Gifts Under $10! – How to Choose the Perfect Gifts for Coworkers

How can you find the perfect $10 gifts for coworkers? You might be thinking that $10 is too little to buy anything good. But don’t worry – $10 might not get you much, but it’s still enough to buy something thoughtful and meaningful. In this blog post, we’re going to lay out some great $10 gifts for coworkers!

Considerations when picking up $10 gifts for coworkers

1. Find out what their hobbies are and buy them a gift that relates to it.

If you know them well, it’s easy to figure out their hobbies. You can buy them a gift that relates to it.

  • For cooking lovers, they like to enjoy their cook time and gift them something that will make it more easier for them while they’re cooking. Thus, you can gift them some ingredients or kitchen tools in order that they can make their foods like cookie cutters, candy making molds, etc
  • For readers, you can gift them book covers or bookmarks. For more adventurous, you can try to have a book with their favorite writer’s signature as a gift for them
  • If they’re into sports, you can buy some sporting goods like gloves and balls.

2. Give they some snacks that they can enjoy at work

One of the easiest gifts is also to gift their favorite snacks that they can enjoy at office. This gift should be easy to wrap, and can last for a long time like fruit snacks, energy bars or individually wrapped candy.

If you know a certain food they really love to enjoy but it’s hard to buy, you can try to buy it for them. This will make them happy because they not only enjoy their favorite food but also feel loved.

If you want a gift more personal, you can make your own homemade version of one of their favorite treats (e.g., cookies, brownies, candy bars). This kind of gift will show that you take the time and effort to make for them.

3. Take them a meal or coffee

Share your favorite meal with them. It can be breakfast, brunch, or dinner. The gift doesn’t have to cost you too much if you put thought into what they enjoy whether it’s theater tickets or just sharing coffee with them each morning during break time together like old friends catching up on things around town!. They’ll appreciate the gesture even more than material gifts because it’s something they really enjoy and not just a gift for the sake of gift giving.

You can also give them a gift card for their favorite coffee shop or buy their favorite cake and bring it into the office as a dessert treat together after lunch. They’ll love knowing that someone else is thinking about treats just like they do.

4. Give them something they can decorate for their workplace’s conner

You can gift them something in order to put in their office. Make sure that you the gifts you choose match their style and make them feel relax in their work.

  • If you want to gift them flowers to beautify their workplace’s conner, make sure that they are not allergic to any of its ingredients.
  • If you gift them a plant, make sure that they have the space for it and that kind of plant is easy to grow for anyone. Or you can gift them a small pot with soil in order to grow their own plants at home .
  • Get one of those small photo frames for the desk and fill it up with photos of you together 
  • Some other decoration items like pen holder, desk clock, personalized mug, etc

When choosing gifts for coworkers, remember colors are very important! Choose objects with bright colors or their favorite colors in order to bring joy into people’s life.

Gifts Under $10! - How to Choose the Perfect Gifts for Coworkers 3

5. Personalized stationery for correspondence and writing notes

Although the companies have already supply stationeries for employee, personalized stationery can bring joy and positive energy for recipient.

  • A personal touch with a personalized pen that can write in various colors is something to consider for your coworker this holiday season. These pens come in many different styles from funny animal design or sleek silver ballpoint writing devices which provide hours of smooth flowing ink across the page.
  • Consider giving them one or more personalized sticky notes with funny animation or inspirational quotes. Stick these around their desk so they can find motivation and encouragement throughout the day!
  • Mouse pad designed with their favorite characters will make their desk space more personalized and comfortable.


If you are looking for a way to say “thank you” or show someone appreciation, we hope these tips help. There is no one right answer when it comes to picking the perfect gift but with this list of guidelines and suggestions, hopefully you can find something that will work for your budget and recipient. We wish everyone happy holidays!


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