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Schitt’s Creek is a Canadian TV show that airs on CBC Television. The show was created by Eugene Levy and Dan Levy, and it features the lives of the Rose family who suddenly find themselves living in Schitt’s Creek for an indefinite time period. If you are looking for some great Schitts Creek gifts, then this article will give you some tips on what to get!

Things to mind about Schitt’s Creek gifts

1. If you’re looking for the perfect gift to give someone, it’s best to ask them what they want.

If you want to buy a Schitt’s Creek gift for someone, it is best if you can ask them what they would like. With the variety of schitts creek merchandise available, it is better if you know your recipient well enough that you already know their preferences or favorite things.

It’s also important to keep in mind anyone who doesn’t enjoy watching TV may not be interested in any schitts creek gifts at all!

For those people who don’t watch television and haven’t seen the show yet, then it might seem strange getting a schitts creeks themed gift. It could either be an upsetting disappointment when they get nothing related to schitcs creek or just unappreciated because they don’t know the show.

2. Make sure your recipient would love Schitt’s Creek-themed gifts

If they enjoy the TV show, then you can go with something from a Schitts Creek store. There are many cool t-shirts and other items available!

schitt's creek gifts

If you’re not sure what to get someone who enjoys the show, here are some ideas:

  • A DVD of all five seasons would be perfect for any fan to watch over and over again! Season six is set to air in 2019 so it’s best if you buy them early before this one becomes hard or expensive to find. The cost ranges anywhere between $50-$150 on Amazon depending on how new the DVD is.
  • A shot glass – This is a great gift idea because it is so funny. It features the show’s logo and it says “Schitts Creek” in green writing on one side, then an image of a woman walking down a sidewalk with her suitcase behind her saying “Greetings from Schitts Creek.”
  • A t-shirt – There are many different types of shirts that you can purchase like this retro style shirt featuring Will Arnett as he portrays Johnny Rose on the TV Show or there’s even a slogan tee for those who love to take life at their own pace! The cost ranges anywhere between $28-$35 depending on what kind of T-Shirt you’re looking for.

If they don’t enjoy the show, then you can try to find different gifts.

3. Buy them what their house is lacking

This is a great option for someone who doesn’t want any Schitts Creek-themed gifts but instead wants to buy something more generic that they can enjoy at their leisure.

  • For example, if you know your friend or family member’s kitchen could use some new dishes, then why not gift them another set? They’ll appreciate the gesture and it will be much appreciated! These dishes are usually anywhere between $20-$80 depending on where you get them from.
  • If you’ve seen their house and know that they don’t have any Schitt’s Creek memorabilia or anything related on display, then this can be a good idea too 

So as you can see there are many different types of schitt creek gifts that would make just about anyone happy no matter what type of person they may be! So next time your looking for schitts creek presents remember this article and all the creative options we have.

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4. Think about what kind of things would make your friend happy – things related to their interests?

You can never go wrong with a gift supporting your recipient’s interest.

  • If the person is into fashion, you can buy them a Schitt’s Creek inspired t-shirt or other apparel.
  • If they’re into gaming, you could get them some schitcs creek themed stickers to put on their laptop case and other things that might be beneficial for any gamer.
  • You could also find something related to the recipient’s favorite TV show too which would make an excellent gift!

This is not only great if they enjoy watching it but it will help bring up conversation as well when someone sees what kind of gifts your friend enjoys. It makes social gatherings much more engaging!

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5. Have fun with it

If there isn’t anything specific in mind, consider getting them tickets for a concert or movie night out with friends! It doesn’t matter how much money you spend because at least they’ll enjoy themselves! 

Or choose Funny Schitt’s Creek-themed gifts to boost your giftee’s mood like:

  • A Schitt’s Creek DVD set (nice for any fan to watch over and over again)
  • A tshirt with the show logo or slogan on it, available in many different designs. Comes in men’s sizes too!
  • Shot glasses, coffee mugs and towels with hillarious pictures and words.

6. Make sure not to get anyone alcohol-related gifts (unless they specifically request it)

Since these are typically frowned upon by most workplaces nowadays due to safety concerns, it’s better to avoid alcohol-related gifts. This is a good rule of thumb for any employer who prefers their employees not drink on the job or while at work events, too!

A few last words

Schitt’s Creek is a smart and funny show that appeals to many different audiences. For those of you who are fans, here are some gift ideas for the holidays or any other occasion. If you’re not familiar with this hilarious series starring Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara (you owe it to yourself), then check out the first season on Netflix before scrolling through these awesome gifts! We have something for everyone–from serious collectors to casual viewers; from die-hard fanatics to people who just enjoy watching one episode every now and again. Happy shopping!

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