Gifts for Women in Their 30s: What to Buy

Buying a birthday gift for someone who is turning 30 can be hard. You want to buy something that they will enjoy, but you also want to avoid buying them another bottle of wine or box of chocolates. In this post we are going to go over some gifts that would make fantastic gifts for women in their 30s.

Things to mind about gifts for women in their 30s

1. Think about what the person would really like, not just something you think they should like.

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut when buying gifts for someone. You know what they like, but you also want them to be surprised and excited about their gift! So let’s get creative with some suggestions below:

If she is into arts and crafts – you can find a gift that will be perfect for her. A DIY kit would make the best birthday present ever!

  • Knitting project: They’re not just for grandma anymore! Knitting is making a comeback with women in their 30s. There’s even knitting nights at local bars to help people meet other knitters
  • Iron on patches: These custom iron on patches are so easy but they’ll last forever and she won’t have any trouble finding something to attach them to since they come in all shapes and sizes from superheroes or pineapples
  • Painted rocks: This one is affordable too! You only need paint, water, some rock stones (or pebbles), paper towels
Gifts for Women in Their 30s

If she loves travelling and new experiences:

  • A passport holder would be the perfect gift for her.
  • Camera: The person you’re buying this for will probably have an old camera that can’t take photos like they used to, so get them one of these!

2. Consider her personality

When you know a little bit more about how your gift recipient is as a person, it becomes easier to find the perfect gift for them.

  • If she is easy going, get her something from the novelty section of a dollar store.
  • If she is quite strict and classic, get her a book or gift card.
  • If she is adventurous and energetic, get them something they might find fun like skydiving lessons or an animal experience
  • If she is always eager for new things, gift her a language app! They’ll feel more confident navigating around new places without struggling with pronunciation
  • Forgetfulness pill case: This one is both useful and thoughtful because it will help remind someone that has trouble remembering medications when they are supposed to take them (i.e., birth control) so you won’t have any worries about forgetting what day it was on again either!

The important thing when considering buying gifts for women in their 30s is finding something that they will enjoy as well as not being too personal (or impersonal). A good rule of thumb is to buy experiences instead of physical items – but at the end of the day, it’s all up to you so go with your gut feeling!

3. If you’re struggling for ideas, ask

If you are not sure what birthday gifts for 30 year old woman to buy for your sister, why not ask her right away? Asking what kind of things she likes or wants to do this year is a great way to find out.

Her birthday is coming and you're totally not prepared. Fear not, here are some gift ideas that will make your bestie's heart melt. It doesn't matter what she likes or dislikes because these gifts will be perfect no matter the occasion! A homemade card with funny jokes inside, a warm scarf (even though it's summer) so she can wear it come winter time, an awesome bath bomb-the list goes on and on. So don't wait any longer-get shopping! #birthday gifts for 30 year old woman

However, sometimes such questions are deemed inappropriate. If so, try to do your research based on her social media.

Also, don’t hesitate to ask their friends or family for advice on what gifts they like and dislike. 

4. Make sure that whatever gift you buy will last for at least a year

Making sure the gift will last is also important. You want your gift to be useful for a long time, not just a day, right? So Don’t get her makeup or clothes that are out of season. You can find better ideas here.

  • Jewelry: If you want to give a timeless gift, why not go for some jewelry? It’s classy and always appropriate. Choose her a bracelet, or a necklace with her name engraved on it – it will surely be loved
  • If you’re not into jewelry, you can get her a nice watch or an accessory she’s been eyeing for quite sometime.
  • Dont just think about physical items – tickets to a concert with her friends can make her dream come true!

Avoid gifts with too many personal connections – it’s better to give someone an item they can use now than one that might be outdated soon.

You're not alone. This age group is hard to buy gifts for, but we've got you covered! Check out our gift guide below and make this the best year yet. Happy shopping! #gifts for hard to buy for female

5. Don’t stress over getting the perfect present!

Giving thoughtful gifts means more than just buying expensive things all the time. Gifts can be thoughtful without being expensive.

  • If you recognize she’s been stressed out lately, why not give her some pamper gifts? They might like a nice face mask or bath bomb, or better, a massage treatment!
  • If you’re looking for gifts that are simple but thoughtful, why not get her some chocolate? You can find tons of different types too – from fruit-filled to dark and dramatic. After all, what’s better than giving someone something sweet and delicious?!
  • If she isn’t into sweets as much as other people, try getting her coffee beans or tea leaves instead. She’ll love it even more knowing it was picked out with care!

In the end, just be yourself when buying gifts for your friends in their 30s. Don’t worry about being perfect; they will appreciate the effort no matter what !


Gifts for women in their 30s can be tricky to find. Make sure that whatever present you give her is a thoughtful gift, and not too impersonal or expensive – the best gifts are ones she’ll actually use!

I hope this blog post did help you to get the most suitable one for your beloved person. If you have any other suggestion, don’t hesitate to leave it in the comment section below. Happy shopping!

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