55+ Christmas Gifts For Mom | What To Get Mom For Christmas

Every mom is unique and special in her own lovely way, but what makes here alike is the fact that good old moms never treat themselves. ‘Tis the season of joy and mirth and we couldn’t forget our mommy dearest! Here we have a list of the 55+ best thoughtful Christmas gift ideas for moms in 2019 and also links for you to find them. Join us in planning a lovely, memorable Christmas with these fabulous Christmas presents for your mom.

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Special Mom Cutting Board

Christmas is here and so is your mama in the kitchen preparing some yummy treats for you and your family. She may know all the best recipes but none like the one etched on this wooden chopping board in the style of a poem. This is the recipe for a special mom in the form of a very special Christmas gift for your mom to put a smile on her face!

Stainless Steel Bracelet – O.RIYA Remember I Love You Mom Mother’s Day Gift

Gift your mother this stunning bracelet which declares your love outright this Christmas. Make it as permanent as it can get with this dainty yet sturdy piece of stainless steel jewelry which is light and safe for her soft, caring hands and remind her about how loved she is.

Charming Wood Jewelry Box

This one’s for the moms who love collecting and wearing jewelry and this unique and sophisticated design will definitely appeal to her. Made with a felt lining and carved with cherry wood, this impeccable box will keep all her jewels safe and sound while adding a rich tone to her dresser.

Сhristmas Gifts for Mom Best Mom Ever Funny Mom Gift Glass Coffee Mug Tea Cup

Set things and facts straight with this stylish coffee/tea mug that declares your mom as the best out there. The design is simple and sleek, the grip is convenient and the print is durable. Put your mom’s doubts to rest about your love as she sips on the awesome coffee that you so prepared for her poured into this mug. See the best gifts for coffee lovers

Decorative Cotton Linen Cushion Cover

A cute little Christmas gift idea for your mom would be to gift her this unique cushion cover which she will most definitely flaunt around the living room. The cover is easy to wash, open and put on cushions and the print that says “I Love That You’re My Mom” will not fade away so easily, just like your love for your mom.

Spa Gift and Treats for Her – Great Gift for Mom for Christmas, Mothers Day or Birthday

A goodie basket for your mom this Christmas to treat her with some delightful potpourri, body lotion, bath gels, body sprays, glass candles, chocolate truffles, cookies and much more is right here. You can also choose to include a personal message along with this bundle of love.

Dance Moms

Nothing makes Christmas more special than some Christmas special shows and movies and we have just the perfect one for you. This collection of the entire 8 seasons of Dance Moms will let you spend some cozy, wrapped-up-in-blanket moments with your ever doting mom

Fine Leather Handcrafted Handbag

Invest in this gorgeous Italian leather handbag for your mom this Christmas. Fount brings you Atlas, the most impeccably designed and versatile handbag that looks refined and classy and will help your mom carry all her essentials everywhere with panache. There are some very stylish alternates available at Fount

Bath Bomb Gift Set Kit – 6 Vegan All Natural Essential Oil Lush Fizzies

A brilliant Christmas gift idea for your mom is to gift her these dazzling moisturizing bath bombs which are handmade and are 100% toxin-free. Gift your mom some relaxation, detoxification, relief and sparkle this festive season with this assortment of 6 bath boms which are safe for all skin types

Burt’s Bees Hand Repair Gift Set

Pamper your mother’s ever doting hands that work so rigorously for you with the hand repair kit from Burt’s Bees. The products are made out of natural hydrating and moisturizing ingredients and the kit includes a hand cream, cuticle cream, shea butter hand repair cream and a pair of cotton gloves. Almond, milk, lemon and shea butter come together in this hand caring trio kit.

Caperci Sterling Silver and Gold Plated Cubic Zirconia Diamond Accent “MOM” Flame Twist Pendant Necklace for Women

This beautiful and intricate pendant is carved with Zirconia diamonds, sterling silver and 14k gold-plated silver and makes for a stunning piece of jewelry you mother would love and cherish. On the side of this pendant is the word “Mom” etched stylishly, which will always make her think of you

Vina 5 Pcs/ set Deluxe Wine Accessory Gift Set

This is the perfect Christmas present for a mom that loves her wine. It comes with a corkscrew opener, a wine pourer, drip ring, a stopper, and a foil cutter. This gift set is shaped in the form of a wine bottle and your mom would love this thoughtful gift at a time when wine will be overflowing around the house.

Scentiments MOM Gift Candle Linen Scented Fragrance

If you have a mother that has everything then this soothing and aromatic candle is all you need to make her feel special and mesmerized. These incredibly safe candles are made out of soy wax and will let you add a little glow in your mom’s life this Christmas. These candles come in an incredible range of scents and our favorite is the subtle linen scented one.

Amazon Gift Card

When nothing feels right, go with the smartest Christmas gift idea for your mom and give her this gift card. Using this, she can fulfill all her heartiest wishes and maybe even buy you something with it! Let her redeem this gift for some fanciful idea of hers that she never discloses to you. Check The Price

A Traveling Duo

We saved the best for the last! The best Christmas gift idea for your mom would be a trip you gift her. It would be even more perfect if it was with you. This gift will strengthen your bond with your mom like no other and will fill the both of you with experiences and memories that you will cherish forever. Take your traveling diva along an adventure this festive season!

Hope you liked our list and have already begun checking out prices and availability! Merry Christmas to you and your mom!

Thankful for Mother Board

You can create a large board filled with everything you love about your mom. However, the things should correspond with “Mother” down the side. It’s the perfect Christmas gifts for mom from daughter.

Rock Art

This unique gift is sure to surprise your mom. You can find some different types of rocks and arrange them so they make a picture. You can then frame the design and give it to your mom.

Credit Pinterest

Slippers with Treats

You can fill up some cozy slippers with treats, like coffee, chocolate, and tea. Read More

Crayon Art Canvas

You can create a stylish canvas design by melting crayons across it. You can use different palettes for it or stencil “Mom” across it so it shows up beneath the colors.

Mom’s Emergency Stash

You can fill a box with everything your mom loves for her emergency stash, like coffee and candy. Read more

Fingerprint Necklace

This gift is perfect for kids to give their mom. To make it, take some salt dough and put the kids’ fingerprints in it. Then bake the dough for about two hours at 250-degrees F. Once it’s dry, you can then attach a chain to it so it becomes a necklace. Learn More

Photo Frame

Another great DIY Christmas gifts for mom is a photo frame. You’ll find plenty of different looks and designs so you can find one that your mom will love. Learn More

Candle Holder

You can create a stylish candle holder for your mom by wrapping a jar with string and then spray painting it. Once it’s dry, remove the string and you’ll find some unique patterns have been left. Via The Forge Style Blog

Memory Jar

While this gift takes some time, it’s well worth it. You can fill a mason jar with little trinkets, like photos and charms that depict things you love about your mom or a special event you had during the year. Learn More At Good Home Design

Cheese Grater Earring Holder

If you’re on the search for some handmade Christmas gifts for mom, this creative gift is sure to surprise her! You can get a cheese grater, paint it with her favorite color, and add some cute decorations around it. She can then use it to hang her earrings off of! Via Turning Clock Back

A Notebook

You can create a notebook and fill it with all the things you love about your mom, favorite quotes, and add some pictures to it. It will be a memorable gift that your mom is sure to love. Check It Out

Latte Stencils

This gift is perfect for moms who love coffee. She can use these latte stencils to create fun designs on top of her coffee, like hearts. Check The Price

Makeup Brushes

You can buy your mom some makeup brushes to add to her collection. You’ll find plenty of brushes in all shapes and sizes so you find something that makes her preferences perfectly. Learn More

Photo Albums

Photo albums are a great gift to give. You can fill them with adventures you can your mom have had and wrap the exterior of the albums in decorative fabric to give it a nice look. Get It Now


Almost every mom loves candles and you can buy some pre-made ones to give her or make some yourself. If you plan to go the homemade route, you’ll just need to melt some wax, put some fragrance oil drops inside, and then pour the mixture into a jar so it can solidify. Check out from The Pure Candle Company

Funny Mom Mug

This funny Christmas gifts for mom is perfect if you want some laughs. She’ll enjoy reading it while sipping on some coffee. Check The Price

Spa Basket

A spa basket is a great gift to give your home. You can collect things like soap, lotion, lip balm, and bath salts and arrange them in a basket. Credit Pinterest

Pineapple Wine

To make this unique gift, you’ll need a bottle of wine, some candy pieces wrapped in gold foil, and some green paper. You can tape the candy pieces around the edges of the wine and then cut the green paper at the top so it looks like the leaves of a pineapple. After your mom removes the candy, she’ll find a bottle of wine hidden inside!  Credit Pinterest

DIY Planter

Your mom can put this planter on her desk or around the house. You can make your own by filling a mason jar with a pretty succulent or flower, or find one that’s pre-made. Learn More

Photo Candle

To make this thoughtful candle you’ll need a photo, some tissue paper, and a candle. Print the photo on the tissue paper and then wrap the tissue paper around the edge of the candle. You can then heat up a hair dryer and blow it over the photo so the photo transfers to the candle. Learn How To Make

Ice Cream Box

If your mom loves ice cream, this box is a great gift to give. You can get a small box and fill it with everything she’ll need to make the ultimate ice cream sundae, like cones, spoons, and sprinkles. Learn More

Facial Roller

This gift is perfect for moms who love the spa. Your mom can use this soothing rose quartz roller to give her a spa-like experience while at home. Check The Price

Chocolate Basket

If your mom loves chocolate this basket is perfect. You can fill a large basket with all things chocolate, like hot cocoa and chocolate bars. Learn More

Chalkboard Ornaments

You can create these cute ornaments with some wood pieces, chalkboard paint, and some chalk. To do so, simply paint the chalkboard paint on the front side of the wood and then let it dry. Once it does, you can draw some cute pictures on the front. Learn More

Open When Letters

You can write letters to your mom, seal them up, and then write “Open When…” for specific things. For instance, “Open When You Need a Smile” or “Open When You Need a Laugh. Via: dadmumbaby.com

Hot Chocolate Ornaments

You can fill these ornaments up with the things you need to make hot chocolate. You can put layers of marshmallows, cocoa, and peppermint to give it a unique look. Watch The Tutorial

DIY Homemade Heating Pad

Most moms love heating pads and they can help to keep them warm. You can buy her a heating pad or make one yourself by buying some fabric, filling it up with rice, and then sewing it together. Learn More

Votive Tree

A votive tree will be an elegant touch to your mom’s home and help to light up the home during the dark winter nights. Check The Price

Infused Olive Oil

You can make some infused olive oil for your mom that she can use to flavor up some of her dishes! To make it, you can fill a small bottle up with olive oil and put some herbs inside. You can then seal it up with a cork. DIY

Photo Clock

A photo clock is a great gift to give your mom. You can find a photo she likes and print it on the front of the clock which she can keep on a table so it’s always nearby. Tutorial via Rosy Red Buttons

Pinecone Fire Starter

You can paint some pinecones in festive colors and give them to your mom so she can make a cozy winter fire. Tutorial via Something Turquoise

Photo Planter

You can transfer some photos onto a vase and then fill it up with your mom’s favorite flowers. Learn More

Wine Lovers Box

If your mom loves wine, this is a great gift to consider giving her. You can fill a decorative box with everything she needs to enjoy a nice glass of wine like glasses, socks, and chocolate. And of course, don’t forget to include her favorite bottle of wine. Learn More

Himalayan Salt Lamp

A salt lamp not only comes with many health benefits, but can help your mom to relax with its soft glow.

Essential Oil Diffuser

You can get your mom an essential oil diffuser that will emit soothing scents in the air to help her relax and unwind. Lean More

Teacup Candle

This is a unique gift to give your mom! You can find a nice teacup, fill it up with a scented wax, and add a wick. She can then use it as a candle!. Credit Pinterest

String Art

If you’re for a handmade Christmas gift for mom, a string art piece would be nice. You can put pins or nails on a canvas in a design and then wind yarn around them. Check The Price

Pedicure Jar

You can put some pedicure essentials, like nail polish, pumice stones, and lotion, in a jar and write a nice note on it saying how you hope your mom enjoys her pedicure jar. Idea by Ever Mine

Go Away Mug

For those on the search for a hilarious Christmas gift for mom, this might be ideal. This mug has different levels written on it, like “Go Away,” “Not Yet,” and “How Can I Help You” written across the front. As she drinks her coffee the levels will decrease showing when it’s safe to talk to her. Check Out

Ugly Christmas Sweater

You can find your mom a cute and fun ugly Christmas sweater she can wear over the holiday.

It can be difficult to find the best gifts to give your mom for Christmas. With the gifts mentioned above, you can be sure you’ll find something unique to give her over the holidays. These gifts are not only affordable, but often things she can’t find anywhere else so she’ll be surprised to receive them.  Check The Price

Chill Pill

Having a bad day? Take a chill pill! This fun Chill Pill jar (candy not included) makes a perfect gift for anyone who appreciates a little humor

27 Expensive Looking Inexpensive DIY Gifts For Mom

Learn more at: http://diyjoy.com/cheap-diy-gifts-ideas

The Final Words

It can be difficult to find the best gifts to give your mom for Christmas. With the gifts mentioned above, you can be sure you’ll find something unique to give her over the holidays. These gifts are not only affordable, but often things she can’t find anywhere else so she’ll be surprised to receive them.

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