpage

as much as you may create your own happiness, you can only feel the joy by sharing it with someone. Just as the dog is showing love to its puppy shown by the big love heart behind it. Let your children know that you love and care for them by printing this coloring page for them.

32. Strong man valentine coloring page.

Image credits pagesto

All kids what to be strong or at least have some strength. Print this beautiful coloring of a man showing his strength and tell your kids that they will get strong as they grow.

33. Valentine coloring page of biting a love heart.

Image credits coloring pages

can you really bite love? It is only when you bite love that you will be able to understand how sweet love can be. Love is very sweet if you share it with someone special such as your kid. Let your kid get a bite of how love can feel by allowing them to color this page.

34. Love always wins valentine coloring page.

Image credits shutterstock

Only a person who has shown love to someone or has been shown love can testify that love always wins no matter what. Teach your children through this coloring page that the love you have for them will always overcome every situation that you may encounter in life.

35. A cheerful valentine coloring page.

Image credits designforkids

Everyone wants happiness there is no one who wants pain or anything close to that. Teach your children to be always cheerful. Remind them that even when they are sad they should remember that you love them and cheer up just as this little piglet in the coloring page is.

36. An angel valentine coloring page.

Image credit momo

Even angels protect us and help us because they love each and every one of us. Why don’t you be an angel this valentine and present this coloring page to your kids? Let them know that you have and will always be an angel in form of a mother or father ready to help them and also protect them from all kinds of danger.

37. A tortoise valentine coloring page

Image credits Pinterest

Even tortoise know how to share their love with one another. See how the mother tortoise has made her little one happy by giving them a cupcake and a flower. You do not necessarily need a flower or cupcake to make your kid smile, you can print this valentine coloring page and it is done.

38. Little things valentine coloring page.

Image credits shutterstock

the statement of enjoying the little things will forever remain true everywhere. You do not need to do big things to your children to show that you love them. Little things such as coloring and letting them play with mud do matter a lot to them. print them this page and let them know that they should enjoy those little things they love doing.

39. A love valentine coloring page.

Image credits shutterstock

How will your kid know that you love them if you do not tell them? sometimes even adults have to be reminded that they are loved and that’s why we have valentine’s day. By printing this page, it will not only be a good opportunity for your kids to learn color recognition but you will also be reminding your kid that you love them.

40. A bird valentine coloring page.

Image credits  colorpage

Birds are not also left behind in this quest of love.  The bird is carrying a flower and probably taking it its young one. Why don’t you also carry this coloring page and give it to your kid and let her or him color it and share the love together?

41. A nature valentine coloring page.

Image credits bubakids

Love can also be shared with nature as seen in this coloring page. How beautiful will this page look after it has been colored. You will be amazed at how the colored page will radiate beauty in your home.

42. Singing bird valentine coloring page.

Image credits colorpage

You can see how birds are happily singing love from their heart. Its only love that can make you this happy. Do not be left behind, print this valentine coloring page out and show your love to your kids.

43. A father’s love valentine coloring page.

Image credit coloringpage

the love of the father can never be negletected in the families. All kids love the father because of how protective they can be of their children. Although they may not have much time with their kids, the little time they have they make it create a great memory. Let your kids appreciate the love their dad is showing them.

44. A running kid valentine coloring page.

Image credit  colorpage

We all know how jumpy and naughty our kids can be.  One moment they are here and the moment you just turn your head they are gone. Why not let them this Valentine enjoy the company of another naughty kid like them by printing this coloring page?

45. Lollipop Valentine coloring page.

Image credit twistynoodle

Learning alphabet will be made easy to remember by this valentine coloring page. Most of us deny our kids the chance to enjoy eats sweet. Is coloring of lollipop also forbidden? Let their imagination explode by letting them color this lollipop.

46. Supernatura valentine coloring page

Image credit colorpage

Have you ever asked what you kids wished to have? You will be amazed at how most of the kids wish to have supernatural powers.  Why not let them create a supernatural being of their own choice by getting them this coloring page.

47. Little bunnies valentine coloring page.

Image credits Pinterest and colornet

bunnies are social caring and loving animals just as your kids are. Let them learn and know the positive values and character they need from this little cute bunnies.

48. Snoopy valentine coloring page

Image credits cool2bekids

Will this animal be able to lift the heavy egg? Ever seen how kids try so hard to lift thing that are very heavy? The sight of them doing that is interesting you could state and never get tired. Let kids be kids and get them this coloring page.

49. A valentine coloring page of love me.

Image creditsshutterstock

As human beings, it is very hard for us to tell others to love. Let your kids know that they can tell you to love them when they see you are not paying much attention to them.

50. A mummy’s valentine coloring page

Image credits  colorpage

Is there a love that can surpass the love of a mother? Get this valentine coloring page and let the kids appreciate their mother.


There are many valentine coloring pages out there but getting to choose the right coloring page for your kid can be a hassle. We have compiled a list of a few of the top free Valentine coloring pages for kids just for you. All you have to do is visit the page and print it out! It is as simple as that.

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