Top 50 BEST birthday gifts for coworkers

This is the top 50 best birthday gifts for coworkers that they actually appreciate. Birthday gift is one tradition which expresses love and devotion and giving a present on someone’s birthday is a way to show the importance of them. The kind of birthday gift depends on the relationship of the birthday’s giver and receiver. If you are wondering how to choose the best birthday gift for your coworkers then this blog is for you. Here is a buying guide for you.

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer


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The secret weapon of a world-class blowout! The Revlon hair dryer brush is consistently popular, almost always selling out. With over 300,000 rave reviews on Amazon (yes, 300,000., it has achieved cult status in the world of beauty products—and it’s approved by our beauty editor, Jessica Kasparian. She tested the hairdryer and found that it absolutely does live up to the hype, especially if you want salon-quality hair straight at home—and in half the time. This little brush has been engineered to distribute heat evenly throughout your hair, helping you achieve a perfectly smooth, glossy finish. It’s made from nickel-free, BPA-free plastic and features a soft, fleece-lined handle for comfort.

PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer

Protect your mobile phone from the nasty stuff in the world with this unique case. With UV light technology, this slimline case destroys 99.99% of germs and bacteria, plus it doubles as a speakerphone, a portable charger, and a stand for easy viewing. PhoneSoap On-the-Go is the perfect travel companion for people on the go. The portable PhoneSoap has a built-in rechargeable battery so you can sanitize and charge anywhere, anytime. It can power up to four full phone charges, or 45 sanitizing cycles.

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Hanes mens Max Cushion Ankle Socks

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Socks are always a wonderful classic idea for a birthday gift. The Hanes men’s Max Cushion Ankle Socks is essential to every man’s sock. They’re made with 47% Polyester, 43% Cotton, 8% Rayon, 1% Nylon, 1% Spandex that feels great against your skin and wicks moisture away to keep your feet dry and comfortable. Plus, the construction features a reinforced heel and toe for extra durability. This is a versatile sock that will go with just about anything you wear.



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Use these cards to help your colleagues tell you how they’re feeling. They’re great for reminding people to be more specific and not just use “lazy” generalizations like “you’re a workaholic”. This Moodycards is hilarious and also informative. Users can even write their feeling on a blank card and send it to whomever they choose… and receive a real-time, instant “mood read” of that person.

The Always Pan

This stylish gift is perfect for the person who has everything. The influencer-approved kitchen item is not only useful, but it’s also a great-looking (with pastel color) addition to any kitchen. It’s a fry pan, sauté pan, steamer, skillet, saucier, saucepan, non-stick pan, spatula and spoon rest. This versatile toolset can be used for a variety of tasks, from searing steaks and making stir-fries to melting cheese and browning potatoes. The included tongs are a must-have for grabbing ingredients off the grill or the stove.

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Storm cloud 

This is a truly unique gift that will be enjoyed by the recipient long after you’ve given it to them. The ultimate gift for those with a passion for the weather, this crystal-filled barometer is a fascinating way to learn all about the various atmospheric conditions we find ourselves in. The special liquid inside this weather cloud crystalizes in different patterns as the air pressure changes.

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The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite


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The best-selling book reader on Amazon has been improved with the addition of Wi-Fi. With a new, easy-to-use interface and access to thousands of books, magazines, and newspapers, this is the most versatile e-book reader on the planet. This is the perfect companion for your coworker’s next vacation or business trip.

Deep Sea Sand Art

Whether you’re into art or not, you just have to see this piece of work. It’s the masterpiece that captures the movement of the desert sands in two circular pieces of glass, which are then mounted in a black wood frame with a black felt interior. It is the perfect addition to your desk or countertop. This is truly a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that will be the focus of attention in your home or office.

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Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy


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Finally, the joyous dancing tube man — who’s been featured everywhere from Ricky Martin’s stage to Broad City — is available in a tiny, desk-friendly size. It is an 18-inch waving tube man with a fan in base to make him dance, wiggle, and shake just like the real thing (batteries not included) It is a hilarious gift for every birthday, white elephant party, or holiday!

Gravity Blanket

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This is the most popular weighted blanket on the market. It’s perfect for snuggling under, relaxing on the couch, or for use as a bedtime treat. The material is so nice and comfortable, you will forget you are even wearing a weighted blanket. Many people who own this blanket never take it off, even when they go to sleep. It can be used as a travel companion for airplane trips and other long trips.

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Heart Custom Photo Art from Minted

This unique and affordable gift idea is a great way to preserve those precious moments from your past and create new ones for your future. Your high-quality wall art comes in a variety of styles and sizes and can be customized with any photo your coworkers have in his or her collection.

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Rains Backpack Mini

Backpack 20Mini Backpacks 1280 01 20Black

The Rains Backpack Mini is a stylish and functional choice for the minimalist commuter. This sleek backpack is the perfect size for a person who generally carries only a small laptop and a light sweater. It’s water-resistant, so if the commuter walks into the rain sans umbrella, the Rains bag will keep their laptop safe and dry.

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Work from Home Survival Kit

The Conference Card Bingo Game is a great way for remote teams to stay connected and have some fun. The nine items in this kit will bring your coworkers back to the funny moments when working together. There are some functional ones (earplugs, webcam cover), others are fun (conference call bingo card, decision coin: pajamas or pants?), and the rest are in-between (fidget cube, desk yoga guide).

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Homesick Candles

The scent is one of the best ways to connect with others on a human level, and a homesick person will appreciate the nostalgic scent of their home state. This candle comes in a clear glass jar with a white lid and is scented with the essence of their favorite state.

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This is fine Mug


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This is fine Mug is a perfect and funny gift for any co-worker. If someone always seems to be trying to make everyone around them happy, this is a gift that will definitely cheer them up. If someone is just plain boring, this is a funny way to get their attention. This mug with the funny meme on it can make everyone chuckle.

Shintop 6-Piece Cable Clips Set

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Keep your desk clear and super organized with this essential organizer from Shintop. The adhesive backing means you can stick them to almost any surface – even your furniture. The small size of the cable clip makes it perfect for organizing and controlling those tiny cords that seem to appear everywhere in today’s modern life.

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Thin Bins Collapsible Containers

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Whether your co-workers are cooking for one or feeding a crowd, this essential set of four silicone containers is the perfect solution for his/her different food storage needs. This versatile set is the perfect solution for your different food storage needs. Each container is collapsible to 1/3 its original size for easy compact storage and organization. Thin Bins are made from 100% FDA compliant non-toxic, BPA-free, food-grade silicone.

Business Card Case

Business Card Case Red 336 337 fullsize

This business card case can hold up to 20 cards and comes in a variety of leather types and colors (with 13 signature colors and 5 premium colors). It is designed in the best size which perfectly fits in a suit pocket or handbag. This elegant design is a classic choice for any co-worker.

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Chia Pet Bob Ross

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Everything you need to include in this Chia Pet Bob Ross. There are a unique pottery planter (Bob Ross head), convenient plastic drip tray, and chia seed packets for 3 plantings. Your Chia Pet can fully grow in 1-2 weeks. It also can be washed and replanted indefinitely so the fun never stops. 

Executive Sandbox – The Sand Trap

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This is a toy figure made of hardwood from BE Good Company. Your co-workers can relax by setting up this toy and playing. Chip onto the green. Putt the ball, taking the green’s break into the account, and…it’s in the hole! Everyone will enjoy playing this mini-course. It can be a quick relaxation on a hectic day.

Calivirgin Premium Unfiltered Olive Oil

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Calivirgin Premium Unfiltered Olive Oil is a great all-purpose cooking oil that is also great for salad dressings, marinades and just about anything else you can think of! The bottle features a screw-top lid and is designed with an attractive, fresh-from-the-market look that will add a decorative touch to any kitchen.

StarPack Premium 3 Piece Mini White Ceramic Succulent Planter Pot Set with Bamboo Bases

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Show your office some love with these ceramic planters that are perfect for putting a pretty accent plant in front of your desk or in the office kitchen. Ceramic is easy to care for and won’t rust. These planters come in a set of three.

“Do Nothing” Three Sloth Stationery Cards

do nothing109450 cards

Let your personality shine through with these great-looking personalized stationery cards from NOW. Each set of three comes with a pack of envelopes so you can easily send your customized messages. The best part is, they feature a blank inside for you to add your own personal message. A great gift idea for not only co-workers but also clients, or even customers. Give them a brightening pick-me-up that will last a long time! 

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Umai Crate

Ramen, the classic, cheap, easy, comforting food of the working class is getting an upgrade. With Umai Crate, you get premium instant noodles that have been carefully selected by experts, plus gourmet goodies like yuzu kosho or shichimi togarashi, and a recipe card to help you create your own umai ramen masterpieces. It’s the perfect gift for the man who has everything! 

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Galison Now House by Jonathan Adler Vertigo 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle, Contemporary Abstract Art Puzzle with a Multitude of Colors in Unique Patterns

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Challenge yourself to a fresh new puzzle every time the old one gets too easy. With the perfect blend of visual appeal and challenging complexity, the 1000 Piece Flawless Fit 20” x 27” puzzle will keep you guessing right till the very end. The bright puzzle is the perfect pastime to brighten up your tabletop.

Raw Birthstone Studs 

These handmade earrings from Jūraté are a simple and perfectly imperfect take on the classic birthstone stud. The gorgeous raw gemstones—from January’s red garnet to June’s moonstone to December’s turquoise—are nestled on minimalist, sterling silver posts and backs using traditional metalsmithing techniques. Wear them with ease and comfort every day. 
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Bioluminescent Octopus Orb 

It illuminates with a soft glow when the sun goes down, and its unique algae-rich ocean water contains living creatures that glow in the dark with a shake. Made from glass, metal, seawater, algae. PyroDinos need daily light and moderate temperature to survive.
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Earth Science Tumbler 

Geek Out With Gaia! Our 4-piece set of glasses are beautifully handcrafted in the shape of the earth with a unique and modern design. Each glass has a layer of earth, sea, or sky depicted on the bottom half and details about that element on the top half. Great for geeks, nature lovers, and anyone who appreciates beauty.
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Cork Rocket Desk Organizer

The cork rocket is perfect for holding all your office supplies. Just remove the nose cone, stuff in your gear, and replace the cap. It’s made from natural cork, so it won’t discolor or stain your workspace.
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Upcycled Record Coasters

These classic coasters are made from reclaimed records! Each set of six comes in a clear plastic case with an assortment of music genres printed on the labels inside. Perfect for displaying your vinyl collection or giving as gifts for music lovers. Each one is varied and unique because it is recycled and handmade.
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Spotted Wellies Garden Ducks

These ducks are the fun, functional, and unusual gift that will be treasured for years to come. Made from sustainable bamboo with an attractive, hand-painted bootie, all ducks are unique and it has its own look, name, and lovable personality.
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Unplugged Sleep Helper

Unplugged sleep helper – screenless meditation device to ease the stress of the day for that rejuvenating rest you need. You can set up on your own by turning the 3 keys. Let the soothing sounds of nature lull you to sleep with the gentle hum of this white-noise machine. 
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Edible Food Crayon Set

These edible food crayons are the perfect pocket seasoning. Different colors represent different INGREDIENTS such as Coconut & Yuzu, Tangerine & Cinnamon, and Grapefruit & Black Pepper.
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Beer Cap States

Collect those bottle caps and put them to good use! Use them to decorate these attractive, wooden display boards. They make great gifts for bartenders, beer lovers, or anyone else who enjoys a cold one!
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Mars Dust Globe 

This beautiful piece is a wonderful gift for any space lover. The details are stunning, from the topographical map of Mars to the astronaut figurines to the fact it is a true snow globe that actually works! Simply shake it and watch the dust swirl around and settle so you can marvel at the majesty of our universe.
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Skyline Tealight Holder 

The Steel City Collection features eight unique sculptures designed by acclaimed artist Brian Segars. The tealights illuminate the sculptures at night for a dramatic display sure to be noticed by all who walk by.
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<3 Heart Bookend 

Emoticons are the universal language of the web, and now they have a place to express their true feelings in your home. These charming bookends express the feeling that you want to hold books in your heart. Made from carbon steel, they are thick and substantial enough to stand up to the heaviest of volumes, yet still, look stylish on any bookshelf.
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Coastal Serving Board

This nautical cleat is the perfect finishing touch for your seafaring get-together. Use it to set out your crudités and cheese and crackers—it’s not for cutting, so slice and dice on a different surface—and you and your fellow nibblers will feel instantly transported to a seaside getaway.
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Row Boat Serving Bowl with Wood Serving Utensils

A remarkable creation from India, this extraordinary dish is sure to create a splash at your next dinner. The polished aluminum boat-like vessel takes the familiar form of a rowboat, complete with “wooden” planks (cast along its hull) and oars that are a pair of serving tools, carved from Sheesham (which is renowned for its intricate, marbled grain). Use it to serve salad, hold fruit, or simply put it on display; it’s sure to make waves.
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Ocean Sunset Tapestry

 Strand by strand, the tapestries are then hand-dyed, allowing the wool to “bloom” with subtle shades of blue, red and yellow that are uniquely the artist’s own. These one-of-a-kind works hang on walls as decorative art or are used to adorn tabletops as conversation pieces.
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Pumpkin Glass Desktop Sculpture

This is a truly spectacular piece of art that will bring a touch of beauty to any room in your home. Benjamin Giguere’s “Ornate Glass Sculpture” is the perfect way to usher in the season of fall with class and sophistication. This beautiful piece can be displayed on a windowsill or placed on a shelf and will bring a sophisticated elegance to any room.
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Kabob Grilling Baskets

These baskets are a wonderful way to make sure your party is a complete success. Use them to hold hot dogs, chicken wings, vegetables and other foods that are grilled or baked rather than sauteed or broiled. The open-ended design makes it easy to fill and empty the basket, and the hardwood handles make it simple to carry. 
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Invigorate Shower Steamers Gift Set 

Let the power of essential oils take your day by surprise with these energizing, restorative shower cubes. Use as a body scrub or just drop one or two into the water to enhance your shower experience. Soothing and uplifting aromatherapy blends such as cedar orange and pine help energize and refresh.
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Waterproof Paper Flower Vase

Your blooms will thank you for this simple yet elegant solution to a vexing problem. It’s easy to apply and remove without a trace. The secret is a thin layer of clear nail polish that bonds to the outside of the jar and creates a non-toxic, non-stick surface that’s easy to clean. Inside the jar, the original finish remains untouched. 
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Glitter Hearts Toilet Bombs

Keep your home clean and fresh with this unique product. It’s an all-natural, biodegradable toilet freshener that uses safe and natural ingredients to eliminate odors and freshen the air in your bathroom. Just take a heart and drop a few glittery tablets in the bowl before you go.
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Ergonomic Active Sitting Stool 

The ErgoChair offers active sitting relief and keeps your back healthy and happy. The chair’s unique design allows it to compress when you are sitting for long periods of time, while still allowing you to sit at a normal desk height. This innovative design also provides a constant, gentle counterbalance to your body, which maintains proper spinal alignment.
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Peanut Butter Spoon

This amazing little tool was created by none other than Chris Herbert. It’s perfect for getting the last traces of food off the bottom of your favorite jar, can, or container, and is so easy to use, even a child could master it.
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Recycled Glass Sunflower Night Light

A fun way to help your child fall asleep is with this easy-to-use, soothing night-light. It features a cheerful patch of sunflowers that brings a sense of warmth and summer indoors. The texture of the recycled glass helps mask the harshness of fluorescent lights.
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Home State Ice Cube Molds

Add a touch of state-specific pride to your favorite beverage with these ice cube molds. The large cubes help cool your cocktail, iced tea, or coffee without watering it down as smaller shapes can. Use them in your favorite whiskey, scotch, or bourbon drink, or in a cold brew coffee or tea.
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Starry Sky Lantern

With its simple elegance, this delightful little light will add a subtle sparkle to your holiday decorating efforts. Crafted from translucent ceramic, the starburst pattern features a small incandescent bulb at the center and has a chain-reaction effect when multiple lights are plugged into the same socket. 
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Gender is a very important element to choose a present. For example, men like tools. Give a tool like a wrench or a hammer to a man and he’ll be happy to use it. But give a woman a tool and she’ll immediately ask you what it is for and show it to her friends. A woman will think a tool is a fashion statement, something to put on a coffee table and admire.


If you are close enough to the receiver, you may know she’s/he’s habits and hobbies. To make sure you choose the gifts that they can happily use, you should choose base on what you know about them. But if you guys are not that close, you can back to the classic safe gifts such as socks, decorations, and so on.


Is it weird to get your coworker a birthday gift?

No, it’s not weird at all. Although it’s not obligatory, it is sometimes simply the right thing to do, to celebrate a birthday, promotion, retirement, holiday, or another special event.

Is it appropriate to give a coworker a gift?

It’s generally not considered acceptable to give cash as a gift in the workplace. Gift cards (either store-specific or for Amazon) and gift certificates (for a store or an online retailer) are a much better choice when you want to give a financial gift.

How much should you spend on an employee’s birthday gift?

Cash Value. Spend no more than $100 on any gift you give to your employees. Don’t go crazy and buy them the most expensive items you can find. Doing so might make them feel uncomfortable like they are receiving too much or that you don’t appreciate their hard work.


In conclusion, I hope you found some inspiration in this list. I know I did. There are many more ideas to be explored. If you have other ideas or resources, please share them with us. We’d love to hear from you! Until next time…

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