40+ Best Christmas Gifts For Dad 2018-2019: What To Get Dad For Christmas?[Updated]

It’s already Christmas and you still are wondering about what to gift that old man of yours? We are all tired of neglecting our hardworking dads and not getting him the best Christmas gifts that he so well deserves! So, this festive season we have taken it upon ourselves to track down the best presents for dads all around. Let’s give into some role reversal and be the Santa Claus for our dads instead!

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Where to Find the Perfect Gift for Dad

It can be difficult to find the right place to find the perfect gift for your dad. But there are a few outlets you can use. You can shop in stores, online, or make your own gift. The right place to find a gift for your dad really depends on what type of gift you’re looking for. If you’re planning to make him a gift, you can browse around craft stores to find supplies. If you don’t want to make a gift, you can try some specialty shops near you or find some small Etsy shops online that might sell some unique gifts for you to buy.

Tips for Gift Shopping

When it comes to gift shopping for dad, it can be a difficult task. However, there are a few tips you can use.

Think of His Hobbies

One of the best ways to find good Christmas gifts for dad is to keep his hobbies in mind. For instance, does he enjoy fishing? Does he love sports? You’ll want to keep these in mind as they can help to direct you to the right area you should be shopping for the best Christmas gifts for dad in.

Consider a Price Range

Another thing to keep in mind is a price range. It can be very easy to go overboard with gift shopping, but it’s important to create a reasonable price range. This way, you won’t feel overwhelmed when trying to find a Christmas gift for your dad.

Be Creative

Sometimes you can find gifts and be inspired to make your own in the most unexpected places. Be creative and search in places you don’t normally shop. You might just find the perfect gift or gift-making supplies there.

TOP 40 Best Christmas Gifts For Dad

SONOMA Goods for Life Football Oven Mitt

This unique oven mitt captures your dad’s undying love for football and cooking and makes him look incredible too. The mitt is available in brown color and is made out of cotton. Make baking and cooking time much more fun for your dad with these mitts and make this Christmas unforgettable for him. Check The Price

WallPops Hardwood Monthly Calendar Wall Decal

This brown hardwood calendar is the best Christmas gift for your dad if he is the planner of your home. It will greatly refine and redefine the look and feel of your dad’s office and let him note down important dates and tasks. It is re-usable every month; all he has to do is erase off the last month and start off the brand new month.

Pacific Shaving Company Caffeinated Shaving Cream and Aftershave Set

This naturally safe and antioxidant fortified set of aftershave and shaving gel makes a great Christmas present for dads all around. The ingredients used are mainly aloe, spearmint, and naturally extracted caffeine, which will gently take care of your tough dad’s skin.

18 Pieces BBQ Grill Accessories Tool Set

This easy to clean and rust proof BBQ Grill Set will suit your dad and match his love for those backyard-hogging sessions perfectly. Think no more about what to get your dad this Christmas and get this durable and sturdy kit of spatula, brushes, corn holders, fork, knife, etc., with a 10 years warranty no less!

Funny Basswood Cat Back Scratcher

A very helpful cat this one, it will put your dad out of his misery and help him scratch his back anywhere, anytime! It is made of real wood, can reach the anywhere on the back and your dad will definitely love it even if he hates cats.

Hammock Chair Hanging Rope Chair Porch

Let your dad have his little picnic or weekend afternoon siestas perched up on this outdoor porch and backyard hammock chair. The chair is relaxing and can carry a load of 270lbs. It is made from cotton and polyester and will surely brighten up your dad’s days and evenings swinging carefree.

Best Farter Ever Oops Meant Father Gag Gift

This isn’t a regular coffee mug or tea cup! It reads “Best Farter Ever. Oops! I meant Father” and is rightfully the best Christmas gift for the best dad ever. It is microwave and dishwasher safe, and very easy to grip and clean too. It will let your dad know in a fun way how much those farts annoy you while also making him feel loved.

Proud Dad Of A Freaking Awesome Daughter Funny Christmas Gift for Dads T-Shirt

A fun and funny gift this one, this great t-shirt is one of the best Christmas presents for your dad and will instantly let him know which freaking awesome person it is from! Has to be his daughter most definitely! Various colors are available in this particular print and design.

My Ice Cream Spoon

If your dad screams with delight at the very mention or sight of ice cream, then gift him this personalized spoon and keep the childlike wonder in him alive. Have a gala time this Christmas with your dad sharing your favorite ice cream sundae flavors while he feasts on them with this cute little stainless steel spoon.

Customized Pilsner Beer Glasses – Engraved Beer Glass

Get your dad a Customized Pilsner Beer Glasses this Christmas in a font of your choice featuring a message of your liking? These permanently engraved glasses will be your dad’s most cherished gift ever and will become his go-to beer glass for occasions big and small.

Table Games Potty Golfing – The Golfer’s Gag Gift

What to get your golf enthusiastic dad for Christmas? It has to be this amazing little golf set that lets him practice his strokes while he is busy attending nature’s calls. Add some more holes to your bathroom and let your dad multitask at his own leisure. Best part about this one is the funny door hanger that lets others know he is busy practicing and they’ll need to patiently wait for their turn.

Amazon.com Gift Card in a Brown & Blue Tin

If even after this amazingly long list of fabulous Christmas gifts and presents for your dad you were unable to narrow down to a single one, then probably gifting him this Amazon card beautifully encased in this stylish brown and blue tin is the way to go. Let him redeem your gift for a gift of his choice and make your love and care felt.

Harry’s Truman Set – Foaming Shave Gel

Make your dad think what’s inside the box with this shaving set from Harry Truman which comes with a 4-ounce foaming shave gel, a Truman handle, 3 blades, and a travel blade cover. Gift your dad some crisp, clean shaving experience with this contemporary and tastefully styled set.

Vintage Passport Holder

If your dad is a world traveler or has dreams of seeing the whole wide world, then this is the perfect Christmas gift for him. As he travels around, all his traveling documents will be held carefully with this custom made passport holder with a vintage edge to it. It’s not only stylish but also great for protection and concealing those documents. Learn More

15. Eye Glasses Holder

Wondering what to get your dad for Christmas? Why not this quirky and convenient wooden figure to keep your old man’s glasses handy! This eyeglass holder has been carved out of the shisham tree wood from India and is really very out of the box and a unique piece to gift your dad. Learn More

Snow Globe Gift Mason Jars!

Credit: afewshortcuts.com

We hope this list of the best Christmas gifts for dads was useful to you and you were finally able to track down a couple of ideas for the many Christmases to come. Merry Christmas to you and your dad!

Treat-Filled Slippers For Him

You can get some comfy slippers for dad and then fill them up with his favorite treats. Thanks to prettyprovidence for the idea!

Beer Reindeer

To make these beer reindeer, you’ll need a pack of beer. You can then take some googly eyes, red pom-poms, and brown pipe cleaners to design a reindeer on each bottle. Credit: diytotry

Jar of Nothing

If your dad constantly says they “want nothing,” you can give them this jar of nothing. You can get an empty jar and label it as a “Jar of Nothing.”

Man Glitter Mug

This fun mug is perfect for dads who love to woodwork or do construction. It claims that “Sawdust is Just Man Glitter.” Get It at Etsy

Dad, You Rock!

This witty gift can be made by gluing a rock to a frame and writing on the bottom that your dad rocks!. Get It on Etsy

Best Dad Coupons

You can design these coupons so your dad can use them throughout the year. You can create tickets he can use that can range from making him breakfast in bed to washing the car. Learn more at homemade-gifts-made-easy

Ice Cream Plow

If your dad loves ice cream, you can get him an ice cream plow, a.k.a., a spoon. Get It Here

Candy Bar Bouquet Gift for Dad

If your dad has a sweet tooth, this candy bouquet is sure to satisfy it. You can get all his favorite candy bars, glue them to wooden skewers, and then arrange them in a vase. by Mary O. (visit her site)

Dad’s Stache

You can get a jar and fill it up with your dad’s favorite treats. You can then create a label for the front featuring a mustache that claims this is “Dad’s Stache.”

You’re a Smart Cookie

Dads love cookies and you can make yours his own cookie jar! Simply get an empty jar and fill it up with his favorite cookies. You can then create a label saying that “He’s a Smart Cookie.” Credit: crazylittleprojects

String Art Design

If you want to make homemade Christmas gifts for dad, you can try your hand at this gift idea. You can create a string art design for him depicting one of his favorite hobbies. It might be a little tedious, but it’s a unique gift to give him. Get It On Etsy

Best Dad Keychain

You can make your father a keychain with letter beads on it spelling out that he’s the “Best Dad Ever.” prudentpennypincher

Photo Cube

You can buy a photo cube and fill it up with some photos of your dad and the family that have been taken throughout the year. It will be a heartwarming Christmas gift to give him. via allparenting.com

Homemade Car Air Freshener

If your dad loves cars, you can make him a homemade car air freshener. To make it, you can buy a wooden ornament and then dab it with an essential oil scent that he likes. The scent will fill his car up to help mask any smells inside. Thanks To: lemonslavenderandlaundry

BBQ Sauce

You can make or buy your dad some BBQ Sauce and then label the jar that says he is “100% Awesomesauce.” Via: onecrazyhouse

Caught the Best Dad

This is a great gift to give to any dad who loves to fish. You can get a tackle box and fill it up with fishing gear. You can then create a label claiming that you “Caught the Best Dad.” Credit: The Dating Divas

Handyman Basket

You can get a large basket and fill it up with everything most handymen love: beef jerky, beer, and tools. Via: Joy in the Works

“Pop” Basket

You can make this “pop” basket by filling it up with things that have “pop” in their name, like popcorn and Pop Tarts. Credit: thedatingdivas.com

Sock Bouquet

You can give your dad some socks with this creative gift. You can roll-up socks you bought for him and then secure onto wooden skewers. You can then arrange the sock flowers in a vase. Thanks, Jill Nystul | One Good Thing by Jillee
Jill Nystu

Dad’s Toolbox

This toolbox contains all the essentials a dad needs: beer, soda, candy, and other necessary “equipment” that he likes.

Bring Me Food Socks

You can get your dad these fun socks that feature a secret message on the bottom of them, “Bring Me Food.” It’s sure to be a hit with him!. Get It On Ebay

Minibar in a Jar

You can fill up a jar with mini bottles of whiskey, liquor, and other bar tools and goodies. Via: glamulet

You Are My Father Cup

If your dad is a fan of Star Wars, you can gift him with this fun mug. It shows Darth Vader on the front and puts a twist on the movie’s legendary quote – “You are My Father.” Check The Price

Engraved Hammer

If your dad loves tools, you can give him an engraved hammer. You can order one or engrave the handle with a note yourself. Thanks to Jenae

Grilling Rubs

This is a wonderful gift for those dads who love to grill. You can fill up a few glass bottles with various types of grilling rubs and then put them in a small picnic basket.

Final Words

Shopping for dad can be tough, especially when he claims he doesn’t want anything. However, with these gift ideas, you can be sure you can find gifts for all dads, even Christmas gifts for dad who has everything. So, before stressing out about finding the perfect gift for the holidays, keep the gift ideas mentioned above in mind.

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