Your Guide to Choosing a Gift for Starbucks Lovers

There are so many reasons why people love Starbucks. Whether it’s a hot drink on the cold winter day or just to get out of their house and enjoy the company of friends, there is no denying that we all crave for our favorite coffee shop from time to time. The problem is finding the perfect gift for those die hard fans who have everything! This blog post will show you some great ideas for gifts that any Starbucks lover would be excited about!

How to choose a Gift for Starbucks Lovers:

1. Figure out their drinking habits at Starbucks

Starbucks has a ton of different drinks, so you need to find out what they like, how often do they drink at Starbucks? what time of the day do they drink ? Do they often drink in store or take away? The answers will help guide:

  • If you want to pick them their favorite drinks, take into account any allergies or dietary restrictions they may have.
  • If they drink there often, then gift cards to Starbucks might be your best option. If you know them well enough, you could get a gift card for their favorite drinks
  • If you want a gift for someone who goes to Starbucks often, but they don’t have their own cup, you can consider gift them reusable cups to help your friends save a lot of money over time compared to purchasing disposable cups from Starbucks every day. Remember considering what size of Starbucks drinks they often buy (tall vs grande) to get the right size cup.

2. Is there something else they would enjoy from Starbucks?

Besides delicious drinks, there are many kind of products you can find in Starbucks like foodies, coffee bean, tumbler and more.

  • For foodies, consider getting them an assortment of snacks
  • If they like to make Starbucks coffee at home but don’t have coffee maker you can gift them an espresso machine, French press, Moka pot or Drip coffee maker. If they already have one, you can gift them coffee bean, favour syrups (you can find these items in any Starbuck’s store) in order that they can make their favorite drinks at home.
  • For those that like to take home souvenirs from Starbucks- mugs would be a good gift idea. Starbucks has a wide collection of tumblers and mugs that they have regularly launched new designs on special occasions in year with different versions in each country. If your friends are die-hard fans of Starbuck and collect these items for fun, a newly launching product will definitely make them happy. 2 1

3. Think outside of the box – don’t just look at tangible things from Starbucks stores

For a Starbucks lovers who have everything from Starbucks, you can find something outside of Starbucks but still be in the spirit. For example:

  • A French Press or Aeropress for brewing coffee at home in order that they can make their own Starbucks drinks at home
  • Think about what they need at work or at home, for example, a mouse pad with Starbucks icon for people who do most of their work on the computer
  • For a personalized gift, you can give your friend a constant reminder of their love affair by a Starbucks phone case and include her name in addition to the case design. Make sure it comes in sizes compatible with phone.
  •  For more adventurous, you can try some homemade Starbucks to-go cup cookies or homemade candles with empty Starbucks bottle.

4. Consider the occasion

The gift will also depend on the occasion you want to gift them. Is it a birthday, holiday, or just because you want to say thank you for something they did for you?

  • As a gift for someone’s birthday, you could give them something they can use at home such as an appliance (coffee maker), unique tea or coffee cup- all of these items would look great displayed in their kitchen or dining room.
  • For a Christmas gift, you can consider Starbucks’s Christmas merchandise like Starbucks Christmas Bear or Starbucks Christmas tumbler. You can also try Starbucks Christmas tree ornaments by yourself.
  • To say thank you, you can give them a gift basket with a variety of coffee and tea from Starbucks, such as holiday blend or an espresso roast. You can also include some delicious snacks like chocolate covered strawberries, mini cupcakes (perfect for breakfast!), cookies, biscotti and more! Include two to three cups/tea pots so they have options in case one breaks at home. 3


So, I hope this article has given you some ideas on how to choose a gift for someone who loves Starbucks. And if not, hopefully it’s at least been an enjoyable read or inspire you to think outside the box and find something creative that they’ll love! Thanks so much for reading and be sure to come back soon.


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