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If you have friends or members in your family who have been blessed with the creative and artistic edge, then you have to see our brilliant compilation of gifts for artists. Here are some of the best ideas and presents that will help their creative juices to flow even more smoothly. Indulge in the beautiful gifting season and make your loved ones feel more loved with these gifts.

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1. Attitude Aprons Fully Adjustable “Choose Your Weapon” Artist Apron 

This one size fits all apron will definitely awaken the artist in your friend and help them choose their weapon of creativity right away. The apron’s design that says “Choose your weapon” and features the regular tools of every artist are screen printed onto a polyester-cotton white base apron. The colorful and bold designs make for a perfect gift!

2. Steal Like an Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative

No, you are not putting any criminal ideas in that artist’s mind, instead, this book from Austin Kleon will help your creative friends and family members with 10 of the greatest things they wish someone had told them earlier about being creative. This positive motivational guide on creativity will get your friend’s mind running like a mill and overflowing with imagination.

3. KomalC leather Pen case Pencil holder leather stationary case pouch for students and artists

This beautifully handcrafted leather case works as a fine pouch for artists to hold and store their paint brushes, pencils and pens in and is made out of 100% buffalo leather of the finest quality. The case has space for 7 painting and drawing tools and a special section for carrying notes and cash as well. This handy parcel will surely help your favorite artist carry their tools better.

4. LEATHER JOURNAL GIFT SET Handmade Writing Notebook

There’s something artistic about handcrafted leather and this journal wrapped up in a leather encasing will safeguard every artist’s deepest imaginations and ideas. The scent of leather and the unique rustic design will greatly appeal to every artist’s senses. The pages are eco-friendly and you also get a metallic luxury pen that makes this a standout gift.

5. Artist’s Loft Fundamentals Tote Bag

Is your artist friend always on his/her toes, then this tote bag is the perfect complementing idea for them. Notebooks, drawing pads, pencils, brushes, paints; you can have it all in one place with this convenient tote bag and its various compartments. Keep it all organized for your hard at work and deep in creative thoughts artist friend.

6. R&Y Active Art 36 Piece Artist’s Paint Brush Set for Acrylic Painting, Watercolor

Whether your friend is a novice artist or a veteran, they will not be able to thank you enough for this amazingly thoughtful gift of 36 paint brushes and 5 palette knives. The brushes are made of goat hair and offer a range of bristle sizes and shapes for any artist to paint their dreams into reality. You also get a free notebook and a bonus guide to canvas painting along with this beautiful collection of brushes.

7. 3d Rose Mug

“The EARTH Without ART Is Just EH”, this true blue message features on this brilliantly and brightly colored up coffee and tea ceramic mug. It makes for a very fun and creative gift for your friend who is an art teacher or is a phenomenal artist who needs their caffeine kick every day to let those mad ideas flow and flourish.

8. Motivation for Creative People

This genius book is all the advice your artistic friend or family member needs to juggle and successfully balance their love for their work that keeps them motivated and the skills and hacks required to gain money and success from it. Your friend will be truly thankful for this helpful advice that will help them prosper in their chosen field of work.

9. Artists, Writers, Thinkers, Dreamers

Motivate and inspire your artistic friend with this fascinating trivia book that elucidates the life and remarkable works of 50 of the most influential artists and personalities of the past. Let your friend know how much you await to see their face on some book like this 50 years from now since they share the same quirks as these notable faces and names.

10. MYNT3D Professional Printing 3D Pen with OLED Display

An artist is someone who creates and brings to life the unimaginable, and your very talented friend will be aided in this venture by a 3D pen which will help them bring their brilliant ideas out of the pages and in the real world in the form of 3D figurines. Let them build towers, planes, holders and much more with this freehand 3D pen.

11. key2Bme ARTIST key – swirl art keychain & inspirational quote

If you are looking for a highly economical yet a very motivating and creative gift for the artist you know, then this keychain is the perfect gift to buy. This artist keychain and key is sturdy and made from lead-free metal. It sports an uplifting quote too and is a great way to tell your friend how much you believe in them.

12. Artist Sports Water Bottle

This bottle will publicize your friend’s talents and superpowers naturally with the stylishly engraved message “I draw, what’s your Superpower?” This white aluminum water bottle will help your friend stay hydrated while doing what they love with the 20oz volume it provides. It is a fun gifting idea for the artist friend who is out going and loves a good conversation starter!

13. “Work of Art in Progress” T shirt Tee, Perfect Artist Gift

If your artist friend is as beautiful and inspiring as their work, then this artistic tee is the perfect gift for them. It reads “Work of Art in Progress” and is available in various colors and sizes too. It features an easy fit and a fun vibe for your fun and artsy friend who is not embarrassed of their good looks and work.

14. Original Tattoo Machine Patent Art Prints

Is your friend a body artist, a tattoo artist or about to open a tattoo parlor soon? Then surprise them and gift them this set of 4 prints that showcase the very first patented design of the tattoo machine which will definitely add a special edgy vibe and look to his/her new place. These are fun, ready to frame and printed out on Fuji Crystal archive paper which means they will last forever.

15. Art Supply Deluxe 82 Piece Set

This deluxe set is the best gift you can gift an upcoming or experienced artist alike and is a very thoughtful buy for the artist on the go. The 82 pieces include colored pencils, drawing pencils, paint brushes, drawing and sketching pads, color mixing wheel, plastic palette, water colors and much more. Wow your creative friend who works too hard to make their dreams come true.

Hope this awesome list on gifts for artists gave you even more awesome ideas to paint up some more bright colors in your loved ones’ lives!

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