Give them the biggest smile by getting them the Best Christmas Toys for Kids

Give them the biggest smile by getting them the Best Christmas Toys for Kids

That is where the hard task begins. You have to balance between figuring out the best Christmas Toys they absolutely love without let them know that is what you want to get them. Otherwise, you will have ruined the surprise since they would know what to expect.

There are currently mountains of options when it comes to kids Christmas toys. You just have to figure out what is best for your boy or girl this Christmas.

Kids tend to be meticulous when it comes to their toys, what may seem cute and nice to you may be a boring toy to them.

For sure, you would not want to have a sulking kid this festive season. That is one sure way to ruin the festive mood. So to get you going this Christmas season this article will explore the best Christmas toys for boys and girls and give you the best ideas.

The easiest way to figure out the best Christmas toys to buy is to look at their passion and talent.

Your daughter or son usually has one specific activity that he cannot stop doing. From playing football, singing, drawing and many more activities you cannot miss finding something.

Then there is what they aspire to be when they grow up. There are toys for aspiring astronauts or the wannabe policeperson.

The truth is if you are keen enough, you will realize the ideas you have been fretting about have been right in front of you the whole time.

Nothing beats the feeling of seeing your kids face light up as they tear into their gifts during Christmas.

As a parent, the most fulfilling moment is seeing your kids at their happiest. Especially, when they get the gift they absolutely loved and wished to have.

Best Christmas Toys for Kids

Choosing Christmas gifts for girls

Choosing the best Christmas toys can be a daunting task. Girls pay more attention to details and their toys tend to be a bit complex.

Gils also tend to hold on to their toys for longer. Sometimes, they may even hold on to them into their adult years. For them, there is a sentimental value to the toys.

That is why some of their toys include baby dolls and Teddy Bears.

Therefore when buying your daughter a Christmas toy, take into consideration their sentimental value. Girls also prefer toys that are bright in color.

Avoid toys in dull colors like grey or black.

When it comes to girl’s Christmas Toys, shun the ‘loud and noisy’ toys. There is a very big difference between a Karaoke Machine and an action-packed screeching Transformer Robot toy.

Girls prefer the organized noise as opposed to the action-packed chaotic noise that boys love so much.

In addition, girls prefer toys they can spend time within their own personal space. For them, the toy is more of a friend and playmate as opposed to it being a plaything.

Get her a toy she will have fun being around it for the whole day and not get bored. When it comes to getting a toy for your Princess, it is like finding her a play partner she will cherish for a long time.

These are just some guidelines to follow and not rules. If your daughter would prefer a black colored bike, do not hesitate to get her what she likes. She may also be into zooming remote-controlled toy cars that she cannot seem to stop talking about it.

If that is what will make her Christmas the best yet, then get her best Christmas toy.

Choosing the best Christmas toys for boys

Choosing a Christmas toy for boys should be an easy task. Boys are not as meticulous and do not pay too much attention to details.

All they want is an action-packed toy that the can run around with and show off to their friends. Most of the time, noise and activity-filled toys will be the best one.

Additionally, boys tend to get bored with their toys after a short while. When this happens, they will discard it after a few days and move on to the next toy.

Therefore, it is imperative that you get then a Christmas toy that will keep them on their toes for as long as possible. Consider getting him complementing toys; an action-packed toy that will run around with it and when he is tired, another one that he can play with in a stationary position or in a small space.

For instance, you can buy him a monster truck electric toy car for outdoor driving and a Transformer Robot to play with in the Livingroom.

That way he will always have something to play with regardless of the time of day. It is also a good way to have him slow down and rest while not letting him get bored.

Generally, getting your son, nephew or friend a Christmas toy for boys should not be rocket science. Look out for what excites him most and what he loves doing.

Boys will also improvise on some of their toys. It is common to find boys going vroom with a small pack and driving it around the house like a car. Other times, they will be shooting an imaginary gun or kicking things all over the house like a football.

All you have to do now is buy the real thing and watch him jump with excitement.

Many toys are also unisex hence are ideal Christmas gifts for both boys and girls. Do not limit your imagination to Christmas toys perceived to be gender-specific. Be open and consider several ideas.

Top 24 Best Christmas Toys for Kids

Let us now review some of the best Christmas toys for kids.

Camping play set from FUN LITTLE TOYS

With this camping play set, the little ones do not need to go into the woods to camp. You can even invite friends to come over for a Christmas sleepover. The set comes with binoculars, torch, lamp and other survival tools for a real camping experience.

[su_image_and_price imagetitle=”Camping play set from FUN LITTLE TOYS” imageid=”71Vu51D5rmL” productid=”B07KKB4LFM”]

Keyboard play mat from CLICK N’ PLAY

This exciting mat comes with the sounds of a variety of instruments. It has up to eight sounds from different instruments like clarinet, piano, guitar, banjo, violin, saxophone, xylophone and trumpet. With the variety of sounds, it is a fun mat to play with this Christmas.

[su_image_and_price imagetitle=”Keyboard play mat from CLICK N’ PLAY” imageid=”71OF%2BIU%2B7jL” productid=”B00ZIW4AZ6″]

Kumikreator Jewelry Maker from COOL MAKER

This jewelry making kit lets kids explore their creative nature. It is easy to use and fun. It is ideal for girls who like making their own jewelry. Help them fulfil their creative potential by making their own bracelets and necklaces and for all family members.

[su_image_and_price imagetitle=”Kumikreator Jewelry Maker from COOL MAKER” imageid=”91i3EUpNYFL” productid=”B07NMN6F94″]


Let this Christmas be a time for some beach fun without having to leave the house. The play sand is purple in color. In addition, it is kinetic making it stick together preventing any messy spillage. You no longer need to worry about the house getting dirty as they build their sandcastles. It comes with amazing container shapes.

[su_image_and_price imagetitle=”Play sand from NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC” imageid=”91i0vQlwpyL” productid=”B01MFGKGOA”]

Tough trike Tri- cycle from FISHER PRICE HARLEY DAVIDSON

This tri- cycle is a fun Christmas toy to have. As an added advantage, it is a unisex toy. The tri- cycle is small enough the little ones can easily ride it in the Livingroom and out through the driveway as they head outside

[su_image_and_price imagetitle=”Tough trike Tri- cycle from FISHER PRICE HARLEY DAVIDSON” imageid=”71QYCRGwIIL” productid=”B004UU9ZB6″]

To gun from NERF BLASTER

Instead of having him shooting an imaginary gun, get him a ‘real’ gun this Christmas. This is a nice way to sharpen their strategy and aiming skills. The gun has safe parts that cannot injure kids on impact. However, the small parts can be ingested hence it is not suitable for kids below three years.

[su_image_and_price imagetitle=”To gun from NERF BLASTER” imageid=”71KW6B2pV8L” productid=”B07MZHYMM1″]

Convertible Barbie Glam from BARBIE

Give her Barbie dolls an upgrade by getting them a nice convertible car to riding around. The car is classy and glittery keeping in line with the trendy looks of the Barbie Dolls.

[su_image_and_price imagetitle=”Convertible Barbie Glam from BARBIE” imageid=”71uvdfBpGuL” productid=”B01JMYPFUE”]

Singing Elsa Doll

The doll based on the famous Elsa character from the frozen II animation movie is quite a hit. Elsa only needs a little press and she will belt out the “Into the Unknown” hit song from the famous movie. She comes with beautiful braids and comes in a cute blue dress.

[su_image_and_price imagetitle=”Singing Elsa Doll” imageid=”81irXwC2xeL” productid=”B07MM2R5DR”]

Treasure X Aliens

How about a slimy alien for your little space obsessed alien lover? It is nice treasure hunting toy since it has hidden alien toys in the big alien. They can cut open the alien to reveal slime. Digging in the slimy belly, they will find a treasure of toys.

[su_image_and_price imagetitle=”Treasure X Aliens” imageid=”61Auo5CUpjL” productid=”B07NSP5TNR”]

“Made to move” Barbie doll

Currently, this is the trending Barbie doll kids cannot have enough. The Barbie can be bent in a number of ways and make her pose in a number of cool positions. Every part of her body seems to be able to move. You can even get her the convertible Barbie car and she will ride it to her yoga sessions.

[su_image_and_price imagetitle=”“Made to move” Barbie doll” imageid=”71vmLCvJZeL” productid=”B015EB27VY”]

LEGO Set for Harry Porter Knight Bus

This is a nice Christmas for kids who are Harry Porter fans. It has over 403 LEGO pieces, different mini- games embedded in the LEGO Set and a number of other fun activities.

[su_image_and_price imagetitle=”LEGO Set for Harry Porter Knight Bus” imageid=”81zvdQdE3zL” productid=”B07Q2WRZ4T”]


This is a pleasant Christmas toy gift for Batman fans. It is remote controlled and can move in a number of directions. It can move backwards, forwards and spin in a 360-degree motion. In addition, it has cool lights, shoots projectiles and rises up and down like the batmobile in the movie.

[su_image_and_price imagetitle=”Batmobile” imageid=”71TKlt4O1WL” productid=”B07MFRCV4H”]

Wall climbing toy car

This is a nice Christmas toy gift for boys who love remote controlled toy cars. This toy car can climb up walls; drive across the window and onto the ceiling. This Christmas, he will be driving all over the house delighted by his new gravity- defying super car.

[su_image_and_price imagetitle=”Wall climbing toy car” imageid=”81fxyVptR7L” productid=”B07QFSN3S3″]

Lion king Simba toy by FURREAL
Is you kid is always asking for a pet, this is the perfect rehearsal before he or she gets the real one. He is the cute lion cub from the famous Lion King Movie. It reacts in more than 100 different sounds and motions. It will be like having a real pet lion cub.

[su_image_and_price imagetitle=”Lion king Simba toy by FURREAL” imageid=”91p68KyLaoL” productid=”B07MC8TCGL”]

Toothless Hatchimal

Kids Christmas gifts should be gift-wrapped nicely. With the Toothless Hatchimal, you have a free Christmas gift-wrapping. Toothless is the dragon from the famous animation movie, How to Train Your Dragon. When he is aggravated, he will hatch from his shell. His eyes light up and he can do a number of things. Your kids will have fun playing with this interactive dragon toy.

[su_image_and_price imagetitle=”Toothless Hatchimal” imageid=”91m5fIcIcPL” productid=”B07NFSW8BX”]

Arendelle Castle

This is the best trending castle play set this year. It is five- foot tall, has seven different room sets and comes with 14 different accessories to decorate the castle. The castle was inspired by the castle in the famous frozen movie complete with the light show from Northern Lights.

[su_image_and_price imagetitle=”Arendelle Castle” imageid=”81ldQpFzeoL” productid=”B07M7KW1LS”]

Hot wheels Race Track

This is another Christmas toy gift idea for toy car lovers. Your kids will surely love this racetrack. You can set it up in twenty different ways to create cool stunts. It also has a play- in app with challenges, which lets you earn reward.

[su_image_and_price imagetitle=”Hot wheels Race Track” imageid=”71Tv7OB6GfL” productid=”B07MX1XZLT”]

LOL 2- in- 1 Glamper

So far, LOL are the best adventure Christmas toys maker. This Glamper has over 55 surprise play items when you unbox it and open it up. You can fling it open to reveal ten different play areas. In addition, it is very mobile since it is still a vehicle complete with lights and sounds. This Christmas, why don’t you surprise your kids with this nice Christmas toy?

[su_image_and_price imagetitle=”LOL 2- in- 1 Glamper” imageid=”814ySq6UL7L” productid=”B07PT4GTR9″]

LOL Fashion Dolls

A nice collectable toy dolls is the perfect Christmas gift for girls. She can collect up to five fashion dolls. If your Princess is a fashion lover, this is the Christmas gift for her.

[su_image_and_price imagetitle=”LOL Fashion Dolls” imageid=”81Ur0NiPubL” productid=”B07PPRVSYM”]

Monster Jam trucks

This monster trucks never become less fashionable. This remote controlled monster jam truck is the best Christmas truck for boys who are truck fans. Its five feet tall frame gives it the ability to drive over any obstacle you put on its way.

[su_image_and_price imagetitle=”Monster Jam trucks” imageid=”91K65Qo56nL” productid=”B07NFQT9WT”]

Nail Stamper from Go Glam

There is no better way to end this Christmas toy picks for kids. Ideally, this toy is for the older kids of 8- 10 years. For the fashionistas, why not bring the nail salon closer. Let her paint her nails in five different patterns. It comes with 125 cool nail arts that will make her nails cute and trendy.

[su_image_and_price imagetitle=”Nail Stamper from Go Glam” imageid=”81KP04FYtVL” productid=”B07PHTWLNJ”]

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