What to Give as a Leaving Job Gift for Coworkers

It’s your coworker’s last day. You want to give them a leaving job gift, but you’re not sure what the best leaving job gift is for your coworker. We’ve got you covered with an article on what to give as a leaving job gift! Let go to choose to leave job gifts for coworkers

How to choose a Leaving Job Gift for coworkers:

Leaving Job Gift for Coworkers
What to Give as a Leaving Job Gift for Coworkers 3

1. Consider the person’s personality

The key to leaving a job gift is it should be appropriate for the person receiving it and reflect who they are as a coworker. When choosing leaving job gifts, consider personality type!

  • For the introvert: you may want to consider giving them something that will make their time at home more enjoyable after long hours of working hard for the company, such as books and DVDs.
  • For the extroverted person: You can give them something such as tickets to sporting events in town, concerts, movies or theater productions happening around your town so they can enjoy themselves with friends while on break from work! These items offer leaving work gifts that will bring joy no matter who receives it!
  • If your coworkers have been known for their humourous side, then funny leaving gifts are perfect! You can give them some hilarious leaving work gifts such as a funny mug or novelty items such as stress balls with silly sayings on them.

2. Think about what they need or want

Think about something that will be useful to them in their life or something they can use at work, maybe a coffee mug with their name on it, an engraved pen set, or mouse pad!

When you are going to buy them a work-related gift, consider not what they do now – in the current job but rather what it is they going on to do in their new job. So if you know their new career ambitions, it will make your decision easier. For example:

  • If they are leaving to take up an international role you could give them some travel fare or even a voucher for somewhere nice to stay on their first night in the country.
  • If they are leaving to work in the travel industry a gift that will be useful might be a passport holder or a travel adapter plug. If they are leaving to work in the fashion industry, a gift that is useful might be a shopping bag or scarf.
  • If your colleague is leaving so they can start their own business, then think about giving him/her advice on how to grow it as well as what other items might be useful such as cards from suppliers who would offer discounts just because he’s going independent.
  • For the employees who quit their job and has not yet found another job, think about what they said they are looking for and would enjoy doing after leaving job – this could include things like gardening tools, traveling items , or even a subscription to their favorite magazine!

3. Don’t forget about their hobbies

Figure out what their hobbies are and find a leaving job gift that will be both useful for them in the future as well as something to remind them of you every time they use it at home. The best way to find this out maybe by taking note of things your coworker mentioned when talking about his/her upcoming leave such as activities they want to do more often once he/she leaves work.

  • If they love cooking, get them an excellent knife set; if they knit while watching TV then buy some yarn and needles so on with one project can be theirs from now on!
  • If they love the outdoors and hiking, you could buy them a new backpack or some boots.
  • If they love music then get them an iPod or iTunes gift card so that they can download all the songs from their favorite bands to listen on their commute.

4. Consider your relationship to the coworker and how long you’ve been working together

Consider the relationship you have with your coworkers and how long they’ve been working with you when deciding on a gift.

If you have a close relationship with them and you want them to remember you when they enjoy their new life outside of the office, make a personal gift that has a story behind it, something unique to them. Maybe something sentimental like a framed photo of you two with a meaningful quote or tickets for some sort of event where the two of you will be able to see each other again in the future (such as theatre show) would be great leaving job gifts. You can also make homemade gifts if you have the time and resources available; there are plenty of great DIY leaving job gift ideas out there!

If you have a more distant relationship with them, leaving job gifts don’t necessarily need to be as personal. You can give them something small that shows appreciation like some nice stationery or even voucher codes for coffee shops nearby their new office. This way they’ll know how much you appreciated working together but without the pressure of being too sentimental about it!

5. Think about how much money you want to spend on a gift

You shouldn’t give your coworker too high-value gift because it can make them feel pressured to received and they might think that you want something from them back in return.

Buy something small if your budget is tight but still want to give someone a little token of thanks for being an awesome co-worker. Some inexpensive goodbye gifts for coworkers you can consider are flowers, a chocolate bar with a personalized card from you, a gift card to their favorite coffee shop.

Don’t forget that leaving job gifts for coworkers can also be sentimental rather than tangible items: write them an encouraging note as if it were from the company’s CEO; take your coworker out for lunch so they don’t have to pack their own food on their last day at work (a nice gesture since many workplaces offer free breakfast).

Conclusion on how to choose Leaving Job Gift for Coworkers

I hope this article has helped you in choosing a leaving gift for your coworkers. It is important to show appreciation and gratitude when someone leaves their job, so be sure to find something appropriate!

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