Gifts for 7 Year Old Girls: Mind-blowing Guidance

Gifts for 7 year old girls are like a new world. They can be a mix of shy and outgoing, loving to talk about their feelings one minute, and the next they’re playing on their own in the backyard. It’s hard to know what gifts will blow their minds! This blog post is designed for you, if you have 7 year olds in your life or at work. We’ll go over some guides to gifts for 7 year old girls that will impress them no matter what mood they’re in!

Things to mind about Gifts for 7 year old girls

1. Consider what she likes to do, like sports or dance

You can never go wrong with a gift supporting your recipient’s interest.

  • If she loves playing sports, NIKE makes some great gifts for girls who love sports. Their Nike collection features socks, shorts and tights that will stay comfortable throughout a game!
  • If she loves dance, The Dance Factory sells the cutest leotards, dance skirts and more with prints to match any taste. They also have an online store so you can browse gifts anytime!
  • You’ll also want gifts for kids who are more introverted and get enjoyment out of reading alone. Give them books about animals (especially ones that aren’t in real life), plenty of blankets, maybe a stuffed animal; anything you know she would love
Your 7-year old niece probably has a princess obsession. She's not going to stop wanting gifts like this any time soon, but that doesn't mean you can't have some fun with it. Check out these silly and awesome gift ideas for your little lady who just wants things "that are pink." #princess gifts for 7 year olds

2. Know her favorite colors

  • Once you decide the item, it’s best to get it in her favourite color. It’s a very thoughtful way to make her feel special and loved.
  • If you or even your little girl can’t decide which color she loves the most, you can go with mix and match gifts, such as a stuffed animal and a tee shirt in different colors, or crayon/color board so she can paint and boost her creativity.
  • A great way to find out what her favourite color is, ask the people who know best: your daughter’s friends! If they can’t decide on one favorite colour, buy gifts for them that come in all their favourite colours
  • If you have an idea of what she likes but aren’t 100% sure about it being her favorite color or design, then go with neutral options like black and white. This way if it turns out not to be her fav, at least you won’t waste money buying something she doesn’t want.

3. Find out if there is a specific show or movie that she really likes 

Once you’ve got the idea, your gift choosing may be easier by getting whatever related to her favourite character/show.

  • For the small gifts, you can get little things like pins, stickers or even a poster with her favourite character on it.
  • Another great option is pajamas , slippers or even a personalized blanket to snuggle up in.

A great way to find out what she likes is by asking your girl’s friends if they know what show/movie their favorite characters from and then finding gifts related to those shows that are appropriate for a seven year old girl – eg: dolls, toys or clothes

If there isn’t any specific film or TV series that she loves and just enjoys watching movies in general (or if you don’t want to buy something because of an ad), than consider getting some family passes for the theatre so all of them can have fun together!

4. Ask her parents for ideas or input on what they would like to see their daughter receive as a gift

If you're looking for good gifts, look no further. Here's a list of some great toys that will keep your seven-year old girl happy! These are all educational and fun toy ideas to choose from. There is something here for every type of play style too so it won't be hard to find the perfect gift idea. #educational toys for 7 year olds
  • This will likely work better than gifts that you may pick out yourself, because it’s more personal and tailored to the girl herself!
  • If your in-laws speak to their daughter often about gifts she wants, this is another good place for insight into what might make an ideal present.
  • You can also talk with siblings if there are any older girls who have already been through these years of being a seven year old girl – but be sure not to alienate younger kids by just asking them straight up without knowing how they feel first! Their opinions should still count too even though they haven’t yet experienced this special time.

5. Consider how much you have to spend and where you can get the best deals on gifts 

You dont have to break your bank! Coolest gift for 7-year-old are everywhere and gifts don’t have to be expensive.

  • If you have a lot to spend, you want to consider gifts that are higher quality and more expensive than those who don’t have much money.
  • If you’re on a tight budget, there’s plenty of inexpensive gifts out there such as books, coloring kits, and sports equipment!
  • Some gift ideas include: soccer balls; board games like Monopoly Jr.; bubbles from the Dollar Store; educational toys for 7 year olds like science kits with experiments and instructions (from Amazon or your local toy store) for easy-to-follow projects that kids will love doing over again.
  • You can often find amazing deals on gifts there that will blow their mind! Some other great gifts come from Walmart, Target or Amazon – anything with a good reputation in your opinion should work well as long as you know what kind of gifts they enjoy typically.

You dont need expensive gifts to make them feel loved. All they need is what they really want – which might just be some time with their parents! This could mean taking off work so mom can take her daughter shopping at the mall.

What should you get your sweetie this year? Here are some ideas. The best part is that these gifts will make her smile and feel loved and special. If she's anything like me, then she'll be overjoyed to receive any of them! #coolest gift for 7-year-old

6. Make sure your gift fits with any age-appropriate guidelines

This blog post refers to gifts for children aged seven years old.

  • It is not appropriate to give a child anything that contains small pieces or batteries, such as dolls with removable clothing and hair accessories.
  • Toys should also be suited to their developmental stage – so this means steering clear from toys which encourage pretend play or reading skills in children who are only just beginning those activities.
  • In addition, avoid giving gifts containing sharp points (such as knives) and things they could swallow (like balloons).

It’s best to keep gifts gender neutral when possible – after all, there are far more important factors than whether something is pink on the inside! This will make it easier for parents if they have two daughters close together in age.


It is hard to navigate the world of gift giving for 7 year old girls, but hopefully these tips will help you find a perfect present. Now go ahead and spoil her this holiday season! She will love it !

If you have any other questions about choosing gifts for children aged 7-8 years old, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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