Guide to Lovely New Grandad Gifts

A new baby is always a joyous occasion for any family. And while there are many ways to celebrate the new arrival, one of the most meaningful gifts that you can give your new granddad is a sentimental gift. As he watches his daughter’s belly grow and she begins preparing for her new little bundle of joy, it will be an exciting time for him as well. These are some great ideas on how to make this happen!

Things to think about while finding new grandad gifts:

1. Consider the newly grandfather’s interests

It never goes wrong to give him something related to his favourite activities.

New Grandad Gifts
Guide to Lovely New Grandad Gifts 5

2. Give something that can be used on a daily basis or is sentimental

Based on his interests as well as your budget, let’s decide if you want a practical or sentimental gift.

  • For a gift that can be used on a daily basis, it might be best to give the new grandad something that you know he will need, like a toolkit, such as a hardware kit or knife set. A stylish watch pair is also another useful present that he can use together with his grandchild.
  • Looking after the garden is another great idea – soil mixes, gardening gloves, or even one of those trimmers you use around your lawn can make a fantastic gift for someone who loves to keep their surroundings in top condition. Something else they might find useful are bungee cords – whether used outside on sloped driveways or indoors to secure planks of wood on low built-in cupboards. Bungee cords are
  • Avoid buying any electronics because these can become outdated quickly and may not suit his needs anymore.
  • For a sentimental gift, it may show him how much you care about his interests when gifting him with something related to what he enjoys most in life. For example, an engraved urn. The ashes of their loved one could be put inside and it will always remind them of what was lost in life while adding some sentimentality to the house as well. Or less sensitive, you may also want to consider a new journal. It doesn’t matter what it is, just as long as the person who will be receiving it enjoys writing and documenting their thoughts. The perfect item for this would include something like a large Moleskine notebook or even one of those portable journals you can carry around with ease in your pocket – whatever they prefer!
It's time to start thinking about that baby on the way and what you'll get them as a new grandad or grandma. Get your loved one this gift set of books, puzzles, and games they can proudly give their child when he becomes "bigger". The perfect present for any proud new grandparents!
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3. Think about what he’ll need in his new role and get him a gift accordingly

The new baby brings the greatest joy, and maybe is the first priority of the family right now. Think about what new granddad will probably need when taking care of his new grandchild?

  • New baby care items like diapers, wipes and clothes.
  • A new toy for the grandad to play with his little one.
  • A new journal for his observations and insights of how the baby is growing up
  • A teddy bear that he can give to his grandchild when it falls asleep or a blanket that has “granddad” embroidered on it so he knows who’s baby is sleeping in bed with him

4. Ask someone who knows the family well (such as an aunt) to help you with this decision

  • If you are struggling deciding on the perfect new granddad gift, it might be a good idea to ask someone who knows the family well. For example, an aunt or uncle of one of your close friends may have some ideas for you that will work with the other members in their family and are something new grandad would like.
  • She or he may give you a peek at the new grandad’s favorite color, if he’s into sports and What team does he root for, if he loves traveling abroad or going camping in nature… Based on this, you might think about giving him his own set of binoculars or tent kit to use when spending time outside with his little one, an outdoor grill, etc.
Congratulations on becoming a new grandfather. It's so much fun watching your kids grow up and become amazing parents themselves. Here are some grandparent gifts for you that will make this joyous time even more special (and sometimes easier). Comment below with any other ideas of things they might need or want as grandparents.
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5. Don’t forget to wrap your presents in nice paper and include a card

  • No matter how luxurious or sentimental your gift is, it won’t do well in a bare-bones package. Based on the new grandfather’s interest, you can choose the color and design for wrapping paper and cards. .
  • A card is a nice way to include some sentimental words, but don’t overdo it. Remember that the new grandad doesn’t want to feel like he’s being presented with an overwhelming avalanche of gifts – you should stick to one or two cards and stop there. You can find plenty of greetings for grandchildren at drugstores or stationery stores, so keep in mind what would work best for your new grandfather when choosing from these options.


I hope this list of gifts for new grandad has helped you find some great ideas. There are so many things that people love to give as a congratulation, but these items should make it a little easier on the gift-giver! If you have any other suggestions or questions about what would be good congratulation presents for the new grandfathers, feel free to reach out in the comments below and let me know. Thank you for reading this blog post!

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