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Finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for a special woman in your life can be a fun yet daunting task. There are numerous gift options you can buy, but which one will make the best impact? This article will explore some of the best Valentines Day gifts for her you can consider. They range everywhere from simple DIY options to pricier options. So, no matter what your preferences, you can find something that matches them perfectly. Below you’ll find the top 50+ gift options you can buy as well as some helpful shopping tips.

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Why You Should Buy a Valentine’s Day Gift

Buying a Valentine’s Day Gift is important for many reasons. One of the main reasons is that it shows you’re thinking of that special someone on this romantic holiday. While it doesn’t have to be an expensive gift, the act of giving something small can mean a lot because it shows you’re thinking of the recipient and love them.

What to Consider Before Buying Good Valentines Day Gifts for Her

Before you go buy a Valentines Day gift for her, you’ll want to consider a few things.

Her Interests

One of the most important things to consider before buying a gift is to think of her interests. Does she enjoy romantic feats or cute and simple things? You can use her hobbies and interests to help narrow down your choices so you plan and create the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for her that she’s sure to never forget.

The Price

The price is another good thing to consider. If you’re on a budget, you might want to look at going the DIY route and creating a simple yet memorable gift for her. If you don’t have a set budget, you can spend a bit more on more pricey things like trips or clothing. However, no matter where you want to be on the budget scale, it’s a good idea to make a price range to help you better narrow down your search and ideas for the best Valentines Day gifts for her.

Where to Buy Gifts

You can stop by stores to find some gifts, especially craft ones which can inspire you to let your imagination run wild. You can also search on around the Internet and on sites like Etsy which are home to creative and handmade items that can’t be found anywhere else.

Our Top Picks

Heart Candle Display

This heart candle display option might take a little bit of time, but it’s a very romantic gesture. It’s also a cheap Valentines Day gifts for her idea and you can use your imagination to make the experience for her even more perfect.

Memory Frame

For those who want to go the DIY route, this memory frame idea is a great option. You can take a frame, make some unique string art design in it, and then clip some of your favorite photos together to it.

Luxurious Bath

This gift is a way to help her relax and unwind at the end of a rough day. The warm bath will not only soothe her but you can add small elements like chocolate and wine to it so it’s even more enjoyable.

Photo Mosaic

You can send in over 1,000 pictures of both you and your loved one in order to make one large photo of you both! It’s a creative and unique gift that’s sure to surprise her which is why it’s one of our top picks.


For those trying to find the perfect gift for a makeup lover in your life, this Birchbox option is ideal. While it might be a bit pricey, she can try samples of some of the top makeup and skincare brands in the world.

50+ Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Remember When Paper Favorite Memories

image credit: publimetro.pe

This gift involves you writing on little strips of paper favorite memories you and your beloved share and can reminisce over. You can then roll them up like scrolls, tie them with a red ribbon (or her favorite color), and then place it into a small stylish box. It’s a great gift to give if you’re looking for something simple yet thoughtful.

Heart Candle Display

image credit: 10×10.co.kr

If you’re looking for romantic Valentines Day gifts for her to surprise her with, you can check out this one. You can get some battery-powered tea lights and place them on the floor, the bed, or table in a heart shape. You can make one big heart with them or make small ones in various spots. You can decorate the area even more with rose petals.

Little Box of Love

The Little Box of Love is a five-piece set of wonderful smelling spa tools your girlfriend or wife can use. Scented with raspberry/blackberry extracts, this set comes with a soft sugar scrub, body butter, and bubble bath formula to name a few. It’s a great gift to give that will encourage her to sit back, unwind, and enjoy this romantic holiday.

Lipstick Printables

If you’re looking for some cute Valentines Day gifts for her, these lipstick printables are a great idea. Written across the front is the message “Have a Chappy Valentine’s Day” and has red lip prints scattered around on the page. After printing it out, you can tape one of her favorite lipsticks to it or get a lipstick set and attach the printable to that.

Mini Bubblegum Machine

image credit: sprinklesomefun.com

This gift is good if you want some cute and simple Valentines day gifts for her. This DIY idea needs a red plastic cup and a clear plastic ornament in order to work. Flip the cup over so the bottom is on top and punch a small hole into it. Then, fill the ornament with colorful gum pieces. You can then put the top of the ornament into the hole in the cup so it stays.

Clothespin Message

image credit: glaminati.com

This DIY gift will require some patience, but it’s a cute and simple gift to surprise her with. You’ll need a clothespin and some paint. You can write on the ends of the clothespin “You Have a Message” and then paint an envelope on the other end of the item. Afterward, cut a small piece of paper write “I Love You” on it and then glue it between the two ends. When she opens it, the paper will open up as if it’s a letter!

Knock My Socks Off

image credit: madetobeamomma.com

You can get a pair of socks and then attach a message to them “You Knock My Socks Off.” You can also go a little more in-depth and buy various types of socks she can use, like fuzzy ones for nighttime or ones she can wear during the day while out and about. You can then wrap them up and attach the same message to them.

Extra Awesome Valentine

To make this fun gift, you’ll just need to print out the attached printable which states “You are an Extra Awesome Valentine.” You can then get a pack of Extra gum and tape it to the card. Alternatively, you can make a large basket of this gum if she enjoys this candy, and then attach the card to the basket.

Paper Roses

image credit: homesthetics.net

This gift will take some time, but it’s a great DIY option for those who want to make something themselves. You’ll just need some red construction paper, scissors, and glue. You can draw a swirling design on the paper, cut it out, and then tape it together so it looks like a rose. You can make quite a few of these and then surprise her with a handmade flower bouquet.

Memory Frame

If you’re looking for a sentimental gift to give the special woman in your life, this memory frame is a great option. You can get an empty frame and then nail small nails into the side. You can then take some string and wind it around the end of the nail. After securing the string, you can print out some of your favorite photos together and clip it to the string.

Flower Bouquet

Almost every woman loves flowers and Valentine’s Day is a popular day to give them to her. You can buy a pre-made bouquet, ideally of red roses, or go to a store and make your own unique flower bouquet for her. You can then place the flowers in a stylish vase and hand them to her to show her your love.

Box of Chocolates

If your girlfriend or wife has a sweet tooth, a box of chocolates might be the right gift to give her for this holiday. You can buy her a box of scrumptious chocolates or try to make some at home yourself. While the DIY route might take some time and money, you can personalize the chocolate so it fits her preferences perfectly.

Romantic Canvas

This romantic canvas is constructed out of a durable vinyl wood and has a flowing script written across it with a message of love. Its message shows the importance of your love for her and how much she means to you which is sure to bring a tear to her eye. You can customize this gift so that it has the right colors and font for your needs.

I Love You Scarf

image credit: shop.nordstrom.com

If you’re searching for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for a fashionista in your life, this scarf might be something you should consider investing in. Woven out of soft silk, it features a beautiful design of flowers and a red heart that has “I Love You” written in it. It’s not only stylish, but very comfortable to wear making it a great option to give her.

Lingerie Box

If you’re looking for some sexy Valentines Day gifts for her, this lingerie box is a great pick. You can buy a customizable box online or make one yourself. You can get a box and fill it with lingerie in styles and colors you know she’ll love, as well as some other goodies she’ll be surprised to find in it.

Champagne Truffles

For the girlfriend or wife who loves candy and chocolate, these champagne truffles are sure to be a hit with her. The truffles come in a mouthwatering flavor and are covered in milk chocolate. You can also find other flavors she might enjoy, like dark caramel and pink champagne. While these are a bit pricey, the investment is certainly worth it.

Donut Forget You Are Loved

To make this gift, you’ll need a stylish box or a new cardboard one. Around the interior edges you can decorate it with hearts and flowers and write on them “Donut Forget You Are Loved.” After decorating the box, you can fill it with donuts and other sweet treats she might like. You can then seal the box up and hand it to her.

Date Night Box

image credit: society19.com

This fun and creative gift idea only requires you to get a small box and some tokens you can write on. Take the tokens and write with a Sharpie some date night ideas you know you both will enjoy. This could be something like “Take a Walk Together” to “Plan a Movie Night.” You can then create instructions for when she should take a token out of the box.

Gift to Open Every Hour

image credit: society19.com

This creative gift might be a little expensive, but it’s definitely an interesting one to give her. You can buy a few gifts to give her throughout the day. The catch is that they can only be opened during a certain time. You can wrap the gifts up and then write a time on the front of them of when she can open it during this special day.

Luxurious Bath

image credit: society19.com

Sometimes there’s nothing better than to sit back in the tub and relax. To give her a special time while doing so, you can create a luxurious spa treatment for you. You can create a bubble bath, set some ambient lighting, and play some soft music in the background. You can even have some wine and chocolate nearby she can enjoy while lounging in the tub.

You Have the Key to My Heart

This simple yet sentimental gift is a great way to show her that she has the only piece of your heart. Inside a small frame you can place a fancy key and then enclose it with glass. Before you do enclose it, you can write “You Have the Key to My Heart” or make a card to attach to it and explain the meaning behind the gift.

I Like You More Than Coffee Mug

image credit: etsy.com

Coffee is a popular drink for many reasons – it helps keep us awake and it tastes good. Because of this, many often drink many cups of it per day. This cup plays on this love for coffee by showing her that you love her more than coffee. She can drink her coffee out of it and remember this funny Valentines Day gifts for her.

Scrabble Art

If you don’t mind trying some DIY gifts, this Scrabble Art piece would be a great gift to surprise her with. You can get a small frame and then create a Scrabble crossword piece of words that show your love for her, like “Together,” “Forever,” “True,” and “Love.” You can keep it like this or keep a space in the center free to add a photo of you two.

Create a Picnic

image credit: blissedhub.com

A picnic is a wonderful way to show your love for her in a simple yet romantic way. You can find a nice spot at a park and take her there or just have a picnic together in your home. You can get a picnic basket, a tablecloth, and make it seem as if you two are really out in the park enjoying some food together.

Create a Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt might take some time, but it’s a fun gift that she’ll definitely not expect. You can create clues for around the house and she can follow them until she reaches the end which will have a great surprise. You can make it a bit more exciting by having her do tasks at each clue or even make her drive around to different areas to collect clues.

365 Jar

image credit: thedatingdivas.com

This jar contains 365 pieces of paper filled with quotes, things you love about her, and other things you think nice to put on them. You can place each piece in a jar after folding them up and then give it to her. She’ll be able to pull one note out per day for next year! It might take some time, but it’s certainly worth it.

I Ruff You

image credit: valentinesdaypoemsoflove.com

If you’re on the search for a cute and simple DIY gift for your wife or girlfriend, you’ll want to check out this gift. This adorable printable paper features a friendly dog on the front with “I Ruff Love” written across the front. You can print this out and give it to her with a small gift on the side.

Balloon Box

image credit: studiodiy.com

To make this gift, you’ll need a box and some balloons, ideally in a heart shape. You can take the balloons and write short notes on each on them so they look like the candy hearts that are popular this time of year. After writing on them, put the balloons into the box and seal it up. When she opens it up, the balloons will fly out!

No Refunds

image credit: etsy.com

Another great and hilarious gift to give your special woman is this mug. Written across it in bold letters is “I’m Yours, No Refunds” with a rather humorous apology at the end. It’s a very funny gift to give that she can also use to keep her favorite beverages in. It’s also an affordable gift making it ideal for those on a budget.

You Make My Heart Burst

To make this gift, you’ll need a jar and a bag of Starbursts. You can fill the jar up with these sweet candies and then attach a note to the side of it – “You Make My Heart Burst.” It’s a good gift to give your wife or girlfriend if they have a sweet tooth and is quite simple to make as well.

Joy Jar

This Joy Jar is definitely going to bring the special lady in your life joy. You can get a large glass jar and then fill it up with goodies. This can be a box of cookies, some socks, her favorite candy, a box of coffee and tea, or anything else you know she’ll love! You can then close it up and write a short note to explain why this is her “Joy Jar.”

Love Coupons

If you’re looking for something simple yet thoughtful, you can make these love coupons. You can get some nice paper and then write or design things on it that she can use that specific coupon for. For instance, one coupon could be for a spa day, another could be for a foot massage, and another that you’ll make her favorite dessert. You can let your imagination run wild with this gift.

Touch Game

For those looking for sexy Valentines Day gifts for her, this touch game is ideal. You can print out the sheet (which resembles a bingo board) and follow the instructions. Each square contains something that requires you both to touch in some way, like “Kiss Passionately”. You both can play and whoever connects five boxes in a row first wins!

Kiss Me

This simple gift only requires you to find a clean jar and a bag of Hershey Kisses. You can fill up the jar with these sweet treats and then write a note to attach to the side saying “Kiss Me.” If you want to make the gift even more decorative, you can attach some red ribbon to the sides or paint some hearts around it.

Mint to Be Together

Another great gift for that special woman in your life who has a sweet tooth is this gift. You can get a jar and fill it up with mints or mint-flavored products. You can then attach a note to the side saying you two were “Mint to Be Together.” If you want to make this gift even grander, you can get a large basket and then fill it with large edible mint items or things in mint colors.

Spa Kit

This spa kit contains many relaxing tools your girlfriend or wife can use to relax. Inside the kit, you’ll find organic body butter, matches, bath bombs, and a candle which comes in numerous scents like sugar and spice and cucumber melon. You can also have a custom message written across the front of the candle to make this gift even more personalized.

Photo Mosaic

image credit: etsy.com

You can send in over 1,000 photos of both you and your loved one and have these photos make a mosaic so a large photo of you both is made! It’s a unique gift that’s sure to surprise her. You can have this photo printed in various sizes so you find one that meets your needs perfectly. She can spend time looking at all the pictures you put together to make this special gift.

Drunk in Love

image credit: etsy.com

If your wife or girlfriend enjoys wine, this gift might be a good gift to buy. This chic wine glass can be customized with her name or a special date that means something to you both. You can buy one for her or order a set of two or four glasses so you both can enjoy a drink together. It’s a simple yet wonderful gift to give to her.

Opal Stacking Ring

For the woman in your life who loves jewelry, this opal stacking ring is a great choice to consider. Created out of durable materials, you can have this ring coated in a gold, rose gold, or sterling silver finish. On the top of the double stacking ring is a celestial design which features a crescent moon. This ring comes in different sizes so you can invest in one that will fit her perfectly.

Stranger Things Bucket

image credit: etsy.com

For those who are fans of the show “Stranger Things,” this gift is an excellent idea to invest in. Inside this pail are spa and skin care goodies, like organic sugar scrubs and a coffee face scrub. You can even have a personalized postcard made to add to the gift. All of these gifts rest on a festive red paper and written across the front of the pail is “Mike and Eleven Forever” – an ode to the famous couple on the show.

Knitted Couple

This knitted couple is a cute Valentines Day gift for her that’s sure to surprise her. You can send in a picture and description of you both and have a customized knitted doll made of you both according to those descriptions. The dolls are knitted with a soft cotton and are of a somewhat small size so they won’t be too large. This gift is sure to surprise her thanks to its creativity.


The DEFAITH Gold Rose is constructed out of a stunning 24K gold and features a delicate model of a red rose with its green stem on a stand. This beautiful gift is also handcrafted so each petal has unique textures added to it. You can buy this glass by itself or get a glass dome to put over it to add an even more enchanted look.

Ways to Say I Love You Book

Throughout time, many have come up with quotes and have written writings on the expression of love. This book looks into some of the best quotes, writings, and sayings about love by some of history’s most prominent people, like Shakespeare and Picasso. It’s a charming gift that she can read whenever she wants to see how much you love her.

You and Me Statue

This handcrafted statue by Willow Tree is a stunning hand-carved wooden statue that depicts a couple in an embrace. In addition to this stunning gift, you’ll find a card attached with a touching passage about the importance of love. This is a great gift to give her that she can keep nearby and look at to remember how much you love her.

Sephla Forever Pendant Necklace

The Sephla Forever Pendant Necklace is made with a stylish 14K white gold material. It features a shiny polish which will make it sparkle when she wears it. Carved into the necklace is a heart encrusted with diamonds that’s sure to catch the eye of many. It’s the perfect gift to give her if she loves fashion while also showing her that you love her.

The Start of Us

image credit: etsy.com

This unique gift displays a constellation map of the exact night sky of an important place and time in your lives. The constellations and night sky will be printed at the top of this gift and your names, place, date, time, and coordinates will be printed on the bottom. This gift comes in different sizes and styles, like a poster or canvas options.

Silk Pillowcase

If you’re looking to find a gift to help your special woman relax, this silk pillowcase might just be what you need. Made out of a delicate mulberry silk, the pillowcase comes in numerous colors, like English Rose, Dark Green, and Light Blue, and Moonless Night. The pillowcase also comes in different sizes so you can find the perfect one for her.

Umbra Trigg Planter

The Umbra Trigg Planter is constructed with a unique geometric style. The planters come in a pack of two and feature a durable ceramic material that’s accented with shiny brass pieces. The planters are small and are the perfect gift she can keep on a desk or similar object. She can plant some succulents or small flowers in them and always look at them while remembering that you love her.


If you’re on the search for a unique gift to give for the makeup lover in your life, a Birchbox might be good. Each Birchbox comes with various types of beauty care samples, like dry shampoo and moisturizer. This way, she can try different brands to find what works best for her. You can buy her one box or surprise her with a subscription where she’ll receive one new box per month.

Net-A-Porter Mittens

image credit: net-a-porter.com

These stylish mittens by Net-A-Porter are a little bit pricey, but are a great gift to give to keep her warm over the winter. Made out of soft cotton, these mittens come in color options like blue and white/gray. There’s a button on the top and extra padding where her fingers are to ensure she stays warm while wearing them.

Happily Ever After

You can buy this gift and have “Happily Ever After” etched across the top of things like a canvas, cutting board, or glass block so you can find the option that fits your needs perfectly. In addition to “Happily Ever After”, you can have your names and your special date etched into the surface as well. This gift is extremely durable so no matter what option you choose you can be sure it will last her for a long time.


Valentine’s Day can be both one of the best and yet most daunting holidays of the year. However, you can be sure you’ll find one of the top gifts for her with the suggestions above. Be sure to keep them in mind as well as the shopping tips provided to ensure your experience goes well.

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