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What is the best Rick and Morty gifts you can get for a Rick and Morty fan? If you’re looking to buy them something they’ll love, then this guide will help point you in the right direction. We’ve found all of the coolest Rick and Morty gifts that are available on Amazon! Check out our list below to find what would be perfect for your favorite Rick and morty lover.

Things to consider when choosing Rick and Morty Gifts

1. Find out what your friend’s favorite Rick and Morty episode is.

Is it the one where Rick and Morty go to a fancy restaurant? Or is it when they visit an alien planet together for some fun adventures?

  • You could do something like a Rick and Morty gift box with things that correlate to their favorite episode.
  • Or you can get them personalized items such as keychains, mugs or coasters showing your friend’s favorite episode
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2. Choose gifts related to their hobbies and interests.

  • If your friend is a big video game fan, you could purchase them some of the Rick and Morty Video Game. Or if they’re more into board games then maybe you should check out this awesome “Rick and Morty” Monopoly Board Game – which was just released on July 30th to celebrate the second season of their show!
  • If the giftee is into fashion, then there are plenty of Rick and Morty t-shirts to choose from that would make an awesome gift.
  • You can also get them a new pair of shoes with one of their favorite quotes on the back, or a personalized coffee mug!
  • There’s so many different gifts you could buy for your friend who loves “Rick and morty” – all depending on what they’re into or how much you want to spend. Whichever option you pick out, just know it’ll be something they won’t forget anytime soon.

3. Consider their personality .

A Rick and Morty fan is someone who loves the show for a variety of reasons. Some people love it because they find it funny, while others think that it’s an interesting sci-fi series. Whatever their specific tastes are, you can always give them Rick and Morty stuff!

  • If your recipient isnt afraid of standing out, you could buy your friend some cool clothes like this “I’m Not Normal” t shirt – which was inspired by Beth from the cartoon (and she also happens to be Jerry’s wife).
  • If your friend is very adventurous they would probably enjoy the Rick and Morty Backpack – complete with space for their laptop and more than enough room for all of their school or work items too! And personalized initials just make everything even better when it comes down to it right?
  • If he or she is more like introverted type, then maybe you should get them something more practical like a Rick and Morty mug or these cool “Rick and morty” socks.

What is the best gift to buy for someone who loves “Rick and Mortys”? There are plenty of options, depending on what they’re into or how much you want to spend. The important thing to remember before buying any gifts is that your friend will love it because it’s personalized in some way – whether that means related to their favorite episode, hobbies/interests, personality type, etc!

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4. Dont forget your budget!

You’re probably not going to have a lot of money, but that’s okay! You can still find some really great gifts on Amazon for under $25.

  • For example, the Rick and Morty “Get Schwifty” Birdhouse is just $24.95 – which would be perfect if you want to give your friend something cute, funny or sentimental.
  • Alternatively, you could buy them this cool “Rick & Morty” Tee which was inspired by one of their favorite episodes called ‘Rixty Minutes’‘. This show is about what goes on in other dimensions when we go through our portal guns (which are portable holes), so it will make your friend feel like they’ve traveled with Rick and morty too!
  • You can also give an awesome gift by getting them this “I’m Awesome” mug! This is perfect for anyone who needs encouragement when it comes down to everyday life. We all need reminders sometimes, right? What better way than through cups of coffee:)

For more expensive ideas, you can go with

  • Rick and Morty Phone Case – if you’re looking for something more expensive.
  • You can also buy them a new Xbox One S Minecraft Bundle that includes an exclusive skin pack!

For the giftee who is a huge fan of “Rick & Mortys” there are so many different gifts to choose from, all depending on what they want or need! As long as it’s personalized in some way, your friend will love getting anything with their favorite cartoon characters’ faces on them. The most important thing to remember before buying any present though is that your loved one will appreciate anything because they know how much time went into finding just the right gift!

5. Get creative! Make your own gift

DIY gifts will always be appreciated given how much effort you put in it.

  • If you’re not great at arts & crafts, don’t worry. You could buy some of the items for your friend’s present on Etsy – like this “I’m Awesome” mug from that has a quote from one of their favorite episodes (remember: it doesn’t have to be expensive).
  • You can also get really creative with handmade gifts such as mugs or notebooks  – all featuring characters from their favorite show!
  • Draw a hand-painted picture of Rick or write an original poem about the show.

As long as there is something personalized about the present in some way, your loved one will appreciate any gift you give them.

Try to make a gift that is personal and take the time to find something they will love!

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6. Personalize it

Include a personal note, photos, or artwork related to the episode they chose if possible.

Once you decide on the item, dont forget to make it special with Rick and Morty Gift Wrapping Paper!

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