100+ Good, Inexpensive Gifts for Coworkers [Updated 2021]

Whether you are obligated to gift everyone something or just blessed with some hard to replace work-buddies, picking out gifts for coworkers can prove to be a big, hassle-prone, daunting task.

We are here with a list of 35 gift ideas for your coworkers because we believe that you may not be fortunate enough to pick your coworkers, but you sure can pick out their gifts.

So, whether you need gifts for male coworkers or gifts for female coworkers, you are sorted with our list. It also features some great DIY and holiday gifts for coworkers.

How to Have a Good Relationship with Coworkers

When it comes to coworkers, it can be a little difficult to know if you’ll get along or not. However, there are a few ways you can improve your relationship with them. The first being to respect them.

Some coworkers constantly gossip or spread rumors about each other which makes the work environment toxic. By taking interest in your coworkers and striving to have a positive impact with them it can lead to a great relationship.

Another way to have a good relationship is to surprise them with gifts! These gifts don’t have to be expensive or take much time, but just the act of giving them shows that you care and are thinking about them.

What to Give Your Coworkers

If you’re interested in giving your coworkers gifts, it can be a little tricky to figure out what exactly to give them. One way to help limit your search is to consider the time of year you plan to give them the present. Is it Christmas? Is it a birthday celebration? These can help you to limit your gift choices down significantly so you can find the perfect one.

But it doesn’t just have to be a holiday to give your coworkers something. You might just be in a creative mood and want to make some DIY gifts. Or maybe you just want to give them something that shows you’re thinking about them. You can use this to help limit your search down as well.

You can also think about your coworkers’ interests. This can help you to create or buy the right gift for their preferences.

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You may need:

Fashionclubs Pack Of 12 Poo-leaf Green Grass-blade Pen

No products found.

If that office table looks too bleak and white, its time you added some green. A set of 12 pens, at just a few $, which are shaped like grass blades will add that little faux – foliage to your office surroundings and prove as a great gift for your eco-friendly and nature-loving coworker. This is a great idea for a cheap gift for coworkers. Check The Price

Evapolar Personal Evaporative Air Cooler and Humidifier

Buy from Amazon.com

The Personal Air Cooler is an evaporative air cooler that allows you to create your own personal climate. The whisper-quiet fan and soothing night light make it perfect to use throughout the night for a comfortable sleep. The built-in LED mood light can be set to any of its 7 color option, set to color-cycle mode or turned off with the touch of a button. This is the perfect gift for Coworkers for this summer!

Employee of the Month Parking Sign

Buy from Amazon.com

This is the perfect fun gift for your coworkers, especially for the one who in your perception is the permanent employee of the month. Appreciate your coworker’s hard work by gifting them this sign at an inexpensive price of $, which is a great fit as a Christmas gift for coworkers for when you need to choose something fun as Secret Santa. Customize it or make one yourself – a great homemade Christmas gift for your coworkers. Learn More

DIY Sugar Cubes

Have someone in mind that cannot stay away from tea and coffee? Here are some cute little DIY sugar cubes you can come up with – all you need is some granulated sugar and candy molds. A great handmade and DIY gift for coworkers, stack some of these up in a fancy jar and you get a unique gift for a coworker you wouldn’t mind gifting some sweetness to.

Color Changing Coffee Mug For Coworkers

Buy from Amazon.com

Just plain black in color when it’s cold, this magical mug will change color and reveal your design only when filled with a hot liquid. Just add your coffee or tea, and watch your images come to life in vibrant color.

Cubicle Guest Book

Buy from Amazon.com

This is a great gift for your under- and over-worked coworkers. If you know someone who is hardly ever in their cubicle or someone who is never free to make conversation, let them know of your humble visit through this guest book. Prompt them some information upon their return through this fun book which could become their offline keepsake very soon. Learn More

FUNNY GIFT! Supply Station Desk Accessory Holder by KitoDesign

Buy from Amazon.com

For that one coworker who is renowned for being a multitasker, this multitasking accessory and stationery holder is the perfect, funny fit. If your office space is filled with fun coworkers, they wouldn’t mind this one-of-a-kind holder at all. With a pen in its mouth, a handful of pens on his back, a roll of tape in his mouth and some paperclips beneath it, this is a perfect conversation piece

Kikkerland Clothespin Clip Light

Buy from Amazon.com

If you are blessed with a bibliophile coworker at your workplace, gift them this remarkable clothespin light – a gift they will treasure. The light serves as a bookmark and page holder as well besides serving as a book light. A good read is never far away with this amazing gift

SUCK UK Animal Sticky Notes and Page Markers – Blue Bird

Buy from Amazon.com

The twitter-fanatic at your office space deserves these cute sticky notes and page markers. Send around some chirpy messages around in your office about your project, brand, etc. and tweet with whoever you want – offline! A fun way to bond with your coworkers at the workplace, this is a fun gift that comes in duck and elephant shapes as well. Check The Price

Moodycards – Funny Office Gifts

Buy from Amazon.com

Who says you cannot communicate with your coworkers without actually speaking to them? A silent zone and employee deserves this quirky gift that enables them to tell you how they exactly feel by using over 30 of these mood cards. What’s more, it comes with an erasable pen and white board to let them decipher their own mood. This humorous gift could prove to be a great conversation starter too!. Learn More

Microfiber Screen Cleaner Mist For Phones, Laptops & Desktops

These all-in-one mist cleaners are perfect for someone with smudgy, dirty hands or someone with an acute case of obsession with cleanliness. Help them keep their computer and phone screens clean and clear with these ingenious mist cleaners that are alcohol and toxin free. Check The Price

Blah Button (Features 12 Hilarious Blah Phrases)

Buy from Amazon.com

This is the best annoying gift for the most annoying coworker on your team. If you have been looking for ways to counteract their annoyance, here is the perfect gift to give them a hard time. The button plays 12 unique and hilarious blah phrases in myriad tones and styles to poke some good fun at your coworkers. Check The Price

BigMouth Inc Countdown Timer – Happy Birthday (Blister)

A very thoughtful yet fun gift for someone at your workplace who is soon going to retire; an even fun gift for someone who can’t wait to retire but that day is not anywhere near. Get your coworkers excited as this clock counts the days, hours, minutes and even seconds to their retirement day. Learn More

Midland LXT118 22-Channel GMRS

Buy from Amazon.com

Have you found the perfect work buddy and are planning to gift him/her something nerdy and cool? Well, we have found you the best pair of Walkie Talkies to take the road to old school with. Whether your mobile works in your office building or not, this is a great idea to bond with your best friend at work and relive your childhood days. Keep that kid in your alive, eh?. Learn More

New Entertainment Desktop Golf

Buy from Amazon.com

Here’s a novel way for your golf-enthusiastic work buddy to putt away some of his tensions and work pressures with a little piece of this green golf course. A great gifting option for those quick, critical power breaks we all need once in a while. This golf set on your office table can soon turn into a not-so-exclusive golf club and get all your coworkers bonding in no time. Learn More

Rosebud Salve Tin, .8 Ounce

Buy from Amazon.com

These tiny tins, filled with the goodness of Rosebud, are the perfect valentine gifts for your coworkers. Show your love to them by ensuring that everyone on your team has soft, moisturized lips during meetings and those team karaoke nights alike. Check The Price

Kikkerland Tea Scented Erasers

Buy from Amazon.com

Get these tea scented erasers that come in a tea-carton packaging nonetheless, and gift them whole-heartedly to your coworkers. Erasing mistakes was never before so pleasing and fun. The tea scent will pull your coworkers closer to the cafeteria too while these erasers will be loved not only by your coworkers but their kids too. Check The Price

Business Etiquette For Dummies

Buy from Amazon.com

A fun way to tease the newcomer on your team or even poke some healthy jibes at your neighbor coworker who needs to learn a couple of business etiquette tools. Go through this handbook for dummies with your coworker and laugh at the advice, since you both know, no book can change the scenario here and get your coworker to start behaving formally

Spa Scrubbie and Tropical Bath Tea Soak

This is the perfect holiday, Christmas and valentine gift for your overworked and hardworking coworkers. This is a great DIY gift idea for your coworkers and for yourself to unwind and relax amidst some soothing and refreshing bath tea. Even a novice at sewing can come up with a decent looking scrubbie and some very easily found-at-home ingredients can help you make the bath tea soak

See more

18. Imagination Paperweight

If you are looking for the perfect gift for the most creative and imaginative coworker on your team, gift them this paperweight that has a beautiful quote by Einstein inscribed on it. Inspire the genius in them and decorate their desk/cubicle with this graceful paperweight with the wise words of Albert Einstein. Check The Price

Cowgirl Cookies

Have a coworker that is fond of baking? Or a coworker who just can’t keep their hands of cookies? The latter question would include the entire office I suppose! Gift this dainty jar of cowgirl cookies to them and help them bake an exquisite batch of fresh cookies which they can share with you and their kids and family at home. The perfect idea for a holiday Christmas gift for coworkers!

see more

Personalized Bobblehead

Give that one-of-a-kind coworker of yours a one-of-a-kind, personalized gift that is fun and adorable. Customize your coworker’s face on one of these bobbleheads that lets everyone in your office know just how cool and different they are. Not just famous personalities, your popular coworker can have a bobblehead of theirs too

Make your own

Water Balloon Luminaries

Some interesting and fun DIY gifts for your coworkers, water balloon luminaries/lamps are a really beautiful holiday gift idea for them. They are beautiful once made, and are so easy to build that you will want to make some extra ones for yourself and your other friends too. This is a really cool and inexpensive gift idea for your coworker which looks absolutely store made


Lasko #100 MyHeat Personal Ceramic Heater

Buy from Amazon.com

We all have that coworker who is ever ready to just switch off the entire air-conditioning of your office building. This is your chance to gift that perpetually-cold coworker of yours a small and affordable cubicle space heater. The perfect gift to extend some warmth and happiness towards your work buddies!. Check The Price

Lifelines Perseverance Kinetic Sculpture

I may not be there yet, but I’m closer than I was yesterday”- reads this beautiful Lifelines Perseverance Kinetic Sculpture  you can gift your coworker to keep him/her inspired to give out there best. Let them know how greatly you think of them and their work by gifting them this tabletop sculpture that brings a smile to their face. Check The Price

Post-it Cat Figure Pop-up Note Dispenser

Buy from Amazon.com

Want to gift a coworker something inexpensive and adorable at the same time? We’ve got the Cat Post-It holder for you that can very much personalize workspaces and blend in amazingly well with a formal work environment as well. Post-its are so important at your workplace, and gifting your buddies one of these unique ones will definitely light up their day. Learn More

BigMouth Inc Grenade Mug – Take a Number

Buy from Amazon.com

A subtle message to those unsuspecting, complaining coworkers about the complaint policies at your workplace; this unique ceramic mug shaped like a grenade is perfect to get your message across – stop complaining! This funny mug is also perfect for that coffee or tea that your coworker loves umpteen number of times in a day. Check The Price

Gifts & Decor Tabletop Zen Sand Rocks Candle Holder Rake Garden Kit

Buy from Amazon.com

A scented candle in a candle holder, some cute little stones, sand, rocks and a mini rake – the Zen garden is complete to give you or your beloved coworker a piece of peace in the workplace. This is the perfect gift for an overworked or peace loving coworker alike and you might want to get one for yourself as well. Check The Price

Desktop Dogs

Have a coworker who just dotes on dogs and animals in general? You can gift them the perfect combo of 3 magnetic desktop dogs to perk up their mood. Be it fetching a bundle of post-its or sticking with those paper clips they keep losing or holding pens in place, these dogs are the perfect gift for your coworker that they can place on their table

Spill Proof Coffee Cup Holder

Buy from Amazon.com

We all have those clumsy coworkers who can’t keep from spilling coffee, water and just any liquid onto important papers. Do them a favor and gift them this cup holder that sticks to their table and ensures no spill accidents. The clumsiest of people cannot knock this off the table!. Check The Price

TopCase Faded Ombre Series Wireless Keyboard for Macbook Pro

Buy from Amazon.com

Ombre is not just the trendy chic style in fashion and hair colors, but also in the world of keyboards. Gift an ombre keyboard protector to your fashion-forward coworker to help them and their keyboard stand out at your workplace. They come in various vibrant colors, are ultra slim and keep dust and spills away. Check The Price

Wine Glass Charms – Mustache

Buy from Amazon.com

These 12 wine glass charms feature all sorts of moustaches on them and are the perfect holiday gift idea for your coworker if they happen to be a wine connoisseur or just a wine lover. Select the perfect moustache style that matches your coworker’s personality and some more fun during drinks and dinner. Learn More

Bright Endeavors Candle

Candles are the most wonderful, beautiful and thoughtful gifts for coworkers be it holidays, Christmas, valentines or just any other day. Lemon tea, black currant, pumpkin spice and many more scents are available here, so pick one or a couple of these and brighten up your coworker’s day

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Pocket Notebooks Set

Buy from Amazon.com

These vibrant and playful notebooks are convenient enough to carry around the office and are apt for gifting to your female and male coworkers. Papers are such a hassle, but these cute pocket notebooks ensure that your coworker’s scribbled notes and designs are all safe in one place and add a streak of beauty to their table too. Check The Price

The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace

Buy from Amazon.com

If you are person of fewer words and more gestures, then here is the perfect gesture to tell your coworker how much you appreciate their hardwork and dedication at the workplace. Boost your work relationship with your coworker through this book that does all the talking and saves you the mush. Check The Price

6″ Executive Desktop Dart Set

Buy from Amazon.com

All work and no play makes everyone dull – girls and boys. So, add some fun to your office environment by gifting your sporty coworker one of these dartboards. Perfect for desktop installation, this dartboard is THE gift for those employees who just never grew up. Learn More

Knock Knock High Five Nifty Note Pad

Buy from Amazon.com

Give your coworker that classic high five and show it off with this high five nifty note pad. Don’t just high five amongst yourselves, exaggerate your coworker’s achievements in a fun way and elaborate their contributions in a clever and satirical way. Bring on some creativity to your workplace with this unique gift. Check The Price

Kikkerland Dino Memo Holder

Buy from Amazon.com

Your coworker does not need to be a paleontologist or Ross from Friends to deserve this cute dinosaur desk organizer! Gift them this desktop Tyrannosaurus Rex that stores their stationery, memo pads, notes, and clips, all in one place. Help your friendly coworker stow all their belongings without losing anything

Christmas baskets for staff

Small Yankee candles with a gift card hot glued on candy canes hot glued together to make a heart and some fun Christmas treats hidden inside. Small treat trays were bought in a three-pack and red and green confetti was in place

Best Christmas Gifts for Coworkers

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year and the perfect occasion to give your coworkers gifts. Better yet, many items are discounted so you can find some great deals. This means you won’t have to spend quite a bit of money on a gift or spend much time trying to come up with something on your own when making DIY Christmas gifts for coworkers.

Below are some great Christmas gift ideas you can gift your coworkers that are sure to pleasantly surprise them. They are affordable ways to show that you’re thinking about your coworkers during this time of the year. To find some festive ideas, keep reading.


​Many coworkers often have books scattered on their desks. With bookends, they can organize these items better to help prevent clutter. Bookends come in a variety of different styles so you can find something unique to give them that caters to their interests. Learn More

Pen/Pencil Holder

Buy from Amazon.com

​If you work in an office, you more than likely have numerous pens and pencils everywhere. This can make it difficult to find one to use, especially when you need to jot something down immediately. With a pen/pencil holder, your coworker can better organize these necessary pieces of equipment so they are at their disposal.

Business Card Holder

Buy from Amazon.com

A business card holder is a great gift to give to a coworker. This way, they can have their card when necessary to give to clients and don’t have to search for one.

Co-worker holiday gifts!

Take a pair of Christmas socks and roll them up. Then add nail polish, foot scrub, and toe separators. So easy and cute!

DIY Gifts for Coworkers

If you feel like using your imagination and creating a unique gift for your coworkers, you can gift them with a DIY gift. A Do-It-Yourself present will not only be fun to make but show that you put a lot of time and effort into your coworkers’ present.

These gifts don’t cost much so you don’t need to worry about buying a lot of supplies. If this sounds like a route you’d like to take, you’ll find some fun DIY gifts you can make below. They are easy to create and will surely surprise your coworker when you give them to them.

Dry Erase Board

Image credit: twotwentyone.net

You make can a small dry erase board to give to your coworkers so they can jot down important notes. To make it, you’ll need a small picture frame and a piece of scrapbook paper. You can place the scrapbook paper inside of the frame (as you would a picture) and secure the frame’s backing together. You can then give your dry erase board to your coworker, but don’t forget to attach a few dry erase markers with it.

Cookie Basket

Almost everyone loves cookies and you can make a large basket of them to give to your coworker. To make this cookie basket, simply buy a small basket and a few different cookie mixes. After baking the cookies, wrap them in colorful plastic gift bags and place them decoratively inside of the basket. Learn More

Hot Cocoa Mix

Credit: partywowzy.com

This hot cocoa mix is a unique DIY gift. To make it, you can take a few small plastic cylinders and fill each one with an ingredient needed for making hot chocolate. For instance, fill one with cocoa, another with small marshmallows, and anything else you think that will make a delicious cup of hot chocolate. DIY Now

​DIY Thank You Gifts for Coworkers

If you want to say “thank you” to your coworkers, you can do so in a few ways. Some might buy a card, while others might just verbally say their thanks to them. One of the best ideas though is to give them a gift. Nothing says “thank you” better than a thoughtful present.

These gifts don’t have to be expensive or take much time to make, but even the smallest of them can show that you care and appreciate what they’ve done for you. Below are some thank you gifts you can gift your coworker with to acknowledge their kind acts.

Goodie Bag

This simple gift can be a great way to show your thanks to your coworker. You can fill a decorative plastic bag with candy, a gift card, coffee packs, and other small things. Learn More

Succulent Planter

 Image Credit: Pinterest

You can give your coworker a simple planter filled with a unique succulent that they can keep on their desk to help brighten up their day. You can visit your local garden center to find one or make one yourself.

Donut Know

This easy and tasty gift is sure to be a hit with your coworkers. You can buy some donuts and individually wrap them up. You can then make a tag to attach to each one saying “I Donut Know What I Would Do Without Them.” Learn More

Thanksgiving Gifts for Coworkers

Thanksgiving is a time of the year where we give thanks for what we have. If you want to show your coworkers that you’re thankful for them, or just to wish them a Happy Thanksgiving, you can surprise them with a variety of gifts they can use both on this holiday and throughout the year.

These affordable items and DIY Thanksgiving gifts for coworkers will show that you’re thinking of them over the holiday. If you’re looking for some gift ideas to give them, you can check out these Thanksgiving gift ideas below. These DIY holiday gifts for coworkers are simple and easy to buy or make, making them the perfect gift choices.

Cookie Jar

You can share your love of fall with your coworkers with this gift. You can get a mason jar and fill it with cookies. You can then attach a small note on the side saying “It’s Fall Y’all” or “I’m Thankful for You.” Learn More

Indian Corn Favors

Credit: shakentogetherlife

These small treats depict colorful pieces of Indian corn. To make it, take a pretzel bag and fill it with fall-color candy pieces, like M&Ms. Tie the top off with a piece of a brown paper bag that has been cut to look like corn husks.

Nothing Bundt Thankful

You can buy or make a bundt cake and write a note on the top saying you are “Nothing Bundt Thankful” for your coworkers. Learn More

DIY Birthday Gifts for Coworkers

Celebrating birthdays in the office can be fun and a little hectic. However, this is one area in the office that many might seem a little hesitant to buy gifts for. Is the gift appropriate for the occasion? Will they enjoy it on their special day?

If you want to buy or make a gift for your coworker’s birthday, you can check out these three ideas below. They will help you to show that you’re thinking about your coworker on their special day of the year. Better yet, they are affordable so you won’t have to worry about investing too much in them.

Hands-Down are the Best

Buy a nice soap dispenser filled with a unique scent and attach a note claiming they “Hands-Down are the Best! Happy Birthday!” Credit: eighteen25.com

Something Out of the Blue” Pack

You can make this creative gift by filling a blue box with everything blue, like gum or drinks. You can write at the top “Here’s Something Out of the Blue, Happy Birthday!” It will be a huge surprise!

Joy Jar

To celebrate this special day, you can fill a jar with Almond Joys and call it a Joy Jar.

Goodbye Gifts for Coworkers

It can be difficult to learn that one of your coworkers is leaving the office. If you find that they are, it can be hard to find the right gift to show your appreciation for them and to wish them well on their future journey.

Because of this tricky situation, many often forgo finding goodbye gifts to give to their coworkers. However, you don’t have to worry about this any longer. These three going away gifts for coworkers are some of the best go-to options to use when you need to find a goodbye gift to give to an officemate.

Work Will Suck Without You

You can buy a large bin and fill it with lollipops. You can then attach a note saying that “Work Will Suck Without You.” Source: Pinterest

Donut Want to Say Goodbye

This play on words will be a hit with your coworker! Simply buy a box of donuts and label it with the clever phrase “I Donut Want to Say Goodbye.”Credit: Pinterest

New Job Survival Kit

Learn more: toandfroblog

If your coworker is leaving for a new job, you can gift them with this kit. You can collect items, like socks, a thermos, and a notebook, and put it inside a basket or box. You can label this a “New Job Survival Kit.”

Valentine Gifts for Coworkers

Valentine’s Day is one of the top holidays of the year where gifts and cards are given. But this can be a tough holiday as you don’t want to give gifts that might be considered inappropriate. If you’d like to give your coworkers a nice Valentine’s Day gift, look no further. Below you’ll find some of the best DIY Valentine gifts for coworkers you can give around the office to celebrate this holiday of love. You can make or buy these special items to show that you’re thinking of your coworkers on this chilly winter holiday without having to invest much time in them.

I Dig Working With You

This fun gift will show your appreciation for your coworkers. You can buy a small plastic shovel and place it inside a decorative bag that’s filled with candy. You can then create a label for the side saying that you “Dig Working with Them” and “Happy Valentine’s Day.” Credit: Pinterest

Personalized Candy Mugs

You can buy some affordable blank cups and write with a creative handwriting script your coworker’s name on each one. You can then fill the mug up with red colored candy. Source: Pinterest

Love Bug

To make this cute gift, you need to buy a chapstick tube. You can then glue some small googly eyes on the front and create antennas with pipe cleaners to make your “Love Bug.” Make It Yourself

Gag Gifts for Coworkers

Gag gifts are some of the most popular items to give out in the office, especially when it comes to White Elephant Christmas parties. However, these funny gifts for coworkers can sometimes be a little hard to shop for even though they are supposed to be one of the simplest kind of gifts to buy.

Better yet, they’re affordable, so you won’t have to worry about having to invest a lot of money or time into shopping for one. If you’re looking for some fun and creative gag gifts you can give your coworkers, check out the three listed below. They’re sure to be some of the best in the office.

Chill Pills

This funny gift will help your coworkers to “chill.” To make it, simply fill a jar with jelly beans and label it as “Chill Pills.” Source

Walk Around the Block

If you’re looking for something creative, this gift might be good to try. You can get a small block and wrap it up. You can then write instructions on it saying to place it on the ground and walk around it a few times. They can then claim they walked a few times around the block. Credit: Pinterest

Cold Hard Cash

Everyone enjoys receiving cash, and with this gift, they can. You can take a dollar bill and soak it in a box of water. You can then freeze it so the water becomes an ice block. Your coworker just got some “cold hard cash. Get It Here

Retirement Gifts for Coworkers

Eventually, a coworker will retire. It’s always a nice gesture to get them a gift or card that shows you wish them happiness with their retirement. The problem though is that it can be a little tricky to find the right retirement gift to give them. Will it show that you wish them well? Will they enjoy the gift?

If you’re searching for some retirement gifts to give to one of your coworkers, look no further. Below are three ideas you can consider to give as a retirement gift. They are easy to make or buy but show you care and are thinking about them.

Retirees Decision Maker

This gift can be a fun thing to give to a coworker who is retiring. You can make a board and fill it with different slots filled with things the soon-to-be retiree should do, like travel or go shopping. You can then place a spinner in the middle which they can spin to find out what they should do.

Source: Pinterest

Happy Trails to You

This affordable gift will show that you hope your coworker has a fun retirement. To make it, fill a glass jar up with trail mix and create a label for it with “Happy Trails to You.” Credit: Pinterest

Lottery Ticket Bouquet

This fun gift might end up giving your coworker a bit of extra cash if they’re lucky. You can buy a few lottery tickets and tape them on wooden skewers and then arrange them inside a vase. You can then create a cute label with something like “Scratching off (how many years they worked) years.” Source

Mothers Day Gifts for Coworkers

Mother’s Day allows us to take some time out of the year to celebrate everything our moms do for us. However, we don’t just have to celebrate our own mother on this day. If you have female colleagues who you know are mothers, it can be a great gesture to get them a mother’s day gift to show them appreciation. If you’re considering doing something like this but aren’t sure where to start, you’ve come to the right place. Below are a few Mother’s Day gift ideas you can give to your officemates to show you’re thinking of them on this special day.

Chocolate Flowers

Almost every mom loves chocolate, and with this gift, you can gift them with it. You can cut out some paper in the shape of flower petals and then tape them to a wooden skewer. You can then tape some small chocolate pieces on the “petals” to make flowers. You’ll want to make a few of these so they can fill up a vase. Source


You can gift your coworker with a nice planter filled with succulents or other types of flowers. They can use this to brighten up their desk. Read More

Spa Basket

To help your coworker relax, you can create a luxurious spa basket for them. To make it, get a basket and fill it with various types of spa equipment, like bath salts, bubble bath mixtures, bath bombs, and washcloths. Learn More

These gift ideas will have you covered for all the important events of the year. If you’re wondering what to give for certain events, definitely keep the ideas mentioned above in mind. They’ll show that you’re thinking about your officemates during the holidays.

Fun Christ​mas Gifts For Coworkers!

35 cheap, easy and quick gift ideas for coworkers and office parties?

I​mage via:: http://diyjoy.com/diy-gifts-office

Gifts for Coworkers, You Actually Like.

Mini hand sanitizers with custom tags for Staff Appreciation Week.

We hope this long list of gifting ideas for your coworkers never lets you run out of some fun, quirky and inexpensive ideas. Hope you liked our list! Happy gifting!

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