70+ Affordable Best White Elephant Gift Ideas 2021-2022 [Updated]

Office Christmas parties can be a great time or an awkward social responsibility. A lot of that can ride on how good the white elephant game is that year, and that can be stressful. Many folks are on a Christmas budget that doesn’t give a lot a wiggle room. We’ve solved that dilemma by curating a list of 70+ white elephant gift exchange ideas all under $20. This way, you can enjoy the season with your coworkers without the extra stress or breaking the bank.

What is a White Elephant Gift?

A white elephant gift is a fun and quirky present to give to someone, especially during the holiday season. It’s usually exchanged during a party and is designed to be hilarious and entertaining rather than practical like traditional gifts, although these gifts can be.

How to Choose a White Elephant Gift?

Choosing a white elephant gift can be fun, but also extremely difficult. If you’re curious as to what to buy for gift exchanges, you can check out these tips below.

Consider the Reaction You’re Looking For

The main step to finding the best white elephant gift exchange ideas is to consider the type of reaction you’re looking for. Do you want laughs or do you want someone to be in awe of your creativity? You can use this to help guide your search for the perfect white elephant gift.

Look in Out-of-the-Way Places or Online

Many of the best white elephant gifts are found in places you don’t often look. Sometimes they can be buried a large bin in the back of a store. Other times they can be found online and you can make them yourself. If you’re looking for creative white elephant gift ideas, you’ll want to search in these areas.

The Price Range

Typically, white elephant gifts are somewhat cheap and affordable. However, this doesn’t mean they don’t add up. So, keep a price range in mind (the most popular being $5-$20) when shopping. However, this isn’t to say that you need to buy a very cheap white elephant gift ideas that might be broken. White elephant gifts should be affordable, but useful and fun.

Wine Socks

Not only is this a cheaper gift, but it’s also a funny white elephant gift idea. Get it for the wine enthusiast in your office. These socks also fit sizes 6 to 12 and are machine washable. The colorful design makes these wine socks appropriate for any time of year, and their no-slip design will ensure they stay on your feet for as long as you need!

Dad Bag 3D Beer Belly Fanny Pack

This next one is definitely for the pranksters, but it is also, surprisingly, a very useful white elephant gift idea. The fabric is waterproof leather and has an adjustable belt for anyone’s comfort. It also has a 15 X 7 inches pouch that you can fit a water bottle, keys, wallet, and headphones all at once. It’s even durable enough to use during recreational activities.

Big Momma Undies

These novelty undies are sure to get a laugh. At 5’ around and 30.5” long, folding these comically oversized undergarments could be a game in and of itself. What’s more, it comes with a little black lace trim to elicit even more giggle from the group. These bloomers are sure to be a favorite at any white elephant exchange party you attend.

Adult Achievement Stickers

Everyone could use a little more recognition to get them through those tough days at the office. These adult achievement stickers are perfectly created for helping you (or a coworker) get over a case of the Mondays. Pat each other on the back for the accomplishing the everyday, mundane tasks that make adulating hard. This one is sure to be a group favorite.

Motion Activated Toilet LED Nightlight

For any man that has ever got in trouble for “missing” in the middle of the night, this product would make quite a useful white elephant gift. With its 8 color options and the choice to have either a single color or set the colors to rotate, the device can also make potty training fun for little ones. The newer parents in the office will probably fight for this gift, so be ready to see it travel during the game.

Burt’s Bees Essential Everyday Beauty Gift Set

This is a serious white elephant gift idea, because who wouldn’t want to be pampered head to toe with these high quality lotions and creams? The set includes travel-sized versions of Beeswax Lip Balm, Hand Salve, Coconut Foot Cream, Milk & Honey Body Lotion, and Soap Bark and Chamomile Deep Cleansing Cream. These all natural products will ensure clear, clean skin to whoever is lucky enough to snatch them.

Cookie in a Jar

This next idea is completely DIY. Just take a clean mason jar, your favorite cookie recipe, and layer the ingredients in a fun, colorful way. Use craft scissor and some colorful ribbon to attach a creative recipe cut out to the front of the jar and a small strip of fabric on the lid to make the entire package more festival. Your coworkers will love the recipe for years to come.

Tweeter’s Composition Notebook: Think Before You Tweet

This next white elephant gift can be a bit deceiving on first glance; it may look an ordinary composition notebook, but, for any tech savvy coworkers, this gag gift will make a subtle reminder to think before you tweet with its step by step etiquette reminders found within its pages. Save your vocally opinionated coworker some embarrassment by passing the around in the next white elephant game.

Savvy Infusion Water Bottles

These bottles are perfect for anyone trying to kick that soda or coffee habit. Coming in either 24oz or 32oz, these sleek bottles will make infusing your tap water with a little flavor a breeze. The central container allows you to place your favorite fruit within and promises no leaks or spills. The entire bottle also fits nicely in any cup holder, making it a perfect on the go treat. Make sure not to leave this one out in the next round of white elephant.

Competitive Toilet Slam Dump Set

This funny gift will make any dad in the office get competitive. With a mat to go around the toilet bowl and three small basketballs to shoot at the hoop on the door, this novelty gift will make the bathroom a busy place.

Elephant White Ceramic Plant Pot

You can’t get more literal bring this next gift to the white elephant exchange; this white ceramic bowl (in the shape of everyone’s favorite pachyderm) is both cute and functional. Its high durability means that you can place it in whatever part of the house you wish, and the draining hole and saucer means that they won’t be any mess.

Sling Backpack

If your office is full of hike-enthusiasts, this white elephant gift will be incredibly useful. Its durable material means it withstands whatever you put it through, and the headphone hole means you can jam out while you do it.

Potato Gun

You might have to get multiple of these and have a potato office war. These potato guns take chunks of potato by pushing the barrel into it. You’re then ready to fire!

The Holding Cell

This universal cell phone holder makes for quite the useful white elephant gift. It fits neatly under any mattress and props up your phone, providing easy access to late night notifications or turning off your alarm in the morning. It also comes with a built in charging cord holder so you don’t have to worry about all your wires getting crossed.

Jeff Dunham’s Very Special Christmas Special

Many are familiar with these hilarious ventriloquists work, so making his Christmas special part of your white elephant gift exchange is sure to go over well.

Novelty Cup Great Gift Idea For Office Gag White Elephant

The prowess of your coworkers’ hunting ability can be brought to light with this “World’s Okayest Hunter” mug.

Organic Bath Bombs

The holidays can be a stressful time, so these organic bath bombs will be a welcome sight. Expect to see them fought over.

Owl Farts Cotton Candy

This delicious treat adds a definite “ewwww” factor to your white elephant gift exchange but will also elicit a laugh when it first comes out. Plus, who doesn’t like a good snack at work?

Sound Machine

Most offices have a prankster, so make sure this gift stays out of his hands at all cost! If you don’t, brace yourself for some embarrassing experiences in the coming year!

You Parked Like a Moron 25 Note Pack

Most people have walked into a grocery store or work or the gym and have seen the infamous bad parker. It can be infuriating to not be able to tell the driver to get their act together. With this note set, your coworker can now safely vent their anger. Nobody’s taking Karen’s parking spot anymore once she gets her hands on these!

 Mason Jar Cocktail

You can give this unique gift as a fun white elephant gift. Simply take a mason jar and put a soda can (or other drink) inside. You can then take a colorful straw and tie it to the edge of the jar so the recipient can enjoy the drink on the go. Learn More

Play-Doh Gift

This fun gift is a play on words. If someone is constantly asking you for money, you can give them this extra “dough” they can use. To make this gift, buy a jar of Play-Doh and attach a short note to the top of the lid telling the recipient you hope they enjoy this “extra dough”. Learn More

Ugly Sweater

If you’re looking for unisex white elephant gift ideas, an ugly sweater is always a great gift to give. You can find plenty of styles and designs that can match what you’re looking for. Ugly sweaters, despite their name, are also in style during the holiday season. Better yet, these clothing items come with affordable prices so you won’t break the bank investing in them. Learn More

Life and Lemons

If you’re looking for a clever gift to give to someone, look no further than this! This gift plays on the popular phrase, “When life gives you lemons.” To make it, take an empty box of Life cereal and fill it with a few lemons. It’s sure to make the recipient chuckle. Learn More

Hershey Bar Frame

Almost everyone loves chocolate, and with this gift, you can satisfy their sweet tooth even more! To make this homemade white elephant gift, you’ll need a picture frame and massive Hershey Bar. After collecting your supplies, place the Hershey Bar inside of the frame and secure it. You can even add a small note on the outside like “In case of an emergency, break the glass”.  Credit: Pinterest

Chill Pill Collection

If you’re looking to make a gift for someone who needs some stress-relief, this is one to consider. To make this colorful chill pill collection, you’ll need a pill container and a few different types of candy, like Skittles and M&M’s. You can fill up each container with the specified dose for the day and give the recipient a prescription to follow.  Learn More


This play on words will surely surprise the person you give it too! You can make your own iPad with this funny white elephant gift. To make it, you’ll need a notepad and one googly eye. Take the notepad and glue the eye to the top of the pad. You just made your own iPad!. Learn More

Autographed Picture of Self

If you’re looking for funny (hilarious) white elephant gift ideas, this might be a good one to try. You can print a picture out of yourself and autograph it with your name and a special note. After doing so, you can frame it and give it as a gift. It’s sure to take the recipient by surprise. Learn More

Weather Rock

Most people keep up-to-date with weather conditions through various means. With this weather rock, they can also do easily. Simply take a large rock (make sure it’s clean) and write a few ways the person can tell the weather conditions. For instance, “Wet rock – rain, dry rock – cloudy, white- snow, and shadow – sunny.” Learn More


When gifts are given one of the most common things written on them are that batteries are not included. With this gift though, you can switch the problem. To make this funny present, buy a box of batteries and attach a tag to it claiming that a “gift is not included.”  Learn More

Homemade Wind Chime

These homemade wind chimes will certainly be hit! To make these creative (and funny) homemade wind chimes, you’ll need a stick, string, and about four empty tin cans. Make a hole through the cans, tie the string through them and to the stick. They’ll make a bit of “music” when they clang together. Learn More

Stress Relief Help

There are hundreds of items on the market that are designed to help provide stress relief. This affordable gift though is the perfect stress reliever! Just cut a piece of bubble wrap out and put a label on it as “Stress Relief.” It might be a funny gift to give, but it can surprisingly be very helpful. Learn More

Push Pin Earrings

If you’re looking for a hilarious white elephant gift idea for a fashionista, this is perfect. Instead of spending a lot of money on expensive jewelry, you can instead gift them with colorful push pin earrings. The only thing you need is push pins which you can place in a jewelry box so they look real. Learn More

Car Electric Blanket

Searching for serious white elephant gift ideas? This one is perfect for those who often need to snuggle up with something when on the road. A car electric blanket can be plugged into the vehicle’s lighter so it can be used anywhere. It’s also pretty affordable so you won’t have to worry about spending a lot on this gift. Learn More

Money Tissue Box

If you’re looking for something funny and simple for a white elephant gift, this is ideal. To make this money tissue box, take an empty tissue box and fill it with pieces of money taped together end to end so they come out of the box like the tissues would.  Learn More

Winter Prep Container

This homemade white elephant gift idea is also very useful. Winter can be a tough time of the year, but with this Winter Prep gift, it doesn’t have to be. You can fill an old container with things to help the recipient prepare for winter, like fuzzy socks, tea, and bars of chocolate. Learn More

Money Tree Seeds

They say money doesn’t grow on trees, but it might with these seeds. You can get a small plastic bag and fill it with pennies. After doing so, seal it and label the package Money Tree Seeds. And who knows, maybe a money tree will really sprout up from them. Learn More

Lottery Frame

Most people like to buy lottery tickets to give out at office parties. However, with this gift, you can take it a step further. You can buy a few lottery tickets and place them inside a frame in a unique collage. It will not only look interesting, but be one of the top white elephant gifts in the office. Credit: Pinterest

Crazy Tie

This fun gift is ideal for those looking for affordable office white elephant gift ideas. You can buy a crazy designed tie to give to someone so they can “dress-up” for work. It might look a bit wacky, but it will be a lot of fun to wear and certainly stand out when they do. Learn More


Winter is a time of year when many use hand sanitizer to help fight off germs to prevent illnesses. You can have fun with this by decorating a bottle of hand sanitizer as Santa. You can cut some colorful paper to make his legendary red suit and black belt outfit around the edges of the bottle. The recipient will surely love this creative gift. Learn More

Yarn Beard

If you’re looking for some homemade white elephant gift ideas, look no further than this. A yarn beard is not only funny, but a practical gift to give to someone. You can knit it together (or buy one online if necessary) so that your recipient has a cozy yarn beard to wear on the colder days of the year. Learn More

Muffin” for Christmas

This gift is another funny play on words. Instead of “I’m getting nothing for Christmas,” you can say “You’re getting ‘muffin’ for Christmas.” You can buy a box of muffin mix to give to them so they can make some of these sweet treats for themselves over the holiday season. Learn More

Make Your Own Straw Hat

Straw hats are a popular item to wear. The downside is that they often come with a high price tag. You can give your recipient the gift of this fashionable item by buying them a bale of hay. They can then make their own straw hat with their Straw Hat Kit, although make sure to put a label on it saying that assembly is required. Learn More

Whisk You a Merry Kissmas

Another play on words, this gift is sure to satisfy those with a sweet tooth. You can wrap up a cooking whisk with a handful of Hershey kisses and label it “We Whisk You a Merry Kissmas.” It’s not only a fun gift to give but a creative one as well.  Learn More

Fish Seeds

Imagine being able to grow your own fish! It’s possible with this fun white elephant gift. You can get a small plastic bag and fill it with goldfish crackers. You can then label it as fish seeds and give instructions as to how the recipient can grow their own fish. Credit: Pinterest

Nose Warmer

Chilly weather can be daunting sometimes, but not any more thanks to this nose warmer. With this hilarious white elephant gift, someone will be able to keep their nose nice and toasty. To make it, knit or crochet together a very small hat, and then attach strings to the edges so the recipient can tie it around their head. Credit: Etsy

Donut Seeds

Everyone loves a fresh donut, and with this gift, they can have them constantly. You can gift the recipient with “donut seeds” by placing a handful of Cheerios in a bag. You can then come up with some crazy instructions as to how the recipient can then grow these delicious snacks. Learn More

Garden in a Jar

Looking for useful white elephant gift ideas? You can check out this idea. You can get a clear mason jar and fill it up with various kinds of flower seeds a person can plant in their garden. They’ll be shocked to find the different types of flowers that sprout up during the spring and summer.  Learn More

Box of Mixed Nuts

If someone on your list loves eating nuts, you can get them this box of mixed nuts. To make it, buy a small wooden box and fill it with hardware nuts. You can then label the exterior of the box as a box of nuts, but the recipient will be surprised to find what’s really inside.

Carrot Earrings

If you have a jewelry lover on your list, you can give them exquisite 2-carrot earrings! Take an old earring jewelry box (or something similar) and fill it with two carrots that are attached to snap rings. When they open the box up, they’ll be shocked to find they really do have 2-carrot earrings. Learn More

Fish-n-Chips Bowl

Many people love to eat fish and chips, and with this gift, they can. To make this cheap white elephant gift, take a large plastic bin, like an old chip box, and fill it with chips and goldfish crackers. It’s a fun play on words and a tasty snack your recipient will enjoy. Learn More

Candy Bouquet

Instead of sending flowers, you can make someone a delicious candy bouquet! To do so, get an empty glass vase and fill it with various types of candy glued or taped onto wooden skewers. You can then arrange them inside the vase so they look like a delicious bouquet assortment. Learn More


White elephant gifts are fun and creative things to give any time of the year, especially during the holidays. If you’re looking for some creative white elephants gift ideas, definitely keep the ones mentioned above in mind. They will not only be fun to make but to give.

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