Gifts for Male Coworkers: A gifting guide

Let’s face it: gifts for male coworkers can be difficult. What do you buy the guy who has everything, or worse – what if you don’t know them at all? It’s time to get creative and find gifts that your male colleagues will really appreciate. This post will give you some great gift ideas for those guys in your office!

How to choose gifts for male coworkers

1. What to remind before buying a gift for the male worker

Before you buy gifts for male coworkers, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Just buy something personal if you know someone well enough
  • Be thoughtful about how much you spend – men tend to prefer lower priced items because they might feel obligated to reciprocate – so thus avoid giving expensive gifts like jewelry or watches unless you know the person well .
  • Avoid buying things that are offensive such as novelty items with sexual innuendo or clothing from another country (unless they have specifically asked for them) .com

2. Consider the recipient’s interests and hobbies to find a gift that will be appreciated

Men also enjoy gifts that show off their hobbies. If you know how they spend their free time – or if they have a hobby that they’re proud of – find gifts that match up with those to give them something unique and meaningful. Don’t buy something just because “it’s what I would want” if it isn’t what he wants

Do they enjoy reading from an e-reader, listening to music on headphones, cooking at home, watching sports, etc.? Buy gifts related to those hobbies so the recipient can do more of what he enjoys! If you’re not sure about any of this information, you can get the clue by checking out his desk: is there a photo frame next to it? Does he keep coasters around? What kind of pen does he use?

  • If he likes sports, discover his favorite sports team and find gifts associated with him (e.g., consider a ticket or memorabilia to an his favorite team’s event that might be happening soon. )
  • If he likes listening to music, a set of portable speakers might also work well since many people listen to music while working.
  • If he likes reading, try buying gifts related to the author or genre. For instance, if they’re a fan of Tom Clancy‘s novels you can buy them gifts like a book or coffee mug with the author’s name on it.
  • If they’re into cars, buy gifts related to that hobby – such as an inspirational quote about driving from bumper stickers for their office!
  • If he likes hobbies that are more creative, consider gifts like a set of painting supplies for watercolours or oil paints – this is perfect if they’re also into the outdoors!
  • If your coworker goes camping often in summertime, consider getting him outdoor gear such as tents or hiking boots . He’ll have something useful on hand when he plans his next trip – just remember not to go too expensive here since this person might already own these things themselves!

3. Men typically enjoy items that are practical

Men like to be given gifts that are practical and useful.

  • If you know the person well, gifts like a tie or shaving kit are thoughtful and appreciated. If not, think about something that they can use in their day-to-day life: this includes things like tools for work around the office such as screwdrivers or even power strips if he has to plug in all of his electronics each day.
  • A nice pen is also perfect for someone who writes on paper often – just make sure it’s high quality so it lasts!
  • Don’t forget about comfort items such as slippers, a pair of socks blankets or anything else that makes someone feel more cozy!
  • Think about the basic: gift card. Make sure it’s from a store or restaurant the man likes

4. Try giving something that will last more than one use

If you’re buying gifts for an individual you don’t know very well, consider gifts that offer a variety of functions such as tools or kitchen items.

Tools are always appreciated by men because they typically find themselves needing one more than once! For example, get him some screwdrivers and drill bits so he can put together the desk in his new office – if it’s just a little bit too tall, unscrew the top to take off another inch from the legs.

A set of knives is also perfect here since most people use them on a regular basis but never really buy anything else for their home kitchens. This type of gift will make someone feel pampered and cared about while providing something useful at the end of the day!

5. Make sure your gift is appropriate for the occasion

Make sure your gifts are appropriate for the occasion (e.g., don’t buy something fancy if it’s someone leaving). Don’t get gifts that are too expensive or over the top because people will feel uncomfortable if it’s not their special day such as birthday, holiday season, anniversary.

  • If it’s someone leaving, a thoughtful farewell gifts like personalized gifts with their name on it or gifts for travelling can be thoughtful.
  • If it’s an occassion with more than one person in attendance, consider gifts that are shared. For example, if there’s going to be an office party and everyone has to bring something from home: buy some chocolates from your favorite store so you have enough for everyone !
  • If they’re celebrating a birthday, opt for gifts that are sentimental – like personalized gifts or customized products such as their name on the side of a bottle of wine.
  • If you have to buy gifts for a wedding, consider buying something that will help them set up their new home! Consider small appliances or even decor.! You should choose gifts that they can use for their family or share with their spouse.


Whether your goal is to thank them for their hard work or just show appreciation, we hope this gift guide has given you some ideas. We want every coworker to feel appreciated and loved all year long! Happy Holidays from our team at The Gifted Group!


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