Birthday Gift for Unofficial Relationship

What are the best birthday gifts for an unofficial relationship? It is important to find a present that your partner will enjoy and appreciate, but it also has to be appropriate. You don’t want to give them something too personal or intimate if you really don’t know each other that well yet. Take a look at these considerations for birthday presents for an unofficial relationship.

Things to mind about birthday gift for unofficial relationship

1. Consider the person’s hobbies

This is a good question to ask yourself when choosing any gift for someone. What do they like? Do you know what their favourite things are, or what they might want more of in their life? It’s also helpful if the present can be used by them as well; it’s not always easy to find a birthday present that suits both parties!

  • If your spouse loves playing football, you can always get them a new football.
  • If they love going to the cinema, you could buy tickets for their favourite film and take them on an outing one day this week.
  • If your partner has no hobbies or interests that you know of, it might be worth looking in to some online dating sites – such as OkCupid – which offer personality quizzes targeted at finding out who likes what kind of things. It should make it easier to find gifts for your spouse-to-be!
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2. Know their style and personality

This is your chance to get creative with your gift-giving.

If you know what kind of person they are and have a good idea about their style, then it’s easier to find them something that suits them perfectly!

  • For example, if this person loves the outdoors and physical activity, tickets for an outdoor adventure day might be perfect.
  • Or maybe they enjoy cooking – a cookbook would make a thoughtful present

3. Check out what they’ve been talking about on social media lately

If you have a social media account with your partner, check out what they’ve been talking about lately. They might be into something new that you don’t know anything about – this is the perfect time to find them some related gifts!

  • If they keep sharing posts of some fashion brands or even a new TV show, then you know it’ll make a great birthday present.
  • If they’ve been talking about their love of cooking recently, find them a cookbook or some ingredients to try out together – and buy yourself something too!
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4. Consider your budget

There’s no reason to break your bank on one gift because we have plenty of options for you here.

Low cost gifts for an unofficial relationship:

  • Gift cards from places like Starbucks
  • Tickets for anything that your partner likes doing (the cinema? The gym?)
  • A lot of people really enjoy receiving vouchers to spend in store on things they need, but don’t have the money to afford at this time; clothing stores are always good as well.

How about more expensive ideas? You can go with a gift that lasts for a while and doesn’t have to be used immediately – such as

  • Jewellery.
  • A new scarf or gloves might sound like an odd present, but people often wear these items all the time when it’s cold outside!

5. Get creative

  • Draw a birthday card from them and write as many prompts for gifts within it – this is an easy way of making their day so much more special!
  • You can also ask them about things they want or need, but don’t have money for right now. Why not gift some of those items to your partner? They’ll appreciate you even more than usual when they receive something that’s been thoughtfully chosen by someone else.
  • How about giving them a personalized photo album with photos from all of your favorite memories together? I bet it will touch their hearts.
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6. Some extra tips for unofficial relationship

  • Try not to think in terms of couples or marriage when choosing presents as gifts; instead try and picture yourself at twenty years old. What do you like? What excites you? Would any of these things interest this person too?
  • Don’t buy stuff just because you think they’ll like it. Give them what you would want for your own birthday!
  • Avoid anything too intimate or personal, to do with the bedroom or sex – this is a good rule of thumb when thinking about any gift in general, but it’s particularly relevant here because these acts are usually reserved for people who have more than just an informal relationship.
  • Make sure that whatever present you buy has longevity; something to enjoy over months and years rather than days and weeks. They say that ‘the best presents leave room for other gifts’, so if he/she likes books then get him three instead of one new book (or even better – keep buying them!)


I hope this article has helped you in your search for a birthday gift. It’s tough to find the perfect present, but there are many options and ideas that can help make it easier! If you have any other questions about choosing appropriate gifts, please feel free to leave them in the comments below. Good luck on picking out an awesome present for your friend or family member!

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