40 Unique And Useful Gifts for your coworkers on his/her last day| Gift for coworker last day

What would you give your coworker that will be useful and will make him/her feel truly appreciated? Well, in this issue of my article I am going to suggest 40 unique and useful gifts for your coworker on his/her last day. Many of these gifts are practical but some of them are whimsical and all of them will help the recipient remember you with a warm fuzzy feeling. 

40 Unique And Useful Gifts for your coworkers on his/her last day| Gift for coworker last day

What should you get for your friend who has everything? A gift that will make him smile and say “Thanks.” By giving your coworker something he will enjoy and that has a double benefit of reminding him of you two will meet again very soon. 

How To Pick The Perfect Gift For Your Coworker at Last Day

 You should choose a gift base on his/her habit or hobbies. For example: 

If your coworker is a computer nerd, then maybe you could get him/her a subscription to a high-tech magazine. Or perhaps tickets to a hot new computer seminar. If your coworker likes golfers, then maybe you could get him/her some golf stuff like golf balls, golf clubs, golf clothes, or a golf getaway trip.

If your coworker is a bookworm, then perhaps you could get him/her some books or perhaps a subscription to a book club. If your coworker likes to go to the theater, then perhaps you could get him/her some tickets to a play or a movie. If your coworker likes to travel, then maybe you could get him/her some travel gear like a globe, atlas, passport, or maybe a trip to a faraway land.

The point is: You should base your gift idea on your coworker’s hobbies and/or habits.  You should choose a gift that will be useful and practical.

Now Here are 40 ideas that have been tested over and over. 

1. A Real Leather Wallets 

Leather Minimalist Front Pocket Wallets

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 If you know someone who carries around a lot of cash, getting him/her a real leather wallet will make him/her truly appreciate you. You see, many people believe wallets are merely a cosmetic item. Nothing could be further from the truth. A great leather wallet not only protects your friend’s money but also his/her identity. It is one of those items that is a useful “insurance policy” against crime.

Consider the plight of someone who has had his/her wallet stolen. If this person cannot immediately identify his/her wallet as belonging to him/herself, it could literally become a matter of life and death. By giving your coworker a leather wallet as a gift on his/her last day at work, you will have done something useful and at the same time, you will have shown your appreciation for the important role he/she plays in your life. 

2. A Interesting Books

Harlem Shuffle: A Novel Kindle Edition

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Consider giving your hard-working co-worker a book to read on their last day at work. Books about leadership, books on salesmanship, biographies of people who’ve succeeded in whatever field your friend is interested in, and so on. Books are a great way to help your friends think outside the box a little bit and to learn some new things.  

3. A Wonderful Perfume

Lacoste Pour Femme Eau de Parfum for Women

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Perfume is not Just For Women Anymore!  Men like a nice fragrance on a woman too. In fact, many men say they find the smell of a woman’s perfume more intoxicating than her actual presence. If your coworker happens to be married or involved with someone special, you could get him/her a bottle of nice perfume as a gift.

Perfume is a “gateway” item that will lead to other, more intimate gifts like lingerie and scented candles. Trust me, this is one of the best gifts you can give anyone and it will be appreciated more than you could possibly imagine.

4. A Gift Cards

Amazon.com Gift Card in a Birthday Gift Box

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Instead of giving your coworker cash or a check, consider giving him/her a gift card to a retail establishment such as a department store or a specialty store that is unique to your friend. For example, if your friend likes golf, give him/her a gift card to a sporting goods store that carries golf equipment. This way, you will be providing some “permission” for your friend to spend your money and you will be doing something useful at the same time. It is a win-win situation.  

5. A Glass Coffee Mug

Ultra Clear Glass Tea Mug | Coffee Mug by Sun’s Tea | 16 oz (470 ml) | Borosilicate - Glasses w...

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If your coworker is someone who is always on the go, consider getting him/her a nice durable glass coffee mug. These mugs are sold in sets of two and each set has a different design. You can get designs like stars, flowers, airplanes, cars, boats and so on. Get your friend the set that has the mug he or she uses most often and then, get them each another set of mugs as “reminders” of good times had together.

6. A Delicious Bag of Cookies

Oatmeal Raisin, White Chocolate Macadamia Nut & Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies

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Homemade, not store-bought. You don’t have to use up all your homemade cookie recipe giving away cookies to your friends. Save some for yourself (you can share some with your spouse too), wrap up the rest, and put them in a plastic baggie. Then, give your co-worker one of the sealed baggie containing your homemade cookies. This will make your co-worker feel appreciated and it will make you feel good too, knowing you are doing something nice for someone else.

7. An Acrylic Paint Pen

Acrylic Paint Pens

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If your coworker is artistic or if he/she is someone who has a hobby that involves painting, consider getting him/her an acrylic paint pen. These pens have a retractable ink pen built into the top of them and they have a reservoir of water-based paint attached to the bottom. Your coworker can use the ink pen to write with and then, use the paintbrush-like end of the pen to apply paint to any surface. 

8. A Stainless Steel Mug

Stainless Steel Insulated Double Wall Vacuum Sealed Coffee Mug

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Consider this “gift” to your co-worker if he or she is a tea drinker. These mugs have a ring magnet embedded in the inside of the lid so you can attach it to a refrigerator or other metal surface and then, use the mug as a handy place to keep track of important things like business cards, phone numbers, or whatever else you need to remember. 

9. A Fragrances Candle

Aromatherapy Candle with Strongly Fragrance Essential Oils

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Candles are a great way to make someone feel appreciated. Consider getting your co-worker a nice fragrance such as orange blossom, sandalwood, or ylang-ylang. This will make him/her feel great and it will put a little extra oomph into your relationship.

10. An Adorable Sleeping Light

Starry Moon Lamp

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Consider giving your coworker one of those little battery powered nightlights you see on sale at garage sales and thrift stores. These are perfect for putting on a desk or table, near the bed, so your co-worker will be able to get around the house without turning on the main lights. It’s a great way to make your house a little more “cozy” and it will put a smile on your co-worker’s face.

11. A Convenient Lunch Box

Electric Lunch Box for Car and Home

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This is a practical and useful gift if your co-worker is a mother, a father, a student, or someone who works from home. If your co-worker is a parent, give him/her a nice lunch box that has compartments for cutlery, a napkin holder, a place to keep paper and plastic knives and forks separate, and a tight-fitting lid to keep the contents fresh.

If your co-worker is a student, give him/her a nice lunch box with lots of space inside so he/she has room to put all of his or her books and notebooks. And if your co-worker works from home, give him/her a nice lunch box with lots of space inside so he/she has room to put everything he or she needs to get the day started. This will be appreciated and used every day! 

12. A Lovely Shopping Bag

Green Bulldog Reusable Grocery Bags

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Consider giving your co-worker one of those nice, soft, shopping bags you see at the checkout counter of supermarkets. These are perfect for carrying stuff around the store, or for carrying stuff home from the store. And your co-worker will love getting one of these every day!

13. A Cotton Blanket

Bedsure 100% Cotton Blankets

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Cozy Up With A Friend! Nothing warms up a room like a fluffy, soft, cozy, cotton blanket. And nothing tightens up a room like a heavy, stiff, nylon blanket. So if you’re going to give someone a gift, give them something that is multi-functional and useful. Consider giving your co-worker one of those nice, soft, cuddly, comfy blankets you see advertised on late-night TV. These are great for snuggling under on a cold night, or to throw over a chair or desk when you need to “tighten up” the atmosphere in a room. Your co-worker will love you for it!

14. A Comfy Pillow

Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Ergo Neck Pillow

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A comfy pillow will be a great gift for anyone who sits at a computer all day. After a long day at the keyboard, it’s nice to have a soft, cozy place to rest your head. If your co-worker is a student, consider giving him/her one of those nice, soft, cuddly pillows you see advertised on late-night TV. These are great for studying with, or for resting your head when watching TV or listening to audiotapes.

15. A Coffee Grinder

JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder

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Consider giving your coffee-loving, hard-working, super-achiever friend a nice coffee grinder as a gift. Coffee grinders come in many shapes and sizes. Some grind beans very fine; some grind them coarse. Some grind beans automatically; some have a lever you have to push to grind the coffee. And there are dozens of other options.

16. A Wireless-charging Phone

INIU Wireless Charger

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This is one of the best gifts you can give someone who is always on the go. Simply put, a wireless charging phone allows you to charge your phone anywhere there is a wireless charging pad. The most popular model today has an extra-large 2,000 mAh battery, which provides up to 15 hours of talk time and over 250 hours of standby time. This means your friend will never again worry about running out of power when he/she is talking on the phone, or listening to audiotapes.

There are many different models and brands of wireless-charging phones on the market today. If your friend uses a regular old cell phone, he/she may already have this feature. But if not, almost all smartphones made within the last two years have built-in wireless charging capability.

17. A Beautiful Flower

Benchmark Bouquets Flowering Fields

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If you know your coworker well, consider giving him/her a single bloom from your garden or a bouquet of flowers you buy at a local store. This is a thoughtful, low-cost gift that will brighten up his/her day.

18. An E-book

Kindle - Now with a Built-in Front Light - Black - Ad-Supported

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An audio book E-readers and audio books are wonderful gifts for your coworker. Imagine giving your friend an e-reader or an audio book that has hundreds of titles. So your friend can listen to or read whatever he/she wants, without having to worry about being bored. And since these items have no printed pages, there’s no paper waste to deal with.

19. A Shoe Shine Tool Box

FootFitter Shoe Shine Dauber and Conditioning Cream Polish Set

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Simply put, these are the little tools that professionals use to keep their shoes shiny and fresh. Your friend will appreciate the thought and you’ll be doing him a small favor. Shoe-shining is a tedious chore and having some extra tools at your disposal can make the process go a lot smoother.

20. A Special Notebook

Hard Cover Spiral Bound Grid Notebook

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Your coworker may already have a journal or a personal planner. But if not, consider giving him/her a special notebook that has an elastic band around the cover. The elastic band allows your friend to write in the book with a ballpoint pen or a mechanical pencil. Then when he/she is finished writing, the elastic band holds the book shut so he/she won’t lose his/her work.

21. A Safe Storage Box 

Diversion Book Safe Storage Box

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for Those Unfamiliar Documents If your coworker needs access to those documents, he/she can get them by simply asking you for them. But if those papers are stored in a safe storage box, it will give your friend some peace of mind. It will also serve as a reminder to you to keep those important papers in a secure place.

22. A Soft Drink!

a soft drink

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No one is ever too busy to take a few minutes out of his/her day to socialize with a friend. In fact, studies show that people who interact with each other on a regular basis enjoy a boost in their immune systems and a reduction in their stress levels. So if you know someone who needs a little cheering up, by all means, offer to buy him/her a cup of coffee, a soft drink, or even better yet, both! 

23. A Personalized Calendar

Wall Calendar - Aesthetic Floral Calendar Large Monthly Calendar

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If you know your coworker likes to keep a calendar on his/her desk, consider giving him/her a personalized one. You could get a copy of their current calendar and have your printer make changes to it. Or you could get a calendar that has a month-to-go view so your friend will know exactly how much time he/she has to get things done. 

24. A Compact Binocular

occer 12x25 Compact Binoculars

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Great for Travelers Who Want to See the World If your friend likes to travel, consider getting him/her a set of binoculars. It will give them a great way to look at things up close without having to buy a ticket to anywhere. 

25. A Box of Chocolates!

A Box of Chocolate

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Chocolates are the ultimate “treat yourself” type of gift. And when you give chocolates as a gift, it makes the giver feel like he/she is the focus of your attention. Plus, they tend to melt in people’s mouths and soothe the soul.

26. Stickers

Stickers for Water Bottles, 100 Pack/PCS Hydroflask Stickers

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They’re fun, they’re cheap, and they’re useful! If your coworker is a sticker collector, consider giving him/her a bunch of new ones! (Stickers are also a great way to add a little whimsy to any gift.) 

27. A Personalized Compact Mirror

Andaz Press Personalized Compact Mirror

Buy from Amazon.com

Great for Travelers Who Hate to Look Scruffy If your coworker travels a lot, they will appreciate having a compact mirror in their bag or briefcase. They can use it to freshen up when they get stuck waiting in a long line or if they are stuck somewhere without access to a restroom.

28. A Music Microphone Recording

Recording Microphone for Games and Singing

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A Personalized Gift That Gives Back! If your coworker is a music lover like me, consider getting him/her a recording of you and your friends singing one of their favorite songs. You could do this yourself or you could hire someone (like an amateur night singer) to do it for you. Either way, this will be a gift that keeps on giving! Not only will your friend enjoy the recording for years to come, others who hear it will also enjoy the gift of your giving. 

29. A Good Headphone or Earbuds!

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Built-In Microphone

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Give your co-worker a pair of good headphones or earbuds. These are very personal types of gifts that allow you to listen to soothing music and drown out the outside world. Of course, it would be even better if the headphones or earbuds had large, comfy ear cups that covered the entire ear. This way, you could give your stressed-out friend a truly private place to escape to.

30. An Alarm Clock 

REACHER LED Digital Alarm Clock

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With an Alarm! Nothing is more welcome in the morning than a little peaceful time to unwind before the daily grind of work sets in. Consider giving your  coworker a clock that has an alarm feature. This way, he/she can set the alarm and then go about his day without being interrupted by a frantic boss or someone yelling “Are you going to finish that report today?” 

31. A Smartwatch 

VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2, Blue

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With an Alarm! As I mentioned in #30, nothing is more welcome in the morning than a little peaceful time to unwind before the daily grind of work sets in. Consider giving your  coworker a smartwatch. These tiny electronic devices have an alarm function and they can also tell the time. Plus, they have other features like a pedometer (to help him get more exercise) and a stress thermometer (to measure his “mood thermometer”).

All smartwatches have an internal battery that needs to be recharged every three to six months. But worry not. They are small enough to carry in his briefcase or purse and often come with a built-in charger. This way, your stressed-out friend won’t even need to stop using his trusty old regular watch to recharge his smartwatch.

32. A Flower Vase 

Ceramic Flower Vases Set of 3

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With A Water Feature! Nothing is more welcome in the morning than a little  peaceful time to unwind before the daily grind of work sets in. Consider giving your  coworker a flower vase that has a water feature in it. This way, he/she can enjoy the beauty of flowers without having to worry about watering them or deadheading them.

Deadheading is the process of removing faded blooms so the plant will continue to bloom. It’s one of the easiest (and least appreciated) chores associated with owning a house plant. But don’t tell your friend that. Just give him the vase and let him enjoy the flowers without having to think about anything except his/her work.

33. A Raw Vegetable Knife! 

TUO Nakiri Knife - Vegetable Cleaver Kitchen Knives

Buy from Amazon.com

Nothing is more welcome in the morning than a little peaceful time to unwind before the daily grind of work sets in. Consider giving your  coworker a raw vegetable knife. These are small knives that are useful for cutting up vegetables, fruit and sometimes, bread. They’re also handy for self-defense since they can be used as a makeshift key-chain weapon. Give him/her one of these with a sharpener and a couple of wooden or plastic cutting boards and he’ll have all he needs to start his day without having to break his stride or leave the safety of his own work space.

34. A Smart Piggy Bank

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Piggy Bank 

Buy from Amazon.com 

With A Voice Synthesizer! Consider giving your  coworker a smart piggy bank that has a voice synthesizer in it. This way, he/she can get a quick financial lesson on what’s important in life (and money). The lesson will be delivered verbally through the device and will include things like: “You should put 20% of your paycheck into an emergency fund” and “It’s never too late to start investing for the long-term.” You can find piggy banks and other financial toys at most any toy or discount store. Just make sure the device has been approved by the Federal Trade Commission.

35. A Leather-Bound Book Of Calendars!  

18 Months Calendar with Faux Leather

Buy from Amazon.com

Stuffed With Post-Its! On your coworker’s last day you can give her/him a leather-bound book of calendars. This will be useful for him/her since it will provide a year-to-date summary of everything that’s important in his/her life. All he/she has to do is remove the calendar of the current year, flip to the next year and continue removing the calendars as they become filled up. At the end of each year, your  coworker will have a nice tidy summary of what he/she did well, what areas need work and what he/she needs to pay closer attention to in the coming year.

36. A Mini-Fridge Magnet! 

Mini Cute Magnets for whiteboard Lockers Refrigerator

Buy from Amazon.com

With A Quote On It! Giving your  co-worker a mini-fridge magnet with a quote on it. For example: “A wise man once said…” or “A fool looks for logic in everything…” or something like that. These types of magnets are useful because they provide a way for people to instantly identify each other as being intelligent and/or sane. And, these days, who doesn’t need a little help with that? 

37. An Old-Fashioned Wooden Rulers!  

BAZIC Wooden Ruler 12

Buy from Amazon.com

With Chalk! Consider giving your coworker wooden rulers with chalk on them. This will give him a chance to get more organization skills and a chance to use the tools he’ll need to get his life in order. It’s a cheap and cheerful gift that will have a profound impact on his life.

38. Digital Kitchen Scale 

Digital Kitchen Scale Digital Weight Grams and Ounces

Buy from Amazon.com

You can give your  co-worker a digital kitchen scale with a note attached to it that says: “Weighing In On Your Career Choice! Are you an Aries, a Taurus, a Gemini, a Cancer, a Leo, a Virgo, a Libra, a Scorpio, or a Sagittarius?” When your  coworker uses this kitchen scale, he/she will instantly know if he/she is under- or overweight. And, of course, if the latter, your  co-worker will also know the specific area in his/her life where he/she needs to make some major lifestyle changes.

39. Sticky Notes 

Neon Arrows Page Mates (Set of 200 Sticky Notes)

Buy from Amazon.com

Giving your coworker Sticky notes With Quotes On Them is one of the best ideas! For example: “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” Or “Many hands make light work.” Stuff like that. These are great for helping people stay focused and on track. They also help people remember things that they hear often but can’t quite grab onto. Like that little nugget of wisdom your  co-worker will be able to stick in his/her brain and pull out whenever he/she needs it.

40. Classic Wooden Board Game 

7-in-1 Classic Wooden Board Game Set

Buy from Amazon.com

Your  co-worker will love this gift because it gives him/her an opportunity to demonstrate his/her problem-solving skills and his/her ability to think on his/her feet. This gift will serve as a reminder to your  co-worker that he/she is still young (at heart) and needs to stay sharp. A nice bonus is that this gift will also provide your  co-worker with some much needed entertainment value. 

Lovely Gifts for Your Beloved Coworker

What would you suggest as great gifts for a coworker who has just finished a tough project and needs cheering up? This is a list of ideas. You can personalize it with your own suggestions in order that you both will have good memory with each other.

FAQs for Choosing Coworker’s Gift on His/Her Last Day


What about my friend who works as a teacher?

Consider getting her something related to her work, like teaching supplies or a special notebook she can use during class.

What should I get my friend who works as a chemist?

Something related to medicine, such as a medical-related book or an electronic (vial) scale for weighing medicine.

What about my friend who works as an administrative assistant?

Consider getting her a special notebook she can use to keep track of stuff like appointments, to do lists and the like.

What about my friend who works in sales?

Consider giving him a special sales-related gift, such as a mechanical calculator or a specialized journal he can use to help him with his job.

What about my friend who works in construction?

Consider giving him a set of housekeeping tools, like a scrub brush, dust mop and cleaning supplies.

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