Harry Potter Lover Gift Ideas: Shop for the Perfect Present

If you are looking for a perfect gift to give Harry Potter lover, then this article is going to be a great help. In it, I will share with you my favorite gifts that I have found. There are so many wonderful choices available and at such a variety of price points that it should be easy for everyone to find something they love!

Considerations to choose gifts for Harry Potter Lover:

1. Figure out their favorite characters or houses in Hogwarts

Harry Potter lovers might not all have the same favorite character or house in Hogwarts, but it’s always fun to figure out who they are! When you’re shopping for Harry Potter lover gift ideas, think about what your friend likes best and use that as inspiration when gifting. Do they love Harry, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley or even Draco Malfoy? You’ll never fail if you give them something from their heart because Harry Potter fans will cherish any item related to their favorite character. Don’t worry if you’re not sure which house or character to pick, Harry Potter lovers are usually happy when given any Harry Potter related item because it’s a representation of their love and admiration for everything Harry Potter.

  • If someone loves characters of Gryffindor House, then you could give her something related to Gryffindor. You could get an item that provides protection or something related to Hogwarts like a Gryffindor scarf! And if they’re Draco Malfoy fans then maybe you should find some cool items for Slytherin lovers – green and silver will look good paired together because those are his favorite houses’ signature colors .
  • Harry Potter themed gifts are a great choice. Harry Potter items can be found in many different places like toys, clothing, jewelry or Harry Potter themed mug. If you have seen them wearing earrings with Ravenclaw crest, then getting them a Ravenclaw necklace would be perfect!
Harry Potter Lover Gift Ideas 2

2. What is the recipient’s favorite books/movies in the series

Do they prefer to read or watch movies? What is their favorite books/movies in the series? If you know their favorite books/movies in the series, you can find something special to match it.

  • If your recipient’s favorite is “Harry Potters And The Philosopher’s Stone” then you might want to consider picking up an owl clock with movable wings. This gift idea also features Professor Dumbledore who was seen giving Harry his acceptance letter at the beginning of this movie. If “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” is their favorite one, Deathly Hallows necklace is a present you can consider.
  • If they love reading, you can get a Harry Potter hardcover book or Harry Potter themed bookmark for them. You can make your own DIY gift by using this template to make your own bookmark. Harry Potter quotes are a good idea for the front, and on the back of it you can write down their favorite Harry Potter’s quote.
  • If they prefer to watch movies then Harry Potter posters for their room is a perfect idea. Harry Potter themed phone cases are also very appreciated by Harry Potter lovers.
Harry Potter Lover Gift Ideas 3

3. Do they want a physical gift or something more intangible like a wand?

You should pay attention and find things that person likes in order to make your Harry Potter present stand out. Are they looking for something to wear or use on a daily basis?

  • If they often use Harry Potter items in daily basis, you can gift they practical items with Harry Potter theme like T-shirt, coffee mug, Harry Potter glasses, lunch box or even Harry Potter toilet papers .
  • For Harry Potter fans always up for a challenge, then go ahead and make your own Harry Potter related gift. You can buy Harry Potter crafts or try some DIY projects by creating an item inspired in one of the potions created in Hogwarts – think about what they would want to drink most! A wand is also a great idea. It’s worth noting however, that if they already have one then giving them another would not only be thoughtful but also add value and meaning to both wands in their collection. If this sounds too expensive for what you’re wanting to spend, consider gifting some Harry potter inspired stationary such as paper weights or notebooks with Hogwarts crest.
Harry Potter Lover Gift Ideas 1

4. Does it need to be related to Harry Potter specifically or can it just be related to magic and fantasy in general

If they not only love Harry Potter but also they are also interested in goodies related to Wizarding World , then we have some suggestions of wizarding gift that they would love to receive:

  • Hogwarts uniform is also a great option if you want to go all out and get them something very nostalgic because they were excited about getting one when reading the books.
  • If they always want to show off their wizarding skills, then a “magical” potion kit would be an excellent choice. The kit will turn them into wizards and witches as they get creative with potions just like Hermione Granger or Severus Snape.
  • A replica wand is also very popular for Harry Potter lovers because it can serve not only as a souvenir but also fun toy that connects them the world of wizardry even if they are at home on their couch reading books
  • If they are looking for something more unique and unusual, an owl plushie would be the perfect wizarding gift that was made by Etsy seller Pixton. The cute, soft toy is just like Hedwig from Harry Potter movies.
  • The last suggestion of wizarding gifts include books related to magical subjects such as The Tales of Beedle the Bard, The Chronicles of Narnia, Lord of the Rings or Fantastic Beasts series, because reading about magic will always remind them about their love for wizardry even when they have grown up.


These gifts will make your Harry Potter fan happy. If you want to get them a gift this holiday season, try one of these items below! You can’t go wrong with any of these choices as they are all perfect for the avid Harry Potter fan in your life. So what are you waiting for? Get shopping and have fun picking out that perfect present for the person who loves Hogwarts more than anything else!


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