TOP 50+ Gifts For Brothers 2019: Badass Gifts for Every Kind of Brother

Brothers, annoying at a times, may have tortured you as a kid if they were older than you but they still remain your best friends.

They will be there for you, defend you when the need arises and because of that as annoying as they may be sometimes, you love them and as such, it can be hard trying to find the perfect gifts for brothers. But it doesn’t have to be that hard. You have so many options to choose from whether it’s DIYs or purchasing online.

Gifts For Brothers

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Why it’s a big deal getting a gift for your brother

Brothers are truly adorable for any sisters. They assist you to pass their time with childlike teasing fights.

Brothers are actually the one who influence the life of any sister leaving behind positive imprints into their mind as pleasing memories. Gifts for brothers, therefore, are a way to convey your thankfulness and emotions to them.

Things to consider when buying gifts for any man

The problem with gifts today is that there are times when the one buying the gift really doesn’t have an idea on what to purchase so here is what to consider;


The age of the person about to receive the gift is crucial. Their interest depends heavily on their age. For instance, you don’t get your 80-year-old grandfather basketball shoes.

A lot of people have overlooked the age factor when in fact this should be the number one consideration.


Hobbyists love to spend a great amount of time and money on things that they love to do. A hobby is a great factor to consider when giving a brother his gift because this gets into his head most of the time.


Men are mostly career oriented and they will do anything for them to be better at what they do during the nine to five shift. Even if it is just a pen, this gift will come a long way.

50+ Gifts For Brother

1. A brother birthday card

A brother birthday card

Is your brother’s birthday coming up and you are having a hard time deciding what gift you will get him? Well, sometimes, you don’t need to break the bank so that you can get the best birthday gifts for brothers.

Just a simple message will go a long way in showing them that you care and appreciate them as they turn a year older. And one such gift is this amazing brother birthday gift from Esty. The card is blank on the inside so that you can craft the perfect message to let them know how you feel.

2. Best brother customized mug

Best brother customized mug

If you are looking for that perfect gift for either your younger or elder brother or even brother in law, look no further than this customized mug from Etsy.

Your brother deserves to be appreciated and this gift will have him all smiles. It’s something he can always look at as a symbol of your love for him.

3. Here is to your future starter pack.

future starter pack

Are you looking for the best gift for your younger brother on his graduation or birthday? Give him the perfect start to life with this DIY starter park. It’s the perfect way to tell him you love and care for him and will always look out for him no matter what.

43. A customized photo frame

A customized photo frame

If you are celebrating your brother’s birthday and can’t seem to find the perfect gift for him, a simple message will go a long way. You can have a photo frame customized with a picture you took together and a simple message to remind him that no matter where you go you are always his number one fan. It is fun and something he will treasure for a long time to come. You can get one today at Etsy.

44. A funny portrait

A funny portrait

Are you looking for a last minute gift for your brother for his birthday? Why don’t you do a photo portrait of him only this time you get a funny one inspired by a cartoon character? He will always have you on his mind every time he looks at it hanging on his wall. You can place your order today at Etsy.

3. Personalized Hollywood walk of fame framed print

Personalized Hollywood walk of fame framed print

Make your brother feel like a movie star with his own Hollywood walk of fame framed print from Getting Personal. This is one of the best gift ideas for brothers to immortalize them.

It comes with a printed certificate. To make it even more personal, you can have their name printed on it and a special message for them. It’s a great gift that he can hang with all his other trophies and awards he has ever received.

4. A customized funny mug.

A customized funny mug

Are you looking for just the best gift for your brother either on his birthday or for Christmas? Put a smile on his face with a funny customized mug that he can remember you with every time he wants to take his coffee. It is unique and breaks the monotony of regular gifts that everyone else will be giving him.

4. A funny personalized message card

A funny personalized message card

Christmas is just a few days away and if you are wondering what gift to get your brother, why not make his day with a unique funny personalized message. You could have a message like “I’m smiling because you are my brother and laughing because there is nothing you can do about it.”

It has a nice touch and it’s a great way to break the monotony of regular gifts. He won’t be expecting it which is why he is going to treasure it for as long as he lives.

5. World’s okayest brother t-shirt

World's okayest brother t-shirt

When you are looking for a gift, finding something that the other person can use is one of the things you should consider. And this applies to even your sometimes annoying brother.

One such gift that you can get them is a customized “world’s okayest brother t-shirt” from Etsy. It’s perfect for every occasion from birthdays, father’s day to Christmas.

6. Engraved keychain

Engraved keychain

This is one of the best gifts you can get either for your brother or brother in law for any occasion. The keychain is lightweight and is engraved with a special message for him.

It is made of antique brass hence something he will be using for a long time to come. It’s the best way you can thank him for always being there for you. Get it today at Etsy at an affordable price.

7. Personalized official football shirt

Personalized official football shirt

Make your brother feel like a star player every time he wears his football jersey from Getting Personal. He may not be able to sit in a stadium cheering on his favorite team, but this shirt will make him feel part of the game.

He may have grown up dreaming about playing for his favorite team and now you can make his dreams come true or close enough.

8. Personalized football book for their team

Unleash the football fanatic in him by giving him a gift that helps him relive his favorite club’s glory days with this personalized football book from Getting Personal.

It is a football club history book that features all the newspaper highlights that have led them to where they are now over the last a hundred or so years.

From the biggest signings they have ever had to winnings and relegations, this gift is perfect for any occasion and will unleash a whole load of emotions as well as nostalgia.

9. Stormtrooper Star Wars Cufflinks

Stormtrooper Star Wars Cufflinks

Is your brother a Star Wars nerd? Make that special occasion for him even more special with just the perfect gift. These stormtrooper cufflinks from Etsy are a classic gift idea you can get to make him feel appreciated.

With this gift, you will help him relive his Star Wars fantasies and not to mention that he will treasure it for a long time to come.

10. His own mini arcade game machine.

His own mini arcade game machine.

Is he a fan of arcade games? Then this mini arcade game machine is just the perfect gift you can get him for his birthday or Christmas. The fact that it is handheld and has over 240 games will make him sing praises for you for a long time to come. Order one today for him from The Great Gift Company.

10. Personalized whiskey barrel

Personalized whiskey barrel

If your brother is a whiskey lover, then this whiskey barrel from Uncommon Goods is just what you need to make him feel appreciated. This unique barrel made of oak helps age any spirit to the perfect flavor.

The fact that its proportions are petite helps accelerate the aging process. If you are still looking for a gift for your brother whether for his birthday or Christmas, get him this barrel.

11. Stormtrooper drink decanter.

Stormtrooper drink decanter

If he is a fan of Star Wars, then get him this original stormtrooper glass drink decanter from The Great Gift Company. He will be the envy of all his buddies. And we love the fact that it can hold any drink from whiskey, wine, brandy and more. It’s the perfect gift for a brother who has everything.

11. A wooden beer holder with an opener

A wooden beer holder with an opener

Still on alcohol, if your brother loves his beer, he will live to appreciate this wooden beer holder with an open on the side from Uncommon Goods.

He will appreciate it, even more, when he is purchasing his singles at the convenience store before heading out to hang out with his boys. It is just one of those gifts for brothers who have everything.

12. Mini beer pong.

Mini beer pong

If you are looking for just the perfect gift for your beer lover brother, you can’t go wrong with this mini beer pong from Uncommon Goods. The game is fun and he can take it with him everywhere. The beer pong has been crafted and differs from the real game in that it offers so much fun with the launching catapults that come with it. The cups are also strategically arranged and a magnetically held cap at the center keeps the balls in place.

13. A stone drink dispenser.

A stone drink dispenser

Give him something he will live to treasure like this stone drink dispenser also from Uncommon Goods. The dispenser has been designed to look like a real dispenser except his drinks will be trickling from a rock. The dispenser is equipped with granite and a tap that is stainless steel. The handle that is made from natural tumble stone makes it just magnificent.

12. A wooden iPhone charging station

A wooden iPhone charging station

The age of electronic mobile devices is characterized by the timeless and organic nature of the devices. Which is why this iPhone iPod charging dock from Uncommon Goods will make for the perfect gift for your brother.

The handcrafted wooden charging dock is made of the finest wood. If your brother is into vintage collections this charging dock will keep him singing praises about what an amazing sister he has.

13. The art of shaving starter kit

Do you have a younger brother? Introduce him to shaving with the art of shaving starter kit from Amazon. Even if he has just started shaving or is looking forward to the first time he will do it, this shaving kit is just one of those perfect gifts for a younger brother.

Help them look and feel their best because they deserve it for just being there for you in their own little ways.

15. Willow tree brother and sister.

Your brother has always been there for you and there are so many memories you have of them from when you were kids up to now. Show them that you treasure those moments with this willow tree brother and sister carving from Amazon. This gift is perfect for reflecting on the relationship you have with him and the bond that will always be there between you two.

14. A navy seal wallet

A navy seal wallet

Its Christmas time and probably you are looking for ways to give back to society. You are also looking for gifts for your loved ones. Kill two birds with one stone by purchasing this limited edition navy seal wallet from Huckberry.

With 10% of the proceeds going to the Navy SEAL Foundation to support navy SEALS and their families, your brother will always feel good carrying this wallet in his pocket knowing that he helped make the lives of the men and women in uniform and their families better.

15. An anywhere travel guide

This travel guide from Amazon comes with 75 cards to inspire his exploration. It has action prompts like one asking you to enquire from the person you meet their best street and then head there or writing down the best things about a city you visit and leaving it somewhere for someone else to find. It’s the perfect gift to encourage him to see things in a different way while at the same time exploring new places.

17. Funny samurai disguise flip t-shirt.

Everyone including your stubborn brother has a Ninja side to him. Unleash this with the perfect gift like this ninja flip shirt from Amazon. It’s funny and he will have the time of his life scaring you especially at night. It’s the perfect gift to encourage him to see things in a different way and express himself however he wishes.

18. Bottle opener keychain.

If your brother’s birthday is approaching and for the life of you can’t think of the best gift to get him that will show how much you appreciate him being in your life, then get him this amazing personalized key chain that is also a bottle opener from Amazon. We love how it comes with a sweet message for him. You certainly can’t go wrong with this if you are looking for gifts for brothers who have everything.

20. A ticket holder and diary.

A ticket holder and diary

There is nothing as important as preserving our most precious of moments whether it’s through a sweater, scarf or tickets to an important event. Help your brother do just that with this amazing ticket diary from Uncommon Goods.

Now he will be able to remember that front row seat to that important game or how he felt at the premiere of one of his best movies. This can be something he passes on to others including his younger siblings and kids to re-live some of his most precious moments.

21. Microwave popcorn maker.

Microwave popcorn maker

If your brother is the kind of guy who would rather sit and have a movie marathon weekend, give him something to look forward to during the next movie night with a microwave popcorn maker from Uncommon Goods. Now he can sit down and enjoy microwave popped popcorns that are just as healthy and tasty as stove popped ones.

16. An airplane carry on cocktail kit

You must admit that the best thing about flying is the airplane cocktails. If you are looking for the perfect gifts for brother in law, you can’t go wrong with this cocktail kit from Amazon. Now every time he travels, he will have all the ingredients he needs to mix the best cocktails before reaching his destination. The kit comes in a carry on tin, a recipe card, and a linen coaster to make them look extra fancy.

17. A neck pillow with a hoodie

There is nothing that can make you enjoy a long flight than a great neck pillow to help you catch some good sleep. This particular neck pillow comes with a hoodie to help the user feel even more comfortable because it covers the ears and eyes for better sound sleep. Get your brother this gift from Amazon and he will be looking forward to those long flights.

18. An electronics organizer

It’s very difficult for organizing electronic accessories, especially when traveling. That’s why one of the best gifts for brothers is this electronic organizer from Dot & Dot. It’s perfect when he is traveling and with it, he can perfectly pack his chargers, USB cables, power bank, adapter, phone, earphones and any other gear he may need.

19. DSLR SLR camera bag

If your brother is into photography, chances are that a DSLR SLR camera bag has been on top of his mind. It is the perfect gift for any occasion. The camera bag is big and has room to store all his photography equipment when he is traveling. It’s the perfect care package and one he will always treasure. You can purchase this gift today at Amazon.

20. A portable Water-Resistant Outdoor Safe

If you are looking for one of the best gifts for your bother, this portable outdoor safe from Amazon is perfect. The fact that it attaches to objects such as strollers, beach chairs, boats, and even bikes will ensure that his most precious of belongings are secured whether he is swimming at the pool, waterpark or at the beach. No more hiding all his belongings under towels and chairs when he has to swim.

19. Funny customized socks

Make his Christmas come early with these funny imprinted socks from Amazon. He will have the time of his life, sending you to get him things without saying anything. All he has to do is put his feet on the table and he will get anything he wants from beer to coffee depending on the message on the socks. They are funny, thoughtful, unique, and the best Christmas gifts for brothers.

23. A customized record label doormat

Personalized Record Doormat

Make him go nuts this Christmas or on his birthday with this customized record label doormat. It will look good on his doorstep and can be the envy of his friends. What we love about this gift is that you can customize it with either your name or his and your choice of album title. To make it even more special, it would look better if you personalized it with a choice if his best label and his name. You can get it today at Uncommon Goods.

Gifts for the sporty brother

21. Hickies shoelaces

The no-tie hickies shoelaces are one of a kind and they have been designed to help the user adapt to life on the move. And whether he is traveling, running or training these shoes will fit perfectly and not to mention make him look great. Get this gift for your brother today on Amazon.

22. Evaporative cooling towel

If you are looking gift ideas for brothers, look no further than this evaporative cooling towel from Amazon. The towel uses super evaporative PVA material to soak up all moisture and in the end providing instant cooling relief. If he is into camping, yoga, hiking, biking, running, and the likes, he will appreciate this gift. You can even go ahead and couple it with a collapsible water bottle.

23. Bocce outdoor ball set

If your brother is the ultimate outdoorsy type, then get him outside with this outdoor bocce ball set. It’s one of the best gifts for younger brothers especially. The set includes everything that they will need to start playing as soon as possible with friends no matter their skill level. You can get it today on Amazon.

25. A cashmere sweater

A cashmere sweater

If you are looking for the best gift for your brother, then get him this cashmere sweater from Everlane. With it, he has something he can always wear to dates or even at that holiday party you always hold at your parent’s home. It classic and it’s just one of those gifts for your stylish brother that he will live to appreciate.

26. A workout journal by Claudine Gandolfi

If your brother is one of those guys who spends a lot of time on his physique, then it’s only right if he is able to keep track of his progress. This daily fitness log on Amazon will keep him motivated and focused on the goals he wants to accomplish.

26. A sports water bottle

Whether your brother is an avid Crossfit athlete, runner, or just someone who loves hitting the mountain trails, it’s important for him to stay hydrated for his general body fitness and wellbeing. This water bottle, in this case, can act as the perfect gift if you are struggling to find your sporty brother a gift worthy of his interests. It’s just the right size for him to take to the gym, camping, on a run, or even to the office and you can get it on Amazon.

Gift ideas for the beer lover

27. Beer bottle loft

If your brother is a beer over and you are looking to get him just the right gift for his birthday for instance, then consider this beer bottle loft from Amazon. It features magnetic strips that are ideal for securing a six-pack perfectly to the fridge ceiling freeing up space. The strips adhere to any spot with heavy-duty peel-and-stick adhesive.

28. 4 set playbook glasses

Football Playbook Glasses

Still, haven’t found the right gift for either your sporty brother or brother in law. Consider this 4 set playbook glasses from Uncommon Goods. The playbook glass set is imprinted with simple football formation graphics giving toss back, shotgun and blitz a whole new meaning.

29. 50 states beer cap maps

If you are looking for the perfect gift for father’s day for that brother who loves his beer, then look no further than this 50 states beer cap map. He can use the map from Amazon for collecting caps from all his favorite beers to create a map of all the states. It’s fun and something he can do with his buddies every time and trust us, you will always be on his mind.

41. A personalized leather journal

A personalized leather journal

If your brother likes planning out everything, then this leather journal from Etsy is just the perfect gift you can get him. It is classy with the leather and a pen case to complete the look. You can get it today and have it customized with his name. There is no better way to show him you love him than with a personalized journal of his own.

30. Antique White Wood Beer Serving Set

Perfect for sampling a cross-section of similar or different styles of beer. This antique beer serving set on Amazon will add style to his home. We love the fact that one of its features is a caddy that has an antique finish that has been whitewashed for a trendy, vintage and rustic look.

31. Stainless steel vacuum insulated beer glower

The DrinkTanks Insulated Growler is the classic gift for any beer lover and your brother is sure going to appreciate it as a gift. It has a double wall insulation of durable stainless steel to ensure that beer stays as cold and as fresh as the moment it was filled. The glower comes with a cap that is vacuum tight and sealed to prevent leaks and help keep any carbonated beer tasting just as perfect no matter where they may be. Get it today on Amazon.

32. Johnny Catch Cup – Bottle Opener

Looking for the perfect gift for your brother? Get him this stainless steel bottle opener, wall mounted, with a plastic cup to catch the caps from Amazon. The cup is detachable for easy disposal of the caps.

33. Baseball whiskey chillers set

Baseball Whiskey Chillers Set

If your brother is a baseball fan, he will love pitching winning drinks with these miniature glass baseball chillers from Uncommon Goods that maintain the ideal temperature of spirits even without diluting the taste. Instead of ice, the baseball chillers can be used after putting them in the freezer for a couple of hours.

45. Wood Cookbook Stand.

Wood Cookbook Stand.

Let your brother take you back to those lazy afternoons enjoying grandma’s pasta with this wooden cookbook from Uncommon Goods. He can use it to prepare all the foods that you enjoy as a family. The cookbook is beautifully crafted from timber salvaged from ancient European buildings. This could be one of the best birthday gifts for brothers you could ever get him.

46. Wall mounted beer opener.

Are you looking for the best gifts for brother in law? Look no further than this wall mounted beer bottle opener from Amazon. Now they can easily open their beer without worrying about misplacing the bottle opener. And we love the fact that it comes with a magnetic cap catcher such that he doesn’t have to bend to collect caps every time he opens a beer.

Amazing gifts for the outdoorsy brother

34. Portable solar cooker

If your brother loves hiking and camping, this portable solar cooker is the best gift you can get them. It features a solar vacuum chamber for cooking. All he needs to do is load it with food and wait for it to cook. Food does not lose its flavor and its cooks in under twenty minutes. No more feeling hungry when he is our exploring.

35. Pocket utensil set

Pocket utensil set

Give your brother something he can use this festive season. This pocket utensil set from Uncommon Goods is just the right way to tell him how much you appreciate him. Whether he is hiking, on the road or just having his lunch in the office, this is going to be his go-to tool wherever he wants to eat. The utensil set has been built to appear like a folding knife and comes with a fork, a knife, spoon and an opener for his beers.

36. Instant portable fire starter

If your brother is the ultimate camping animal, then this portable fire starter from Amazon is just what he needs. No more inhaling smoke trying to get a fire started. It kindles wood to a robust blaze in two minutes or less and keeps it roaring with a few well-placed bursts of air when you add more fuel. This is just the perfect Christmas gifts for brothers that you can give him.

37. Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

What better way to complete a camping experience than with good music. If you are looking for that one gift for your brother, get him this portable wireless Bluetooth speaker from Amazon. The Bluetooth speaker features a powerful sound of 20W, has a pairing function for stereo and can connect at the same time two Bluetooth speakers for the perfect sound.

27. Jogging Sweats

There is no better way to show that you care than a pair of sweats for your brother from Lulu Lemon. With this, he doesn’t have to sacrifice his comfort every time he has to go for a jog. They are comfy and at the same time stylish making them one of the best gifts you could get him for Christmas.

28. 4-set guitar glasses

4-set guitar glasses

If your brother is a music lover and you are struggling to find a gift that he will appreciate, you can’t go wrong with this set of 4 guitar inspired glasses from Uncommon Goods. The glasses are imprinted with iconic guitars that reflect different music genres. This will make for a great gift for your brother regardless of the occasion

Gifts for the businessman

38. Otter wax leather care kit

When it comes to caring for your younger or older brother, a little appreciation goes a long way. And if you have been wanting to find your businessman of a brother the perfect gift that speaks to his interests, look no further than this otter wax leather care kit on Amazon. The kit contains everything he needs to ensure that his leather shoes stay just perfect during all his business meetings.

39. Retro flip down clock

Since time waits for no one, your brother will appreciate this retro flip down clock on his table. The clock is operated by gears and date can be adjusted manually. The stainless steel frame body of the clock will give his office a whole new look. If you want to get this gift, find it today on Amazon.

40. Notepaper roller

Notepaper roller

If your brother likes planning out everything, this notepaper roller, is just the perfect way of showing him that you care for him. It’s designed in a contemporary way such that it will look good on either a desk or a countertop. If he likes he can also hang it on the wall. Whether he is making his daily grocery list or writing notes for members of his family, this gift is just what he needs. You can get it today at Uncommon Goods

41. Sock of the month club

Sock of the month club

Sock Club has just the perfect gift you could ever get your brother to add some flair to his wardrobe. Maybe his sock drawer is starting to look a little out of place. Get him a few pairs to make his Christmas even more exciting. They are just the perfect gifts for older brothers especially and what better way to tell them you love them that with an upgrade of their wardrobe.

30. Shark inspired socks

Shark inspired socks

Have you always been cheeky with your brother? Is your life filled with memories of you getting in trouble with him and laughing it off? Make his birthday even more special with these funny socks from Uncommon Goods. You can buy him a few pairs just to revamp his wardrobe and to show him that you two can still be silly no matter your ages.

31. A vintage movie poster

A vintage movie poster

Whether he is into classics or latest movies, a movie poster will go a long way in making his day even more special. If you are looking for the best gift for him this Christmas or for his birthday, then get him this vintage movie poster from Etsy. The good thing is that you are the one who chooses the movie poster you want and as such can get him something that is in line with his interests.

Gifts for the aspiring chef

42. The smoking gun handheld food smoker

Got an aspiring chef in the family? Turn his dreams into reality with the smoking gun handheld food smoker on Amazon. With this, he will not need to presoak wood chips before he can smoke food. He also doesn’t have to wait for hours for food to cook. With the handheld food smoker, he can smoke anything from poultry, meat, fish and more.

43. Rotating pizza oven

The rotating pizza oven provides a fast and easy way to bake homemade, frozen, take-and-bake as well as deli pizza. It is also the perfect gift you can get him for preparing frozen convenience foods like jalapeno poppers, chicken nuggets, egg rolls, fish fillets, cookies, and cinnamon rolls. The rotating trays continuously turn for even baking. If he is into cooking he will appreciate this gift from Amazon.

36. The lazy man all frying pan

The lazy man all frying pan

Ask a majority of men what they detest most and they will tell you cooking. They would rather order take-away. If you are looking for just the perfect gift for that kind of a brother, this lazy man flying pan from Men Kind will do the trick. With it, he can cook all his breakfast, for instance, thanks to the five compartments. That way he doesn’t have to be stuck with so many dishes.

37. Customized wood organizing station

Customized wood organizing station

Is your brother always misplacing his things? Help him get more organized with this customized wooden dock organizer from Etsy. The dock can hold his phone, keys, glasses, watch, wallet, pen and anything else that is important to him. It can work for his office making it one of the best gifts for the businessman brother. You can even go ahead and customize it with his full name or initials.

48. His very own cooking set

This is the perfect gift for a brother or brother in law for their birthday or during Christmas. It comes with everything he will need to smoke all his meat either on charcoal or gas. It has a stainless steel box, a BBQ thermometer and wood chips of different flavora for tasty meat. You can order it today on Amazon.

Gifts For Your Stylish Brother

45. Magnetic tie clip

Since their inception, neckties have been plagued with sharp tie pins and flimsy tie clips. Normally, that flimsy tie clip will give the tie an almost incomplete look while tie pins tend to puncture permanent holes and in the end damaging the tie. If you are looking for the best gift for your brother, get him this magnetic tie clip from Amazon. Made of some of the strongest magnets, these tie clips will hold the tie firmly in place maintaining style and class. It’s the perfect gift for a stylish younger or older brother.

46. American giant classic hoodie

American giant classic hoodie

It is said to be the “greatest hoodie ever made” which is why your brother will look dashing in this custom developed cotton hoodie. With a premium metal hardware, the hoodies has just been tailored to fit. It will be something to add to his wardrobe and as a gift, trust me you are likely to be the best sister ever for a long time to come. You can get it today at American Giant.

47. Sperry authentic original shoes

He may have another pair but he will not refuse to accept another one pair of authentic original shoes from you. These shoes will empower the adventure seeker in him. They are made of genuine leather that has been perfectly sewn by hand to ensure that they last longer. It’s just that gift that he won’t be expecting at all so surprise him.

48. Handmade wood sunglasses

Classy, stylish and vintage. These hand-made wooden sunglasses on Amazon are just the perfect gifts for brothers. Made of genuine bamboo wood, they come with antiglare UV401 lenses. We love the fact that the frames are polished and also coated with water and sweat protective layer and unbelievably float on water. This way, even at the beach he won’t have to worry about losing his sunglasses ever again.

50. Classic ice ball makers

If your brother loves his drinks ice cold, then get him these ice ball makers from Amazon for his birthday or as a Christmas gift. They are elegant and will make him just the envy of all his boys. They do not crack and make the perfect balls for his whiskey.

40. A personalized wallet

A personalized wallet

There is nothing that is thoughtful as a personalized or customized gift. It shows that you put your thoughts into it and didn’t just buy it just to have a gift to give someone at the end of the day. If you are looking for a gift that will even bring you closer with your bother, a customized wallet will do the trick. You can customize it with his name on the front and a message at the back. You can get it today at Etsy.

Gifts for the gadget lover

49. Portable espresso machine

If he likes his coffee and gadgets, this portable espresso machine on Amazon is just what you need to brighten his day. It’s very light, compact and has an amazing design and powerful coffee extraction pressure for just the right espresso. The machine comes already equipped with a cup as well as a scoop. With it, he can grind his own coffee beans and has control over the quality of his coffee.

50. Tile slim item finder

Is your brother always misplacing his things? Then this item finder is just what he needs. The tile slim is as thin as two credit cards and it will slide perfectly into his wallet. He can also attach it to his tablet, notebook or laptop. He can always use his phone to make it ring when he can’t seem to find it. And if by any chance he misplaces his phone all he needs to do is press a button on the tile slim and his phone will ring even if it’s on silent. Amazing, right? Then get him today as a gift at The Tile App.

51. Cool golf finder glasses

ool golf finder glasses

Is he the outdoorsy type who would rather hang out with his buddies at the golf club? Then things just became easier for you if you are struggling to get him the perfect gift. Get him these cool golf ball finder glasses and he never has to lose another gold ball again. They work by filtering glass and foliage and what is left is a white ball glowing somewhere. Super cool, right? Order them today at Men Kind.

51. Rotation cell phone ring stand holder grip

If your brother is the kind that can’t seem to put his phone down then get him this rotating cell phone ring from Amazon. It’s simple but ergonomic, elegant and the design makes it look great with a fluid movement of the ring. The size of the hole is just perfect to fit his finger so as to hold his phone in place when he is using it.

52. Beard grooming and trimming kit

The Rapid Beard idea was born out of a belief that there was a need to change the grooming industry for men. With a belief that hair is more than just hair and that it’s your identity, the beard grooming kit was born. And it’s the perfect way to tell your brother that you appreciate all the little things he does for you. Trust us, he will be thanking you for months to come if you buy him this kit from Amazon today.

35. Beard oil

Beard oil

If for some reason he is on the “no shaving December” phase and getting him a shaving kit will not work, then help him stay well groomed despite everything with his own beard oil from Wolf & Badger. It is vanilla and mangoes scented for that heavenly fragrance while at the same time making his beard healthy and soft. Trust us, his girlfriend and dates will thank you later.


33. Google home mini

Google home mini

Looking for the perfect gift for your brother? Get him this mini speaker with built-in Google assistant if he is into tech and gadgets. He can amplify sound and the assistant is ready to assist with any questions he may have. It’s just one of those perfect gifts for younger brothers for instance and you can get it today from Urban Outfitters.

38. Game of thrones wooden music box

Game of thrones wooden music box

If he a fan of the greatest TV show of all time, make his Christmas special with this game of thrones music box from Etsy. It’s the perfect gift to show him you care. When opened it plays the game of thrones theme song. It will be a great gift that he can hold on to even long after the show is gone. It’s a perfect gift for an elder brother or brother in law.

In conclusion

Whether you are looking to show love to your brother – younger or older or your brother in law, you can say it in a gift. Whether on their birthday or during Christmas, you now have 50+ gifts for brothers you can choose from. And whether they are DIY gifts for brother or gifts for brothers who have everything, he sure will appreciate it. At the end of the day, it’s not about how expensive the gift is, but what matters is that it comes from a place of love.

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