50+ Unique Thanksgiving Wreath Ideas To Decorate Your Door | DIY Thanksgiving Wreath

If you are looking for an awesome item to welcome warmly your beloved guests to autumn and your home on Thanksgiving Day, please don’t ignore the idea of hanging a front door wreath. This decoration features a brilliant arrangement of many kinds of rust leaves, pine cones or even fall flowers, pumpkins. These unique wreath creations are completely suitable for all occasions and seasons

We compiled the ultimate list of 50 best amazing thanksgiving wreath ideas from the traditional style to the modern one that fits all kinds of home. Also, there is something here for everyone’s budget, so let’s discover now and then share it with your friends!

50 Unique Thanksgiving Wreath

1. Fall Flower Wreath!

If you are keen on nature, welcome you to the world of flowers that make your life more lively and romantic a lot! Each item owns its color combination from many kinds of fall flowers like sunflower or hydrangea which creates a chic look for your house.

Fall Flower Wreath 1

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Fall Flower Wreath 2

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Fall Flower Wreath 3

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Fall Flower Wreath 6

Credit to decorhit.com

Fall Flower Wreath 7

Credit to coachdecor.com

2. Pumpkin Wreath

Absolutely Pretty! It’s the perfect accent and suitable for the white theme to brighten up your front door. It comes with some white and orange pumpkins and floral. These wreaths are great and I make sure that you will receive many compliments from neighbors on a glam Turkey Day.

These grapevine wreaths mix with not only the cutest gold white pumpkin accessories but also the bow or fall leaves. The delicate grapevine on this wreath is wrapped around a natural, twisted branch with a checked bow to get noticed from home visitors in fall. They are very full and beautiful. There is no doubt that these masterpieces should be on top of my recommendation list!

Pumpkin Wreath 1

Credit to etsy.com

Pumpkin Wreath 2

Credit to decoarchi.com

Pumpkin Wreath 3

Credit to homishome.com

Pumpkin Wreath 4

Credit to skillofking.com

Pumpkin Wreath 5

Credit to farmhousemagz.com

3. Fall Truck Wreath

This wreath uses a variety of greenery, sunflowers, green leaves, bows, and a white or black metal vintage truck as decorations to make a glam farmhouse. This special colorful wreath will make your front door or backdoor pop on this occasion. With the proper design from the well-known brand sassydoorswreaths, any sunlight exposure or rain cannot decrease its longevity that allows you to save a lot for the next seasons.

Fall Truck Wreath 1

Credit to etsy.com

Fall Truck Wreath 2

Credit to sassydoorswreaths.com

Fall Truck Wreath 3

Credit to pecansthomedecor.com

Fall Truck Wreath 4

Credit to sassydoorswreaths.com

Fall Truck Wreath 5

Credit to sassydoorswreaths.com

4. Sunflower Wreath

Fall Sunflower Wreath will improve the atmosphere in your home or office in Fall!. This Thanksgiving twig wreath also features welcoming bows. The golden hues of big, yellow sunflowers are reminiscent of a burst of sunshine to your front door; that’s perfect for the Thanksgiving season. I am sure that these wreaths just make you smile all day!

Sunflower Wreath 1

Credit to indulgy.com

Sunflower Wreath 2

Credit to ebay.com

Sunflower Wreath 3

Credit to etsy.com

Sunflower Wreath 4

Credit to etsy.com

Sunflower Wreath 5

Credit to etsy.com

5. Fall Scarecrow Face Wreath

This is definitely a fun wreath for those who love the straw scarecrow. This lovely wreath can be used for indoor or outdoor placement. However, in case it is shown outside, it needs to be prevented from sunlight exposure or rain to keep it beautiful for many seasons. Made from a straw hat, this wall hanger has a charming hair style and so cute smiling face, what a creative wreath!

Fall Scarecrow Face Wreath 1

Credit to etsy.com

Fall Scarecrow Face Wreath 2

Credit to goodsgn.com

Fall Scarecrow Face Wreath 3

Credit to ag.bolgehaber16.com

Fall Scarecrow Face Wreath 4

Credit to etsy.com

Fall Scarecrow Face Wreath 5

Credit to artsandclassy.com

6. Autumn Grapevine Wreath

Designed with the traditional circular grapevine wreath, some fall leaves adorned with ribbon, it is fit for the wood door that makes it feel more natural. This Thanksgiving wreath turns a normal front door into a good impression on your friends, relatives when coming into your home.

Autumn Grapevine Wreath 1

Credit to thetarnishedjewelblog.com

Credit to etsy.com

Autumn Grapevine Wreath 2

Autumn Grapevine Wreath 3

Credit to trendytree.com

Autumn Grapevine Wreath 4

Credit to etsy.com

Autumn Grapevine Wreath 5

Credit to etsy.com

7. Hydrangeas Wreath

Let’s check out other ideas for Thanksgiving’s outdoor wreath this Autumn!

Are you interested in Hydrangeas? If so, try it! That is a perfect combination of artificial hydrangeas with faux pomegranate berries and autumn leaves.

It is colorful and very creative. Thanks to this mixture, your home visitors are likely to enjoy a masterpiece hanging on the front door. So why don’t pay for it?

Hydrangeas Wreath 1

Credit to hhgdecor.com

Hydrangeas Wreath 2

Credit to etsy.com

Hydrangeas Wreath 3

Credit to etsy.com

Hydrangeas Wreath 4

Credit to etsy.com

Hydrangeas Wreath 5

Credit to shopwildthings.com

8. Bow Wreath

The beautiful bow wreath is made with a deluxe ribbon with many beautiful colors from the vintage to the modern style. Any decoration will be perfect for the Autumn with the presence of the check ribbon. Black and white striped ribbons are very popular materials in the bow to add the perfect compliment.

Bow Wreath 1

Credit to etsy.com

Bow Wreath 2

Credit to etsy.com

Bow Wreath 3

Credit to endip.com

Bow Wreath 4

Credit to etsy.com

Bow Wreath 5

Credit to etsy.com

9. Fall Leaves Wreath!

This elegant fall Thanksgiving wreath will make you the envy of your neighbors! Why? Needless to say, Fall Leaves are definitely a sign of saying “Hello, Autumn”! Along with pumpkins, pine cones and grapevine, it also includes golden, red leaves popping on the green layout of dried grass.

Fall Leaves Wreath 1

Credit to housebeautiful.com

Fall Leaves Wreath 2

Credit to goodsgn.com

Fall Leaves Wreath 3

Credit to farmfoodfamily.com

Fall Leaves Wreath 4

Credit to wreath.teknolovizyon

10. DIY Wreath

Are you planning to create a unique wreath by yourself in this season? If not, let’s consult some of my ideas to make own Thanksgiving crafts with your family! I believe you will be engrossed in it. Some wax leaves, some pumpkins, some fried fruits, ribbons and of course don’t forget some fall leaves, let’s show off your creativity on these special occasions!

DIY Wreath 1

Credit to skillofking.com

DIY Wreath 2

Credit to etsy.com

DIY Wreath 3

Credit to trendytree.com

DIY Wreath 4

Credit to grillo-designs.com

DIY Wreath 5

Credit to hikendip.com

DIY Wreath 6

Credit to etsy.com

The Bottom Line

Now, it’s time for you to choose at least one, take it and hang on your front door or backdoor to grace your home on this Thanksgiving Day.

Has my list inspired you a lot to own beautiful wreaths and centerpieces and make your own Thanksgiving pop out? So, check my post usually to update new creations and unique wreaths and don’t forget to share with your friends!

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