35 Interesting Gifts for Chemistry Nerds: Reviews and Buying Guide

Science is not for everyone, but for whom consider science to be their favorite subject then you are already one step ahead of figuring out the perfect gift for them. If you get a little deeper and find out that within science, chemistry wins their hearts then you are all set and ready to go. You will be able to find the perfect gift for your friends and loved ones that they will appreciate your efforts and gifts.

Here are some gifts you can choose from to give you inspiration or to help you figure out which one is best for you to purchase for your chemistry loving folks.


gifts for chemistry folks

To look for the right gift for your loved ones, you first need to know what you are looking for. You’ve already got that down because you know your loved one loves chemistry. With that in mind, you already have a feel for the kind of gifts they like.

The second thing you need to know or remember is who you are shopping for. Are you looking for a gift for an adult, a teenager, or a child? This will narrow down your options to find the gift that is appropriate for whoever you are gift shopping for.

Custom Wedding Stationery Invites


Credit to Pinterest

If you’re ready to send out wedding invitations to your friends and family members and you want it to represent you to the fullest, you can get these chemistry themed wedding invites! Your friends and family will know who it’s from instantly. These are for the chemistry lovers at heart. (See what gifts you can receive at your wedding here)

Periodic Table Teacher’s Wall Clock

Periodic Table Teacher’s Wall Clock

Credit to etsy.com

Is your chemistry teacher your favorite teacher ever? You can thank them for your fun-filled education on your favorite subject by giving them this periodic wall clock. They can use it to decorate their classroom and be reminded of what a great student you were. (More gifts for your professors are suggested here)

Caffeine Beaker Mug

[su_image_and_price productid=”B009P8C600″ imageid=”71YTlA-XeyL” imagetitle=”Caffeine Beaker Mug“]

This caffeine beaker mug is a great gift to give to your teacher. If your chemistry teacher is your favorite out of all your teachers, then you can give them this mug. There is a caffeine molecule that is printed on one side of the mug and there are measurements on the other side that goes up to 350mL.

Chemistry Pint Glass Set

What a great way to drink your brewed beer. If you know someone who loves beer and chemistry, then you already have all the answers to a perfect gift!

Chemistry Pint Glass Set

Credit to cognitive-surplus.com

This glass set of three has all the molecules illustrated on the class of all the different ingredients beer is made from. Quench the thirst of your chemistry loving drinking friend that will appreciate this gift.

Adrenaline Cufflinks

Does your loved one love to dress up frequently in suits and dress shirts? You can give your chemistry loving loved one adrenaline cufflinks to spice up their outfit occasionally.

[su_image_and_price productid=”B078JHMFL2″ imageid=”613wr1bxUxL” imagetitle=”Kooer Adrenaline Dopamine Serotonin Marijuana THC Molecular Formula Cufflinks Custom Chemistry Formula“]

They are made from silver-plated cufflinks and the clasps are sturdy and can be used for everyday use.

Chemistry Infuser Flask

What is the purpose of tea if you can’t have it in a chemistry infuser flask?

Chemistry Infuser Flask

Credit to cognitive-surplus.com

You can help a friend out by giving them this flask to put their tea in and remind them of all the tasty flavors that tea is made from with the molecules which surround the flask. Not only will they be able to enjoy their tea on the go, but they will have a little something to remind them of why they love tea so much. (If your chemistry nerd is also a tea-lover, check out this article for more gift ideas)

Never Trust an Atom Mug

For the loved one that can’t seem to put the coffee down. This ceramic mug has a picture of an atom in the front of it with the words “never trust an atom, they make up everything.”

Never Trust an Atom Mug

Credit to etsy.com

This is a funny little message that your chemistry loving friend will like.

Periodic Table Nerd Decor

Periodic Table Nerd Decor

Credit to etsy.com

This is a great gift to give to a college student, so they can decorate their dorm with things that they love. Using the periodic table elements, the poster spells out “nerds” and what a better way to express yourself in your new space.

Throw Pillow

[su_image_and_price productid=”B071GCNCQW” imageid=”91bvUbRKpcL” imagetitle=”Ambesonne Science Throw Pillow Cushion Cover, Science Theme Hand Drawn Style Chemistry Laboratory School Classroom Illustration, Decorative Square Accent Pillow Case, 18 X 18 Inches, Umber White“]

You can gift this pillow to someone who likes to decorate their home with pillows. They can decorate their couch with this chemistry-themed pillow in their living room, so people can walk into their home and see what they like and what their personality is. This is a great gift for pillow and chemistry lovers.

Chemistry & Lab Science Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask

For the student that loves to take their favorite beverage on the go or for the teacher that can’t seem to get enough breaks to get a refill of their favorite flavored coffee.

Chemistry & Lab Science Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask

Credit to cognitive-surplus.com

You can give this stainless-steel vacuum flask to someone who needs a little pick-me-up every now and again during the day. This flask can hold cold and hot beverages and keep them at the same temperature throughout the day.

Molecular Coasters

[su_image_and_price productid=”B00D61R9OA” imageid=”8152qPN7-AL” imagetitle=”Ethanol Molecular Structure Coaster Set – Chalkboard Image – 4 Piece Set – Neoprene – Neurons Not Included”]

Coasters are a great way to keep your tabletop from getting wet from the moisture your glass emits when it holds liquids. You can gift this to someone that loves to keep their tabletop clean and love chemistry. The molecular coasters are decorated with the structure of ethanol and are 4 x 4 inches in squared shape.

Caffeine Molecule Mug Set

Caffeine Molecule Mug Set

Credit to pinterest.com

How about a set of four mugs that are decorated with the caffeine molecule? There is no way your mug loving friend can say no to that especially if they are enthusiasts about chemistry. They can put whatever they want into these mugs and drink comfortably as they relax or do their daily tasks. (Explore more gifts for coffee-lovers here)

Periodic table Connecting Tile Set

[su_image_and_price productid=”B008AK6FVA” imageid=”713tc3JkPBL” imagetitle=”ETA hand2mind Periodic Table of Elements and Chemistry, Connecting Tile Set”]

You can’t go wrong with letting your kid learn and memorize the elements of the periodic table. If you know your kid is passionate about chemistry, then gift them this set to have fun with figuring out the order of the periodic table while doing it on their own. This way they will be on their way to be the greatest chemist ever!

Think Positive Chemistry Humor T-shirt

[su_image_and_price productid=”B076CW1N53″ imageid=”41NvlHFf82L” imagetitle=”Think Like A Proton Stay Positive Chemistry Humor T-Shirt“]

These “think positive” shirts come in men, children, and women sizes. You can gift man, woman, and child this shirt if they are lovers of chemistry. It gives off a humorous but motivational message. You will be able to put a smile on their face while reminding them that positivity is the key.

Chemistry Themed Cooking Gear

Chemistry Themed Cooking Gear

Credit to thekitchn.com

What is a better way of cooking if you don’t have chemistry-themed cooking gear? You can make cooking fun for someone who loves chemistry by letting them pretend they are conjuring up a chemistry experiment while they cook their favorite meals.

Organic Formula Chemistry Dress

[su_image_and_price productid=”B01JOPPV4G” imageid=”51QZdz%2BwmyL” imagetitle=”CowCow Womens Organic Chemistry Formula Mathematics Sleeveless Dress, XS-5XL“]

A new dress in someone’s wardrobe is never a bad thing. You can gift someone you know who loves chemistry a dress they can wear casually on a nice day. The dresses come in many colors and they can be able to show off how much they love organic chemistry while accessorizing the dress in a way that makes them feel comfortable.

Chemical Compound Herb & Spice Labels

Chemical Compound Herb & Spice Labels

Credit to compoundchem.com

Do you know someone who has a collection of herbs and spices in their kitchen? Instead of them having the regular labels on their containers or whatever they have their spices and herbs in, you can gift them with these cool chemical compound labels to satiate their love for chemistry. Now, they won’t pick up the wrong spice or herb they want to use.

Chemistry Terrarium Kit

[su_image_and_price productid=”B06XD81ZZC” imageid=”61SrCC2aZuL” imagetitle=”SUCK UK Chemistry Terrarium Kit”]

Decorating your home with plants gives your home a nice touch. If you know someone that grows plants and take care of them, you can give them this terrarium kit. They will not have to keep buying plant pots to put their plants in. They can use the kit to create a mini garden where their plants with a window on the side, so they can have easy access to water their plants.

Chemistry Spice Rack Set

Chemistry Spice Rack 14-piece-Set

Credit to moarstuff.com

Instead of using regular jars and containers for spices, you can give this spice rack set to a loved one that can’t seem to find enough space for the spices they use on a daily basis. With this rack, they have space for 14 spices. It comes with 9 test tubes, 3 lab flasks, 1 large flask, and a metal rack that includes the labels.

Periodic Table Backpack

[su_image_and_price productid=”B07G7ZQ2Y2″ imageid=”71eMdu%2BqQoL” imagetitle=”HUGS IDEA Children School Bag Periodic Table Print Backpack + Thermal Food Lunch Boxes + Pen Case”]

For the kid that finds love in chemistry. You can gift them with this backpack that has the periodic table all around. They will be able to start school in style and tell everyone about their new backpack. The backpack is also paired with a thermal lunch box with the same design. Who needs to buy school lunch when they can pack it in this lunchbox!

Periodic Table Element Key Chains

Periodic Table Element Key Chains

Credit to etsy.com

You can gift this to a loved one with their name spelled out using the periodic table. This is a great gift for anyone who loves chemistry. You will be able to be personal with this gift and let them know you are thinking of them. When they look at their keys, they will always remember you. The chain is made from American Black Cherry Wood.

Beaker Wine Glass

[su_image_and_price productid=”B015JONSC8″ imageid=”41SLrPfRbNL” imagetitle=”Periodic Tableware Beaker Wine Glass”]

Instead of using the traditional wine glass to sip your favorite wine. There is another way you can enjoy your wine. You can give this beaker wine glass to someone that loves wine and drinks it whenever they get the chance. There are measurements on the side of the beaker and it is great for a science lover, preferably a chemistry lover.

Periodic Table Birthday Card

Periodic Table Birthday Card

Credit to cafepress.com

You will be officially remembered for giving the best birthday card to your loved one. Already knowing that your loved one loves chemistry; this periodic birthday card will make them the happiest. They will appreciate your kind gesture for remembering what they love and trying to make their birthday special.

Engraved Periodic Table Cutting Board

 Engraved Periodic Table Cutting Board

Credit to pinterest.com

Cooking and chemistry seem like a great combination. There is always something new to try and make. If your friend loves to cook and chemistry is their passion, then you are on the right path to giving them the perfect gift. This cutting board is engraved with the periodic table and you will be giving them the opportunity to cook and study the periodic table as much as they want to.

Chemistry Necktie


Credit to etsy.com

For the one who likes to show their passion on the outside. You can give this necktie to the man in your life that loves chemistry and likes to dress up. He can wear this on interviews, holiday parties, or even when he just wants to look good. This tie is handmade and stitched made from Italian wool. It is also a great gift for your anniversary. (More gifts for your first anniversary here)

Periodic Table Calendar

12-month chemistry table calendar

Credit store.acs.org

Learning is something no one ever stops doing. Each month of the calendar talks about a piece of history about the periodic table. By gifting a loved one with this calendar not only are you giving them a taste of their favorite thing to look at, but you are also giving them a little insight if they haven’t already had the knowledge about how the periodic table came to be.

Funny Cat Chemistry Shirt


Credit to etsy.com

This is the best of both worlds gift. The cat-loving friend that you have who also likes chemistry will love you forever! The message on the shirt is laced with cuteness and a touch of humor. This is a great gift for chemistry and cat lovers alike. (More gifts for cat-lovers here)

Infinity Chemistry Scarf


Credit to etsy.com

This is a great gift for science lovers. They will be able to keep warm in the winter an in the warm months, this scarf will be a great accessory to their outfit. You can gift this to someone you know who is a scarf lover and chemistry happens to be their favorite subject.

Men’s Science of Socks


Credit to sockittome.com

Why not wear your favorite subject instead of talking about how much you love it? A chemistry lover would love this gift as it is themed with their favorite subject. It goes well with any outfit they put together and they can show off their love for chemistry in more ways than one.

Molecule Ice Bucket


Credit to thinkgeek.com

Does your friend or loved one have get-togethers often? If someone needs ice, they can get some from this molecule ice bucket that will keep the ice from melting for long periods of time. This molecule bucket is decorated with the structure of ice and hydrogen and oxygen are labeled all around. The bucket is made from stainless steel and there is a tong that is included with this ice bucket.

Chemistry Bumper Sticker


Credit to zazzle.com

This is a great gift for any chemistry lovers who own a car. For the teacher that drives to school, the student that drives to class, and for anyone else that is a chemistry enthusiast. You can gift this to someone, so they can show the cars and people they pass by what their personality is. This sticker is waterproof and made from strong adhesive to make sure it does not fall off or get ruined by harsh conditions.

Funny Chemistry Glass Christmas Ornament

funny chemistry glass christmas ornament

Credit to neuronsnotincluded.com

Tis the season to be jolly! Gift this to the friend that has a sense of humor. This will be a great gift to start off opening Christmas presents. They can hang it on their tree and have a good laugh every time they see it. (More Christmas presents here)

DNA Necklace

DNA necklace

Credit to pinterest.com

Everyone loves jewelry, so why not gift someone with this DNA molecule pendant. There are different kinds of chemistry and if you know that your loved one is into biochemistry then you are in luck! They can wear this with any outfit and show off their love for their passion.

Chocolate Molecule Structure

chocolate molecule structure

Credit to etsy.com

Do you know if your loved one loves chocolate? If they do and chemistry is also on the list of their favorite things, then why not give them this as a present. This chocolate molecule is a poster that is downloadable. It comes digitally, and you will be able to download it and give it to your loved one. This is a great gift for organic chemistry lovers.

Dopamine Molecule Ring


Credit to pinterest.com

This trendy ring can be gifted to a loved one that loves chemistry. If they love jewelry specifically rings, then you have a great gift on your hands. This can be used as fashion jewelry and can be matched with a casual or professional look.

Searching for gifts for a certain group of people comes easy when you have all of the necessary information to be able to find a gift that is suitable for your person. Once you know what they are passionate about you can use that to help you. You can never go wrong thinking about someone’s passion. Use that to your advantage and you will be able to buy the perfect gift.

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