Simple Guide to Choosing Eid Gifts for Kids

The eid has passed and you’re now left with the daunting task of shopping for eid gifts for kids. What do you get them? How much should they cost? Do I buy clothes or toys? These are all questions that parents often ask themselves when looking to buy eid gifts for their children. This guide will help answer these questions and more so that you can go into eid knowing exactly what to do!

Things to mind about Eid Gifts for Kids

1. Understand your child’s interests

Children are so varied and unique, so it’s important to think about what your child enjoys.

  • Do they like games? If so, get them some game toys like puzzles, board games
  • What if they love Drawing? Get them a new set of coloured pencils.
  • Do they love animals? Get them some cute animal toys!
  • Are they into more physical things such as sports equipment? Maybe get them a bat or a set of footballs

However, if you know that your kid is not into those types of objects then there’s no need to buy them eid gifts from this category! This way you can really personalize their eid gift experience by getting something that relates directly with what they love doing.

Eid Gifts for Kids

2. Consider the cost of the gift

It is important to find a gift that will make the giftee feel loved and appreciated, but make sure it wont break your bank.

If you’re low on cash and struggling financially, here are some inexpensive ideas: 

  • Homemade eid card or decoration. It doesn’t need to be fancy, even a simple drawing and some glitter glue can make for an amazing eid gift!
  • A small personalized notebook with their name on the front cover as well as drawings inside of it. If you want to give them something physical that they can use then this is perfect because kids love notebooks – especially if it’s filled with pictures from mommy or daddy themselves.
  • Give your kid money so that they have more freedom in choosing what eid gifts they get themselves (or ask them beforehand which eid gifts are things that THEY would like). The idea behind giving children cash instead of toys is not only do kids enjoy being able to choose exactly

If you’re looking to spend money on eid gifts, consider buying clothes as well as other things like books, stuffed animals, etc.

  • Clothes are always useful and kids usually appreciate getting something that is brand new because it makes the eids even better when they get their own clothes in addition to fun toys!
  • Remember not to go overboard though and just choose one thing out of each category.

3. Mind the age appropriation

It’s also important to think about the age appropriateness of eid gifts for kids.

Have a look at your child and determine whether or not they are able, as well as mature enough, to handle what you’re going to buy them. If so then go ahead!

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For example, if your child is too young then it would be unwise (and maybe even unsafe) to get them loud toys that will keep them up all night long. Similarly with eid clothes, make sure these won’t cause any uncomfortable situations such as being too tight or exposing certain body parts – this can lead to embarrassment in front of their friends which we definitely want to avoid!

  • For kids aged 1-3, get them a cuddly toy or book
  • For kids aged 4-8, consider getting them a video game or doll
  • For kids aged 9+, think about buying them an expensive gadget like a laptop or phone

4. Make sure to find out if their friend is also getting them a present so you don’t give two gifts from the same person 

You want no duplicated gifts, dont you?

So do a little research on what others may buy for the kid and avoid those. For example, if you find out that their eid friend is getting them a bike, then it would be best not to buy them one as well.

Ideally eid gifts for kids should come from people who care about the child and want to make this time of year special! So don’t worry too much if they’re receiving eids at school or elsewhere – just try your hardest to get something personalised rather than store-bought. That way you can ensure that your giftee will truly cherish what you give them on eid day 🙂

5. Be careful with electronics

As you know, children are very curious and can get into trouble when they have access to devices that could harm them such as eid gifts with screens or buttons which aren’t safe for their little hands – even if the item doesn’t come with an age limit on it! It’s important to pick eid gifts that do not pose any risks of injury like these so your child stays happy and healthy during eid time.

Therefore, pay extra carefulness if you want to choose electronic items for your kids such as video games, e-books, e-readers etc. Make sure to check the gift’s safety certificate.

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6. Think about whether or not they will actually use or appreciate this particular gift

The safest choice should be something practical – you can make sure your kid can use it on daily basis.

  • For eid gifts for kids, it might be a good idea to choose eid clothes or shoes – they will really appreciate the gift.
  • It would also make sense if you’re buying eid toys or games because your child can use these on a daily basis as well and get plenty of play time out of them!

However, with eids like Eid Al-Adha which is celebrated by sacrificing an animal this may not be very practical. Some people do buy their children eid clothing from large brands in order to make sure that other people know what religion they are (in case there’s discrimination). This isn’t always necessary though so just keep in mind how much thought your kid will put into this before purchasing any eid gifts for kids.


Eid is a time for celebration and fun! The eid gifts you give your child have the power to make their eids extra special. Be careful about what you do or don’t buy – they will appreciate it more if it’s something practical that suits them well, so choose wisely!

I hope this blog post did help you to get the most suitable one for your beloved person. If you have any other suggestion, don’t hesitate to leave it in the comment section below. Happy shopping!

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