Perfect Guide To The Best Retirement Gifts for Men

If you are trying to decide what the best gift idea would be for men, look no further. This guide will help you in deciding what a great retirement gift would be and where to get it. If you are looking for something super unique, we have that covered too. There are many different gift ideas that will be perfect for the retiree in your life, now it’s just a matter of deciding which would work best for him.

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Golf Club Set

There are many retiring men that would enjoy a great golf club set as a retirement gift. A great new golf set to start the new retiree’s life off right is an amazing gift idea.

Many men spend most of their days relaxing on a golf course and soaking in the sun. Without a care in the world, your retiree will undoubtedly enjoy the new hobby equipment that you have gifted.

Double Wall Manhattan Old-Fashioned Scotch Glasses

Gift your new retiree with a set of two double wall Manhattan old-fashioned scotch glasses.

Let’s face it, many retired men like to just sit in their chair at night and enjoy a nice glass of scotch. Help your retiree relax and unwind from a lifetime of work with this great gift that he will use time and time again.

Retired Baseball Cap

If your retiree likes wearing baseball caps, then what better gift than to get him a “Retired’ baseball cap.

The black and white cap will go with any attire while being a constant accessory to sporting events, around town, and while deep sea fishing. This is a great, simple gift that will definitely be used by your retiree.

Double Cigar Flask

Another great option for a retirement gift is a double cigar flask. This gift is ideal for the retiree in your life that loves a good cigar and a swig of the good stuff.

This gift is easy to carry in a jacket or pants pocket. The device holds two cigars and features another flask compartment. This retiree will be prepared no matter where he may find himself.

Travel Luggage

Give your retiree travel luggage to kick-start retirement. Encourage your retiree to go out and explore the world now that he has copious amounts of time to relax and visit those dream places.

This great gift idea will eliminate any excuses that could arise from your retiree concerning the lack of suitcases.

Bormioli Rocco 7-Piece Whiskey Set

The Bormioli Rocco 7-piece whiskey gift set is another great retirement gift recommendation.

This gift provides your new retiree with the perfect container to store his best whiskey and plenty of glasses to enjoy his whiskey with. This gift will bring your retiree and his friends together for a relaxing night around the poker table.

A Copy of “Purposeful Retirement”

A great book can be gifted to your retiree to give him a new outlook to his retirement.

The book, “Purposeful Retirement: How to Bring Happiness and Meaning to Your Retirement” provides your retiree with a lifetime of wisdom. This book can provide insight into living a happy retirement for years to come.

Golf Ball Shadow Box

A golf ball shadow box provides your retiree with the perfect addition to his home office to remember what he has accomplished in life.


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A golf ball shadow box is a great gift because it allows your retiree to keep a golf ball from each course he plays while retired. This great gift is perfect for golfers that strive to play on various courses throughout retirement.

Hand Carved Chess Set

Gift your retiree with a hand carves chess set. It will make a great piece in his den or other areas in the house. This beautiful piece will last for years to come and will keep your retiree’s mind sharp.

Engaging your retiree through the day with a friendly, competitive chess game will keep his mind focused and continuously enhancing his strategic abilities.

Retirement Gift Whiskey Glass

This retirement whiskey glass etched with “Retirement, Goodbye Tension, Hello Pension” is a great gift idea.

This funny whiskey glass will be used by your retiree and he can then reminisce on the years he spent working to make it to where he is at that moment in his life.

Brown Leather Glasses Case

It is no secret that as we grow older, our eyes tend to get weaker leaving us dependent on glasses for reading. Why not provide your retiree with the perfect gift to keep his readers safe?


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This durable brown leather glasses case is a great gift for the well-deserving retiring man. Now, he will always have a safe place to store his readers.

DayClocks Classic Day of The Week Fun Retirement Gift – Mahogany Wall Clock

Give your retiree the best clock in the world! A Mahogany wall clock that Displays the days of the week. This fun gift is perfect for the new retiree that does not need to pay attention to the time of day.

This fun gift would be a great addition to the décor in the retiree’s office, den, or bedroom. This clock will remind him that he does not have anywhere important to be now that he has completed his old work routine.

Retired New Management Apron

Now that your retiree has a lot of free time on his hands, he will probably want to host summer barbeques with his friends and their families.

This retired new management apron will definitely be used and remind everyone who comes around that he is retired and living life to the fullest. This apron will help to protect your retiree from the heat of the grill while displaying his current status across his chest.

Monogram Passport Cover

A monogram passport cover is a great idea for a gift to a retiring man.


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This beautiful passport cover will protect your retiree’s passport from damage while traveling to the various locations he always dreamed of visiting one day. The passport cover can be personalized making this gift even more special.

Travel Destination Map

A travel destination map is a great recommendation for a retiree that knows he wants to travel the world. This map will let him see everywhere that he has traveled during retirement and where he still needs to visit to add to the map.


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The map is framed and would make an awesome addition to the office, parlor, or anywhere else in the house where your retiree will see it and get inspired to visit more locations during retirement.

50 Awesome Things Retirement Book

Give the gift of retirement ides buy gifting the book: “50 Awesome Things to Do in Retirement”. This book will provide your retiree with the most fun-filled activities to do during his retirement.

These ideas will allow him to enjoy retirement and experience things he never thought he would have experienced before. This book can also provide ideas to activities that he never even thought of before.

Samsonite Golf Trunk Organizer

If you have an avid golfer that is soon to retire, why not gift him, with a Samsonite golf trunk organizer? This gift allows your retiree to better keep his golf equipment in one place and makes it easier to transport for various golf trips.

This trunk organizer will allow your retiree to know what he has for the relaxing sport and what he may need to purchase to ensure he has a good, relaxing game without missing equipment.

Retirement Business Cards

Retirement business cards are a funny gift for your retiree. This will allow him to provide those who ask for services a business card that displays his current availability.

This is a great gift for him to carry around and it will definitely make him laugh as he begins a new chapter in his life.

Personalized Leather Journal

A great gift to give your retiree with a personalized leather journal. Here, your retiree can keep notes and important information in one place and in a very elegant journal.

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The journal is pocket size so carrying the journal around all day is simple and easy. Personalizing the journal also adds a loving touch to the gift.

Retirement Keychain

How about gifting the newly retired man in your life with a simple keychain? A keychain can easily be used for any set of keys and shows that he will always be missed with the “No one can ever fill your shoes” message.

The message will no doubt go wherever your retiree goes and reminds him of the impact he has had over the years.

Grip 9-Piece Fisherman’s Tool Kit

Another common activity for retirees is fishing. Knowing this, gift the retiree in your life with a 9-piece fisherman’s toolkit.

The toolkit makes it simple for him to go out on the boat or to the dock and not worry about missing any tools while out enjoying his free time on the water. The kit provides him with the tools he needs to complete his relaxing activity worry-free.

Retirement T-Shirt

A retirement t-shirt is a great gift that can be worn for years to come by your retiree. A t-shirt is a great gift for anyone and the retirement display on the front makes for a badge of honor to be displayed wherever your retiree finds himself.

Record Player

A record player is a great gift idea for the retiring man in your life because it offers a beautiful sound to be played off of old records that your retiree may have.

This record is elegant and is easy to use. Gift Idea Land recommends the record player as an amazing gift idea to relax by and have a nice glass of whiskey. (Explore more gift ideas for music-lovers here)

Retirement Sign

Heartland Signs recommends a retirement sign that can be displayed for everyone to see. This sign lays out the rules to retirement and allows the retiree to remember to relax and just enjoy life.


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The hard days are over and nothing needs to be stressed over now.

Retirement Wish Jar

With a retirement wish jar, all of his friends and family can add wishes and hopes for the retiree. Each person can add funny and happy wishes for the retiree as he begins a new chapter in his life.

With the wish jar, he can read all the desires everyone has for him. He will always be reminded of how much he means to everyone’s life he touched throughout the years and read all the positives those close to him have to say.

Relaxed, Renewed, Retired Mug

A “Relaxed, Renewed, Retired” mug for the retiree in your life. The mug can be used every single morning as he reads the newspaper and not be in any hurry to go anywhere.

This mug will remind everyone in the room that he worked hard to be where he is now and that he earned the right to relax and not have a care in the world.

Beer Can Coolies

Keep your retiree’s beer cold with these coolies of cans. These great gift ideas will ensure your retiree’s beer in the can will stay cold wherever he may find himself throughout retirement.

If he is fishing, at a baseball game, or relaxing near the pool, these collies will keep his beer cold and your retiree happy. (Explore more gift ideas for beer-lovers here)

Personalized Wooden Watch

Treehut recommends giving your retiree with a personalized wooden watch for his retirement.


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This beautiful watch will undoubtedly be cherished by your retiree and will provide him with a very unique gift. There are many different watches to choose from an you will no doubt find the perfect watch that suits your retiree’s taste.

Genuine Leather Wallet

A genuine leather wallet for your retiree is a great gift idea. This wallet will provide protection for all of his hard-earned money while he is out in town, traveling the world, or just visiting a friend’s house during retirement.

This beautiful wallet is not only a great gift, but it is a gift with a purpose.

Retirement Office Ornament

A small, simple ornament can go a long way in reminding your retiree that there are no more trips to the office that need to be made.

This small, unique, and festive ornament to gift to your retiree is a great decorative piece that will remind your retiree about the time he served and how those long days at work are in the past.

Funny Retirement T-Shirt

This retirement t-shirt, suggested by TeeShope, is a great gift for the retiring man in your life.


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This tee allows him to show off his retirement status and features the saying, “Retirement, every hour is happy hour”. This will make the perfect gift for any retiree that enjoys a good t-shirt with a great message.

Whiskey Stones Gift Box

A whiskey stones gift box is a perfect gift for the new retiree as it will keep his whiskey cold without watering down the whiskey itself.

Protecting the whiskey from water, such as when ice cubes are used, the retiree can enjoy the whiskey nice and slow without worry of the drink becoming warm.

The Story of a Lifetime Journal

A “Story of a Lifetime” journal is a great gift for the retiree in your life that loves to write and wishes to share his story with his family and friends.


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Even if he does not want to share it, this journal provides him with the perfect place to tell his story to the pages within to remind him of what he went through and how he became so successful to make it to retirement.


A great idea for a retirement gift is the gift of a cold beer. BottleKeeper suggests providing your retiree with the perfect device to ensure your retiree’s beer remains cold throughout his relaxing activities whether he finds himself sitting on the beach, on the boat, or camping.

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This is the perfect gift for any retiree that just wants to relax and enjoy a cold one.

Retired Wine Tumbler

This retired wine tumbler is a great item for the retiree in your life that loves to drink wine. The tumbler is a great item to have when participating in relaxing activities throughout retirement.

The Tumbler has a lid as well to ensure the wine will not be spilled and keep it safe from debris.

Folding Stool with Gardening Tool Bag

A folding stool with a gardening tool bag for the retiree in your life that enjoys gardening is an excellent gift idea.

This stool will provide support for your retiree while gardening while also providing a bag to carry all the small, necessary tools. This stool is lightweight and a great alternative to gardening on his hands and knees.

Customizable Whiskey Barrel

Uncommon Goods recommends a personalized whiskey barrel for the retiree in your life. This gift offers a great place to age whiskey for your retiree to ensure the taste and longevity of the whiskey.

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The barrel is small enough to be stored on a countertop, a desk, or a bar. This barrel will make a great addition to the retiree’s alcohol collection.

Retirement Party Survival Hat

Throwing a retirement party? Well this retirement survival hat is a great gift to have the retiree to wear during his party.

This hat provides essential tools for surviving the retirement party and can even be used long after the party. This fun gift is perfect for any retiring man that you know.

Bucket List Wall Beer Opener

Provide your retiree with the wall mounted beer bottle opener. This bottle opener was suggested Jubilee Celebrations as a great retirement gift. The bottle open feature the words: “My Bucket List; Ice, Beer”.

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This wall mounted bottle opener will provide an easily accessible bottle opener to your retiree that he will use each time he grabs a cold one. More gift ideas for beer-lovers here.

Frame Clock with Retirement Message

A great retirement gift is a framed clock with a retirement message under glass. This beautiful piece will add elegant décor to the room of your retiree’s den, office, or living room.

This clock is a beautiful gift to remind your retiree that his job is done and now he can sit back and relax. He is able to do all the things he had dreamed of in the past.

Whiskey Dispenser

Art Design Studio CY recommends a whiskey dispenser as a perfect gift to your new retiree. With this gift, your retiree can pour whiskey from an awesome dispenser and add to the decor of his bar.

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This item is a great gift for any retiree that loves his whiskey and cool inventions related to his alcohol collection.

Engraved Flask

Gifting an engraved flask to the retiree is a great way to support his relationship while on the breach, at a sporting event, or while on the water.

This sophisticated gift is great for the avid traveling retiree that likes to slowly sip the good stuff while enjoying his retiree days.

Retired Folded Book Sculpture

Etsy recommends a retired folded book sculpture as a gift to your retiree. This sculpture is appealing to the eye and can add a unique touch to your retiree’s den, bedroom, or anywhere else around the house.

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Your retiree will no doubt love the sculpture for it being unique and probably being the only book that tells him what he likes to hear.

Retirement Pop Socket

Provide your retiree with a pop socket to securely hold his phone with one hand, while he has a beer in the other. The pop socket is a great gift for any retiree.

The pop socket features the saying, “I tried to retire but now I work for my wife”. This funny gift will definitely bring a smile to his face.

Retirement Clock Scalloped Corner Topper

Crafts U Print recommends a beautiful retirement clock scalloped corner topper to gift to your new retiree.

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This elegant clock displays “Enjoy Your Retirement” and sends one last wish to your retiree that he will look back on and smile to. This piece would be a great decorative addition to any room in his house.

Drone with Live Camera Feed

This is the perfect gift for any retiree that longs to see the world from a different point of view. The drone with live camera feed allows your retiree to enjoy his time out while observing everything from the sky.

The feed is projected on to a screen that is attached the remote control of the drone making this the perfect, exciting gift your retiree if in search of for retirement.

Personalized Beer Tote

A personalized beer tote is the perfect gift for the retiring man as suggested by Reimagine Brewing. This tote allows your retiree to carry six, 12-ounce beer bottles at once with a built-in bottle opener.

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This provides the retiree with the perfect way to carry his beer and have a tool to open the cold drink as well. The personalized message on the side will remind him of the years he spent working to get right here in life.


There are many different ideas out there that will be perfect gifts for the retiring man in your life. These gifts all are unique and will really provide your retiree with the warm feeling of knowing he left a positive impact on many lives throughout the years and that he earned the free time that he now has during retirement.

There are many other gifts that you can gift your new retiree, this guide is just to get your thinking caps warmed up and deciding what gift would be perfect for him.

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