Zelda Breath of the Wild: A Gift for My Beloved

Zelda Breath of the Wild: side quest A Gift for My Beloved is a game that has a lot of great gifts to give. What are you going to buy for your beloved? I’m here to help! In this article, we will go through a list of Zelda themed gifts and side quests that are a perfect fit for any occasion and how to pass the side quest: a gift for my beloved.

Considerations when choosing A gift for my beloved

1. How to pass through Zelda Breath of the Wild: side quest A Gift for My Beloved?

Zelda Breath of the Wild is a game with a lot of exploration and a great number of side quests. Side quest a gift for my beloved is one that most players will be able to complete quickly if they have the right equipment.

To begin this Side Quest, talk to Manny, the man west of Hateno Village’s inn. Ask him what he’s checking out. He’ll request that you enter the inn and ask the owner, Prima, what she likes.

Enter the inn and go around the front desk. Ask Prima what she likes, and she’ll blurt out that she wants 100 Restless Crickets. Return to Manny now.

Tell Manny that Prima wants Restless Crickets. Manny asks for you to bring him 10 Restless Crickets to help him.

You can buy Restless Cricket from Beedle at the Dueling Peaks Stable, or search for them on the outskirts of Hateno Village. You’ll need to sneak up on them to catch them.

Once you have the crickets, return to Manny. Give him 10 Restless Crickets, and he’ll pay you 100 Rupees. This completes the Side Quest.

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2. Make sure the gift is Zelda themed

Zelda Breath of the Wild has a lot of unique and wonderful themed items. When buying a gift, make sure it is Zelda themed so that you know your loved one will love it!

Some great examples include a Hylian shield keychain or a Link plushie with sound effects from the game. These gifts are perfect for anyone who loves The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild.

3. The gift should be something they can use or wear, not just put on display in their home

This is a really important consideration. When giving a gift to a loved one, it’s best if they can get to use or wear the gift – not just keep it on display in their home! Zelda themed items are perfect for this because there is so much variety and creativity involved with them.

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  • You can think of a Zelda-themed apron with a Hylian pattern, a Link plush toy that’s a foot tall and can be played with as well. Or
  • A Zelda-themed coloring book and set of markers.
  • For instance, a Hylian Shield keychain can be clipped on a backpack or handbag to show some love for the game.
  • A Link plush toy that can make sound effects from Breath Of The Wild is a perfect gift because it’s something your loved one will get to enjoy playing with too!

4. Consider what Zelda means to them and choose accordingly 

Zelda Breath of the Wild has a lot to offer. When giving a present, it’s important to think about what Zelda means to them (maybe they love a specific character or game) and give something that suits their tastes!

  • If they love a specific character, you might buy them a figure of the character.
  • If they loved a game in a series that has multiple games to choose from, get a plushie of their favorite one!

There are so many Zelda-themed items to consider when deciding on what gift will be best for your beloved – it’s hard to pick just one! But keep these considerations in mind and I’m sure you’ll find something perfect.

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5. Think outside the box – maybe they want a new hat or some jewelry with an added touch of Zelda

Zelda is a very popular game, and it’s likely that your loved one has a lot of Zelda-themed items. That doesn’t mean you can’t get them something they don’t have!

  • For example, a Hylian shield keychain or Link plush toy with sound effects might be perfect for someone who already owns plenty of Zelda related shirts, hats, jewelry – anything to show their love for the series.
  • It’a always better when a gift is different than what people already own – and there are so many possibilities when exploring other types of gifts. You never know what will capture your beloved’s heart!

A few last words

This is a guide to help you decide on the perfect gift for Zelda Breath of the Wild fans. It doesn’t matter if they’re children or adults, we hope this list will make it easy to find an appropriate present that everyone will love. We’ve also included some great Nintendo Switch games and accessories because there are just so many options in today’s gaming world! Have fun shopping and happy holidays from all of us at The Gamer Gift Guide!

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