TOP 50 DIY Christmas Ornaments 2020 | Christmas Ornaments DIY Homemade For Kids

Would you like to improve your Christmas spirit? Would you opt for something made by yourself that will be remembered every single Christmas? Here are the TOP 50 DIY (DO IT YOURSELF) Christmas ornaments!

50 DIY Christmas ornaments

Table Of Content

1. Popsicle Stick Sleds

Popsicle Stick Sleds

These cute little popsicle stick sleds are an easy Christmas craft that’s fun for both kids and adults.  Make them as simple as you would like or dress them up with some creative embellishments!

2. Scrap Fabric Tree Ornament

Scrap Fabric Tree Ornament

How cool would it be if YOU could make YOUR own Christmas tree decorations? Well, the scrap fabric tree ornament is one of them! You can either set it up to hang on your Christmas tree or make a kind present to someone who you love!

3. Embroidery Hoop Christmas Ornaments

Embroidery Hoop Christmas Ornaments

If you love making things by yourself, try these beautiful and simple Christmas ornaments using small embroidery hoops!

It would be a good idea to share it with your friends!

4. Wood Bead Snowman Ornaments

Wood Bead Snowman Ornaments

These little wood bead snowman ornaments are so charming, funny and easy to make! They are also good for decorating your Christmas tree with, The gift to a kid or someone who you love!

5. Decoupaged Fabric Christmas Ornaments

Decoupaged Fabric Christmas Ornaments

Another one for your Christmas tree decorations! Those fabric Christmas ornaments are fun to make and it’s a very good idea to call some friends and prepare some Christmas presents for your parents!

6. No-Cook Cinnamon Ornaments

No-Cook Cinnamon Ornaments

These amazing cinnamon ornaments (that require NO COOKING!) will make your home smell just like Christmas! Click on the blue words to see how it’s done!

7. Rudolf Christmas Craft for Kids

Rudolf Christmas Craft for Kids

This is a great idea to do with your kids or in your classroom at school! The Rudolf Christmas Craft idea will make you think about the true meaning of Christmas while you’re looking at it! The fact that will make you even more comfy is that YOU made it by yourself!

8. Button Christmas Ornaments

Button Christmas Ornaments

If you have a grandma you should 100% have some old buttons that you can use for a Christmas decoration! Sounds good? Go now and check how to make those colorful button ornaments!

9. Snow Globe Ornaments

Snow Globe Ornaments

Every year we enjoy the beauty that every single snow globe contains! Why shouldn’t we try making one ourselves? Click on the blue words now and find out how to make one yourself!

10. Wood Slice Snowman Ornament

Wood Slice Snowman Ornament

Another easy craft to make by yourself! The wood slice snowman looks so cute on your Christmas tree that you will love to share that idea with all of your friends!

11. Farmhouse White Berry Ornaments

Farmhouse White Berry Ornaments

Learn how to make those pretty farmhouse white berry ornaments <—- here! Another easy to make a craft that you can hang up on your Christmas tree!

12. Teacup Christmas Tree Ornaments

Teacup Christmas Tree Ornaments

These Christmas tree ornaments are easy to make and pretty charming. Once you see them I bet you’ll head to the thrift store. You can find all kinds of teacups at the thrift store for less than 1$. The ornaments are unique and you might want to make a few for gifts or…. just for yourself.

13. The Grinch Christmas Ornament

The Grinch Christmas Ornament

Wondered if you can use your burned out bulb? Well, you can actually save some money out of it by turning it into a beautiful Christmas tree decoration! Check out how to make the grinch Christmas ornament!

14. The Sweetest Gingerbread House Ornaments

The Sweetest Gingerbread House Ornaments

If you have some mini terra cotta pots in your house that you don’t use anymore you can turn them into your new Christmas decoration (and maybe after that, you can make your flowers remind you for Christmas every time you look at them!) Don’t waste more time and look now a quick video of how to make those sweet gingerbread house ornaments!

15. Snowflake


Have you ever bought a book that you had big expectations for but it actually was a total scrap? Don’t worry… in this tutorial, you can see how to pull out the best by turning it into a snowflake!

16. Dollar Tree Farmhouse Christmas Ornaments

Dollar Tree Farmhouse Christmas Ornaments

Having a family member that you see only on the Christmas holidays? Well, that’s sad but hey!… look at the bright side! You can make those dollar tree farmhouse ornaments and leave both you and the person you want to surprise speechless by leaving the talk to those ornaments!

17. Glitter Ornaments

Glitter Ornaments

Here’s a fun Christmas craft to make with someone you love! Make DIY glitter ornaments to hang on the tree.  It is also a good way to save some money for decoration!

18. Air Dry Clay Christmas Ornaments

There’s just… nothing to say about these air dry clay ornaments. If you put them on your Christmas tree not only the fireplace will give you warm feelings!

19. Rolled Paper Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Rolled Paper Homem ade Christmas Ornaments

Who would’ve ever thought that paper could be used for other things than using it for a kindling only?! You should go now and check how to make those magnificent rolled paper ornaments!

20. From Scrap Wine Cork Stoppers in Wonderful DIY Christmas Ornaments

Scrap Wine Cork Stoppers

Are you keeping the corks from all the wine you have drunk? Well, good job! Their time for use again has come!

See how to make wonderful Christmas ornaments from scrap wine cork stoppers!

21. Beaded Snowflake Ornament

Beaded Snowflake Ornament

These beautiful beaded Christmas snowflake ornaments look so magical! A simple DIY wire bead snowflake ornament craft that infuses your Christmas with magic and both children and adults can enjoy!

22. Farmhouse Christmas Word Ornaments

Farmhouse Christmas Word Ornaments

Farmhouse style Christmas word ornaments, each measuring 2 inches long x slightly over 1/2 an inch wide. White chalk paint over wood then distressed and finally stamped with a Christmas word. Finished at the top with an eyelet, a small ribbon tie, and a jute hanger.

23. DIY Pine Cone Christmas Trees

Pine Cone Christmas Trees

So adorable!!! You can even paint them in different colors!

24. Ombre Christmas Tree Garland

Ombre Christmas Tree Garland

These adorable Ombre Christmas Tree Garland ornaments are so easy and fun to make! You could waste some of your time by helping your kids make this beautiful craft!

25. Candy Cane Sleighs With Candy Bars

Candy Cane Sleighs

These Candy Cane Sleighs are the best DIY Christmas gifts! They are so cute that you would want to eat them!  This adorable DIY holiday craft is the best gift that you can give to anyone you love!  Keep them in your car for those JIC (just in case) gifts!

26. Tea Light Snowman Ornaments

Tea Light Snowman Ornaments

These dollar store tea lights aren’t going to win any awards by tricking people into thinking they have a real flame, but they are PERFECT for these little snowman ornaments. Did you ever think a fake plastic flame could substitute for a snowman nose? I know I didn’t! But it’s pretty much exactly what a carrot would look like!

27. Paw Print Salt Dough Ornaments

Paw Print Salt Dough Ornaments

Your home pet could also help you with creating your Christmas decorations! These adorable paw print salt dough ornaments are fun to make with your kids and pets!

28. Reindeer Rice Krispies

Reindeer Rice Krispies

This is one of the cutest dessert recipes for the holidays you’ll ever see! These Reindeer Rice Krispies require a few extra ingredients but they are worth it!

29. No-sew Sock Snowman Craft

No-sew Sock Snowman Craft

Ever wondered what you can do with your one sock remaining after it came out of the washing machine alone? This no-sew sock snowman craft is certainly something to try.

30. Pompom Christmas Pudding

Pompom Christmas Pudding

This lovely little pompom Christmas Pudding is really simple to make – use a mix of brown and black wool to get the perfect curranty mixture or make it simple and just use one color of brown and one color of white for the icing.

31. Pinecone Elves

Pinecone Elves

One of my favorite things about these elves is how versatile they are. Not only can they be tied on the tree for an ornament, but you can also tie them on some twine as a garland. You could even just set them out and let the kids play with them!

32. Frosty Pinecones

Frosty Pinecones

Did you know you could use the pinecones that you collected, for other things than only using them for kindles?! Those frosty pinecones will remind you all year for the beautiful winter and are great for hanging on the Christmas tree!

33. Knitted Christmas Tree Banner

Knitted Christmas Tree Banner

This adorable Knitted Christmas Tree Banner is quick and easy to knit. This banner looks beautiful! You could either hang it on your tree or make it longer and put it on a wall.

34. Paper Plate Santa Claus

Paper Plate Santa Claus

As well as fun, this craft offers children a brilliant fine motor workout, and ith just a few materials, this is a great Christmas craft to try at home or within a preschool/ school setting.

Sound good? Get started!

35. Mickey Christmas Balls

Mickey Christmas Balls

“I think the ones you buy at the Disney Store are glass and slightly nicer, but for the price and the very small amount of effort required, I am very happy with how these turned out!” – chantelledoll

36. Olaf Frozen Pom Pom

Olaf Frozen Pom Pom

No Christmas tree would be complete this year without a little Olaf Frozen magic. From just a humble white pom and some scraps of felt and googly eyes, you can create a smiley Olaf for hanging on the tree, or a bedpost, or even use as a backpack charm.

37. Light Bulb Ornaments

..Who would have ever guessed a light bulb could be that useful…Really cute idea..! Check out how to make those light bulb ornaments yourself now!

38. Silhouette Christmas Ornament

Silhouette Christmas Ornament

This homemade silhouette Christmas ornament is super easy to craft and makes your soul energy higher. This simple ornament is definitely worth making with your children!

39. Handprint Reindeer Christmas Ornament Craft for Kids

Handprint Reindeer Christmas

My favorite type of homemade Christmas ornaments is those that make a special keepsake. This handprint reindeer Christmas ornament is another way to remember how little your child once was. It will always serve as a special memory each year as you decorate your Christmas tree!

40. Handprint Santa Salt Dough Ornament

Handprint Santa Salt Dough Ornament

I bet you would have a great time making this Handprint Santa Salt Dough Ornament with your kids!

This is a fun project for kids of all ages as hands of all ages will look cute!

41. Easy Twig Reindeer Ornament

Easy Twig Reindeer Ornament

This ornament requires very few materials, one of which can be found for free on the ground. This craft would be perfect for a group of children as it’s self-explanatory, promotes fine-motor skills, and is simple.

42. Paper Straw Christmas Tree Ornament

Paper Straw Christmas Tree Ornament

Get crafty with the kids this holiday season with these darling decorative paper straw Christmas tree ornaments! Follow along with Courtney from Crafts by Courtney as we create this cute and inexpensive Christmas kids craft!

43. Festive Crafts with Cupcake Liners

Festive Crafts with Cupcake Liners

Cupcake liners actually look very nice in that shape! It is also a good idea to paint them by yourself… If you’re a good artist!

44. Personalized Wood Christmas Ornaments

Personalized Wood Christmas Ornaments

You’re maybe already tired of crafting? Let your Christmas stockings make a statement and stand out with these personalized wooden name tags! It would make for a unique Christmas tree ornament as well! Have a gift or ornament exchange this year? This would be a perfect present! Each is hand-lettered and custom made by me and hung from gray and white striped ribbon.

45. Buffalo Plaid Ornaments

Buffalo Plaid Ornaments

This is a listing for a set of custom made a mason jar lid ornaments!

46. Mini Woodland Wreath Ornament

Mini Woodland Wreath Ornament

These tiny wood slices are lovely! You could also come up with a lot of ideas while making it!

47. Snow Globe Ornament

Snow Globe Ornament

“I found these amazing large plastic ornament balls at Michaels. They’re great because they open up down the middle.”

“I think this one might be my favorite! I could definitely see more plays on it as well. So cute!”

“So cute! This would be such a great project for my kids and me to do every year… Thanks for the inspiration!”

“I find my vintage-looking cars at Howland Trading. Here’s the link:

48. Mercury Glass Christmas Ornaments

Another amazing craft that you could make easily by yourself!

49. Paper Snowflake Christmas Ornament

Paper Snowflake Christmas Ornament

These would look so cute on the Christmas tree…or a few grouped together in a bowl…just think of all the things you could do. Maybe some tiny beads instead of sequins…different colors and patterns and shapes of cardstock…

Or something a little dressier? A shimmery red and silver tablescape idea, perhaps?

“What a great idea, I’ll bet my granddaughters would really enjoy making these. Thanks for sharing.”

“LOVE THIS!! I can’t wait to show and make with my 6-year-old granddaughter. Thank you for sharing.”

“I love the ornaments you make. I can’t afford to join but thank you for the free patterns/directions. THANK YOU!!!”

50. Wine Cork Reindeer Ornament

Wine Cork Reindeer Ornament

“So cute! I’m sure I can make a few corks available before Christmas… :)”

“Adorable idea! I need to drink some wine to make some of these. ;)”

“That’s what you have been doing with all that wine you’ve been drinking! These are adorable Cristina! Pinning!”

Those were some of the comments under the tutorial of how to make these beautiful wine cork reindeer ornaments! And I’m afraid to tell you… that this article is over… I hope it was helpful for you and your friends! Wish you all the best and get yourself to work on some of these beautiful Christmas ornament ideas!

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